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tv   Eco Africa  Deutsche Welle  February 1, 2020 10:30pm-11:01pm CET

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into a war against their own country but today many former i.a.s. fighters are regretful. 30 minutes. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with the 1st word published in the book. nico is in germany to learn german why not come with him simple online on your mobile and free to south w z learning course nikos speak german meanings easy. a very warm welcome so you could africa bagus the co-produced by charles 2 here in nigeria detail being in germany and t.v. in uganda my name is now it's i co-hosting the program from the other side of the
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continent even my dear colleagues right alongside to. thank you nia said on the album welcome to you all of us i think you put doing this today i am somebody know here from kampala here in uganda well here's a pic look at some of the stories we'll be looking up to today. who show you how random easy i'm going to be standing under the harvest those is going looting on the terraces we will also should look down the journey it is sublime screws on the green on the cheek using solar energy plant how one man in a slum in kenya easy breaking up the fall of what to cut toes. we start the show in south africa where a very special body is a risk the salt and brown one bill also known locally as the fund a bot because of its belief that its cry signals the coming of summer rain the species can be found in grasslands from kenya to angola and even all the way down
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to south africa how about humans are driving the bus into decline well its goals of vision is are now pulling out all the stops to save these iconic incompetent. good good. even when fitted with tracking devices some amorphous going to be hard to find. lucy kemp going to destroy that she's trying to look at southam ground one builds large could never as bad as found in sub-saharan africa. in hunting have left the species vulnerable you just admitted that their numbers in south africa how fall into under 1500 the population is definitely still declining over the last couple of years we've been developing conservation tools but they've still been in the experimental phase and you know always sort of trying to expand it so it makes a really meaningful difference to the population over the past 20 years them
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a bull a grand one bill product has worked on the looking with various techniques. of the wild habitat. mounted on a total port will eventually provide a live stream folklores a monitoring one of the biggest threats is loss of mysteries it's really got 100 square kilometers if they lose they missed it can take up to 20 years before they reflect refined replacement so what we've been doing is putting out these what we call super miss artificial masts and then also we need to actually protect the ministries from elephant impact and elephant might come along and want to knock the street dumb which means we'd lose the mist but the beehives protect them and keep the elephants away because they really don't want to get stung by the bees. a few hours further east there's a center of the kid exclusively to reading something granholm bills natasha mitchell dance to the next field the judges in the wild something ground one of the
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eggs but only raise one cheek abandoning the one that had just taken on the sumptuary. rejected in harm's way as them. when this project started i mean years ago the success rate of hand-wringing was big and with time the race has been perfected and now most of the chicks actually survive and were able to supplement the program i feel that hand-wringing is really important to the conservation of this species because this allows us. 3rd class stock that we wouldn't have otherwise and this helps as both the population in areas where they no longer could but he starkly used to. drink is complex and time intensive care must be taken to ensure the bats don't become tame that's why the team also has another more natural method of raising chicks. has just received an
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egg that was found in the wild using a method called complete she determines that the egg is fine tile before placing it in a nest in one of the babies. so even though our facility is well equipped for hand-wringing we prefer to actually give to our one of our breeding see a mouse such as the one behind me and hopefully she will have been actually incubate as opposed to trying to artificially incubate the egg and when it had to she can then parent grid which is 1st prize for birds that we would like to respect into the wild which is the actual objective of this thing. is just one step the put it conservationists or so conduct education outreach programs across the country. these children have never seen a man. today to be saying one number sharing some interesting facts about the. book gives the kids ideas on what they can do to help save god this rare creature
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we've got quite a range of people. we started with a lot of the young kids even the baby they say or. bend they'll yell and that's what we're trying to educate them while they still young and they love and appreciate. both as well so when they're older they can teach their own kids having made significant strides in south africa the. product would like to collaborate with similar enterprises in the countries. grasslands and ensure that it never disappears. what's. the. good luck now for this week's it comes from where i come up with ideas. that's right sander
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he has devised of. a mix. fit for human use by topping nature's resources this. clean drinking water is hard to come by in many parts of the world. and consuming contaminated water can lead to illness or even death. waiver an innovative product developed by german company inflow tech could provide a solution it's a water purification system that has a triple filter and can be anchored in a river or a stream. one unit can produce up to 2000 liters of safe drinking water a day the clean water can be pumped to a holding tank on land grabbers give it a little we made a conscious decision to use only standard parts available across the world with
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standard sizes if say a pipe is damaged or missing you'll be able to get a replacement wherever you are including africa that's called. the system is powered by the river current and needs little maintenance making it suitable for remote areas without a power supply. waiver currently costs around $15000.00 euros but the company hopes to make it cheaper when it goes into mass production. martin teva is now also working on a version that can be used to purify standing water. and how about you. if you are also doing your bit tell us about it. visit our website or send us a tweet hash tag doing your bit. we share your stories.
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education is key not just in the classroom but also in the field like what's behind me and sometimes people wonder if the students really learned all that they need to learn for a better future from the schools in the attic and build innovative huge as well there is an elementary school not too far from where we are today on the outskirts of lagos in liking to be precise where the children learn some very important lessons about everything including being able energy they see 1st time the advantages of solar power because a school generates its own and that's all. living in the sounds of what these kids have lots of ideas about what can be done to combat climate change and fuel for still feel this ride a bicycle use solar power discussions of this nature are giving high priority of the school who want our children to problem solve most want them to be people able to move and the environment and not do things they are showing school principal
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because the is leading by example she runs the abbos heart school the private elementary institution not far from lagos the principal has had solar panels installed on the roof of the building. the firm was such that we have 3 already done that for a laugh and they'll. each of them retired what i felt by right. the client reviewed in. and i agree the iffy the best the conditioning the lighting. we have the fun of without in order classroom. but getting to this point wasn't. a sizeable investment required but the school was only able to get a bank loan so part of that money. at so make it up with our own cars so now we nancy's and those who are finances so. we have issued the challenge of
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financing and we also have a challenge off from getting. mom power you know tree and manpower all understand the setting up of the project the automation parts of the project and then the maintenance also. the students of land that everyone can do their part to ease the burden on the environment. instead of going in for some clues economy news a new book and sources. like sun up our snuff on the wind energy and i jus to mention tried our best to save the planet back to kartik some days we felt he was in the. hall my friend says he only rituals for only 2 days the rest of the day seuss will upon us i think that was all humans should try to do on days where there is little direct sun the abbotts heart
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school is dependent on reserve solar energy stored in batteries it then has to limit the use of electricity they will turn down the air conditioning or ton of some of the lights but by generating its own clean energy the school is saving money and producing electricity without producing harmful c o 2 emissions we are way behind in my geria in. bringing up creative and innovative ideas so protecting our environment from protecting the future of the nation one of the greatest lessons we have to teach our children in this day and age is how to make them them into a better and safer place the example set by the school is teaching the students the importance of protecting the environment in very practical ways the hope is that they will now share the new insights with us. nature's energy
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can be used to help us as we have seen in that nigerian school but its paws can also be destructive and rwanda heavy rains often make farmers lives a misery leading to flooding and erosion streets are submerged villages are caught up an entire harvest are lost and climate change is making things worse now in the north of the country a co-operative is taking measures to reduce the effects of flooding in this hilly country. well the families of the could teemu co-operative distraught what looks like a lake has actually potato in cornfields everything's under water the harvest is lost and that shouldn't have happened measures had been taken to protect the valley against floods. first of all a project manager from the adaptation fund came to see us this in fog then other people came to prepare the construction we're going to get an idea of the terrain.
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so. once they were finished with their work we were finally able to plant up the whole of the valley with crops eating your mess in the they dug drainage ditches everywhere. then the project was over. but not long after they left we realized the problem still wasn't solved the water just came back. the adaptation fund is a united nations initiative that aims to help developing countries cope with climate change. has a high percentage of 1st salvo cannick soil and that means even the high end mountain slopes can be used. the problem is heavy rain washes the soil down into the valley the solution is to build terraces into the slopes following the example of the in kids and south america. we knew about building terraces the
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soil on the slopes just used to get washed into the valley. there was no point in using the newer fertilizer. but now whatever we use stays where it's meant to be so the crops on the terraces are growing faster and we have better harvest. is the cabbage green village it's one of many so-called green villages in rwanda that are helping to promote sustainable development the houses here are designated for victims of the floods each family is given a plot of land to found. i've planted potatoes beans and corn on my land. i've also specialized in leafy vegetables. there especially good for the children to ensure they get a balanced diet plus chard and spinach sell for a particularly good price. the profit. selling his fruit and vegetables
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has allowed him to build up a flock of sheep again. he now has a few chickens to. back in members of the farmers' co-operative are hard at work. anyone capable of holding a shovel is out in the fields doing that bit the hope is that if enough mud can be moved out of the way the water will drain off. the women dig out the big stones and then carry them to one of the many small water channels. the stones are being used to build dams designed to filter the water and prevent further months line. finally there is relief all round as the water starts to drain away. still it's too late to save the harvest and while the situation has been improved and now what the farmers really need is
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a more permanent solution. let's get back to you more and more europeans are beginning to question the heavy consumerist lifestyles mosse protest against climate change and in favor of sustainable farming are now calmer and more and more people are seeking to change that we do the hard drive yes i mean it's even more something can be sustainable if you can see the buying of the land i claim rather than a new product in britain the reason i'm more that he's dedicated to secondhand items the clones got it so even finds out on the sides love it just last year the most made $1100000.00 euros in sales on to something many items for ending up in fields tickled. welcome to the world's most sustainable shopping mall. and everything on sale is secondhand which means the items are more affordable in brand
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new ones almost every article is one of a kind. i love that's kind of the book whiskey you can find things that are not that not everybody has something special something unique recycling we like recycling we don't want to buy new clothes new things. i mean i'm just runs the electronics shop like everything in his computers televisions and my friends donations. to retune a shopping mall in the swedish town of a school tonight is located next to a recycling center. people bring unwanted items of all kinds here anything that can be used overhead goes to the mall. everyone who comes here they have an object if they come here to serve environment and help others to make some money like the rich want to hear the trendy retail it won't work without this without the
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use. just on the old like responsibility. every day brings a new find. this is something i would have to look at. in the workshop the team brings defective electronics like this television back to life. of the syrian born shop manager this work is about more than just earning money. we have a responsibility toward this environment so if you're poor so it's not good for my kids my grandsons and the future. to reach you know a shopping mall has 14 shops each one specializes in different kinds of 2nd time goods like fun books thank you. sustainability is a major topic here more and more sweets want to know where and how the products they use and consume were made but most consumers have still prefer new products to
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use once. one of the main focuses in trying to reduce the climate impact is to reduce the level of production i thought getting things to sort of be re-used in the like of them being put into recycling process where they you also need fossil fuels to produce new things alex return teaches one of the many workshops organized by the more participants learn upcycling techniques and how to use various waste materials they can also learn about production conditions in other countries and how to consume more sustainably. even if we're apart in a consumer culture or. what we consume also makes a huge difference and what impact it has on the environment and indeed a few hours later in the electronic shop the donated television is ready to go on sale. hopes that the idea behind 3 to no shopping
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mall will catch on everywhere because of the awareness the will you need to know about the work of everyone and as i said i hope that it will. spread all over europe the war and when that happens more and more people will start to appreciate the value in things that have been used before. while choosing sick and hunted goods is a cautious choice in a rich country lex wotton. one of africa's biggest informal settlements on the edge of nairobi it is often the only option even getting clean water can be a struggle for years gangs have had a monopoly on the water supply that meant that only the people paid the gang bosses got water and even that was a dubious quality but the efforts of one man wrecking their plots this precious
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resource. oh. this is kibera slum in nairobi pipes with fresh water run through sewer tunnels for a long time residents have been suffering under this and i genie conditions but there is hope now a connection of blue pipes run above the slums shanties they provide residents with clean and she porter all thanks to kennedy or did run up to this community it was a tough life possible what was custom was i remember walking to class which is far to go and fetch water there you know cutting it on my shoulder having grown up in kibera in experience the effects of unsafe or to fist hand kennedy or dead or founded the n.g. or show of course but he would soon face fierce opposition from the so-called water cattails. idea of water was so the question to me it was
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a little bit dangerous at the same time because we are people who makes a lot of money because the very powerful powerful men in this community the cartels run their own what's a system selling of a prize in an a gini quarter my dream was to bring clean affordable water to the community. but like pipes was cut to pieces. although he was afraid of the cartels kennedy decided to approach monday of one bag then he was a gang member and leader of the water mafia were talked a little bit and then after the public would have paid he really really small amount of money or not that's how it started and nobody ever touched the water. for monday it was an easy decision to switch sides in work for the ngo instead of a cartel but now he's happy with his new job. i feel.
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very proud. because i'm doing what i see due to the community reaching out to former gang members like mandela who was the key to making this community service work the price of water reduced to one 5th of the former price and the quality is better to ensure the water meets the safety standards kennedy installed a water purifying system is the only one in the kibera slum. the water come from the water while its power to the ro water tank our side which is 24000 liters comes in to be now to be treated so now the water is no drinking and then we pump it now to the big time from here the water is then distributed so this is our clean water or a drink if to show you that. it is clean. tested
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good. there are some tests i feel because well treated water. kennedy truly inboard is the spirit of the saying what is life he and his employees i helping their beloved community one drop at a time. it is pretty impressive what one month can achieve he's a real hero well that's all from africa for now see you soon with more amazing environmental stories from across africa and europe it is a goodbye from me from kampala here in uganda. thank you sandra and goodbye for me to see you next time for more stories on information you can visit our web page and also show me your charles drop us a word at least contact us with any comments or other feedback you might have so
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long from the fossil balkan lagos nigeria. girl.
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cone dream of the islamic state for many it's a panacea for unemployment poverty and rage. thousands of muslim filipinos joined the ranks of jihad ists. they were drawn into
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a war against their own countrymen but today many former highest fighters are regretful. coming the long delayed. it's not grows it's going to maim. kill swiss entrepreneurs turn critically good meat into even their meat they use special molds to create entirely new taste experiences. on parallel and highly stuff. in the jungle. is for me. beethoven is for you know. beethoven is for help. beethoven is for her.
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is for the. beethoven is for us. beethoven is for them on. beethoven 2021250th anniversary here on new. i know nothing. well i guess sometimes but i think that mistakes deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes in question but if you think if you country that. you need to rethink his grandmother. it's all about who. i might show joins me from the.
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post actually meter just shows numbers but it shows. the. smart way to get for your goal. global auto and mobility show every week w. . this is news and these are our top stories chinese authorities say the corona virus is now killed at least 259 people in the country almost 12000 people have been infected globally most in china many airlines have suspended flights there and a growing number of countries are evacuating their citizens.


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