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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  February 4, 2020 12:30am-12:46am CET

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minds fire the table to get. to 60. what secrets lie behind. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore. t.w. world heritage 316 get kidnapped now. the race to contain the coronavirus continues as the death toll mounts that's also why the hundreds of billions all chinese stocks disrupted supply chain and hammered oil demand but investors may be shrugging off the risks at their own peril. also on the show traditional but sure is are struggling to survive and if age of cut price
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meat and supermarket and discount counters we get to know what. this is d.w. business i'm on in berlin welcome a rising casualty count in china has sparked a range of responses around the world the u.s. has ban on travelers from china is still in place and neighbor hong kong has closed some border crossings within the country itself officials are racing to ally fears and contain the knock on effects especially on the economy. only 10 days to set up an entire emergency hospital an impressive feat a new facility in lieu of one of several such hospitals built to tackle the virus and it shows that government officials know without a doubt what's at stake thousands of people work day and night to assemble the prefabricated building the new hospital has a 1000 beds. in between times the death toll has jumped above 360
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and china has made an urgent call for more medical gear and masks fears of the spiralling epidemic mean shanghai is normally buzzing pudong district is deserted the absence of shoppers weighing on the chinese economy train stations are empty streets are vacant even starbucks has closed cafes temporarily. i think the main impact of the epidemic is on travelling and shopping now people are travelling less and it's not easy to buy a lot of things. china's economic growth is expected to slip this year to 5.6 percent analysts believe the picture could dramatically worsen if the outbreak continues this would also drag down global growth china is increasingly the engine of the global economy the beijing government is trying to soothe nerves and avoid panic. i'm sure you've got the impact on the economy very much depends on
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the progress and results of epidemic prevention and control but i want to stress that the impact will be temporary will not change the fundamentals of china's economy which is positive in the long term much. the cafes may be struggling but one rare economic bright spot is online business forced to stay indoors online shopping and entertainment a very active gaming as well plague is especially popular right now the game about how viruses spread. hello can you tell us why is wall street so call especially after last week's tumble. there well we did have a little rebound here on a monday blue chips gaining a good half per cent but as you mentioned we already saw quite a sell off last week specially on friday when blue chips dropped by
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a good 600 points that was the worst trading days since august and now the chinese markets reopen and we saw quite some pressure over there well we did have some pretty promising economic news out of the united states many effect during activity and generally actually rebounded surprisingly strong reaching the highest level since last july but for now i would say it was a little breather so it's certainly not the time to say that everything is picture perfect at this point. certainly do you feel that investors in maybe ignoring some of the risks to the global economy because even if the coronavirus is contained it's done a lot of damage already. it clearly has and we've seen it with a lot of u.s. businesses who struggle quite a bit but they have been prepared to to a certain degree as everybody knew that there wouldn't be a big. production going on in china during the chinese new year
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festivities so not everybody is just awaiting how the whole crisis develops nobody really knows at this point so everybody is a bit still cautious said this point but then again there's also talk if the crisis would worsen that maybe the federal reserve could jump in and lower interest rates one more time maybe in march nobody knows of that's going to happen but that's what . investors mind here on wall street we've seen it for such a long stretch now that the central banks actually they make the music here on wall street so even if the crisis should worsened and nobody knows if the central banks or the federal reserve were there that could be could calm down the markets a bit at this point but overall you just still watch how the crisis develops still obviously a very fluid situation thank you yes carter there on wall street for us. and
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speaking of fallout from the coronavirus germany's flag carrier lost tons of says it is suspending all flights to and from mainland china for longer than initially announced the list tons a group which includes subsidiaries swiss and austrian airlines will not fly to beijing and shanghai until february 29 and other chinese destinations including nanjing shenyang and qingdao in eastern china will not be served at least until the end of march europe's largest airline group said it made the decision because it wants to keep its passengers and staff safe. alphabet the parent company of google has posted mixed results for the last quarter of 2019 the tech giants profit rose 19 percent from a year earlier but ad revenue the all important income driver failed to meet expectations google is the market leader for digital advertising but it's facing
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increasing competition from facebook and amazon investors will now be watching alphabet closely to see whether it's other businesses are growing it has a cloud service and it ventured into health services last year when it acquired fitbit last november. even in the. german chancellor angela merkel has called for fair relations between retailers and farmers as she met with both today to try and resolve a long running crisis fellow isn't of farmers have been protesting over the past month saying supermarkets selling meat and other food at bargain prices are putting them out of business but it's a practice that's also become an existential threat to another group traditional but we visited one of them. york is making sausages he runs one of the few independent butcher shops in poland. he wants his products to taste good he also aims to make sure that the animals whose meat he uses are well treated while alive. whether cattle all chickens. are
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spirited t.v. or the chickens i sell are at least 94 days old or. small supermarket ones left with just 28 to 34 days so mine have 3 times as long to grow and develop. their flesh commercial flights out there not just pumped up as fast as possible. a longer life and more living remain the meat is more expensive. acknowledges that his prices can be much higher than in supermarkets but he says his clientele of willing to pay more and if need eat less meat overall. customers tend to think carefully about what they eat many only once a week you're recording more than double for sure so you don't have to have a steak or schnitzel every day or what is also
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a burger king words or he has loyal customers but business is tough in the face of face competition from discount a few chains. here the number of independent but chip shops in germany has been falling for years. many people prefer to buy their meat in the supermarket and don't care where it comes from. i didn't pay attention to where the me and i came from about stuff but it was fresh stuff and it was cheap so that's why i bought it implies. that. moment being as certain as if i don't have much time to go shopping i don't think about it that much beneath your rights but to be honest i'm not willing to pay 50 euros for a kilogram of organic meat it's. cheap meat often comes from livestock that have been treated like products not tunnels the german government wants to introduce an animal welfare certificate system but doubts that yet another product label will
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really help. you this labor these labels just confuse people even more include. me or early should just go to the local butchers to someone they trust before calling them and he is life depends on customers who are knowledge quality and know ready to pay for it if their numbers grow independent but just may come back in fashion in germany. the german state of brandon byrd has put up 120 kilometers of electric fencing on the border with poland it's an attempt to prevent wild boars infected with african swine fever from straying onto german farms just one confirmed case of swine fever here would result and all german pig farmers being banned from exporting pork swine fever has already led to the deaths of a quarter of the world's pigs in china last month a case of the disease that was discovered in a wild boar in poland just 12 kilometers from the german border. now to some
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of the other business stories making news. air asia has denied allegations it accepted bribes and returned for buying air bus planes shares in the region's largest budget airline fell 11 percent after malaysia's anti-fraud agency said it was investigating the claims on friday airbus agreed to pay for $1000000000.00 in fines to settle the accusation. locusts continue to threaten crops across a wide stretch of africa and southwest asia the united nations warns the mass forms are endangering food supplies cyclons in saudi arabia and yemen triggered the crisis creating ideal conditions for the desert supply. and that's it for me and at the w business theme for more you can always go to our web site that's the w dot com slash business or follow us on social media thank you so much for
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watching. what unites. divides. what binds the continent to. answer them stories of the country.
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frank open is for her. beethoven is for. beethoven is for us. is for. beethoven 2020 the 250th anniversary here on t.v. . and welcome the 5 to is were a triumph for the british film 970 a look up the highlights in just a minute also coming up. the greats renna souls innovator young fun in the biggest exhibition of his works ever assembled. and it's being called dystopian
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soul but the music of american band algiers can't really be pigeonholed they've released a brand new album. in the. the bafta as took place in london on sunday nights they are the british oscars really very much a precursor for the academy awards which are coming up next week there has been criticism of the lack of diversity in the bafta nominations this year and this was addressed by a number of the stars who are either got or presented prizes and as i said a very british film school the major awards. sam mendez world war one film $917.00 was the big winner at the bafta it won 7 prizes in total including best film best british film history actor and best cinema time.


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