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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  February 4, 2020 1:30am-2:01am CET

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the moment so many bundesliga love is have feared has finally come i am now back on top robert live in dusty once again fired munich forwards the league's top scorer is proving just how pivotal the goal get is all this season. is over 3 goals scored a game the bonus league is the highest storing of europe's big 5 leagues don't mean 16 sensations are doing their bit so maintain the storing clip keeping the black and yellows in the title race in the process. other clubs have to make due with out world class goalscorer as it is known hoffenheim for most influential individuals roam the sidelines. while like cigs usually reliable shop shoes at team obama was firing blanks the best teams need a plan b. when the stars shining. but we'll stop things off with the
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record champions by munich from our own kick off. the. fired me in a car back in 1st and it's the well established regulars who are feeling especially good under coach hansei flick after 14 match days the reigning champ switch to the top with their 3rd way in since the winter break up against relegation threatened minds byron demonstrated just why they've been on the top and only 8 minutes in the vomit leavened offs he scored for the 22nd time this season the false consistency is almost unearthly although no one from mine seemed too worried about stopping his 150th going to sleep a goal. by n.d.s. he hides it by you know as we know that ruthless the 1st cross are run by live and die off ski a header and
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a goal from an onlooker point of view they make it look too easy but it shows their quality of. munich were already enjoying a 5 match unbeaten streak and weren't looking like slowing down any time soon guessed 2nd goal followed in the 14th minute. this time courtesy of tomas mina. some were ready to write him off after his form dip to early in the season but now he scored his 3rd goal in 3 matches. this was by an 11th goal scored with none conceded in 2020 though they did have the woodwork to thank him the 22nd minute for maintaining the impressive ratio. byron was showing the whole league why their deservedly back in 1st place. she added i was next to steal the spotlight with a magnificent run weaving through have. of mine says squad 3 now. the spaniard had
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also scored his 3rd goal in 3 games. meanwhile things aren't so peachy and minds headed for a 4th straight league defeat prest ration started to kick in. but then came munich's 1st concession this year minds' cut byron's lead to $31.00 from a corner yeah yeah me a son he was a small blemish on byron's nearly perfect 1st half. but as we can to form on the page with the quality we have in the team then it's like you saw in the 1st 30 minutes so goodness knows where efficiency if it's in play kept went to a rival alvarado or the real soul on the bench in the 2nd half but replace thomas miller and leon carets go with philip could see neil and sara's cannot play any biron continue to dominate though chances on goal were few and far between but she knew what tempted from a far. but the efficiency from the 1st half hour was nowhere to be seen not even
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sharpshooter leventhal ski could add to his impressive tally. in the back and attentive tiago and man one noise finger tips kept their lead intact after adam so much nearly made the game more interesting. it ended $31.00 another confident showing and fired 6 straight to sleep a victory this must decrease really really fun right now to be part of this team i think that's apparent and how we are playing marching and how hungry we are to be at the very top at the end of the season this is on the focus on sanctions it's all good on their good that we keep winning at the end of each week we can paddle selves on the back and sing a song together humans only sing and. the confident bahrain boys aren't afraid to say it they will be the ones to win it all once again this season. only their competition say otherwise. speaking of which let's head to leipsic bloodbath
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next. with. the top match of the weekend a clash between 2 top coaches like cigs you're not man i'm glad past marco rosa didn't arguably fit better in like 6 given he was born there i am fully coach their sister team abby's outspoken. and of course to top teams each with table leaders for 8 match days this season no wonder no other bundestag it could be this one on match day 20. i'm glad back but in the top performance of a long stretches against lights like this double shot 6 minutes in was just the beginning it was met with an equally striking double save. while team advantage had been on a tear of late blockbuster offense rarely allow them to get a shot off. laid siege to light sick with long balls like this one. it's rare to
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see light sick not storm their opponents box from the start it's also read to see teams withstand like 6 pressure with such ease and it's even rarer to see like 6 back line scrambling. allison play and knew just what to do putting lot back ahead up to 24 minutes. rosa's 1st half dominance was turning novels man's world upside down. whites and usually thrive when pressuring their opponents in their own penalty area but glad both were good at that too so good that lucas close to man slipped up and played the ball directly take a look here my house the rest was child's play for you and i spoke from a. far superior glatt buswell only to mail up at half time. i'm in like
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6. the hosts responded with 2 offensive swaps bringing in use of poulsen and patrick schick after the break still there was a generous serving of luck involved in shanks gold to help close the gap a gift from a glass unlucky keeper after 50 minutes played. young zama had control of the ball but not the situation. it was almost silly how perfectly the ball landed at chicks feet. and things got even sillier after an hour player complained about an underwater free kick and was given a yellow card. he kept complaining and was then left speechless with the rest. that was the turning point of the game now it was a different match old together fire and brimstone instead of attractive football on the pitch and on the sidelines. the 10 remaining gladbach players huddled together
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in their own box while their top performance in the 1st hour and their lead was squandered by the 89th minute. christof in cancun hammered home late with style. great job great game perhaps everyone except the referee get what the call we got a double yellow card i don't want to say anything else about it again is actually a bit annoyed about the result because we had the feeling we could have gotten more out of the game we were lucky as well. first call and also a. lot of. those sharing points frustrated both sides fans in munich was surely happy about it and the same goes for dortmund.
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and storm and have plenty to be happy about their 2 youngsters elling holland and jayden central are lighting up the only responsible for 7 of dortmund's last 10 goals headed into the weekend. prison non-sentence on the $19.20 calm down we have to say calm about both are. always made by the vibe and no coach fafnir they're both still 19 and one of them got to celebrate his starting debut against when young berlin. and nothing about it was called 11th minute jaden century no one else. that was signed shows 8 goal and 8 matches at age 19 his 25th bundesliga goal makes him the best goalscorer under 20 in league history and his 20th birthday isn't even until march. only 7 minutes later you'll be on ponte set up early in columns to make it to nail. the
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bunda kid keeps adding to his tally now with 6 goals in his 3rd appearance for dortmund scoring once every 13 minutes. by then it was already clear to me on wouldn't be able to take away much indorsement despite their usual tough tackling. in the 2nd half after doth and calmed down a bit when we all managed to show why they're the most successful of all the promoted teams. but this match just like dortmund's last 3 belong to one extraordinary teenager. while holland didn't score himself here he drew a penalty for his side in the 68th minute. marco voice took over spot kick duties spanked at home. the captain's 11th goal of the season. while this. stands were still celebrating the 3 nil the
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next attack was already underway sand show teed up that's all and for an elf. that's another 4 reasons for gotten to be happy. but a voice who was hardworking but not exactly standing out was not amused about getting sub dov and he had barely taken his seat when the new crowd favorite made it 5 nil . ever living in holland. after a hat trick at a bracey netted another brace in his 3rd appearance of the hub of about the norwegian is justified but france world class assist is also worth mentioning. as is the entire team effort that their 5th and final goal attests to because it only took dortmund a total of 14 seconds to gain possession in their own half carry the ball up field
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and straight back into it when you're on snapped. dortmund are on fire scoring 5 times for the 3rd straight match and holland stands out above all the rest with this 1st rate finishing is definitely king of the pitch but there is still some room to improve when it comes to his interviewing skills. come back to mesh a new row 10 story today yet the fellows will not leave the play if it stops 7 goals in only 3 matches how does that sound to you thank you it sounds very nice. to me own will be keen to forget their trip to dortmund all except nevin super to each played for the black and yellow from 2000 a to 2017 he received a warm applause from dortmund soon to be. offshore compact section with a new face in the league. half. the
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feet of the slug the new coach of last place to have his 1st win to see their coaching gig lined up against frankfurt in his playing days was let's start at manchester city and you have to know looking solid despite only 2 days with the team before the match. 50 minutes in and when to signing bell and billy shall learn from lots who played in naana ample perfectly. was that for tonight's 1st goal of the year and the 1st on the list was signed sealed and delivered not quite as the good man strike it was judged to be a hair offside. they get another chance thanks to a 78 minute foul captain con ion did the honors and put it away magnificently. 3 minutes into stoppage time and timothy chambliss equaliser was called offside.
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but did hits being eventually reinstating the tying goal. a late and bitter pill to swallow the i'm just. the highlight of her test match against shanker was when the hosts brought on their record signing fresh from a senior line sister. and his last name down the. town are on the hook for a record 27000000 euros for piano. the polish striker is well known back home for his pompey the shooter goal celebrations but he didn't get to be much celebrating his debut it ended in a forgettable or less strong. relegation threatened brinkman were far superior early on in their visit to outspoken piling on pressure. in the search for
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a much needed win. it may not have been pretty but they were ahead one nil after a 10 yard by goal 23 minutes in. coach martin schmidt threw in birthday boy alfredsson bogus on after the break and it was a wise choice. he might not have had anything to do with florian mutilation a 67 minute equaliser but couldn't go to some still helps make sure braman would head home pointless thanks to this neat back heel paving the way for ruben vargas to make a blistering run. too long with 8 minutes left to play households 1st win since the winter break. alone versus freiburg along coach mark was staring down freiburg coach chris johnston eyes whom he's never bested in 6 tries. it was unclear who exactly put
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away colognes opening goal in the end it was attributed to sebastian vollmer now. things were much clearer for the next call columbia concord about 7th of the season made it to nail. marcus his dome was within reach of a rare victory over freiburg up to nil after 90 minutes. then 2 defenders made impressive forays for. first kingsley easy booing made it 3 known. and 20 year olds the moneda is mile young folks rounded out at cornell. cologne are now 6 points above the drop zone. sometimes football just isn't at least not in the eyes of. out of born they
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had taken the lead against both spoke thanks to ben saul alinsky after just 22 minutes. but found god knew not to celebrate too early. and full spoke when liz since december immediately proved him right being one back through robin can offer one all. things escalated away from the goal minutes later with possible on going amanda down. after the red card they were stuck chasing the game and daniel game check put them to one down before the half. that was only the start of the agony for found god's truth after an hour played in chick bank his brace 3 want.
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out of boredom were allowed a moment of optimism when sebastian vasily addis cut the deficit down to one goal in the 72nd minute. but killed things off 5 minutes later much to 1000000 on the old one to go added insult to injury despite a respectable showing from a 10 man paddleboard. onil streak it was top class but that doesn't make the loss any easier the problem to take. a live a couzin have lofty ambitions shaw europa league is nice but they preferred to be amongst the real big teams in the champions league. live accusing him coach peter bosch started off the season 2nd leg with 2 wins in 2 games a goal ratio of $7.00 to $1.00 and attractive p.c. football. but still they tend to lack consistency so what's the problem with boss
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tactics. against hoffenheim everything initially went according to plan after winning possession they sent their attack forward with pace one trademark of boss style of play. but even when their speed eased up as it did here a strong one on one was enough to secure the lead one nil 11 minutes in. to set the abby who join from paris last summer isn't leave the couzens only player who excels in one on one situations. geography is one of 3 attackers supporting center forwards kevin followings. karim bella robbie is another he's also a tough tackling quick player with an eye for gold. the 1st is sky harbor it's the only players who can decide the game on their own if needed all dependable
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attackers in boss system they're the most important pieces of the puzzle. but hoffenheim coach outfits why the has more in common with peter boss than his hack us is tactical strategy is similar to early pressing should force mistakes here but the robbie sloppy possibles punished and because les because of his back line seemed to wait and watch as often i'm wide in their play andre crumb r.h. levelled the school it's 23 minutes played. detroit shouldn't set the play in motion himself then immediately sprinted forward anticipating where the ball would end up from our it is a difference maker at hoffenheim with his 6 goal of the season he's the top scorer like many bundesliga teams leaving couzin struggle when they're forced to control the game themselves playing a game of possession is not their strong suit that's not how bosch's. 1st to play.
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sure a team can decide to press high with all of their players defending in the opponent's half but then there's no room to make mistakes like this saga saddam busted through am set off play because in the outnumbered and middle the marriage passed on take this stuff down got back and in the end left back home but score was well placed to clean up and make it to one. from leaving cruz's perspective the lesson was clear the players who were supposed to snatch the ball up front was suddenly missing behind play because of course in the nets of their own mistakes hoffenheim celebrations. far too often leave accuses performances are all or nothing when they don't make use of their many chances like this one from not the memory they end up losing. often hine talk all 3 points winning in a similar fashion to their victories of
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a bye and don't win and shall get out they destroyed and co are also on track for the europa league. major bosses contract was extended before the match with live accusing bra saying he's idea of dominant fast football fits perfectly to live accusing but there's still plenty of work to be done in defense what does bush have to say for me is no mystery. it's a mistake it's our fault if you'll got so many chances and your knees caught once skin to be pretty difficult to win games despite their 1st loss of the year live in a still in range of their champions league ambitions now for the results please. match day 20 in a nutshell leipsic split full in sin a feisty down over loud laugh as fire and pulled out another solid win in mind.
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neither brylin side found that themselves though who knew and conceded 5 to dortmund. the black and yellows were busy over the transfer period. dorman snagged deadline day headlines by learning emery john from you ben says with an obligation to buy in the off season and let's not forget the new teenage savior was also a january signing erling collins already proven a bargain but the biggest spenders have been. the ambitious relegation candidates have spent a whopping 80000000 euros including record transfer of christophe fiance. by an unusually stingy merely loaning spanish right back. from real madrid leipzig shipped into the energy drink funds to sign spain international done almost. one of the sides flashed the cash like never before this transfer period laying out a record 196000000 now for the table. here it is
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with no surprises byron right on top fans of other teams can take solace knowing that things at the summit are rather tight months ago one point off while dortmund and glad after just 3 points from 1st. out of born are further from the top slot than any other sides and the relegation battle is a type one too but let's finish things up by looking ahead because this weekend's governing credible match up waiting for us. byron on top might seem boring but we'll soon find out if they can stay there because this coming weekend 1st place munich host number 2 i'd say this is a function among them on. the race to the finish and it's really just getting started with the 2. the best teams the best top scorers and the best fans will be
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a very important match that it will. be on this field the day michelle long and king of peabody byron versus line take once more to say. much to all of us with intrigue and we try to do this to. find out who wins the battle to the top of the heap next week on kick off.
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the science of his. system its own t w because. columns expresses ensemble juggling highflyer just keeps on sunday. and munich things are back to normal after listening and minds lead to table to. kick off. to minutes on w. earth home to millions of species a home worth saving. google ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative
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starts for viewer return on t.w. . this is d w news live from berlin the democrats in the us start voting for their presidential candidate pulling begins in iowa a small state with big political impact those who come out on top there are well positioned to win the democratic nomination and face donald trump in november's election. also coming up in a race against the coronavirus china opens.


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