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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  February 4, 2020 11:02pm-11:30pm CET

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the the start of the u.s. presidential election season now questions can the iowa vote count be trusted and then to the crisis of confidence that surrounding the u.s. president u.s. senators deliver their verdict tomorrow in donald trump's impeachment trial even republican lawmakers say that trump is guilty of abusing his power one senator calling it shameful so why won't they convict tonight from debacle to dysfunction the state of democracy in america i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. to big failure and certainly they're going to be a lot of questions going forward. are so many questions now about this process so many questions about why things seem to have gone so wrong so i'm just going to tell you what i do know.
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that no one is doing she really got the momentum that they were hoping for out of this caucus it really just seems to me. also coming up tonight will europe give the world a cure for cancer tonight the leader who wants very much to answer that question with yes and you do remain positive that in 20 years time nobody in the european union will have to die from cancer any more this is our goal we have to step up and we're caught for it but there's a lot of things we can do to get it. to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with the world asking what has happened to american democracy now the question is one that we pose only after long deliberation and even with some try. predation every
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political system has its problems but the view from outside the us from here in europe is alarming and it justifies asking is there a fundamental flaw in the way america votes or u.s. intelligence confirmed after the 26000 election that there have been foreign meddling by russia well since then there have been repeated calls for congress and the white house to shore up the country's election infrastructure defenses election officials in iowa say that the vote count crisis there was caused by an app malfunction not by any interference from the outside a huge technical glitch it doesn't change the fact that iowa like every us state has had almost 4 years to prepare both parties the democrats and the republicans knew there is more at stake in 2020 men just winning here is what the head of iowa's democratic party said earlier today. that the reporter.
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or her. group why we have a paper trail. for their validating every. 'd paper trail. but it sure we were eventually able to report results were. what is there a crisis of confidence to talk about that i'm joined here at the big table by julie's fund a large he was a member of the 2008 in 2012 obama campaigns he just returned from iowa to this is good to see you again and we're joined by our very own correspondent. in washington hello to you pablo julie as i'm going to talk with you 1st you were just in did you hear anyone connected with the campaign teams there voicing any concerns or worries about the caucuses not running as they should everyone was anxious about the caucasus and everyone knew that it was
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a new system in place that there's also not one number to be reported to 3 numbers for the 1st time because the democratic party changed the caucus rules after the debacle of 2016 where there are some delay as well in reporting those numbers so everyone's actions but nobody anticipated that there would be that much of a difficulty getting those numbers today were you were you surprised to see what happened i was surprised because again i was supposed to be this moment where there's great clarity and where there's one coming out or 2 coming out with tremendous momentum and again all those candidates on campaigns who worked incredibly hard to generate that momentum i mean they were just stopped in their checks today i mean it was that i think was a shock for the entire world i mean this is definitely a crisis for democrats in iowa and republicans especially president donald trump they have not refrained from the trying to make political capital out of this today trump tweeted let me read that for you the democratic caucus is an unmitigated disaster nothing works just like they ran the country remember the $5000000000.00
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obamacare website that should have cost just 2 percent of that the only person that can claim a big very big victory in iowa last night is. no big surprise there pablo to me the tweet from the u.s. president speaks to the fact that this is not just a problem for the democrats is it. no you're absolutely right it's not just democrats of course in iowa you just touched on it there of course there's no front runner now for the democrats as they go into the primaries in new hampshire and we also need to bring in the fact that trump's approval ratings are at their highest they've been 3 years and you know what normally happens in iowa is that the democrats could see all for at least that's what was being commented here with the weaker candidate and of course we find ourselves now that those weaker candidate so now finding themselves in the primaries like i said in new hampshire
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and considering all the problems as well with the op you know there is talk now that nevada in fact has said which also has a coal because they said that they're not going to use this up so it's not something that is particularly favorable to the democrats here in the united states in considering a lot of the pressure that they've been under recently as well with regards the impeachment here in the united states. been kogan theories today in the u.s. about the our war. being the end of american democracy you get people asking how could this happen after the warnings that followed the election in 2016 have you heard questions being posed about the credibility and the integrity of the u.s. election system. well it's something that i've definitely heard time and time again and you read it time and time again about the credibility of democracy here in the united states you know if we start off small we don't even have to go far back in
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fact today joe biden at the former vice president we must stress in the days leading up to this caucus in iowa it looked like he was going to perform as well as perhaps he had hoped well his communications director came out saying that the their campaign had some real concerns about the integrity of the process like that they are very strong words and then of course there's been a lot of debate in the united states over the system in general you know if we go back to the 2016 election in fact in the number of votes president trump if you came down to that didn't actually win in that sense now of course the. democratic candidate hillary clinton had a few 1000000 more votes than president trump but of course you know it's spilt milk at this stage and since then we've had the russian. pietschmann just president trump over this ukraine scandal so obviously all these elements are feeding into you know plenty of discussion plenty of dialogue here in the united states over the
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democratic system in general you did so that was i'm to get you in just a 2nd but i want to expect in the 2016 for moment on the evening before election day i spoke with the best of your old glover you know she led the. election observation team in the united states we discussed one of the major difficulties that the u.s. faces when it holds elections take a listen every state basically has its own electoral system aren't really observing 50 almost 50 mini countries at once when you observe a national u.s. election. hansie all right we've been saying that quite a lot recently because as you say rightly say every state even every county has it lol and we have been watching very carefully what's being going on in that we have also been making a lot of inquiries as to where our teams can go. and where they current because we
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don't want to cause any problems and create any trouble and say we have spent a lot of time and trouble and that has been made us realize that we are as you correctly say in effect watching 50. different election process of 3 d.c. as well we tried to get in touch with the o.e.c.d. again for the mission to the u.s. unfortunately we didn't have any success tonight julie's you've canvassed the u.s. when you worked on the obama campaign did you think even then that there's just too many steamy electoral systems here i mean you go from state to state and every time the rules change there are different rules during the primaries in ohio than in south carolina there's completely different than the general election so you've got to adapt to that right the caucus system is entirely different from the primary system i mean take this moment what transpired mr david neiwert and compared to the 2000 al gore versus george w.
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bush that you write and so it is a question of election interference from abroad no russian situation that we're talking about many times on the show it is a question of whether the reporting actually takes place i would probably argue that the iowa caucus system has been flawed for many years and this is just the 1st time that people actually say that the reporting is not 100 percent accurate because we have the digital footprint as well so again i think the democratic party in iowa i mean they screwed up. very much optimistic that you know the candidates will recover from that but that's definitely not the narrative you want coming out . this though it is not i mean you talked with a lot of political players here in europe do you see warnings in iowa for democracies here in europe i see iowa primarily an antiquated system that the state party screwed up you know this has nothing to do with the election and friends at least from what we've heard so far let's let's see and wait how this plays out but
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again we have a completely different system in most european countries at least so i have some confidence left in the hottest and you do have better voter turnout here in europe then we do in the united states that's a portly don't a caucus like that especially during the caucus wanted to talk about that compared to western europe the turnout in the united states is rather anemic the o.e.c.d. reports that the average turnout in sweden austrian italy is near 80 percent the turnout in tuesday's 16 was the lowest in 2 decades at 55 percent now i want you to consider iowa it's 2016 turnout for the iowa caucus was a tiny 15.7 percent 15 percent one week later in new hampshire the turnout for the state's primary was 52 percent that's a huge difference between caucus and primary in just one week and these statistics they are being used now in the case against caucuses pablo that brings me to this
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question could 2020 be the last year of the iowa caucuses. well certainly this is not helping it's continuity we'll say obviously the amount of pressure that's on the democratic party is perhaps an indication of what is to come and there has been a lot of that cold today even with just reading the the media here in the united states democrats commentators saying that perhaps it's time to change this system and also the fact is well that the use of this op and this technology which was essentially to make it more. simple and also more transparent in some ways has backfired so it is it's not a particularly good day for the democrats in that state and it'll be interesting to see what their reaction is now going forward whether we will see some change but it
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could well be coming problems for about the other major political event in the united states tomorrow the impeachment trial with us president trump will in the u.s. senate is expected to acquit him when you hear republican members of the senate saying that trump is guilty of abuse of power is behavior shameful yet they say they will not vote to convict how do you begin to explain this to a global audience that we have. well it's always very difficult to explain those situations because you know at the end of the day you do have to step back and analyze it and not look at it so you know black and white one of the reasons for this who were there as an actor it why are they defending the president in these situations and you know there is one word which you hear time and time again here in the united states which is unity and also even just today ahead of the state of the union this evening senior republicans are talking about this word of unity bringing the country together talking about the positives not focusing on
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the negatives and how it could lead to the impeachment of president trump would lead to you know a period of great instability at a time when the country is so divided so this is what you know i sort of try and focus on a try to step back and try and understand the reasoning behind it and also exactly like i said with regards to who the electorate is here and what it is exactly who are they sending this message out to you know it's a very good point julie is to your campaign consultant how do you explain u.s. democracy when you've got impeachment going on and the impeachment process it's seems does not work because you have senators who admit the president is guilty as charged and yet they're going to deliver a verdict with the message it doesn't matter what the president did i think it comes down to a wrong political power right i mean you have senators like lisa murkowski in alaska who says exactly would you just mention and you just got to take
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a look at the done then make and the dynamic of electoral processes there is one senator mitt romney who of course ran against president obama in 2012 he voted with the democrats in the sense at least that some of the witnesses should be called why because he's a republican state that he won by 20 points in utah and where he has a stronghold and doesn't come up for reelection in the 4 years so he's pretty safe in his district and in this state. he's not risking anything he's not risking anything and all the other republicans i mean they're looking at it from again a poor pure raw political process saying if i go up against the president he's going to primary me i'm going to lose my senate seat and i can go and find something else to do and so i think that's the calculus he's afraid of the u.s. president that could be the title for a new novel i guess answer is pretty much everyone in congress on the republican the republican side julie spent a lot here at the big table julies as always we appreciate your insights publicly in the us in washington public thank you for helping us understand this story
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gentlemen thank you for. a 2nd death from the corona virus outside the chinese mainland has been confirmed this in hong kong now authorities say that the man who had an underlying illness traveled to the city of rouhani back in january the news comes as thousands of health care workers across hong kong have walked off the job they are demanding that the government close the border with china hong kong's leader kerry lam she is drawing criticism for her decision to leave 3 checkpoints open. or as the number of coronavirus cases mounts countries are taking drastic actions to prevent its spread japan has quarantined a cruise ship which is carrying almost 4000 people over fears of an outbreak onboard the diamond prince is now anchored in yokohama bay
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a passenger tested positive for the corona virus after disembarking in hong kong and several others are showing flu like symptoms a medical team has boarded the ship to examine everyone including the crew on board . which china says 425 people have now died from the corona virus and the number of confirmed infections has surged to more than 20000 now if you are concerned about the virus spreading you are not alone and doctors say diagnosing this virus is not easy because the symptoms often mimic those of a common cold or the flu the world health organization says those symptoms can include a runny nose a sore throat or a bad cough a lot of people have that almost every day for some people symptoms can be more severe they can include a fever breathing difficulties or they can be as severe as pneumonia and the best
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way to tell if you're at risk is to look at your environment the only way to catch the corona virus is if you personally come into contact with someone who is infected and the best and easiest to fits then we can't repeat that enough it's simply washing your hands often and of course if you suspect that you may have been infected contact your doctor immediately. go from a viral to a cancer threat the world health organization says that the number of people suffering from cancer is likely to rise sharply in the coming years this morning coming today on world cancer day now the good news is that more research better treatment and prevention could help save lives over the next decade ok cancer killed an estimated 9600000 people in 2018 only heart disease
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causes more deaths the most frequently die news forms of cancer lung cancer and breast cancer each responsible for just under 12 percent of all cases they are followed closely by colorectal cancer which comes in at about 10 percent smoking tobacco it tops the list of preventable causes of cancer deaths it's followed by the usual suspects an unhealthy diet obesity and being a couch potato lack of exercise. w. gore spawn in march sanders spoke to the new e.u. commission president of on the lion about plans to roll out and he you wind here in pain to tackle and to reduce cancer rates commission president as a health professional yourself and as someone with a personal history of history related to cancer what does this program your beats cancer mean to you personally it is a very personal one because me like everyone else knows somebody be it
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a relative or a colleague or friend who died of cancer. sadly the numbers of cancer disease are on the rise but we can do something against it therefore today we want to call on everybody in europe is beating cancer plan to contribute to a solution and what are the concrete steps what can the european union do with the individual member states cannot do we have a large convening power 1st of all if we look at the topic of prevention we could do way more because we know that 40 percent of all cancers are preventable and only 3 percent of the health budgets are invested in prevention so broaden the knowledge about prevention secondly modern technology the european budget can contribute in investing in modern technologies that are lifesavers for cancer diseases and for example the horizon europe program can contribute massively in developing these
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modern technologies and the 3rd part is screening and early detection so we know that every woman every man should have access to screening because this is the best way to fight cancer you just touched on screening and there appears to be some inequality within the individual member states when it comes to screening and access to medical treatment what has to be done about this we have to find a common ground on access to screening and it's the right of every person to have access to screening for example vaccination were. we are talking about cervical cancer and it is very important for us to make understood that this screening is lifesaving so a lot we know for example that 15000 women persia dying of cervical cancer in the european union part of these deaths could have been prevented if there would have been early screening and access to vaccination and to broaden this knowledge and to find a common way to move forward is important in this europe beating cancer plan and
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you do remain positive that in 20 years time nobody in the european union will have to die from cancer anymore this is our goal we have to step up and work hard for it but there's a lot of things we can do put together a commission president thank you very much thank you. hair loss as a result of cancer treatment can be devastating especially for women and their self-esteem your loss is often cited as the single worst side effect when our story about a good human affects a unique organization in pakistan which calls itself here to help encourages women to donate their hair for wigs that are then given to cancer patients smiling reports now from the city of lahore. since being diagnosed with breast cancer not one of those shot has faced many challenges after several rounds of chemotherapy the 52 year old wasn't prepared for the side effects of her treatment
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. when my hair fell out i cried a lot it was very long and beautiful i asked my mom if it would come back. my hair has now regrown but it's not like it was before. this is a devastating loss but we believe everything is a test from god. and there on that. over the last 25 years but the start has been a significant rise in the number of people diagnosed with cancer according to the world health organization 174000 pieces were recorded in 2008 to. 20 percent of those for vim and with breast cancer but years of foreign investment in the health care system is highlighting the country's inability to tackle growing health crisis and it often here and afterthought it is often left to
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charities to help feel like them says again. here to help is one such organization members of the public here which is then turned into and given to those in hospital wards of charge. initial resistance from some people to the initiative forced the charity to get an islamic scholar to issue a fatwa in favor of people donating. who will get a bit but i still believe that this is a sin especially if the head they donate is misused but i assure them we have nothing to do with black magic i encourage donors by telling them that their hair will grow back and the 4 women who are going through this trauma these weeks can be a huge boost to their self-esteem. they're in let's get it right there. human hair again because i heard sty and looks more natural which is why it is
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preferred over synthetic. but they're more expensive so the charity offers donors free here as an incentive to come forward. when they have difficulty cancer patients go through a difficult time fighting this disease and then they suffer from hair loss and hair is important to the overall appearance of a woman in pakistan as citizens it's our duty to encourage those in need. and for doris like someone they know this small gesture can make a big difference to them and recovering from cancer. that's good news for the conversation continues online. today is the number whatever happens tomorrow is another day.
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collected by children in india. used on mass by cosmetics companies. mica is a long material that's mined in highly risky conditions. combining business with conscience it's a balancing act for the manufacturing industry. global 3000. next on d w. n
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god such as songs like that don't go away and they stay with us for all time. by. messiah freedom. starts february 7th t.w. . hello and welcome to global 3000 now take a deep breath because today we head to nairobi where air pollution is a big problem kenya is gearing up to switch to electric mobility. people out.


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