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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  February 5, 2020 7:45am-8:01am CET

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above the spanish city of boston. children's author co native phone is sometimes referred to as the j.k. rowling of germany books are now available in of the 30 languages and she's sold over 26000000 of them it was a trilogy beginning in 2003 that really made her internationally famous meanwhile her popularity hasn't waned indeed it has grown and each new book is eagerly awaited by have fans she recently spoke to us about her latest venture with mexican film director give yaml total. roots is a dark drama about fascism betrayal and magic it's also fantasy author kanu your phone calls a favorite film the work of mexican director. todd oh when he asked her if she wanted to write a novel based on his film she hesitated after all films are usually made from books
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not the other way round. that was really the most satisfying experience because of course it was an absolutely crazy project i thought nobody would read it anyway because who reads a book written after the film they're always bad and this movie is just so brilliant how could have put it into words but when you're given an impossible task you have to take it on. she began her career over 30 years ago as a children's book illustrator but this became boring and she began to bring her imagination to life with words in 1903 the german language book the wild chicks was published it tells the story of a girl gang the rivalry with a boy going and the rebellion against adults. in 2002 the lord was her 1st work to be translated into english in 2005 she
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was ranked alongside bill clinton nelson mandela and the dalai lama in time magazine's 100 most influential people but among the international frames of her work was one critical voice. i thought a fan letter and it said yes i love the sea floor but why is there only one girl in it and i felt very guilty and i thought to myself look you doing it again like all women well we like the boys so we write about the boys we even make them the heroes of our. stories instead of saying i'm writing this as a woman why isn't there a female heroine so i promised this read out that the next hero would be a heroine and that was megan in cot death. and. it was in cancer that made. global sensation in 2008 the spellbinding story of
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mickey and her father the moment made it to hollywood but the film adaptation of the trilogy 1st book allies of bennett and brendan fraser starred as the magical father and daughter can now wants to write a book in the in car series the book and her mother wanted. but back to her new work pan's labyrinth. the story is set in the spanish countryside in 1944 just 5 years after the civil war victory by the fascists it's a story of good versus evil the protagonist of failure can only a skate this world through trying to see. just like in can't she is led into a magical realm as the characters on the pages of her book come to life. change anything in the story i want make young i want centric i'm not going to take the sexual innuendoes and what the war against women look like he's hidden all that
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in that that's what violence looks like it's not glorified evil is not trivialized all glorified in the film and for that i had my eye. on the half of. the top. 2017 she bought a farm in malibu and created her very own paradise sun and plenty of nature. in 28 change turns 16 this milestone was a moment for her to take stock of what's next for. now is also the time to. it back to creating so much and accomplishing so much it's no longer a question of writing a 1000 mobile browser to pop on everything that you've learnt now it's time to pass that on to other. life as she says still has so much to offer. and if you want to see more of the interview with connie the phone the
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whole 30 minute 21 program called meet the office features i can be found on a website at d.w. dot com slash 21 now photographer marco schmidt is fascinated by lost and forgotten places private houses all factories that have been abandoned so long ago that nature has crept in and begun to take over once again in fact that is what fascinates him and of those how when buildings are deserted and left derelict by humans it is only a matter of time until nature slinks back and claims back what was once its. they enter abandoned houses parks and hospitals to capture photographs like these they have a passion for decaying structures that will soon disappear forever modern ruins photographers work on the edge of legality often trespassing on abandoned property
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explorers like marcus schmidt shows wealth we would otherwise never see. this villa. was abandoned 25 years ago to lug serious mistake with the home of business tycoon hans. steel. there were 2 swimming pools nucular fallout bunkers and elaborate gardens. it's thrilling trying to find out what happened it's not that i imagined that i mr so try to sing for my mention i come to get a glimpse of how he lived what he did with these wealth what he built up here discovering all this is what it's all about. during his lifetime the c.e.o. of tucson would have almost certainly not welcome visitors like marcus that time texas told even on the rich and mighty these photos capture the transience.
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the village is a hot spot in the modern ruin same the doors are not long so gaining access does not breach the unofficial code of honor. and if there's a what you need because someone has already entered then i will go into but i don't open doors i don't write can enter i don't pick locks none of that. this maintenance workshop in juice but was closed down in 2004 after giving 116 years of service. rel way freight why. we're repaired here 2000 people were employed. the size of around 6 soccer fields a monument to work that's my commitment to that i don't think 1st you come in and you think wow it's huge and i'm always happy when it's such a big structure and geometrical it's great for the photos it really takes your
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breath away when you stop for a moment enjoy it especially the silence martin ruins are incredibly quiet except for water dripping you don't hear anything. the beauty for these photographers also allies in nato taking back that man has created. that modern ruins exploration has its rules. the rubbish don't smoke don't take anything with you except for the photos and the experience in the. leaves and footprints and thankfully those experiences through his stunning photographs. now any experience like no other
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in fact the new in barcelona is much more than just a restaurant it's actually only open for 2 in the evening so it's a bit like going to the theory it's a really good to see a show but it's a show for all the senses those sound lights a spectacular set and backdrop and there's 5 star food of course and depending what's on the menu there's a very specific entertainment to go with each course. c it's not an opera house it's a restaurant. and it doesn't just serve food each course is performed. this restaurant perched on the roof of a 5 star hotel in barcelona could easily be some alien space ship the new is a genuinely unique experience. even the welcome is somewhat out of this world. what is the riches they need this hour.
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patrons check in and take seats under the geodesic dome 105 meters above the lights of barcelona. and jaime lieberman are the space ships captains brave chefs with the help of an 8 man crew they prepare a menu that excites the taste buds and a few other senses to. look good i must carry up which i did a moment ago we want to entice all the senses activate them from the 1st moment on hearing seeing tasting 'd so the whole body with all its senses can enjoy the meal i'm going to get out of that experience which. the principle has a name neuro gastronomy the aim is to merge all the sensory experiences. the 2 chefs experiment with ingredients from the arab world from asia and south america and they even roast
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a carpenter answer to the courses are served in meticulous coordination with the choreography. well the diners are spirited off to the rainforest the kitchen crew arranges the dishes to harmonize with the jungle atmosphere. smoke red moments on a banana leaf accompanied by a peach palm fruit sauce and brazilian varies served. that kosoff the texture with a brown butter moose. is to pluck the butt of to make its course much d.m. his own theme we've borrowed cooking my thoughts flavors and weedy and some south american. idiot those thing in. the colon area expanded around the world in 6 courses takes about 2 hours. the last stop is europe for dessert. then the spaceship lands safely back and marcello and his passengers disembark into reality. i
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just wonder whether i'll be able to digest all those sensory experiences including the food of course just a couple of moral much story on those on our website as always d.w. don't call me and slash culture join us again at the same time tomorrow though if you come from.
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australia the fires so devastated human and natural environments alike. how are the people fairing now politicians be held accountable all right. and will australia ever fully recover from the destruction of continents and of nations like all ravaged by drought and fire close up. 30. minutes on t w. change the world. the cry for freedom the fight for freedom were always accompanied by music. transcend
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dreams bring us all together. our 2 part documentary about the revolutionary power. of sons this is a story martin john. songs like that don't go away you know they stay with us for all time by. the time the sound of fresh starts fin hillary servants on t.w. . play.
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this estate over. news coming to you live from berlin in his state of the union address president. you've never had it so good. the american adventure has only just begun and my fellow americans the best is yet to come. republicans cheer and chant 4 more years but the democrat speaker of the house sitting just behind the president makes clear what she thinks of his speech and the latest from washington.


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