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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 5, 2020 5:30pm-5:46pm CET

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collectors and. 3rd reich steal more words more money. everything connected to jewish culture today researchers are searching for the missing works of art. challenging for the experts . and painful for the descendants. to dart into 3rd brush starts feb 10th on t. w. . with a special edition of today we look at the changing meaning of marriage across coming up. brides for chinese man. is driving the trafficking of women and girls to china as brides but it's a trend that looks set to continue. plus. a new law allowed.
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in taiwan but it was not without its challenges. and a slowing economy forces of budget rethink put over the top managers. doing different things. welcome to a special edition of news asia it's good to have you with us it's an institution steeped in tradition obligations and expectations and its changing. process is change sometimes organic sometimes forced. marriage across. like in pakistan where some desperate families push their daughters and sisters to maddie chinese men for money but once in china many brides a big. and despite rights groups raising the alarm pakistani officials to crack
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down on the trade and a.p. investigation. traced over 600 pakistani brides sold to china over the last 2 years and for many. turns out to be. back with family but broken inside this is somehow david she was trafficked to china and married off to a stranger after just 2 months she returned to pakistan deathly ill. see what i thought of so modern others. very rarely laura. was a very. thoughtful. a month later she was dead. dory is not unique and is part of
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a disturbing wider trend in human trafficking. chinese men seeking bribes are fueling an illegal but lucrative cross border practice that targets girls and women often from pakistan's impoverished christian minority. the word by the promise of a better life and money for their parents they're told they're going to marry wealthy chinese christians. more often than not they end up in some of china's poorest and conservative areas where it's one child policy has led to too many men and not enough women. once across the border young brides are at the mercy of their new husbands. and the. fighting is start from the pregnant. there are a lot of spiders because my role behind my room is my i don't want the spiders i
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hear i think. i'm no one training that he's not listening. you don't know you're crazy and. other women have described coercive behavior physical abuse and even forced prostitution. whatever the chinese grooms want to do with them they can no one is there to see what happens to the girl it's the height of cruelty. but also a profitable business that's practiced openly in china although beijing says it has 0 tolerance for any illegal cross border marriage behavior. a pakistani investigation into the traffic networks led to a number of arrests last year but efforts to bring the traffickers to justice have stalled investigators say they come under pressure from government officials to curtail their work for fear of damaging pakistan's increasingly close economic ties to beijing and as long as pakistan turns
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a blind eye to lucrative and distressing trade of brides to china will continue. joining me now for more on this story is. she is the co-chair of the human rights commission of pakistan is there any welcome why are our government officials so hesitant to crack down on a bride to cross into china. unfortunately ever since these cases have been altered. government's response has been lax master and what people are saying is i mean just as you know the chinese are way. konami. and the apple writing is not of 8 the form of this. past military so all these factors affecting our air are coming into the picture and these cases are not being addressed has forced trafficking and the government is not responding
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in kind of a coward many of these girls and families are reaching out for help so that looks like a grim prognosis does not mean that these cases we will see more off in the future so far 21200 travel documents and no insurance gesticulation to be $629.00 cases were reported documented and. even tend to gain in the numbers must have gone up because no action had been taken so augustine if the government just going to look the other way. because we'll continue reporting and doing there's a lot of the. making money the local authorities in the center the local community get involved in these trafficking cases big bug a benefit thing so we have. a look at that my guess was
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some of the churches in small areas is christian population that is being targeted and the community. why exactly are. communities all these my not to communities. i guess the minorities being the poorest obviously bob is one of the reason that parents and teachers and their doctors and. this was thinking if. you really. think it was right. who are you know. what are you most. rights. activist behind. it also right that's very relieving to thank you so much for joining us most monday
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ronnie ok. in may last year same sex couples in taiwan what need to be allowed to matter here after the government elected a special law for same sex marriage this despite several protests and referendums what a large majority rejected same sex unions for taiwan's as a beauty community though the changes what a long time coming. a short walk down the aisle but a giant step toward equality these women made history last year among the 1st same sex couples to tie the knot in taiwan. in may the island became the 1st place in asia to legalize gay marriage for the l.g. beatty community it was the culmination of a decades long struggle for recognition. was and a huge pools for jubilation. it doesn't that's why me about fashion sensitive i
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could never imagine this happening and this is. i'm very emotional i feel taiwan cares for human rights which is very good. but the issue has polarized society highlighting deep divisions on an island that remains staunchly conservative opponents say the bill ignores earlier referenda rejecting same sex unions. despite that time one is becoming increasingly progressive and the capital taipei is home to a thriving gay community. at the city's 1st pride parade since the ruling revelers had plenty to celebrate. i won. i think. they're for us. happy that. they sense that there was. a bold step that timelines l g b
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t community hopes the rest of the region will soon finally. have protests in taiwan but not so much in india because a great big indian wedding is being slimmed down by a poorly performing economy that is consumer spending in india has dropped and that among other factors is having an impact on how much couples are willing to shell out for their big day in a country where it's not unheard of having 25000 guests at a matter that means deep cuts to the invite list and celebrations that often last at least a week now manage with just a couple of days it's heartbreaking i know i've been the 1st strings of tight the budgeting has to begin. to be part of punching my own thought she'd already picked her dream dress after taking a closer look at that budget can have fiance decided to make some savings meaning
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another trip to the clothes rack. to being the market in order to write nowadays if you're going to say she needs guys on function doing this starting. to function see you try to start going on the course by effectively going to talk if i say. indian weddings are renowned for being lavish glitzy affairs with hundreds or even thousands of gas partying for days on end but despite being seen as recession proof the industry has also fallen victim to india's slumping economy only it used to be a week long weddings has not been can work it was just one no one in our view over the years in the entire family has been dreaming about the day when they when my and my tail were diplomatic and they've been saving things for that day this sector has had a major setback the wedding sizer tools will be 2000 people out when the deal for 70800. scaling back on the big day can impact friendships and social standing
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people who normally make the guest list now find themselves left off it for another bright khurana it's a real worry. if all the businesses you know look at an event in india i don't saw you knowing that it really affects each and every fan meet it doesn't only effect the bride in the room it also affects the siblings at around that it does that don't because then what happens we can start you know putting the cars down the picture perfect wedding maybe getting a slim down but it's still sure to be full of all the color and emotion that's the whole mark of any marriage in india. that is a must and that's the day it was just from the mosque in the wedding. because back to a local council to raise funds to cover the costs of the opulent set of otherwise i'll just reach for many families thank you for watching. but.
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any place the names. you have. to sing along to just come from super live. interactive exercises. everything is online and interacting. with. the death toll from the groan of virus continues to rise 1000000 small confined global companies are taking precautions the european central bank's christina god speaks of a new layer of uncertainty for the world economy. german engineering giants even is under pressure from environmental groups at the annual shareholders meeting in new
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york demonstrators demand the company must stop selling any of its products to fossil fuel companies. and pakistan could lose its finds the edge climate change is threatening its chilly harvest the country's one of the world's biggest producers of the asian staple. lester business the death toll is around 500 the corona virus is infected tens of thousands of people worldwide countries continue to take quarantine measures companies located in and around china have been throttling back production and there are concerns about global growth. because its global workforce to take unpaid leave as it tries to deal with the fallout from the coronavirus hong kong based airline is encouraging 27000 employees to take 3 weeks off in the 1st half of the year the carrier has cut 90 percent of its services to the mainland china bosses blame the op break out a significant drop in demand foxconn says it won't be able to return to full
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production in china until the end of the month because of the coronavirus it hopes to partly restart production next week the taiwanese company makes smartphones for global brands including.


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