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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 6, 2020 6:00am-6:16am CET

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to stay with us for all time by. the sound of fresh starts feb 7th w. . this is d.w. news live from paris the us president donald trump has been cleared in his impeachment trial is there for order to get a judge that the said john prompt me and years here by acquitted of the charges inserted articles. of abuse of power and obstruction of congress.
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asked him from office we'll get more shortly from washington also coming out a passenger plane pranks of pasqual trying to land in his temple officials say at least 3 people were killed and more than 150 injured the plan was last by a strong winds and heavy rain. and farewell to a leading man and i call him of hollywood's golden age of cinema kirk douglas dies a guy just 103 his son actor michael douglas announced his death sank to the world he was a legend back to me and my brothers he was simply opt out. i'm jarred raid glad you could join me we begin in the united states where the country senate has acquitted president donald trump of both counts of in meant. the senate
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dominated by the president's fellow republicans voted to clean him on charges of abuse of power and on obstruction of congress the result of congressional b. to oust him from office which came from democrats in the u.s. house of representatives let's go straight to washington now and speak to g.w. correspondent all of a sound of day all of it trump has been cleaned it's a historic day for sure but this was expected wasn't it roger and it's a story moment for sure you're right with that and in particular because this has only happened 3 other times before this time is different however because we did not see any witnesses and we did not get any evidence the republican senators who are holding the majority here in senate and wanted to get this done as soon as possible wanted to acquit president trump because the outcome of the trial was also pretty much clear even before the trial started although i must say that there have been some republican senators that admitted that one president did there when that
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phone call was wrong that he should not have called president volodymyr zelinsky of ukraine and pushed essentially for investigations against his political rival still in the end he was acquitted and one of the reasons for that is that simply many many republican senators in particular are up for reelection in november and they're simply fearing the anger of the republican voter now over this impeachment has been full of dramatic moments not least of all a few hours ago when mitt romney became the 1st senator in history to back a conviction of a president from his own party let's hear from him the great question the constitution tasks senators to answer is whether the president committed an act so extreme and egregious that it rises to the level of a high crime and misdemeanor. yes he did.
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so mitt romney day he broke with the republican ranks and join the democrats and voted to convict to no avail all of the what does is a crucial mean for trump now and how he campaigns to be reelected right so i mean he will certainly celebrate that quit he's been calling this whole impeachment proceeding the trial a witch hoax over and over again and he's already announced that he will deliver a speech tomorrow at the wide held at noon eastern time here and it will certainly be interesting to see his response but it's pretty clear that he will try to capitalize on the outcome saying that this was all a hoax essentially that it was a politically motivated trial and proceeding in order to get him from office that was his line of defense now the democrats they will certainly be saying that this is an impeach president and he will always remain an impeached president and there's another 1st that he has to go into his reelection campaign after an
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impeachment trial that's new so it will be interesting to see how that will play into his campaign so the democrats will certainly try to get their political gain out of it and the republicans will do the same all of a trump's a crucial was pretty much all but certain a lot of people watching this might be asking why do it at all what was all these 4 . well nancy pelosi the speaker of the house of representatives argued along the lines that they were simply forced to act as a certain point in time one quote we heard very often from the democrats was that no one is above the law and that certainly applies to the president as well and so they moved forward they argued in the name of the american democracy they wanted to show the strength of the system of checks and balances they failed but they knew it before they're morally on the right side this is all they argue and this is how
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they want to go down with this trial in history our correspondent in washington all of a salad thank you all of. in turkey at least 3 people have died and dozens of others have been injured after a plane crashed in bad weather at an airport in istanbul the across belong to budget operate at pegasus airlines 183 people was on board the plane when it broke apart during what authorities have described as a rough landing at the crash site and emergency response into the night. and a desperate race to save casualties. the aircraft arrived in istanbul from the city of is america in bad weather before it crashed into a field. unfortunately the pegasus airlines plane could not stay on the runway due to poor weather conditions and skidded for around 50 to 60 metres. when it fell down
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a height of 30 to 40 metres. 175 passengers 2 babies 4 flight attendants and 2 pilots were on board. but. so far 120 passengers have been transferred to nearby hospitals. using. the version of the. footage of the landing shows the plane on the runway at high speed in heavy rain and strong winds it continues past the end and then plunges. not long after the smoldering wreckage passengers escaped some emerging from a crevasse onto its a wing. out of the gaping fuselage which had split into 3 parts. as the response continues flight operations have been shut down with other aircraft
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diverted to istanbul's other international airport. now this accident comes a month after another pegasus plane skidded off the runway at the same airport in istanbul earlier we spoke to d.w. correspondent dorian johns and we asked him if people are now going to be questioning the safety of these low budget airline but indeed i think the biggest seller will be under scrutiny like you said that there was appeared to be a a similar incident again bad weather was blamed for the plane careering off the runway and a year ago at a number of other provincial airports on the black sea again pegasus for a plane full off the runway and into into nearby close to the sea org and there were no injuries or fatalities but the landing procedures all the airline will be under scrutiny the pilot and i think also too will be under scrutiny given the fact that both of these incidents occurred in bad weather and the way that the airport is administered in these conditions given the fact the airport is extremely busy
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will also be a point to all of investigation in the coming days and weeks. correspondent dorrian joins in istanbul there. were china says 28000 people are now infected with the coronavirus there and more than 560 have died authorities of more cities into lockdown as the measures being undertaken to counter the virus get more and more desperate by the day meantime hong kong is imposing a 2 way quarantine for anyone entering from mainland china. this has become a familiar sight in china streets swept clean of cars and people as the government orders the city's inhabitants to stay inside congo with a population of 9000000 is in partial lockdown that's also affected ali baba one of china's biggest companies the online retailers headquarters are shut too great the
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risk of infection. with movement curtailed many residents have resorted to home delivery for their groceries. there are many people at the grocery store so we don't go there. and groceries i deliver this way it does involve contact with other people. we feel it's ok you know we're in a stand that this is an epidemic and these are unusual times. all over the country cities grinding to a halt as china desperately tries to curb the spread of coronavirus. president xi jinping seen here welcoming the cambodian prime minister to beijing on wednesday said the government was quote fighting hard to defeat the virus it was the 1st public appearance in 8 days for the usually omnipresent head of state the international community is bracing itself for the virus to spread further beyond
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china's borders the world health organization is setting up a fund to help stop the spread of vulnerable countries today we have. a strategic preparedness and response plan to support countries to prevent detect and diagnose own war transmission we are requesting $675000000.00 u.s. dollars to fund the plan for the next city mundus. in hong kong the government has already taken drastic measures to prevent the number of cases in the territory from rising chief executive kerry announced that all arrivals from china will be quarantined for 2 weeks. medical staff have gone on strike to demand the total closure of the border with the mainland it's a desperate attempt to shut out a virus that knows no boundaries. but
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the round of 16 in the german cup journey to a close on wednesday and the final i see is now complete on your own berlin and by a leave a cruise and both into the quarterfinals after beating 4th t.a.s.e. fed and 2nd division stuttgart respectively current title holders by and munich knocked out hoffenheim while sa broken vs cows who went all the way into a penalty shoot out with can finally prevailed but it was a long ways half a century to be exact super bowl champions the kansas city chiefs have celebrated their big win with an even bigger party crowds of loyal fans turned out to congratulate the players as they paraded through the streets they eventually ended up at a massive rally away ever on was laid in dance by the team's mascot casey was the chiefs won their 1st super bowl title in 50 years on sunday by defeating the san francisco 49. some sad news from hollywood
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now and the legendary oscar winning actor kirk douglas has died at the idea of $103.00 it was often described as one of the last movie legends of hollywood's golden era but he was famous both on screen and behind the camera his son the actor michael douglas announced his death saying his life was well lived a legacy in film that will enjoy for generations to come. he was one of hollywood's greats and treated accordingly kirk douglas career and spend several decades and it was prolific with more the 90 credits to his name was in a statement announcing his death his son and fellow oscar winning actor michael douglas said to many my father was a legend but to me he was simply. born in 916 kirk douglas made his name in hollywood's golden age of movie making he was one of the
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biggest box office stars of the 19 fifties and sixties possibly he was most famous for his role in the 1960 s. classic spartacus he was nominated for 3 oscars eventually winning the honorary award in 996 for his more than 50 years in filmmaking much chance of mermaid a march today that's no chance. in 2001 douglas was honored at germany's biggest film festival the berlin arlo receiving a golden bear was again for his lifetime achievement my accepting the award he charmed the crowd by saying more than just a few words in german was. his. is. spent a lot of time in front of cameras and crowds and his legacy is not going to fade
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any time soon. you're watching developing news from delhi and there's more news of the top of the hour coming up is our documentary the red children about childhood in china under mao this morning a website to talk can follow us on twitter i mean sick raptures. thanks so much. stan for. language courses. video. anytime anywhere.


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