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materials. and music legends as seen through the lens of linda mccartney on show in western germany. douglas was born. to impoverished jewish russian immigrants so his life really was a rags to riches story unlike other screen idols of the post-war era he manage the transition to more serious roles and also became the producer of some of his major films like sponsor kiss he made over 80 movies and stood up against the blacklist in hollywood in the mccarthy era a true legend of the cinema who's died at age 103. in film and in life he was the underdog who refused to take things lying down. his most famous moment was as and. who had a slave revolts in the 1960 movie spartacus i was like champion trying to
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punch my way to success. you see george it was easy for me to. say a line like. i don't want to be. on my life. i want to hear people call me mr. the son of russian jewish immigrants douglas sport hard to reach the top even working as a firm ground rest to pay for acting lessons he appeared in more than 80 films and his cleft chin became his trademark ductless enjoyed playing villains and characters on the edge after being nominated 3 times he was finally given an oscar award for lifetime achievement in 1996 or will you and i thank you a touching tribute from his son actor michael douglas dad i love you so much and i'm so proud to be your son the last hero of hollywood's golden age has passed away
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at the age of 103. market crew. i mean what a star what a life and wonderful words from his. son michael douglas yes he was the one who in the death of his father. on facebook. he was an i can distractable hero if the 2nd world war a helicopter crash and a stroke handwritten 3 years old what a fighter and well to quote his son from facebook to him and. gave just this private glimpse of the family life that was so touching for me. because we knew that the relationship between the father and the son was always
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a little bit complicated this was so and basis that he would never let his son win even when michael shouted. when he followed his footsteps as an actor this was a bit of a challenge but in the end i guess claimed to be just proud of him so they had a really strong bond. a typical sort of matinee idol as they were called and. he was a very good looking man but he did every hole about him not with his son he didn't compromise a toll road and never never career. and he never chose the easiest way you know especially in the beginning of his career it wasn't easy to work with him he had the reputation of being particularly difficult he certainly was not one of those who gets told what to do he argued a lot he followed a lot he was as he was. so incredibly talented so he had
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refused a 7 year contract with the hollywood studio because he didn't know want to be enslaved. he turned down lucrative roles and preferred the challenges of the difficult films he fought his way up from the bottom and because of his tough childhood he felt so comfortable with characters who face struggles even if they were insane or villains what he just loved the bad guys and as we see in the public he just shown his overwhelming sham ok and actually he didn't compromise again when it was more serious stuff i mean he was a producer sponsor because in that film something i mean something that could have destroyed his career it's absolutely absolutely so he wasn't only one of hollywood's biggest activists and greatest actors he was also one of the biggest risk taking us for spot because he not only played the lead role maybe the biggest in his career he was also the producer and he hyatt dalton trumbo
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screenwriter who was on hollywood's blacklist of actors and musicians you know it was right in the era of mccarthy the on to communist era and those people were taught to become you to sympathize with prevented for working and that was maybe the biggest fight of douglas career douglas just decided that the how with it i'm going to hire him. and he took the huge risk and that was such a brave step and could have meant the end of his career but in the end it was the end of the blacklist believe sorry and i mean amazing he never got an oscar as we saw from the mid you individual film but thankfully the academy award. him with an honorary 1996 mica as always thanks very much for joining us today thank you. now moving now to the world of fashion today many to day many the labels are
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making sure that fashion is sustainable more and more design is a working with certified textiles to make long lasting clothes or indeed there are companies that include complementary repairs for their clothes so they last longer repairing means carrying the focus is towards quality and sustainability in the fashion world rather than cheap mass production. these clothes come with a warranty the label nix focuses on sustainability it's based in a green fashion hotspot makes uses certified textiles and only produces small quantities when fluid in our line is designed so that our clothes are comfortable the colors are a little bit neutral so that you can build your wardrobe from season to season meaning you can always buy new clothes from next week and know that they will mix
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and match with older previous items us. this way customers will have clothes that last beyond a season a very different approach to fast fashion which is based on mass production. i think it's a shame that some clothes are so cheap that customers don't even try them on anymore they just take them and say oh i don't need to try this on it's just 3 euros. and they later if they notice that's too small or too big i just throw it away the quality items from boutique labels are more expensive but barbara gephardt and her team offer repairs free of charge or for a small tip and they alter old models directly in their studio. next is one of a growing number of brands dedicated to producing long lasting clouds tom credit learn from the u.k. sells basics t. shirts sweat shirts and trousers that all come with a 30 year warranty. on start up sneak around all sneakers so that your
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favorite sneakers can last for another season making sneaker rescue a dream come true for many sneaker fans. meanwhile the dance label golden joinery organizes repair games participants mend their broken clothes with golden thread giving their outfits a new very unique look. fashion that isn't fast but that last stylish and comes with warranties. i especially like that sneak a risk here i've got a few pairs that i could give them to rescue myself to obama in the room district of western germany now and an exhibition that called linda mccartney the sixty's more naturally she had easy access to the beatles being married to one but she had already been a photographic observer of the rock scene for some time when she met paul in
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a professional capacity that was at a photo shoot she attended to promote the sergeant pepper album back in 1967 they actually got together as a couple a year later and were quickly married. yesterday. for millions of grieving teenage girls she was the american blonde who snatched up the cute one in the beatles that was in 1969 when linda eastman was already a sought after photographer. her career took off after she happened to be the only photographer to show up the rolling stones prescott those exclusive photos led to her photographing the beatles. and that was her entry into the pocket scene of the 960 s. the art student from new york quickly gained the trust of the hour is up and coming music stars in front of her lens pete townsend seems like
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a shy square below. and there was guitar god jimi hendrix. jim morrison lost in music they love the blues icon janis joplin captured in all her intensity coming. and of course the fab 4 in candid shots during the recording of the white album snapshots capturing music history. linda mccartney was self-taught but her sure sense for just the right instant also evident in her roadwork series of street photography the role she looks and the lot was a truly observations of the every day and of seeing the moments in every way she walked off still a drove she really captured scenes with special little. people move dominate the
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city space on a particular way you can also clearly see that she had a great sense of humor just a lot is done with a kind of knowing and that's what makes looking at these photos so much fun. after her mother's death in an airplane crowd. should mccartney according to air travel one possible. solution he did a lot of photographing while traveling by car she took her camera with her everywhere and documented private lives as well as the world outside. of me. by the 1970 s. she stopped taking photos professionally and only documented her personal life and that's a pity because she was uniquely able to get the musical legends of the 1960 s. to show unexpected sides of the sounds. exhibition and so then they will be that until the beginning of may more than
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cultural stories on our website of course. dot com slash culture also if you missed anything on this edition or want to see something again it's that on the website until we'll come back and make another woman some more about so for made by a mile from a rover merrill nor the crew here in berlin. oh for using. a
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tour of the conflict zone here in london it's still all about rex rex a great suit debate. some of the bricks of what we all should fall was making the right decisions for steering our own ship we want to stay friends with our british neighbors stress injuries it is best to go things so special this week we'll go back good some of the key arguments to give shape to do some of the thing great threats it debate conflicts. in 30 minutes on w. o. southern napalm 250 blind people are about to see again lassie is one of them who put the for an improvised clinic is being set up in
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a temple complex. and the next danger. can you see if you see anything down a reporter on the move with many police on some old just off to really to seen the light starts february 8th on t w. in the army of climate change. cause remember pseudonyms. much too soon to be. 100 years today the future of. g.w. dot com for comical sort of the melting to give us a clue toucher. to know that 77 percent topic are younger than 6 o'clock. that's me and me and you.
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do know what time of voices 100. 77 percent talk about the issues. from politics to flashes from housing boom boom times. this is what. 77 percent. this weekend d.w. . this is d.w. news and these are our top stories u.s. president donald trump has hailed as a crucial in the senate impeachment trial addressing the nation trump lashed out at the news who tried to remove him from office saying he'd suffered a quote terrible ordeal. germans died premia has stepped.


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