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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  February 8, 2020 8:30am-9:01am CET

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the clock forest over winter wonderland. changes. i'm not laughing at the germans because sometimes i am but nice and loving with the term even german things deep into german culture yet you don't seem to take this grammar dayo do you because it's all out there enough time rachel join me to meet the germans on the gulf coast. today and i'm off to the black forest in the southwest of germany.
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my tour starts in freiburg the region's biggest city it attracts some $3000000.00 visitors every year. the old town is free to kill or the oppressive. frederick's biggest landmark is the cathedral here the beauties in the detail take these guard costs if you look closely here realize that each of them is unique. as you stroll through the city you'll see little channels called place you know they can be found along many of private streets during the winter months they're empty but in summer they're full of water . those have been around since the middle ages and they stretch out over more than 15 kilometers back in the day they were used to assure water supply but nowadays they've become more of a tourist attraction and a pretty dangerous one legend has it that whoever steps into them will have to
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marry a freiburg or so be careful. freiburg is germany southernmost city and the perfect starting point for a trip to the black forest. during the winter months the region's biggest draw is of course the snow i'm a huge winter sports fan and i'm going to do my very best to try everything the black forest has to offer the 2 classics skiing and sledding are on the very top of my list. and there is one thing i'm particularly looking forward to there's only so much i'll give away it's not going to be me who exercises i'm going to let a couple of furry friends do the work for me. also in today's program we'll show you some black or it's essential is from the cuckoo clock to the famous ball in which. one of our viewers shows us around his hometown valencia in spain. and as always we
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got mail this time from paris. the black forest is germany's highest low mountain range and botton virgin bags number one tourist destination. from freiburg it takes you about half an hour to get to the black forest by car on the way you pass by some fascinating sites as you head for the so-called valley of hell. but in reality it's not hellish at all quite the opposite the value shows nature at its best. this gorge for example is so narrow that if the legend is to be believed a deer once jumped from one side to the other. my journey and leads me to the frozen lake one of the many must sees in the black
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forest. every year thousands of tourists full pir to like t.t.c. in both summer and winter to stroll among the probably nods to. a few kilometers away. even more water like shanxi. you can walk the entire perimeter of the black forest because like on an 18 kilometer trail. nestled in a valley you'll find santa claus in cathedral it's domus 36 meters in diameter.
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like many towns here santa claus in is surrounded by dense stock boards the local most black hence the name black forest the abundance of wood is reflected in the local products the best known is the cuckoo clock. in the wrong back of the house company and shawna has been making them for more than a 100 g. is. part of our house in started with this design of the wall it's called a shield cloth it's hand painted and it's the original cook who caught the vide of the body on our company has developed variations on mine so now we also make contemporary cocoa crop. went and they all strike the hour.
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another original tradition is a ladies' hat called the pollen hoot actually it's only more than 3 neighboring villages but it's become a symbol of the whole black forest. were these hats the inspiration for black forest gateau there's no proof but they could be because the chocolate shavings somehow look a bit like the dock lords and here it is a black farmer scatter a sponge cake basically kirshner cure whipped cream and cherries and chocolate shavings. the black forest isn't just a place to go sightseeing or enjoy a meal it's right for winter sports. but nearly $1500.00 metres its finest mountain the failed but is almost guaranteed to have snow it's home to the region's biggest ski resorts. in.
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the black forest biggest skiing ariad no way i'm missing that but 1st i need to fetch them gear no problem because there's a rental spot at the foot of the slopes. the there are 38 lifts around the felt back and some 63 kilometers of peace. i'm going to start with a blue slope one of the easier ones i haven't read in a while. great weather perfect snow and a view of all the way to the alps i couldn't ask for more.
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time to try to something new a little more challenging. but. that was amazing. and considering it's my 1st feature of the year i don't think that is too bad but as he is way too old school for you and you like to try out more innovative ways of moving around the globe i've got a great tip for you why don't you try snowkiting. snowkiting on the failed back it involves a car turning your way over the ice or snow on
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a snowboard or skis you can even take to the air. but of course you have to learn to land and breakers well fell back off is plenty of courses for beginners. to do. this as there the 1st thing i have to know when setting up my kite is where is the wind coming from what do you think where is it coming from what is unbiased and then both your ears have to feel cold equally it's a bit hard with a helmet but still an out where your nose is pointing that's where the wind is coming from. what i know i can only tell friends who. first to practice without a snowboard and with a mini cart that's not so easy right now the wind is gusting getting stronger but already the 1st participant is having a go with
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a large car. with winds of 47 and above things start to get uncomfortable but weather often changes fast on the fell back the groove has to start it's going. to get revenue. the next day the skies are clear perfect conditions for snowkiting. and all to go home ok too bad the only tree farm boy is in the way sometimes snow can see involves climbing. it's not the 1st time i've had to climb a tree. of it but now you will know why we don't snow cottony obstacles c. after a bad lesson sucked me everything goes beautifully but.
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yeah. everyone's really enjoyed it and they get plenty of praise for the efforts. of a good guy sounds like me. so if you want a new experience no country is just the thing and there's no doubt you'll get back there drilling rush. hour break here in the black forest that's no problem there are lots of chalets restaurants and rustic and for instance the right man to hold a guest house run by the andrews family. and all come to you know any you could of let me know that. it's located in
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beautiful surroundings near the fence about. hikers and cross country skiers often stop here it's one of the oldest inns in the black forest. how long have you been running the guest house in my generation since 1905. and before that. another 5 generations. 825. the andrus family's attachment to the region is reflected in their menu of what i could really recommend steaks from steaks and. english they come from the council out there from a farm just 50 meters away. from the 1st answer so your raise your own food here. than i had has to go back to work but before i leave i need to try to some of his food the best way to try as much as i can seems to be
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a platter with regional delicacies trying local fare is definitely one of my favorite parts about traveling and our viewers couldn't agree more he invited us to the spanish city of lindsey at the birthplace of ada and we met up with him on the central market among regional fruits veggies and of course come on let's go meet a local. hello i'm carl this club bag and i love traveling the world but today i want to show you some of my favorite spots in my hometown of the lens here we start our tour in the heart of the city at the main market don't tell me to get into that i must.
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because that is really tasty and we're not going to do more. than just about out i love this place at the center it's the carlos the fresh fruit and vegetables if i like wandering around the market i've got enjoy showing visitors around to see that got me was. there there was there time now to head for the old silk exchange another famous landmark in the lancet and i guess that was done for you know. what oh well in case we are very proud of this building it was declared a unesco world heritage site in 1996 on december the 7th my birthday is that more
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than i think about i mean i suspect this is the most impressive room he's on with its elegant columnist ellis and i think they say they're. silk another products were traded here from the 15th century on months for not able to be imported. you've. done a lot. more this is a. when others like them i also like taking because it is around the old central valencia better than i think this district with its narrow streets is called el countermand and used to be pretty run that way it's about then some 20 years ago restoration began and now a lot of young people live here. even what happened there when the people there. the worse the old buildings have interesting features like can't stand balconies decorated with tiles yet another scorn that topical for the region but i mean we
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put up your that. they help us out of us time now to leave the past behind us and head for valencia's most modern landmark which will really surprise you. yet this is the city of arts and sciences it's made up of a number of different buildings think loued the opera house and our science museum with the other here. is that a lot of this earth. this whole complex reflects our mentality in valencia we do think you know big way. when i started to. get it's getting so time to wind up to all buy the same i hope you enjoyed it and that your common visitors one day hear that imbalances it was they. see that. charles pale.
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would you like to show us around your hometown. become our travel guide. to find out how to check it out on our website. you w dot com slash travel. for you have i been waiting for this moment i know i know been as russia because i saw him come over and. i get to go dog sledding with these adorable huskies my gal luna and the rest such a ban from men's case says it is important that his visitors learn how to handle the dogs. yeah well do they have to be before they can be harnessed to
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a sled skipped i need to huskies the husky decides that for him so that officially they can take part in basis after that 18 months old. dozens of them because he's about racing harnesses and there are different sizes. and the most money you have to put them on. the strongest dogs pull the slates and the ones that listen while the leader is your ok on the other harnesses are always the same for the front and the back. you know it's the only different size no mark for this but starcom are because they'll both economically. or take it. on. have i have harnessed the dog. the dogs can hardly wait. before we get to the sled we give them a drink now in winter the huskies are really busy but what's it like in summer. in
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his own lies under basically they rest in song they don't do anything anymore that's what we give them less to eat and it's like when baz hibernate. you can watch them as usual but in temperatures above 20 degrees celsius when you don't do much with siberian huskies gone it's male that ok so let's get going. and the wear off sasha's assistance attach the dogs to tell clients. to get used to it i go for a spin with sasha staring. at spot but i look at trying to laugh still he has a few tips. he doesn't need me but the what happens when i lean into a curve to the dogs go along with mean by they don't know in front what i'm doing
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behind them. they dust me and they don't want you talk to the vicinity what are the commands how can i get them to do what i want. young ones we've trained them in german and in english too which is most also i guess we found that works best when open if you want to go if you say links in with a smooth if you want to write you say there is a movie if you want to slow down you say so to stop you say stop and go is go go go ya boy i did nothing. i mean we're off again. not easy but the docs aren't listening to sas at you they're. pretty good. with what they think they need to. find 1st even if
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i didn't mean to. that was truly a once in a lifetime experience but much like skiing it's an experience that can only be had if there's enough snow during the month of january and february snow is pretty much assured here in the black forest but still being at the mercy of the elements always makes for a bit of an unpredictable vacation but don't you worry even if there is no snow at all you won't be getting bored here in the black forest. this is the leafs may not be running but the dog sleds could run on wheels on the summit took all the run and talk now is going at full tilt. if there's no snow in the black forest it doesn't mean your vacation is over. this summer toboggan run takes you almost 3 kilometers downhill. oh you couldn't book a carriage ride. complete with mulled wine or
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a hot toddy. if you plan to go cross-country skiing get out your poles anyway and go hiking instead. and if you just can't do without ice at least there's some at the skating rink not only can you skate here you can also try your hand at curling. or you can just relax and enjoy the gorgeous scenery with or without snow. thankfully i have snow to spare so i can give sledding a shot no huskies this time. ok so that. there are helpless 2 bottom runs in the back for i'm at the one in landscapes the
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track is over a kilometer long and it's nothing for the faint hearted. usually there's a bus that will take you back up the mountain but it doesn't run very often and just missed it so i have to walk a. time out to leave this a pointer wonderland behind once more and dive headfirst into the hustle and bustle of beautiful paris our viewer friendly corrosive in costa rica travel to the french capital and shot a video of his very memorable trip thanks for that freddy and everybody else enjoy our view from back.
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my winter tour through the black forest is coming to a close but i finish with a. view of the landscape. we've already reached the end of our little trip through the black forest i really hope you had as much fun as i did and maybe even got a little curious about visiting the area yourself because and no matter what your favorite wonders board may be here you can pick your poison and rest assured you'll have a blast. the
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to be. an unpredictable hazard. avalanches. they claim up to $100.00 lives in moscow every winter. researchers are trying to unreliable this destructive natural phenomenon. they're providing greater protection with precise forecasts.
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the science ahead is. there are no fight left in scope. or are they. on the ship by law birsa by march 2 districts and. this unique ritual is part of the any off the biggest fire festival in europe. the. back. in 90 minutes w. w's crime fighters are back africa's most successful radio drama series continues all of us owns are available online course you can share and discuss on t
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w africa's facebook page and other social media platforms crime fighters tune in now. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with the 1st word published in the book. nico is in germany to learn german and why not with him it's simple online on your mobile and free. d w z learning course nikos fake german made easy. were systematically robbed by the nazis. and after the war there were no signs of compensation. jewish are collectors of cotton and announced some on her 3rd reich didn't steal all the smart words just to get more money it was to a limit they everything connected to church culture today researchers are searching for the missing works of art. it's challenging for the experts. and painful for the
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descendants. to sell monkey looted art and the 3rd reich starts feb 10th on d w. this is d w news live from berlin the coronavirus death toll soars with nearly 35000 confirmed cases of the infections worldwide china is under fire for its response to the outbreak as people grieve for the doctor who was punished for raising the alarm he later died from the virus also coming up. chancer on the americans conserve it
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c.d.u. party is in turmoil over skating criticism involving the far right regional lawmakers from their home party.


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