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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 8, 2020 9:00pm-9:16pm CET

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more speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice. matters. the be. this is the news live from but it security forces in thailand still with a shopping mall on the search for a gun that demand a thai soldier went into hiding in the mall all day and shooting rampage police say that at least 20 people are dead and scores moon did after he opened the shopping center in the city of contract also coming up germany's special coalition parties
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called for fresh elections and turning up is off to a far right political scandal in the eastern states that is often been the party's regional leaders the chance of a decade's old to lose by teaming up with right wing extremists to elect a state into. and in the borders the dust struggling better claimant needed a. break to beat the drop they found it tough going against 5 point because it has only gone back. on her home pretty glad you could join me security forces in that time and have stormed a shopping mall where a gunman is thought to be still hold off to killing at least 20 people now the government says that another $31.00 people were wounded in the rampage in the city of course at. east of bangkok
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a suspect had posted threats on social media before the attack. a weekend car ride turned to terror for this couple who were driving by is the rampage began . a. bloody great length. is a robbery asks the woman inside the vehicle. out on the streets more shots ring out as panic passes by run for cover. and there were chaotic scenes inside a nearby shopping now a soldier armed with an assault rifle had apparently holed up there after stealing an army truck and shooting dead multiple victims. dozens were able to flee to safety as security forces stormed the terminal 21 center and divert q.a. to terrified shoppers. if the number of injured
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doesn't rise to more than this and it shouldn't than we are able to handle the situation the number of doctors nurses and medical supplies are enough to handle tonight's emergency and i don't. police say a dispute over a land deal set off the mass killings or thirty's of identified a suspect you'd posted threats on facebook the social media network has removed his account it's thought the gunman is still at large inside the shopping center. will fall on this developing story i'm joined here in the studio by d.w. reporter we have no across to what he wanted to see i mean what is the latest that you're learning this shooting started in the city of coretta's a few hours northeast of of bangkok and we're looking at at least 20 dead at least $31.00 injured the police say that they have them all. all secured and under
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control and that everyone's been evacuated but the gunman is still at large there could be a hostage situation going on we're not quite sure because the gunman has not been detained yet by by police there are reports that they're bringing in his mother actually to try to negotiate with him to try to reason with him and get him to surrender again whether he is hostages or not not clear but it is clear that he is still holed up in this mall all right i'm with just been seeing some live pictures as well of a cordoned off area outside that shopping center have authorities said anything else about the attack and yeah he's been quite well publicized he's been called a 32 year old army sergeant a thai army sergeant in fact that's where he's got his guns reportedly that he stole them from the army base he was on starting in a village actually outside the city apparently shooting his commanding officer and then going to a buddhist temple and then going to the mall where this is escalated to. as far as motive they are mentioning something about a land dispute a post he made worse screeds about corruption in the country but it's very unclear
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what exactly is motive as that's going to have to be away yeah you just touched on the fact that he had been posting in fact on facebook what can you tell us about some of that he was apparently live streaming the shooting which is something we've seen as a feature in these kinds of terrible of bands but facebook seem to be pretty quick in shutting down his account shutting down the stream and facebook actually perhaps a statement expressing their condolences to the families and those affected and he was posting throughout at least up until a few hours ago posting live while he was holed up in this mall in fact at one point apparently complaining about that his trigger finger was hurting him so certainly not someone who is showing much remorse but police in thailand have used social media to get the word of who this person is and to try to gather more information ok and another disturbing development which we have seen in other previous attacks where you know if you crossed thanks a lot for your update. well here in germany the state from yet elected with votes
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from the far right alternative for germany has resigned 3 days in office taking office he lection of thomas kenniff from the business friendly free democrats shouted a german post for political to boo about against rather cooperating with far right parties their out of crisis meeting about it the conservatives and their social democrat partners agree to push for a new election in the east and state. black limousines pull up to the chancellor e. in berlin. chancellor angela merkel's governing coalition teetered once again on the brink outside demonstrations against cooperation with the far right a.f.p. . while inside the social democrats leadership threatened to pull out of the coalition with america's conservatives over this week's controversial selection in the state of thuringia. the eastern german state's parliament voted for thomas chemically from the business friendly f.t.p. party to become its state premier. to do that they
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require the backing of the far right a hefty chemical a shaking hands with a hefty leader a beer and hooka chords a rule that he can be equally be described as a fascist some say this shattered a post-war german taboo this gesture from the left party politician became a symbol of the protest which grew into a full blown crisis for the government not least because miracles conservatives cooperated with the a.f.p. in their injure c.d.u. party leader and a great compound bar was accused of having lost control of her party the coalition issued this statement the election of the state premier in thuringia with a majority that was only achieved with the fights from the a.f.d. is an unforgivable event the coalition partners expect the elected state premier chemical to draw the only correct conclusion and step down from office today. cameron did just that he resigned with immediate effect that relieve the pressure
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on the government for now. this is a thorn in the history of our democracy and one we will still feel for a long time to come but it can be healed and that's what we're working to do now. the government is now calling for new elections to be held in the renter without delay but after the events of this week the search for a new state premier looks to be easier said than done so on and now when people across the country all going to the polls to vote for a new parliament in the country's general elections growing dissatisfaction with the political status quo is leading many voters to reconsider voting for either of the 2 main established sinn fein a posse with historical links to the ira it is fine and struggle for a united ireland is looking to capitalize. sunrise in dublin and an early chance to have a say for these voters and what hints at being
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a generation defining election with more female candidates on the ballot than ever before and in a lecture increasingly dissatisfied with the status quo big change could be on its way you know island. chain paid to. you know. change is good changes to be seen. just. voters want to see a shake up with sion fame a party with strong historical links to the ira succeeding in appealing to risky voters people have told the straight this campaign that they want change and they want to change your representation and they want to change in government so i'm saying to people please come by today and vote for that change the polls suggest a surge in voting for the left leaning party with some even hinting at a narrow lead for irish prime minister leo varadkar faces a huge test to remain in power after his party phoenix came 3rd in recent opinion
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polls victory for shin fein would bring to an end the political drop paly which is ruled since 1937 with either 3 that go off in a foil in power since the republic formation is still remains are likely however with shin fein competing for considerably fewer seats than the big 2 parties both feet ago and feel of foil have ruled out working alongside sinn fein as part of a coalition but with an existing parliament already built on compromise some allowances may have to be made. i'm joined now in the studio by our reporter when. good to see you now shane fein has been polling strongly despite historical links to the ira why will people vote for one thing has been very successful in recent years distancing itself from. it played an active role in the peace process in northern. and the ira no longer exists as a paramilitary organization voters under the age of $35.00 have very limited memory
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of the violence that was associated with the group then there was also the financial crisis that came in 2008 and to reposition itself into a sterile parsi instead of the political wing of the ira. we have to also mention mary mcdonald she's the current leader of the party and she doesn't carry the political baggage of her predecessor gerry adams who had very clear links to the iraqi and she took over as party leader 2 years ago she's very very popular and she's been able to deliver a very clear message of change that seems to have resonated with voters during this campaign i'm talking about the current prime minister of india veronica one thing i will say is that he did manage to successfully defend irish interests in light of the braggs it to debate why isn't he being rewarded for that well for a career on his part of the fin a gale they may have gone into this this election hoping for braggs of they
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definitely tried to play up the strong economy but they were all was in a weak position they lead the country they've governed for the pasta 9 years and for many economic strength that hasn't really transferred into their day to day lives there's housing crisis. being on the lips of voters at the doors the rents have soared homelessness has stored and it seems a voters think that finnegan need to pay the price for the. box we're talking about gayle as was another big policy of course fail i mean it rules island for decades but what successful. like for the country and well 1st of all i have to dump in expectations that shin fein are going to win this election because they're fielding so few candidates that means that they're very. very unlikely to win the bet because share of seats in the parliament so another party will probably be in the position to form
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a government that's most likely to be phina for oil and the question then will be will they be able to form a government that looks like it's going to be very tricky. could play a role there as part of a coalition government and have already ruled that out it's also not clear if that will be in shin feigns interest so it's likely that they'll probably go into opposition and i will be the 1st time that aren't has a very strong left wing opposition or i d w reporter owen skits thank you so much. hopeful now and in the bundesliga full of joy instead of blame and on deep in relegation a child and coach slowly and cool fed it is clinging to his job but they were bored by victory over policy of dortmund in the german cup in the mid week and we're looking for a repeat performance as bellina came to town. concerned faces and braman and no wonder their team has been in freefall this season all 3 points
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against new in berlin where a must not least for embattled coach florian cool felt. but after a drab 1st half it was the visitors who opened the scoring in the 2nd period christopher lentz lead the ball on a plate for marius bill turque one nil he knew and after 52 minutes and bill took was at it again 20 minutes later. sebastian under some shot was blocked on the mud the board luis slaughtered holmes seconds to nil bhutto too quick for bream is defense and the ball clearly in the lane. to nil it finished another impressive when for been does lee get debutantes in your own you sit comfortably in mid table cool felt would give to swap places the result leaves breman 2nd bottom and his job in jeopardy. meanwhile minds ended there for game using skate in ballet when they faced how-to a hat trick from rubbing kweisi on field lines to
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a $31.00 victory in the 1st hall that might say it and later the match in the 82nd minute he doubled and beat out and that is the only culture we also but the damage was already done and often a penalty was awarded choir's on that is used 3rd goal from the spot in injury time the 3 point smith winds out over allegations dangerous at least for the time being i'm headed home for more news out the top of the hour thanks to a company i see that. they were systematically robbed. by the nazis. and after the war there were no signs of compensation. jewish are collectors of cotton and announced so none of her
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3rd reich didn't steal all these market works just to get more money it was true lemonade.


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