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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  February 11, 2020 4:15am-4:31am CET

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the team now has around 15 playoffs changing minds won't be easy but locals are slowly warming up to the country's 1st female ice hockey team. you're watching news kate ferguson has all the business stories up next i'm told me a lot it will thanks for watching there's more news at the top of the hour. literature invites us to see people in particular that i like to see her as the kids find strength growing up. my own objective going to work of. 3 books on youtube. w.'s crime fighters are back. radio drama series continue. this season the stories focus on the. color of prevention and sustainable world
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production. all of reserves are available all morning and of course you can share and discuss on africa's facebook page and other social media platforms. our starters to now. the united states accuses china of carrying out one of the world's largest ever hocks prosecutors accuse 4 members of the chinese military of stealing the boss quantities of data from credit reporting company at the fox box and 2017. on to oil prices fall to below $50.00 a barrel as investors tear the coronavirus could continue to squeeze demand from china at the latest from our correspondent on will series. a
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japanese entrepreneur has gone to bottle clocks tick waste one bottle of time. this is the domain of business by unpaid ferguson welcome we begin in the united states where prosecutors have charged 4 members of the chinese military for taking part in a major hock of credit reporting agency equifax in 2017 days have belonging to nearly 150000000 american citizens was stolen in what's being called one of the world's largest ever data breaches official said it took over a year to track the suspect through the dozens of servers they used to hide their tracks earlier i spoke to our reporter daniel wynter to find out more. equifax is a credit rating agency a credit history agency so if you want to take out. alone with your bank the new bank might contact them to see if your credit worthy now at the time and 2017 u.s. authorities were of course outraged at this and the c.e.o.
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richard smith was forced to resign and those u.s. authorities find equifax $700000000.00 a huge amount of course but the announcement today was much more about the actual attackers themselves ok and on that so we know what equifax is doing with all this data what do the hackers want to achieve well i mean a start aside from you know stealing trade secrets and an intellectual property u.s. attorney general william bah so that the aim of the hackers was something quite a bit more mysterious so let's take a listen to him. this data has economic value and these pfaff's can feed china's development of artificial intelligence tools as well as the creation of intelligence targeting packages you know so a seems to be the reason that now apparently after several big attacks the u.s. suspects that china wants to kind of build a picture of u.s.
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intelligence networks the people who work for them the people who are associated with them so for example with the equifax data it could be that china wants to target certain members of the public who might be vulnerable to blackmail or bribery ok it's also potentially from a huge amount of cases there what is the u.s. actually hoping to achieve with this investigation well i mean it's clear that they can't just go to china under arrest these people but the f.b.i. deputy director david bowditch said that the case was more about putting pressure on those who commit crimes against the u.s. and i think we can take a listen to a clip of him as well. some might wonder what good it does when these hackers are seemingly beyond our reach we answer this question all the time we try to we can't take them into custody try them in a court of law and lock them up. not today anyway but one day these criminals will slip up and when they do will be there so it's clear he's just calling out china
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for its crimes i quite publicly that seems to be the real point really but let's look at the broader picture here this comes at a really offensive time for us chinese trade to tie in the recently seen the signing of a phase one trade deal phase 2 it up coming up is said to contain all the me see if stuff is there any trust left at all between the 2 countries well i mean this seems to be a lot of cognitive dissonance that's the big problem but david bowditch we saw just that he himself said that just because of this case doesn't mean that we have to stop doing business in china or hosting chinese businesses in the u.s. yet this is one of several chinese cyber attacks against the u.s. including on the cia a health insurer and a hotel company and all trying to build up a picture of u.s. intelligence operations but it seems the u.s. is able to separate these things out and continue to do business as usual with trying to defend and indeed anyone to thank so much for your insights. businesses in some parts of china have reopened as the period of self-imposed closures juta
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the coronavirus comes to an end the move means that awful supply chain could soon open up again it's supplier foxconn says they will resume operations on to assembly lines meanwhile chinese president xi jinping visited workers out of hospital in beijing he says his country will strive to meet its economic targets for the year despite the impact of the virus meanwhile the world health organization says new cases outside china could be a spark that lights a bigger fire. on staying with the coronavirus the price of oil fell to under $50.00 a barrel on monday as investors worry about the impact of weakening demand from china a technical group of the opec oil producing cartel called for i put cuts over the weekend but it remains unclear whether members will follow the committee's advice the price of crude has dipped more than 20 percent so far this year. and for
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more on this i spoke to our correspondent in new york ian squat to i started by asking him about the chances of opec production. well it's open we have opec on one side and then we have the so-called opec plus group on the other that includes $23.00 nations also russia and especially russia seems to be hesitant to actually cut oil production because what we have seen in the past is when opec plus did cut oil production the u.s. did not actually the united states were pumping more and more oil when opec plus stabilized the prices and well we've seen it in the past couple of months that the united states actually became the biggest oil producer on the planet and so as i said especially russia might be hesitant to cut rates again. ok and say look we're seeing the price of a barrel of crude already under $50.00 how low do you think that this can actually
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go well it is clearly possible that we could to retest the lows that we saw at the end of 2018 so all big ben was at around $45.00 so that is the best years intermediate that trades here in new york so that would mean another drop of 10 percent is clearly possible and what we see what's happening with all right now it's not just the demand side out of china we also have less demand here in the united states by the way also for natural gas because we have an unusually mild winter and then when we come on the supply side so we have the united states pumping and pumping and pumping oil so it's that mixture that drives prices higher for quite some time for oil we already had the weakest generally for oil since 1991 and prices just continue dropping yes clinton will change thank you.
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philip the other stories making news around the world. sony have a 9 3rd joining the list of companies who won't be on mobile world congress in barcelona later this month sweden's ericsson and l.g. from south korea are also withdrawing citing fears over the coronavirus. chinese carmaker gini is planning a merger with it subsidiary volvo g.t. has helped a swedish company at arm's length since acquiring us in 2010 chairman lee hsu foods says he wants to accelerate the sharing of financial text resources between the firms to create a quote strong global group. astray and it didn't have announced a $100.00 day plan to implement their long awaited trade deal indonesian president joe cole we met a strain of prime minister scott morrison incomparable because she is over the deal began a decade ago on the agreement was finally boss applied last week it will almost eliminate all tariffs between the 2 countries. german carmaker dime learned
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plans to cut $15000.00 jobs by means of severance pay and early retirement that would be a step up from its current cost causing plans according to a newspaper reports some car models like the mercedes as coupe a will be discontinued the car maker aims to lower labor costs by $1400000000.00 euros by the end of 2022 time and c.e.o. is expected to announce the cuts on tuesday. night japan is the world's 2nd biggest per capita producer of pasta quayside after the united states the japanese government has promised action including introducing a plastic bag charge due to come into effect later this year in the meantime though impatient entrepreneurs are coming up with their own ways to talk a little. rarely a problem in tokyo with drinks available on almost every street the problem is
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pretty much all of them come served in plastic. bottles make up a big chunk of the 30 kilos of plastic waste produced by the average person here each year. that's why the my music up now exists he tells people where they can refill their used plastic or reusable bottle with water for free you can just search them out for the nearest water fountain or business that's agreed to let you fill up. unsurprisingly the offices of the company behind it are a plastic free zone. kind of messaging to people is that you can have a fun and very prosperous life if you just shift your basic consumer behavior in a positive direction one of the businesses signed up is stock home roasting central tokyo the baristas here will refill your water bottle for free whether you're buying a coffee or not the cafe is hoping to contribute to a change in japanese drinking habits. their idols go i think japan has
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a cultural problem and i think big companies need to push for a change here all but of course if we start making changes on a personal level it will also have an impact that it will cause the storm and it's only through the cooperation of cafes and restaurants and wider water fountain use japan could begin to kick it plastic habit one bottle at a time. and outfit for me and the business team here in berlin you can get more on our website f.t.w. dot com the flash business for also on 1st on the idea for me and the entire team it could take.
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direct them to close up. topics that the world. from society and politics to the environment. of the current affairs documentary. close up. next fall. the. a 4 week research project to
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climate protection students from 20 countries involved in a scientific expedition to teach as opposed. to trying to devise the same time to look at sea surface temperature or the project will help them to spread in our mental awareness about how. i really wanted to share that there's a lot that we can do. in 60 minutes on g.w. . have fun in pyongyang. the capital city of north korea is reinventing itself. but only a few can enjoy the benefits for those from the regime alone. kim jong un has introduced any serious reward system to course allegiance to the regime.
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those who don't make it into the fun metropolis are often feel toggery. have fun in pyongyang starts february 28th on w. . by rights this shouldn't really exist with its 124 islands and countless bridges and kells this city in northern israeli was built in the middle of the march. it's proof of human or dayshift snice and our ability to march to nature. show but there are many beautiful cities in the world but venice is in a class of its own operative in asia.


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