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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  February 11, 2020 11:45am-12:01pm CET

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it's all are having its biggest year ever. and in our series 100 german must reads the architects by stephane hi i'm is a novel of political intrigue and betrayal that illuminates the early years of communist east germany. and without welcome to the show well it only took 92 years but the academy of motion picture arts and sciences finally looked beyond its own backyard on a grander scale and despite falling back into old ruts of oscars so white and oscars so male it granted a few historic moments for both the oscars and for south koreans and they are scored goes to paris i was the 1st ever moon english language movie to win best picture. since. south korean director bond junho who's done costs
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about the gap between the rich and poor in modern day so who's the big winner of the night. and a total of 4 awards including best director of football. who paid tribute to one of cinema's all time great directors and fellow nominees. are normal comes on the. thank you so much when i was young and studying cinema there was a saying that i carved deep into my heart which is the most personal is the most creative that quote to us from our great martin scorsese so i. thank you i will drink until next morning thank you i. never know sin the other big categories but the awards went to the hotly tipped favorites
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. and the comeback for ren is that she took the best actress award for her portrayal of to take on and in the film judy. take anything for depression for that is if. i. did you walk in phoenix winning best actor for his mesmerizing performance as the joker in the dark origin story of one of the world's best known comic book villains is a joke to you. supporting actor awards went to laura dern for her role as a divorce lawyer and marriage story thank you if this is a man brad pitt won his 1st acting oscar for his supporting role as a laidback stunt man in question tarrant tino's once upon a time in hollywood. beach that was my take as well joining me now in the studio is adrian kennedy from our culture desk and i'm
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quite relieved adrian that almost seems like they could call that a bit of a happy ending for this oscar season but yes i think you're right. as you saw a very popular decision to give the big prize to a foreign language film for the 1st time ever to hose parasite is a very deserving winner. busting film comparisons to turn chino and even to hitchcock and. cossar strong roles for both actors and actresses and a film that touched a cold world wide dealing with the divide between rich and poor an absolutely amazing story idea would it be too much to hope could this be something of a turning point for the authors where you have to. see change i have to say that most of the best films i saw last year were not made in hollywood. junho has said himself that if you can overcome the subtitles barrier you will see some amazing films so i hope this right doesn't mean that hollywood is opening up to world
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cinema and i hope these films also serve to shake things up a bit so that hollywood starts making more films that take bigger risks and tell more diverse stories there's a point keyword diverse that would certainly be a move in the right direction because let's face it going into oscars night this looked like it was not doing very well in the diversity front that's what cynthia was the only person of color who was nominated in the axing categories and there was not a single female nominated for best director and now actress ashley portman drew attention to this deficit on the red carpet. no full way where a cape into which the names of female directors were employed. one of my favorites french director sitting was one of them she directed portrait of a lady on fire like lulu wang on there and.
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of course the biggest high profile mission. get a nomination for a fantastic highly praised adaptation of the novel little women which of course is amazing because you and i thought that that was not only one of the best but one certainly one of the most enjoyable movies of the entire season absolutely i laughed i cry and i went out of the cinema. i'm willing to do my parts in dismantling the pantry ok i mean what more could you want really. for it was very disappointing to see it walk off with just one award and that for best cost of course just because big disappointment yeah ok definitely for me as well now back on the positive side best original score did go to a female composer and only for the 4th time if i'm if i'm not mistaken that's why and i think we have a clip here. this is the board to. talk
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to no one for the joke school and she had a special. message to the girls to the women to the mothers to the daughters who hear the music bubbling within please speak up we need to hear your voices. to be said exciting because she will she's based in berlin and will be looking forward to greeting her here in the studio in the weeks coming in the future thanks very much adrian for bringing us the background on a historic oscar night thank you. stefan haim who was with an author who as a jew left germany in the early thirty's for the u.s. where he became an american citizen but as a committed socialist he returned to his native eastern germany at the time under communist rule believing it to be the better system while his novel the architect's
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resonates with 1st hand experience of what amounted to be a great dissolution. the trail even you've experienced it at some point your best friend blurted out your biggest secret your partner cheated on you or your hairdresser suddenly decided to get creative well you can dry your tears now because all that stuff was peanuts. in. the architect's buy stuff on high is about a man named arnold who betrays his friends his family and his ideals arnold is an architect and a communist like many german communists after world war 2 he comes back from exile in the soviet union to help build east germany his job is to design and imposing new boulevard called world peace road it's a thinly veiled reference to this very real street in former east berlin today it's
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called karl marx back then it was named after soviet dictator joseph stalin stalin looms large in the story arnold's young wife yulia lost both her parents in exile when they were denounced and murdered under the stall and regime. but after stalin guys things start to change especially for you leo she realizes that arnold is responsible for her parents' death and that arnold's showcase architecture is a betrayal to the east german people whose basic needs are barely met look at our part of the world at the houses we build and the goods we make the lectures we see here and the novels we write shoddy false and satisfactory. it's like a blight that has come over us it's a way of running things that has nothing to do with socialism or democracy or even the dictatorship of the proletariat it produces people whose line is crooked from
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constantly looking back over their shoulders and whose mind is it from saying one thing and thinking another. jewish authors spent cannot say years in exile in the united states he actually wrote the architect in english after he came back to germany to the new communist east but at that time his critical views of the regime were not publishable it took almost half a century for this brave book to come out. well it is still winter and despite the tarantula rains drenching much of europe some places do know how to do it right like the dutch town of and their annual ice sculpture festival is the biggest of its kind in europe an artists from come from all over the globe to create intricate works out of ice and snow and despite the
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chilly conditions visitors do come flocking. from dinosaurs to cleopatra. to the vikings. and the industrial revolution. festival in the town of visitors travel through time. people from the festival from all over to marvel at the statues which are made of around $550.00 tons of snow and ice. against the cold they take photos of the sculptures and enjoy the magical atmosphere. it's amazing it's a big goal because. it's ok. i'm here for the 1st time on through. picture. some 40 ice carvers from all over the world descended on smaller they spent 2 weeks carving the sculptures out of ice and snow has spent more of its from
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germany is working on a statue of shaka zulu one of the most influential zulu monarchs. striving for artistic perfection is not the only challenge the converse face the temperature inside the hole is about minus 10 degrees celsius so it's hard to stay warm. the blocks of ice are up to 2 metres tall and it's a tough job to sculpt them using sharp chisels and chainsaws. it's hard to go work at the end of the day everybody if you have the older the arm. the chain and the 3rd lot of danger a good weapon. or micro drive your driver injured you've broken down. most of the covers are professional artists they travel the world to sculpt ice and snow but they also work as traditional stone sculptures graffiti artists. once the carvers hard work is completed visitors can enjoy the giant works of art complemented by
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colorful lights and atmospheric music from. this year's theme a journey through time allows visitors to see important historical figures and witness paper doll moments in history are close. and you can journey through time at the ice festival in smaller until march 1st well more on the website as always and not brings us to the end of the show so until next time all of us for months in berlin and. kick off. a devastating set. slip to go against your belief. frenzy of illegal teams battling it out for the lead in a little closer enjoyed
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a spectacular victory against dog. direct and close up. topics that move the world. from society and politics to the environment. of the current affairs documentary. close up. 90 minutes on d w. they were forced into a nameless mass. their bodies near tools in.
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the history of the slave trade is africa's history. it describes how the greeks for power in traffic plummeted and entire continent into chaos and violence. the slave system created the greatest planned accumulation of wealth the world had ever seen up to that moment in time this is the journey back into the history of slavery . i think we will truly be making progress when we all accept the history of slavery as all of our history. our documentary series slavery routs starts march 9th on d w. the
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bad. publicity. and uncertain political future here in germany as plans for the party going to iraq after. a day off to. step down as party leader the governing body scrambling to deal with the fallout what does decision mean for
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the government and the nation's future also coming up the chief of the ones you're going to. pose as a very grave threat.


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