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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 11, 2020 2:30pm-2:45pm CET

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into the history of slavery. i think we will truly be making progress when we all accept the history of slavery as all of our history. our documentary series slavery routes starts march on d w. this is. the vital epidemic generating distrust of a government minister. of democracy. is fueling greater discontent amongst city residents. stuck between persecution. we look at. risk their lives to escape. and. takes the fight is.
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welcome to. it's good to have you with us today we focus on hong kong as we continue with our coverage of the spread of the by. the chinese territory has so far more than 40 cases but for the population of 8000000 backed together in dense residential housing fears are growing that the number of infections will rise . 100 residents. for the. fear of a repeat of the epidemic of 2003 but hong kong's death toll was nearly the same. as
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on the chinese mainland. the territories leader. has austin novus public to come together to fight the virus but let me just make this clear again in order to fight this virus hong kong needs the full cooperation and active participation of every member of society this is a time for social cohesion this is a time for every one of us to display civic responsibility that call for responsibility going out not just to a novice public but also a divided one for months the city had been tearing itself apart over a week the pro-democracy protests but the government's alleged inept handling of the coronavirus crisis has added another layer of distrust to an already frayed relationship with the public. some pill has more. the face mask an emblem of hong kong's lurch from one crisis to another was an icon
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of the pro-democracy demonstrations now it offers protection against a new coronavirus with the street protests now largely at an end hong kong's focus has shifted. where images of violent street battles once covered these walls now it's the battle against the virus that dominates with one common thread underpinning boasts distrust of the government and its chief executive carrie lamb the priest is on the wall it may have changed it taking a look around it is clear that the anger which fueled a lot of the protests can't be papered over quite as easily. as the death toll in china mounts many of slammed hong kong for keeping its borders open. for this to be a shortage of face mosques and towns on the ties that have sparked panic buying and fear. one prominent voice than amongst the anger is hong kong's vast community of pro-democracy activists. during the protests campaign is simon loud common qualm
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use the space to make props for the demonstrations. when the virus hits they swapped helmets by hand sanitizer using the network to source the donations and ingredients filling in they say where authorities have failed. proof that while they may have pushed tools on the protests the movement is just as focused as ever i'm very confident. because this government will upset all people not just a political belief but also all people in the community and all of their supporters of this couple should but now you can see it quiet. but there are very angry with simon in common altruism hands with police departments is that they believe that as the virus spreads so it will enter government sense means and it's not they hope to harness to push for democratic change off guard that was the problem but
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there's a strong movement why i have every confidence it's because the 3 of you up the system people's understanding from all walks of life but why respect from why so all the features and inferior. the cost of the system. to activists like simon has always been clear that battle would not be $4.00 to $1.00 with street protests alone the pro-democracy campaigns proven it can adapt and it's actions like this that could become the new face of the movement is angry of the government's handling of the virus which discontent across the political spectrum. meanwhile china has sacked top officials in a province for their failure to check the spread of the corona virus much earlier on in what way province is the epicenter of the global outbreak that has so far recorded more than 43000 cases worldwide health authorities there have been lost in
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the city with disinfectant you can see the convoys of trucks moving through the city streets at night spraying it into the air. and there's an obvious of walkers spraying by hand as well. the wall of health organization has meanwhile dispatched a team of experts to china to help combat the crisis under we spoke to just spokeswoman dr margaret how it is about the organizations global response to the infections everybody is working very very hard to deal with this new virus and doing a very good job what we all need to do is to continue to do a good job and what we also need to do is to panic list so at the moment we're dealing with 2 things we're dealing with a new virus and a new virus we need to learn more about and to work together to stop but we also dealing with an info to make where people are attending to overreact a bit it's good that people who listen to the advice and pay
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a lot of attention but really listen to the right advice have excellent hand hygiene make sure that they look after their health make sure that they do all the things that will protect themselves appropriately but not panic. simple advice straightforward and you can keep track of all our coronavirus coverage that did dot com and on up towards our page. at least 14 during the refugees are dead after a boat carrying them sank in the bay of bengal they were part of a group of around 130 feet in the refugee camps of cox's bazar towards. journeys from bangladesh across the bay of bengal to countries like malaysia thailand indonesia fairly common in the period between the vent but in march when the sea is safest for the small fishing trawlers in which these journeys are made rowing the refugees attempt to make the journey to access jobs and education opportunities
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something denied to them in the sprawling refugee camps in bangladesh some $1000000.00 refugees are housed in camps such as these of these around 700000 fled from neighboring. brutal military crackdown against them in 2017 for more i'm joined by islam from asia out of little tense for joining us now you've reported from these refugee camps in bangladesh in the past what prompts the rohingya refugees to undertake these dangerous crossings in the bay of bengal. many doing it if you just believe that life is much better in malaysia than the densely populated camps in bangladesh they see that militias are developed a country with better employment and other financial opportunities i made some young growing a girls the last year in cox's by their camps they had their islamic marriage is withdrawing a man living in malaysia what the phone and waiting to find a way to go to meet their husbands and there is no legal way to travel from
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a base to any other countries for rowing it refuses what we have seen in the past few months instead of another government has been imposing more restrictions on the refuses authorities don't allow the foodies to walk in the country and had seduced mobile internet access in the camps but oil rigs and check posts have also been built around their camps this could also be a reason behind that illegal and risky border journey to malaysia but how common are these journeys. i did from capsis towards getting under commented to refute these are going on in as many are doing a living in bangladesh camps as well as local strike across the bay of bengal for knowledge shout out that this dinner shows such a journey is mostly take place during the winter season when the seas are deliberately calm and these 225000 going to live to bangladesh and myanmar on boards in 2015. highlander malaysia and indonesia what is the government of
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bahrain others trying to do to try and reduce the journeys the bang other government has increased cost to go to a stop this kid john is there have been crackdowns on human traffickers the security agencies don't alow growing it refuses to gather near the sea to prevent them from deporting for militia but as we see despite all these efforts some growing it refuses that is still despotic to flee bangladesh. slum thank you very much for that. indonesia has a trash problem the country generates more than 3000000 tonnes a year and half of it and up in rivers and the sea many cities have been in the way of public services for dealing with the mess by ling up on the coast sounds like a job for a superhero. if you said that with great power comes great responsibility
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and one man is using it to rid his hometown of an evil that could destroy the planet. his nemesis is garbage. now there are medical my name is rudy hard to know i am 36 years old and i am the spider man of power apparently my mission is to encourage and to provide an example to the society through the famous character of spider-man to protect the environment because environmental cleanliness creates healthy communities have. a hard tone or keith waste especially plastic most days before he heads to his job he puts on his suit and gets to work cleaning the sewers streets and beaches and he says the comic book character has captured the imagination but. first i picked up litter without wearing disgust and it didn't get people interested in joining in to help pick up trash or to clean the beach. after wearing this
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costume it turns out that the public's response was extraordinary. when we have it's little wonder that the sight of a lycra clad superhero on the beach has caused a stir but in the end though rudy is relying on others to come to their spider senses. demands clear as the when he can and that's the no head over to our website or what's left asia to view the show online and for other stories from the region. the ongoing efforts to contain the virus in the chinese city of. the center for research more.
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play. to the personally i do it. with all the wonderful people that make the game so special. for all truth. the gulf war the football. can inspire. people to go out for a cause sometimes to. join them as they set out to save the environment
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learn from one another and work together for a better future. talks to you all putting it. on. the coronavirus keeps rattling the global economy and disrupting virtually every major industry traffic aviation i'm shipping companies us. and also motive. supply chain. a case in point. because peace in the aviation industry is suffering from virus fears as attendance numbers drop. full for the 2nd straight year more than $10000.00
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jobs are on the chopping block it's a premium for the industry on the pressure. this is business update on global business affairs. as well the corona virus outbreak in china has rattled the global economy disrupting virtually every major industry the 1st sector to reel from the outbreak was the travel industry the world's biggest gambling has also shut down many airlines have scaled back services shipping companies are canceling calls to chinese ports entire supply chains automotive tronic industrial are starting to creak. shut down operations in south korea due to a lack of parts from china warned that production numbers could drop by 10 percent .


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