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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 11, 2020 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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this is the news live from berlin sudan's transitional government agrees to handover former president omar al bashir to the international criminal court to face charges of genocide and crimes against humanity also on the program as the coronavirus death toll tops of thousands the world health organization boards i think poses a very grave global threat we'll hear from them about the latest efforts to fast track new vaccines. and in full form a german and us national coach your conclusions one stung supported us think i'd be
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signing from here to back then after just 10 weeks in the job. i'm for welcome to the program sudan's transitional government and rebel groups in the darfur region have agreed to handover former president omar al bashir to the international criminal court the court in the hague issued warrants for his arrest more than 10 years ago he's charged with committing crimes against humanity and genocide in $1002.00 oppressions against awful rebels in 20032008 sudan's military ousted al basham last year amid mass protests against his 30 year dictatorship is lawyer says the former president has condemned the court's political and fusing to cooperate with us. d.w. a reporter even him can tell us more welcome let's start with the charges facing
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russia so this man is accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity up to the level of genocide against people in the darfur region as you mentioned the conflict started in 2003 this was started out of an interest in certain city and then developed into an all out rebellion and i want to share is accused of raising militias precisely called the gender with militias that are responsible for the killing of something between 200400000 people maiming countless others and displacing 2700000 people has also before he was the 1st sitting president to ever be indicted by the i.c.c. so these are pretty grave accusations that he is facing the country of course was in turmoil for a considerable time 30 years and now it is ruled by a transitional government so explain to us to significance of them handing him over
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to the i.c.c. so i mean it's important to just perhaps remember that the official who spoke today on behalf of the transitional government didn't name on what it would be sheer himself but said that everybody who has an arrest warrant will face this criminal court this means that the the path to hand them on but of bashir or that are going to be shipped over appearing in in the hague is quite long and remains to be seen how and if that will happen but speaking of the transitional government right this transitional government is ruled by a sovereign council that has members of the sudanese armed forces in its ranks many of whom were allies of ahmed of the shear and some of whom are widely believed to have been complicit and some of the crimes that she he's accused of committing most significantly is committing the 2nd the 2nd man in the military council who was. actually a former militia commander that was integrated into into the sudanese armed forces
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so this really puts pressure if you will on the transitional government or puts it in the spotlight and reins to be seen if also the military leaders in the transitional government will completely endorse this decision made today so looking down the road them if al bashir does eventually appear at the i.c.c. what's likely to mean for this transitional government well this will be a huge win at least for the civilian side of the government who has put the issue of transitional justice as one of its main topics this will signal a future confidence in their capabilities especially that you know this so that is a country that is plagued with internal conflict and the transitional government has made this one of its key roles its key goals to achieve internal peace they had even previously said you know this is not our job to hand him over to the i.c.c. this would be something for an elected government so this would put huge confidence in that government and would also be a vindication for the hundreds of thousands who have been hurt because of this
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man's decisions thank you for that. now take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world tens of thousands of kenyans have followed the funeral ceremonies for former president daniel boy who died last week at age 95 the government declared a national holiday president boys will be buried on wednesday that is home in kenya as the core of district. scores of people have been injured in clashes between security forces and protesters in the lebanese capital beirut violence broke out when protesters tried to block lawmakers from reaching the parliament buildings opposition groups want to stop them from holding a confidence vote on the country's new congress. at least 6 people have been killed in a suicide bombing in the afghan capital kabul the blast at the entrance to a military academy and is a recent low in violence as the rest. pursues talks with the taliban to finalize a cease fire deal. and the world health organization says it has officially named
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the type of coronavirus responsible for the current outbreak kobe had 19 the agency says that to avoid stigma of an ancient not be used there are no vices drugs or vaccines to fight it but leading scientists to meeting in geneva agree that it could take 18 months to develop a vaccine for a virus which is so far claimed more than a 1000 lives a further 43000 people have been infected. dr margaret harvesters speaks for the world health organization and joins us from geneva welcome to detail dr harrison so how would these do these does this discussion is going to work do people turn up with a sort of list of likely drugs and then work through cost benefit time calculations . good evening and thanks for having me on your program know how it works is at the moment all the research is said looking at what's out there what
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what if we're talking for instance about their what their picks have been used in other outbreaks similar outbreaks use with viruses have some sort of track record with viruses and how you then use them ethically make sure that you can do the research but do it if they play something we were able to do during the current the polar outbreak in the democratic republic of congo and which in fact yielded to risk information. showed us that with their work there are projects that work so right now the question is what's out there how can we research it how can we research is as rapidly as possible to get some results which tell us that this thing works what doesn't work most of the corona virus cases and deaths have been side china but now we see them occurring outside the country where do you expect the next major outbreak to be. that anybody's game is obviously
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we've seen some spread to a whole many different countries but the important thing is that 99 percent of cases are in china so we have a moment a moment right now where start about where is it going to be is but how we all going to stop it so right now is the time for us all to really work together to think about what we need to do to stop it and to do those things so is that moment likely to last 18 months. no and so why in that time the world what do we do. so with brics with viruses with many different infectious diseases we have often not had effects but we have been able to stop it so there are public health measures you take now number one is excellent hygiene and that's something everyone every one of us can do and i don't mean just number one is hand hygiene ensuring that your hands are washed regularly you never touch your face with
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a dirty hand at hand that's touched the surface anywhere else but also ensure that the surfaces the environment you live in is pristine those are 2 things we can all do and make it we should be doing right now and those that think long before we had scenes of therapeutics stopped viruses like you said that it's anywhere is anyone's guess as to where this break will spread to what is the data tell you about where it's heading. so we've seen some cases in a number of different countries as you know but we haven't seen large breaks so we are seeing more in some asian countries but those asian countries taking their e strong measures so that's again why we're saying this is a moment where you take strong measures the population works hot except that we must be ultra careful about our own hygiene taking care claiming also says that that's how we will stop it from going from a few cases to
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a large outbreak thank you for joining us dr margaret harris from the world health organization. in football you're going klansmen has stunned germany's bundesliga by resigning as coach of had a bad day and after just 10 weeks in the job the former germany and united states current twins are significant to portman for hatter who have new big money backers and were hoping to turn the side into blunders league title challengers but they're one of only one of their last 5 league games to confirm the news and after klinsmann protests his resignation on facebook. i don't expect from d.w. sports can tell us what young young players but of course a big name in football this is a bad look for. lofty ambitions it's very bad to be honest it's pretty embarrassing for the club has had no idea that this was coming klinsmann blindsided them by
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announcing this on facebook without consulting them it seems and opposes big questions about the club's management and also structures in place klinsmann was 1st brought to the club back in november to sit on the club's advisory board and that was reportedly at the request of the club's biggest investor and then 2 weeks later he was brought in to coach the team when there was found themselves in a bad position and so now they spend some time with him for which players you want to spend 80000000 euros on players that. he wanted to bring in and now 10 weeks later he's just left them jump ship without any notice and it's a bit of a circus to be honest ok so what is each side saying so klinsmann himself was quite pointed in a little bit of criticism of towards the club he said that he needed the trust of all people involved and that unity team spirit and a focus on the basics one guaranteed at the club which meant that he wasn't able to fulfil his potential as a coach now that sounds as a criticism which you can take it as one but it also sounds as if he's passing the buck a little bit i think he's found himself
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a bit out of depth at the club he's not a world class coach he was sacked by almost a decade ago he was sacked by the us national same and even his time at the german national team in 2006 most people required regard as you love being the brains behind that. pets of the day or to look to their credit they couldn't really do much they didn't know this was coming so all they have said is was shocked by this or sad to see him go and will release another statement you know when we have time to take stock ok so where does this leave hester in a pretty pretty tough position to be honest 1st there's the question of what do they do with your going klinsmann he said in his statement that he expects now to go back to sitting on the advisory board that sounds a bit farfetched to me given the way he is resorts right now. they're in a lot of trouble on the field. in a relegation battle they're only 6 points off the bottom 3 spots they've just lost of mind next up they have what is it possible on cologne all clubs in the relegation you know battle as well so if they don't pick up
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a couple of wins in those games they're looking at a disastrous relegation this is a club that has began missions they want to be in the top 4 playing champions league they want to eventually challenge for the bundesliga title but there has to be a bit of a reality check for them that they are not ready and they need better structures in place if they are going to challenge or to reach those lofty ambitions never a dull moment. thank you. and one man's trash is another man's treasure or perhaps another man's os as an artist in london transforming discarded chewing gum through the city streets into a miniature works. a stone's throw away from st paul's cathedral in london is the millennium bridge over the river thames this part of the british capital is no stranger to world famous galleries but practically on their doorsteps there's an unlikely artist in residence. but in the studio i am indeed
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ben wilson has been turning chewing gum into art for the last 15 years not just in london but all over europe the perth as a person tried to retrieve all damaged transforming the rubbish and make it into a form. of resort for it's. trying to transform it into something positive he takes his time sculpting and reshaping the scraps of gum that have been aware to the steel bridge creating something of his own samy pearman an exhibition. seeks to create something which evolves from the environment rather than being imposed on the. locals and tourists alike are always interested in his latest creation an artist who by turning trash into art encourages people to consider where they throw their waste and look at little closer at the unexpected beauties around them. is one of our top story transitional government
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has agreed to hand over former president obama to the international criminal court is wanted on charges of crimes against humanity and genocide. of. this year's africa i'll be back at the top of the. we speak different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom. global news that matters w made 4 minds. to the girl next you chad.


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