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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 11, 2020 8:00pm-8:31pm CET

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this is d.w. news law from a berlin to mind at the united nations an angry rejection of donald trump's middle east peace plan by the palestinians palestinian president mahmoud abbas tells the un that the proposals would be a gift to israel for his people he says are being offered a fragmented state like swiss cheese also coming up on the way to face charges of
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genocide in crimes against humanity sudan's transitional government agrees to hand over former president omar al bashir to the international criminal court and a holes in the protests hong kong's pro-democracy protesters suspend their demonstrations to help combat the spread of the coronavirus of the campaign for greater independence from mainland china is far from old. i'm boring golf it's good to have you with us the palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas today reaffirming what the world already knew rejecting the peace plan that was offered by the u.s. saying it will not be accepted by the palestinian people speaking today at the u.n. security council. abbas has said the deal would strengthen what he calls israel's
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apartheid regime and reward israeli occupation rather than holding it accountable for crimes committed against the palestinians here's mahmoud abbas speaking at the u.n. earlier today. even on this plan will not bring peace or stability to the region when he hasn't been an ad then and therefore we will not accept his plan we will confront its application on the ground. this is the summary of the project that was presented to us. and this is the state that they will give us yes it's like swiss cheese. really who among you will accept a similar state and similar conditions. critics
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of the deal say that it would grants israel several of its long held wishes some of which could violate international law. the occupied west bank transplant could lead to the defacto onix they should have parts of the territory which was captured by israel in 1967 an extension of territory was condemned after world war 2 by the united nations charter critics want trumps proposal could violate principles of international law if it's implemented so 1st obviously we should take this very seriously this is not a peace plan this was a plan for perpetuating the oppression and dispossession of palestinians not giving them statehood nor rights but the permanent state of apartheid if you me important thing to know is defacto annexation has already occurred so when we're talking about annexation especially with regards to the trump land we're talking about did your annexation as are already controls all of the land from the river the jordan
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river to imaginary and see others argue that the plan calls for negotiations not unilateral actions if one looks carefully at the greenman at the proposal of the milking of those although not proposing that is will act unilaterally. nor are they demanding the palaces except to the such they say this is our proposal you parties sit and negotiate it now is will there under this plan israel would have certain parts of the west bank but in what needs to be negotiated israeli prime minister benyamin netanyahu had promised. sovereignty over the west bank settlements on the jordan valley the us however seems to be pushing for that to happen only after the israeli elections on march the 2nd a joint u.s. israeli committee has started working out the details of the map if the international community is still interested in being a fundamental governing regime for universal value it needs to consider what's
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happening in palestine very seriously indeed what happens to the palestinians here can easily happen elsewhere and i think it proves a case in point and we already see moves elsewhere in the world if israel proceeds with such a defacto an exaggeration it's unclear how the rest of the international community will react. and for more i'm joined by the he's in washington d.c. and he is with the project on middle east democracy and he focuses on u.s. policy says it's good to see you again you know we knew from the start the palestinians would not support this plan but why is the u.s. proposing a plan that aside from israel really doesn't enjoy any type of regional or international support. i think the way i would sort of assess it is you know in many ways this helps the trump base here
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politically domestically and as well in. as you said the plan is rejected pretty widely within the international community you know the arab league the african union and on and on these these countries all dismissed this these organizations all dismiss this so it seems to really hearken back to to what's going on here in the u.s. and what's going on to mystically in israel how much pressure is the united states applause to you know increase the ability of the plane. i think you saw a little bit of that there was talk that you know at the u.n. there would be a resolution introduced in the security council that did not happen and there was. pressure put on the tunisians the embassador there resigned there's
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conflicting stories about what happened there but it does seem that you know this non introduction of this resolution that the palestinians were supporting that indonesia supported it's clear pressure being put on by the u.s. i know there was before the verdict was handed down in detroit beach mage while the trump had been convicted and removed from office this plan would have immediately been you know trashed but that is not the kids now and is looking to be reelected and when you look at them what are the chances then of the u.s. revamping the planned changing. yeah that's that's hard to say i'm not sure i have a really good answer there obviously the u.s. has elections in november we will see there's a lot still to be determined and what goes forward from here in terms of what this
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plan looks like and how the different parties engage it is really unclear you know you saw today at the u.n. abbas did call for negotiations he called for peace he dismissed he rejected violence. other states during the assembly. also called for a negotiation what that looks like a sort of international body to sort of put that together is sort of to be determined but how what role the u.s. plays and how this you know domestic election plays in that is is unclear and insists what about the palestinians i mean we have rejected this. what kind of records do they have their disposal yeah i think you've seen protests throughout the west bank palestinians have have spoken up showing their rejection and i think abbas going to the u.n.
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is a clear indicator of that. you know at one time in the goetia shins united seen the u.s. be an important mediator the u.s. has a lot of leverage over israel but i think this plan has shown that. the u.s. is unwilling to use that leverage it has over israel and so abbas is sort of using what he has left he's going to the international community and he's asking for help . through news tonight with the project on middle east democracy from washington so there's always we appreciate your insights thank you thank you. and here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the democratic presidential hopefuls in the united states face a crucial test in the state of new hampshire which is holding the 1st primary of america's presidential election year senator bernie sanders and former mayor pete boogy are seen as front runners be dinging narrowly defeated sanders in last week's
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iowa caucuses at least 6 people have been killed in a suicide bombing in the afghan capital kabul the explosion at the entrance to a military academy in a recent law all in violence as the u.s. pursues talks with the taliban to finalize a cease fire deal lebanon's new cabinet under prime minister hasan the op has won a vote of confidence in parliament move also endorsed plan to end the country's financial crisis outside the parliament security forces clashed with anti-government protesters who were trying to prevent today's vote. sudan's transitional government and rebel troops in the darfur region have agreed to hand over former president or al bashir to the international criminal court the court in the hague issued warrants for his arrest more than 10 years ago he's charged with committing crimes against humanity and genocide and related to operations against rebels between the years 2003 and 2008 sudan's military ousted
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al bashir last year amid mass protests against his 30 year dictatorship alba shares lawyer says that the former president has denounced the court as quote political and is refusing to have any dealings with it a sudanese government negotiator announced the agreement with rebel groups in darfur to hand over those wanted by the i.c.c. today let's listen to what he had to say at the. we have agreed upon 4 primary mechanisms to achieve justice and darkroom work. we have agreed on the appearance of those who face arrest warrants before the international criminal court i'm saying this clearly we cannot achieve justice and must be healed the wound using justice itself we can't run away at all from facing those who have committed crimes against humanity and war crimes committed against innocent people
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in darfur and in other places. are doing to be with me now is my call the uber he it's good to see you again this sounds like it's incredibly important why is it so significant i mean one shouldn't downplay the historical moment this is this is if it actually does end up happening the negotiator did not name on it bashir by name he just said that the government would be prepared to present the sudanese officials that have warrants on them he didn't name him by name and even if he did this would be a long path sudan has not ratified their own statute of the i.c.c. i would 1st need to do that for. that so that they would be a legal framework for ahmed rashid to actually appear in the hague and on top of that you know just to give some background to our viewers the sudan has been governed by a transitional government that is made up of military and civilian rulers since august of last year this power sharing agreement was a result of months of intense political upheaval and violence yes indeed i was
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there in april for for g.w. and it's unclear if everybody on this transitional government is actually on board with this move they haven't all given statements yet and there have been actions in the past where the civilian leaders and the military leaders in the transitional government have not seen eye to eye or appear to have not been on the same page this is especially that a lot of the at least some of the military leaders in this transitional government are former allies of i'm going to share they might not be wanted by the i.c.c. per se but. there are certainly very strong accusations against them that they are indeed complicit in these crimes that he's accused of speaking of accusations let's talk a little bit about the charges that are being pledged against omar al bashir i mean you know this man this is a man who has 2 arrest warrants issued by the i.c.c. on his own his his name he you know this this goes back to an insurgency that broke
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out in 2003 when ethnic tribes you know claim that they were oppressed by the government and started an insurgency and the government just went ahead and crackdown on them in the most brutal ways you know a carpet bombing scorched earth policy is almost 400000 people killed hundreds of thousands but 2700000 people displaced and to this day i mean i was in daraa 4 in 2017 and even and 13 years later that region has not recovered you still have people that have been displayed for decades and you know even if this is a symbolic move at this point it's still such a vindication for the victims who for decades told me they felt voiceless and that nobody was hearing their concerns and it's important that the you know that their suffering be acknowledged by the world if we do see obvious you're at the international criminal court in the hague what would what would that mean for this current transitional government well it would definitely definitely fignon there right i mean you know this is i mean sudan is
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a country that is you know full of internal conflict and this transitional government has put as a top priority to reconcile these internal conflicts in an effort to get this country back on its feet whether it's to be accepted in the international scene but also to get its economy started again and if they're able to secure this and it seems that the rebels in daraa for this was not a point for negotiation the handing over of ahmed bashir and if they managed to secure this without ruffling feathers feathers within the military establishment then that is certainly a huge accomplishment but you have to wait and see whether that actually doesn't that's right you bring him as always we appreciate it thanks for putting this into context force. well the world health organization has named to the corona virus responsible for the current outbreak coded 19 the agency says no other names should be used to describe it they are new license drugs or vaccines to fight the virus in a leading scientist meeting today in geneva agreed that it could take up to 18
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months to develop a vaccine the virus has so far claimed more than a 1000 lives 43000 people have been infected. and the chinese territory of hong kong has more than 40 confirmed cases pro-democracy protesters they've agreed to suspend their demonstrations to help curb the spread of the. the faith mouth and emblem of hong kong fletch from one crisis to another once an icon of the pro-democracy demonstrations now it offers protection against a new coronavirus with the street protests no knowledge me at an end hong kong's focus has shifted. when images of violent street battles once covered these walls now it's the battle against the virus that dominates with one common thread underpinning by distrust of the government and its chief executive carrie lamb the priest is on the wall it may have changed her taking
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a look around it is clear that the anger which fueled lots of protests can't be papered over quite as easily. as the death toll in china mounts many of slammed hong kong for keeping its borders open. for the submission to just face masks and 10 sanitise it has sparked panic buying and fear. one prominent voice in amongst the anger is hong kong's vast community of pro-democracy activists. during the protests campaign is simon loud common quang use the space to make props for the demonstrations. when the virus hits they swapped helmets by hand sanitizer using the network to source the donations and ingredients filling in they say where authorities have failed it's. proof that while they may have pushed pills on the protests the movement is just as focused as ever. because this government will upset all people. not just
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a political belief but also all people in the community normally have the support of this couple but now you can see they're quiet. but they're very angry at the simon in common altruism and hand with political pragmatism they believe that as the virus spreads into government sentiments and that they hope to harness to push for democratic change off out of bodies but. there's a strong movement why i've every confidence it's because the radio or the system people's understanding from all walks of life but why respect why so few years. and. the cost of the system. to activists like simon is always been clear that battle would not be $4.00 to $1.00 with street protests alone the pro-democracy campaigns proven it can adapt and its actions like this that could become the new face of the movement is angry of the government's
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handling of the virus which discontents across the political spectrum. 30 years ago today south africa's apartheid government released nelson mandela from prison. now these are the images of infamous images captured during that walk of freedom mandela and his wife winnie with their fists raised as they moved through jubilant crowds and the other was in prison for 27 years he was 71 years old when he was freed and he kept his commitments his promise to help end apartheid an established majority rule he went on to become south africa's 1st democratically elected president. apartheid ended with the 1st free elections in south africa 4 years after mandela was released but that was just the beginning reversing decades of racist policies the legacy of those policies it
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remains up to this day this report tonight comes to us from the district 6 area of cape town. an emotional stroll down memory lane. as a child to see morris used to play in the streets but on the 11th of february 966 the apartheid regime declared his multi-racial neighborhood in cape town a whites only area 50000 people were forcefully evicted 300 meters from here was our house and i can still see the day when the group. of people came to my grandfather and told him that he had to move. thousands of families were up rooted and scattered in the outlying townships of cape town after apartheid ended in 1904. redistribution.
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know that acquired manpower nor the infrastructure and most of all though there was money. but only a few families were taken back to district 6 shahid a child is the community spokesman he feels the government simply wasn't up to the task they didn't have the necessity skills and in 2018 legal representatives for some of the families led by shah he took the government to court and won the court ordered the government to build 950 homes and relocate the families by 2024. because he never thought he would be able to go home to district 6 and despite the law not ruling not everything is resolved. the trauma. is there it happened already. gone the fixed even though we're moving back to the state 6 the trauma will never will never leave you who still believe that because he was part of a neuron is more optimistic for the future. i think before. moving
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close home ok ok. cool for more family. apartheid has left scars all over south africa most visibly in the on equal distribution of land if done right the decision to finally allow district 6 residents to return home could be a step to healing past injustices. are sports news in football you're going klinsmann has stunned germany's bullis legal by resigning as coach of head to berlin just 10 weeks into the job the former germany and united states coach was a significant appointment for him to have new big money backers and were hoping to turn the team into league title challengers but they've won only one of their last 5 league games. and. now they're out of
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that coach this year from v.w. sports it's good to see you again so let's talk about what does this mean klinsmann calling it quits what does it mean for berlin had to end for their goals they had lofty goals big big ambitions it's frankly pretty embarrassing for the club klinsmann sickly blindsided management they had no idea this was coming and he just posted something on facebook saying goodbye to the fans it was pretty abrupt and it poses questions about klinsmann but also big questions about management and the structures they have in place at the club well what you know what are both sides saying and so there was no warning that he was going to resign no it appears not hats came out with a statement saying that i was shocked the decision and i didn't have much time to say anything else as i said blindsided by it and all they said was we're disappointed we've you know put in charge the system now is as the coach and they took the training session behind closed doors klinsmann himself on his facebook
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post. sent out a pretty big criticism of the club and we'll bring it up soon here but he basically said that he required the trust of all the old people at hatta and that things like unity team spirit and a focus on the essentials was not guaranteed at the club which therefore meant that he was not able to live up to expectations his own expectations as a coach for me that's pos in the bucket i think. it's more likely that he perhaps found himself a little out of depth he was never really will class coach he was sacked by the u.s. national team he was also struck by buying when he was there and his time in germany it's widely accepted that you love was actually the brains behind that operation so it was this a case of newer style and less substance i mean he's a big name and i think that was part of the reason they brought him in style i'm not so sure as i said his coaching. pedigree was never great but i think you know
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had to needed someone they were in trouble and i put that they would try him out but it's turned into a disaster now they're in big trouble they're only 6 points off the relegation zone they lost to minds a relegation candidate and next on the next up they have had a ball in cologne until settles a relegation cana so it's a big few weeks for the club yeah definitely not good news for the don't expect from the forwards young thank you. this is d.w. news and these are our top stories palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas has told the u.n. security council that palestinians will not accept a new american peace plan abbas said the proposal would reward israel's occupation of the west bank and subject any palestinian state to apartheid conditions. it's being reported that sudan's transitional governments and rebel groups have agreed to hand over former president omar al bashir to the international criminal court in the hague the i.c.c.
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wants him to stand trial on charges of crimes against humanity and charges genocide . the world health organization has renamed the chinese coronavirus covidien 19 and warned that it poses a grave global threat the organization called for faster research into drugs and vaccines 19 is now blamed for more than $1000.00 deaths. and former germany and united states coach gergen klinsmann has stunned the bundesliga by resigning as coach of heir to berlin after just 10 weeks on the job. this is g.w. dues from berlin for more you can follow us on twitter at g.w. news you can visit our web sites at d w dot com. you're watching t.w. news on next take off a review of one of those leaders match day $21.00 i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day to see that.
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