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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 12, 2020 12:00am-12:16am CET

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our documentary series slavery routes starts march 9th on d w. this is live from berlin at the united nations palestinians deliver angry rejection of donald trump's middle east peace plan listing them president mahmoud abbas tells the un the proposals would be a gift to israel the palestinians he says all being offered a fragmented swiss cheese of a state also coming up. democratic presidential hopefuls in the united states face
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their next test in the new hampshire primary conformal may have people to keep up the momentum after a surprise victory in iowa. and possibly on the way to face charges of genocide and crimes against humanity sudan's transitional government agrees to handover former president omar al bashir to the international criminal court. i'm told me a lot well welcome to the program. palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas has reaffirmed his rejection of the peace plan offered by the u.s. saying it would not be accepted by the palestinian people speaking at the u.n. security council president abbas said the deal would strengthen what he calls israel's apartheid regime and reward israeli occupation rather than holding it
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accountable for crimes committed against palestinians. now here's mahmoud abbas speaking at the u.n. . this plan will not bring peace or stability to the region when he has. and therefore we will not accept this plan. we will confront its application on the ground. this is the summary of the project that was presented to us. this is the state that they will give us. its like swiss cheese. really who among you will accept a similar state and similar conditions. critics of the deal say it would grant israel several of its long held wishes some of which could violate international law. the occupied west bank transplant could
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lead to the defacto onix nation of parts of the territory which was captured by israel in 1967 an extension of territory was condemned after world war 2 by the united nations charter critics want trumps proposal could violate principles of international law if it's implemented so 1st obviously we should take this very seriously this is not a peace plan this was a plan for perpetuating the oppression and dispossession of the palestinians not giving them statehood nor rights but the permanent state of apartheid if you me important thing to know is defacto annexation has already occurred so when we're talking about annexation especially with regards to the trump land we're talking about did your annexation as are already controls all of the land from the river the jordan river to the mediterranean sea others argue that the plan calls for negotiations not unilateral actions if one looks carefully at the greenman the
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proposal melcombe those although not proposing that israel act unilaterally. nor are they demanding the palestinians except for the such they say this is our proposal you parties sit and negotiate it now is will there under this plan israel would have certain parts of the west bank but in what needs to be negotiated israeli prime minister benyamin netanyahu had promised to swiftly assert sovereignty over the west bank settlements on the jordan valley the u.s. however seems to be pushing for that to happen only after the israeli elections on march the 2nd a joint us israeli committee has started working out the details of the map if the international community is still interested in international law being a fundamental governing regime for universal values needs to consider what's happening in palestine very seriously indeed what happens to the palestinians here can easily happen elsewhere and i think it proves a case in point and we already see moves elsewhere in the world if israel proceeds
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with such a defacto an exaggeration it's unclear how the rest of the international community will react. earlier we spoke with international law professor michael link and sought his views on whether international law would be upheld in the context of this peace plan but there is probably no conflict in the modern world as the israeli palestinian conflict where on the one hand you have a more international law created over the last 75 years with respect to the various important conflict points between israelis and palestinians yet it's rare to find a conflict in the world where there's been such little application of a long held international standards dealing with the with law you know the term plan changes everything and in changes nothing if it was accepted it would obviously end the conflict but also confirm i think the gross inequality on the
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ground so what the world has to do i think is stick by its declarations me through hundreds of un resolutions at the security council the general assembly on the human rights council on an exemption on settlements on occupation and say you know this is a bright red line which the international community will not accept a change over let's not take a quick look at some other stories making news around the world. at least 6 people have been killed in a suicide bombing in the afghan capital kabul the explosion at the entrance to a military academy and in recent lull in violence of the u.s. as used talks with the taliban to finalize a cease fire deal. lebanon's new cabinet under prime minister has and the app has won a vote of confidence in palm and the move also endorsed jabs planned to end the country's financial crisis outside the parliament security forces clashed with anti-government protesters who were trying to prevent the vote. the world health
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organization says the type of coronavirus responsible for the current outbreak is to be officially known as club 19 the agency said to avoid. the stigma of a name should not be used scientists meeting in geneva agreed it could take 18 months to develop a vaccine against the virus which is so far claimed over a 1000 lives. now voters in the u.s. state of new hampshire voting to select a democratic candidate for november's presidential election new hampshire is the 1st primary of the election season senator bernie sanders has led in pre-election polls with former mayor people to judge leading the chase form of right vice president joe biden has already left new hampshire to begin campaigning in south carolina and polls are due to close in an hour's time. everyone. joining me now from washington is d.w. correspondent pablo foley. which of the democratic candidates is expected to come
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out on top in new hampshire. well you already mentioned them there tell me bernie sanders is expected to perform quite well in new hampshire he actually won here back in 2016 when he was in the race to become the democratic candidate in doubt election which of course he ended up losing to hillary clinton overall now he's a senator from neighboring vermont you know so he would be quite well known here of course in new hampshire but saying that people shouldn't judge could and performing quite well in new hampshire and i both sanders and voted judge are expected to vote or to poll very well in fact they did well in the iowa caucuses but of course democrats don't really want to talk about what dr baikal was there in iowa but what's really interesting about the primaries here in new hampshire is to see how you know joe biden the former vice president does how it is with warren is going to perform she's from neighboring massachusetts and the minnesota senator amy clover
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shar who has seen somewhat of a late surge going into this primary in the northeastern state but of course you know what we will do is let's wait and see how it all pans out because there is still plenty of time that to vote because you have a lot of people turning up to vote as they come home from work in mention the former vice president joe biden he fell well behind the pack last week in the iowa caucuses is the new hampshire primary make or break for him. i don't think it's make or break for i'm told it's a bit too early for that but it is quite telling you know that he decided to head to says carolina. what we should focus on is the fact that he knows he's not could be called 1st or 2nd what we do need to look at is how we polled whether he'll come thursday 4th or 5th he you know council all the events that he had planned in new hampshire he went to say carolina as i said biden tends to do quite well in that states that are a little bit more ethnically diverse than say and new hampshire hence his focus on
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the south carolina and perhaps as well on the state of nevada which has a caucus as well this month ok very brief you publish there's still 11 democratic candidates running could we see any of them dropping out after a poor performance in new hampshire i think the main candidates we won't be seeing them drop out but i think we need to keep an eye on some names which have become quite well known here told he governed from at hawaii and also at andrew young from new york if they don't do well in new hampshire we could well see them deciding to just back away to and say you know my time is ok and we will be beginning to see fewer than that 11 candidates as we go into the next caucus and the primary of course in this has carolina and nevada and let's not forget of course about next month where we have super tuesday we're 14 states will be voting all right correspondent. in washington many things. now
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sudan's transitional government and rebel groups in the darfur region have agreed to hand over the former president omar al bashir to the international criminal court the court in the hague issued warrants for his arrest more than 10 years ago he's charged with committing crimes against humanity and genocide related to operations against doll for rebels between 200320088 conflict in which some 300000 people were killed sudan's military ousted al bashir last year during mass protests against his 30 year to taste the dictatorship lawyer says the former president has denounced the court as political and is refusing to have any dealings with it now a sudanese government negotiator announced the agreement with the rebel groups in darfur to hand over those wanted by the i.c.c. here's what he had to say. we have agreed upon 4 primary mechanisms to achieve justice in dark for. we have agreed on the appearance of those who face
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arrest warrants before the international criminal court. i am saying this clearly we cannot achieve justice unless we heal the wound using justice itself and we can't run away at all from facing those who have committed crimes against humanity and war crimes committed against innocent people in darfur and in other places. to football now and you're going klinsmann has stunned germany's been his lead by resigning as coach of her violin just 10 weeks into the job the former germany and united states traina was a significant appointment for the berlin club have new big money backers and were hoping to become bundesliga title challenge as well they've won only one of their last 5 games. the last shots of your going klinsmann is here to barely coach his team was 3 want to get smites on saturday after the match klinsmann at least pretended to be optimistic we have 6 points different difference still to the.
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last place. and hopefully after 2 days off to come back fresh and. in a bit relieved and then we're going to go to the next away game and get the points on tuesday after just 76 days as coach klinsmann resigned via facebook assistant coach alexander nori has taken over the reins the players were left surprised by their bosses hasty good bye we had. the players thought it was after the game. but it was a different one. that. klinsmann started in november with began bish and wanted to become a big city club on his 1st media appearance klinsmann appeared committed to the cause we needed 1st told and. when i do something i do it right it doesn't matter
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what the role is i think it's a very exciting task to be able to help here at hatta. back to klinsmann's ambitions in the winter transfer window they spent almost 18000000 euros on new players including polish striker on tech from ac milan but klinsmann backtracked and decided he couldn't continue now hertz will have to try and survive relegation without his services. formula one team ferrari have launched a new car for the 2020 season in spectacular fashion ferrari revealed the flash new design at a glitzy ceremony held inside a theatre in northern italy german driver sebastian vettel said he couldn't wait to try it out the 32 year old is hoping to improve on his. for most this year after a disappointing showing last season the new campaign gets underway in just over a month. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you. palestinian president mahmoud
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abbas has angrily rejected donald trump's middle east peace plan the boss told the united nations the u.s. proposals would be a gift to israel. coming up next is the news africa with christine when you can always keep up with all the latest news and information around the clock on our website d.w. dot com i'm told me a lot of books thanks for joining us. w.c. talk show. strong honest clear positions from international perspectives. every week we get to the point on our current topic.


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