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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 12, 2020 9:00am-9:30am CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin bernie sanders claims victory in the new hampshire primary the presidential hopeful edges to the front of the democratic field but does sanders when get the party any closer to a candidate to challenge donald trump also coming up and they risk speaking out some even risked their lives as well now critics of china's response to the
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coronavirus fazer crackdown by the state of the free party. or reports from china indicate those who share an authorized images are being forcibly disappeared plus trying to reclaim what their families lost of the loss of his people of german descent say. i'm brian thomas a very warm welcome to our program today we begin in the u.s. where presidential hopeful bernie sanders has claimed victory in the state of new hampshire democrats there have been selecting a candidate to take on president trump in november's presidential election the left leaning u.s. senator won with about 26 percent of the vote and says he now has the momentum but moderates in the democratic party insist the contest is far from over.
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it's the 1st clear win in the democratic party's nomination fight and new hampshire chose verma one senator bernie sanders. and let me say sunday night that this victory. is the beginning of the end for donald. sanders betov a strong challenge from pete best to be triumphed in the iowa caucus he congratulated sanders and called for unity. so many of you turned out die hard democrats independents unwilling to stay on the side on the sidelines and even some newly former republicans and we can't defeat the most divisive president in modern american history by tearing down anybody who doesn't agree with us 100 percent of the time. president trying to twist here to slam the democratic candidates describing sanders as crazy berni and mocking because she just started
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name in this primary amy club a trial was a surprise 3rd place with elizabeth warren and forward of the former vice president joe biden in face he is adamant that the race for the nomination has barely started so i. were just heard from the 1st 2 of the states. all right come from last year opening bell. not the closing bell. and the fight to end dollars from president is just beginning. to curies behind those popular vote and or you were in the thick 3 york tonight we're going to know that oh we're going to south carolina we're going to win those states was the democratic contest is shaping up to be a battle between betty sanders and pete you say created by for decades and clashing political ideologies but united in one shared goal to ice president
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was ok joining us now from washington is dean of he is pablo fairly good day to pablo with a bernie sanders now declaring himself winner in the new hampshire primary are these results bringing some clarity to the democratic race. brian but i think it's perhaps a little bit too early to have some clarity but it was a fantastic night for. senator bernie sanders as we've seen he declared himself the winner earlier in the evening by a slim margin that we can't forget as well that he did win here back in 2016 when he was in the race of course to become the democratic candidate back then he did of course end up losing at to hillary clinton overall good night as well for people to judge mayor pete he's perhaps a little bit more of a moderate candidate when compared to sanders he performed very well and it was a really great night for another moderate candidate that's minnesota senator amy
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klobuchar shar as she finished in 3rd but then if we look at it in another perspective we can say it was a terrible night for elizabeth warren she is of course a progressive like from massachusetts she finished a disappointing 4th and then most of all terrible night for the former vice president joe biden yeah let's talk about joe biden you know he was expected to be the front runner in the democratic race the democratic national committee certainly building him up to be the the fields down now from 11 to 9 potential candidates what about joe biden can he stay in the race after this. i think it's a little bit too early to say what will happen with biden and he did cancel all of his of his vents in new hampshire and he traveled straight to south carolina where you know we're going to be seeing a primary taking place there later in the month that he was speaking to his that he
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has supporters in that state one thing that he noted which is very important and we can't really forget is that any presidential candidate needs to support of african-americans and latinos and biden does tend to do quite well in more will say ethnically diverse states like. south carolina and of course these are the 2 states which are going to be having their. their primaries coming up and they're very different states to iowa and new hampshire. next where does the democratic party the search for a democratic presidential nominee go from here. well i was saying of course this month what we have is the nevada caucuses then we have the south carolina primaries and you know what's going to happen is that some of the candidates particularly like senator amy clover shar you know she perhaps didn't expect to do so well so she's going to need to do now is increase the number of people that she has working
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for and really the focus is going to be on super tuesday in march when 14 states we're going to be voting among them to the big ones california and texas so the kind of dates are going to be really focusing on the coming weeks. thanks so much for that from washington. let's get your brief now in some of the other stories making the news around the world turkish soldiers have been doubling as firefighters in the syrian village of commandos and it looked province that after syrian and russian jets bombed their positions syrian troops have been on the offensive for weeks in the areas supported by russia and iran some 700000 people are fleeing the fighting and are heading north towards the turkish border. 1000 ian president mahmoud abbas has rejected u.s. president trump's mideast plan saying it destroyed the concept of a 2 state solution to the israeli palestinian conflict speaking at the united nations abbas said he was ready to resume peace negotiations under an international
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umbrella. while china is reporting 97 more deaths from the corona virus and more than 2000 new infections it claims this is the lowest number of new cases since late january but the world health organization disagrees its officials say it's far too early to make that claim and they're warning the epidemic poses a global threat potentially worse than terrorism back seem to fight the virus could take up to 18 months to develop meanwhile in japan another 39 people tested positive on that quarantined cruise ship the diamond princess. well as chinese authorities struggle to contain the virus are also working to silence the critics of the government's crisis plans censors have been erasing critical social media sites and they're also cracking down on independent reporting at least 2 outspoken citizen journalists have disappeared their whereabouts are unknown.
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these are images the chinese government doesn't want you to see a medical center and we han the epicenter of the coronavirus are break under stress short on supplies overwhelmed with patients the video is from. a lawyer who made the risky choice to become a citizen journalist and defy government efforts to control information which in front of me is the virus and behind me only is the legal and administrative power of china as long as i live in this city you know i will continue to report well 'd i only report what i see what i hear he and. mother you would i'm not even scared of death you think i'm afraid of the communist party. is gone he disappeared last week and has not responded to messages so far authorities will only say he has called under control on the sea international say he's been forcibly quarantined. and he's not the only one to pay the price for defying state
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authority the blogger been took this video from a hospital and. it seems to show body bags victims of the virus then he received a menacing knock on his door. what do you want to know. what do you. do you will know you'll be you know what do you want to. know what. you would you go by. email in the. firing had been posting videos daily proof that he was free those upload stopped on monday and he's been on reachable by phone fueling speculation of his arrest. warrant of the virus in december authorities accused him and several others of severely disturbing the social order he's dead one of the more than 1000 people in
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china to succumb to corona virus so far morning and i have marked his passing online and off in defiance of the state's threats pressure is mounting on chinese authorities to come clean on what's happening in. and that includes wanting to know what's happened to people like to intro and find been. the latest on the situation in china now is. joining us from beijing. what information are people in china not getting that they so desperately want to hear. well nobody in china knows whether these. numbers that we see are real every information that we get from one hand is that it might even not be deliberate it might also be deliberate but might also not but a lot of patients have not been diagnosed yet people are queuing up in hospitals in
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order to be admitted to a hospital you need to show symptoms of the disease and you need to be tested today i spoke to a woman who told me that her mother who had been showing symptoms and was severely ill for 10 days had been tested 2 times negative until she was tested positive so on till that moment she was also not in the statistics so there is that the mess on the grown ground that seems to be going on is of course. has an impact on the statistics this is one thing the other thing is that there is of course a deep sitting mistrust of what authorities report what authorities allow to report everybody in china knows there is censorship and of course this is why these citizen join the list go with their to get a glimpse of reality ok the state is responding to what you described as deep
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seated mistrust and i want to quote a state media here is as anyone who tries to cover up the extent of the outbreak will be nailed on the pillar of shame for eternity is china living up or attempting to live above changing its ways in the direction of transparency in regard to the coronavirus. what china has done is that after in the beginning denying that the virus could spread from human to human it admitted that it could spread from human to human and it started after. figures and these figures are rising so to some extent china is admitting that something is happening but whether it's living up to any standards of transparency is something that's very hard to say without independent investigations and reporting and china has not allowed joiner lists to report freely although more freely than before and
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it has not allowed or has limited independent assessments by specialists so no it is not of course living up to transparency as we understand it and in the process creating a real thirst for information the d.s. burling of for us in beijing thanks very much for that. this is date of years live from berlin still to come on the show are jewish ancestors fled to brazil to escape the nazis but germany has refused her claim to citizenship now she and others like her are lobbying lawmakers to help them. but 1st sudan's transitional government and rebel groups in the dark for region have agreed to hand over the former president omar al bashir to the international criminal court in the hague is charged with committing crimes against humanity related to the military operations against dar for rebels between 20032008 some 300000 people
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were killed in that conflict. and calling for the justice they feel is long overdue to sudan's capital khartoum some protesters welcomes the announcement that former president omar al bashir will be handed over to the international criminal court i think you know i only want peace we want peace in any possible way in this country if the darfur rebels want to send some to the i.c.c. then it's a good thing he's already a war criminal and that he. that others think bashir should face justice and sit down. rights and. not be handed over to the i.c.c. what this means but the sudanese judiciary is weak as long as he is a citizen he should be tried in sudan under sudanese law. by. the should it is accused of genocide and war crimes in the conflicts that broke out
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in the darfur region in 2003 leading to the deaths of 300000 people. the commitment to hand bashir and others to the i.c.c. came at peace talks between sudan's transitional government and darfur rebels. we cannot achieve justice unless we heal the wounds using justice itself. we can't shy away from confronting those who have committed crimes against humanity and war crimes against innocent people in darfur and other places yet. bashir has been in jail in khartoum since he was toppled after must protests last year but there's no guarantee that bashir will be sent to the i.c.c. if sudan's generals renee on their agreement and if he is handed over it's unlikely to be soon. with talks on going the route to peace is set to be a long one. now to
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a story of survival and the search for reparation during the 12 years of the nazi dictatorship thousands of germans were deprived of their citizenship on political racial or religious grounds the country's post-war constitution sought to amend that with a clause promising former german citizens and their descendants shall on application have their citizenship restored all in reality though a lot of applicants are rejected in 2018 for example germany received about $4600.00 applications for german citizenship some 1400 were approved most of them though about 2 thirds were rejected now many of those who saw their claims rejected feel they did not get a fair hearing british lawyers taking up their cause and says the german government is violating the constitution. was born in sao paolo brazil thousands of kilometers away from her ancestral home in germany. my
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grandfather a left care many flat actually in mind teen 37 he was only 21 years old when he left and he fled to brazil to eat this was thanks to his mother's foresight because she kind of knew that something was coming he was already not allowed to stay at university where he was studying at the time. in a way he wasn't any more sits than under the nazi regime tens of thousands of jews were stripped of their rights and. and citizenship now is fighting to get it back my brother and i felt very close to the german culture since a very young age has studied in a water school in brazil with german school and we always had this references from germany and european culture present in our houses article 116 of the german
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constitution enables germans persecuted by the nazis as well as the descendents to have their citizenship are stored but marcelle is application was rejected on the grounds her grandfather left germany voluntarily. and he told me that it was he had left her alone terribly it was a polling to hear something like that it was yes so we were angry but yes we we knew that they are fighting for a right cause a just cause muscle as soon learned that she wasn't alone and joined forces with a lobby group exclusions group article 116 which helps hundreds of people who have been rejected. in january the group brought the debate to the bundestag felix coachman and his wife isabelle founded the group in 2018 they want to see a new more general law to prevent exclusions from article 116 this time the motion
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was narrowly rejected the majority of parliament believes that 2 decrees passed last august to ease restrictions are enough but some descendants are still excluded or facing bureaucratic hurdles. back in london felix coachmen isn't giving up. the decrees all discretionary. relief act of least but 116 is a fundamental basic rights and people pretty well they can't get back their loved ones who they lost in many cases their property because that park jobs that they've lost but they can't get back one thing that's german citizenship muscle or has now applied a 2nd time. it's something that i have to do to honor the ones that are not here anymore and i think by germany allowing in acknowledging us as citizens this is only going to contribute to have a more fair just and
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a more diverse. germany in the future almost 3 years since applying again marcella is still waiting for of reply. if you have these political correspondent keep brady co or a 3rd that reporter as we know this morning t.j. we heard a lot from marcello there about why she thinks the decision is wrong what about the state's position we heard about that briefly there on her case and many of the others who have been rejected what are the states where the state at the moment feels that 2 decrees which were actually implemented and came into action law some of they feel like that is enough and to a certain degree these 2 new degree decrees have actually resolved many issues for example the the law and the nationality of the mother can now be used as opposed to previously it was just the father and that was obviously seen as a very outdated very sexist interpretation of the law but there are still
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restrictions or are groups that are still excluded from applying to have their citizenship restored including people who were adoptive people descendants who actually now live in germany and even on top of that even through applying through these 2 new decrees many applicants are still facing many many bureaucratic hurdles which most boat. the voters as foreigners here in germany can understand having encountered german bureaucracy ourselves ok know that there's an issue of this and put together it's called one of the 16 initiative to help people like marcello what do they want to achieve who's funding them who's paying for the lawyer so basically this is the lobby group the article 116 exclusions group which was founded by felix and isabella couch when he saw that in the article and say it's very much isabella felix's wife who does a lot of the what voluntarily and is in contact with hundreds of people affected around the world now of course. there was
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a significant increase in the number of brits applying for german citizenship through article 116 it was that actually because of that they're hoping that this would be a chance to maintain and keep the european citizenship but this is a much bigger story as we saw that muscle is actually from brazil. and still lives today but he's hoping to be able to not only restore and get back what was taken away from her grandfather because of the nazis but also to enable her to possibly may figure as well and be able to study and what care in germany ok the last time this came up as we saw in your report there in parliament it was narrowly passed down any change the constitution is going to come up again what does it look like i think it certainly is going to come up again the lobby group is continuing to fight and they also have a lot of support from the green party and also dealing to the left here in germany but i think at least here in this current term in office while this current grand
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coalition is in government it seems very unlikely it was very interesting to see how narrowly this law this proposal was rejected actually just a couple of weeks ago and interestingly it came so close that it came to what we call here in germany and how most going and all of the m.p.'s got to leave parliament and come back in through separate doors and it was that tight that. conservatives have to very quickly get their m.p.'s together so that they could reject the lauren at the moment the s.p.d. the social democrats if you listen to them in that debate very much in favor of broadening this law to make sure there are no exclusions right now it also comes down to party politics and the s.p.d. while they're still in office want to get through a number of the policies and so right now they need to stay in the good books with the conservatives unfortunately voted against it too ok thanks so much for looking into this for us to bring force. we have some sports is now on and football has to
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berlin are beginning the process of appointing a new permanent coach after you've been clean xmen stunned germany's been this leader by resigning just 10 weeks into the job the former germany and united states coach blaming a lack of unity in the club the players they were left shocked and now face an even more complicated relegation battle. the last shots of your can klinsmann is here to berlin coach his team lost 3 want to get smites on saturday after the match klinsmann at least pretended to be optimistic we have 6 points difference a difference still to the. last place. and hopefully after 2 days off to come back fresh and and in a bit of relief and then we're going to go to the next away game and get the points on tuesday after just $76.00 days as coach klinsmann resigned via facebook assistant coach alexander nori has taken over the reins the players were left surprised by their bosses hasty good bye we had
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a meeting in. the players' thought that was after the game. was written one. more. klinsmann started in november with began bishan zz wanted to become a big city club on his 1st media appearance klinsmann appeared committed to the cause when he confessed wouldn't always. when i do something i do it right it doesn't matter what the role is i think it's a very exciting task to be able to help here hetta. back to klinsmann's ambitions in the winter transfer window they spent almost 18000000 euros on new players including polish striker on tech from ac milan but klinsmann backtracked and decided he couldn't continue now has or will have to try and survive relegation. out his services. let's get a reminder now of our top story at this hour in the u.s.
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a bernie sanders has won the democratic primary in the state of new hampshire a left leaning vermont senator edged out moderate to judge who took 2nd place. this is deja vu news up next it's eco india i'm brian thomas for the entire team thanks for being.
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