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i was called by the priests who commit to close the conflict. in 60 minutes. much of it. surely to screw africa the world we're going to exception your story and discussion on the use of easy to our website to debbie to come smart to join us on facebook. this is state of the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes africans trapped in the chinese problems often on fear the word status the current virus spreads. itself. to the few still that are still. very frightened. they say their governments have abandoned their state so ugandan students afraid
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for his life. and dealing with a violent caused blow by blow will meet the former child soldier teaching boxing history have others. hello i'm christine wonderwall come to africa have your company ugandan students are making an urgent appeal to their governments to evacuate them. there among maybe 5000 africans living in the chinese province that is the epicenter off the virus outbreak the virus is reported to have infected around 45000 people the number of deaths in china is over 1100 countries like morocco and libya have evacuated their citizens but many sub-saharan african governments have failed to do the same. and i'm joined now by thomas can see that he's
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a medical student in mohan thomas has been urging the ugandan government to evacuate him and 67 other ugandans stranded in will one hi thomas welcome to day diving is africa what is your current situation and how is it taking its toll well the current situation here is. it's the streets are empty shops are closed restaurants are closed it turned to get supplies the few stores that are still open . have anything in them so it's really very frank thomas just getting actual twitter feeds eat you've expressed some real frustration they look at some of the stuff that you've tweeted alz what are you spending your days doing are you afraid what is it just how do you feel about what's going on right now. everyone is too afraid to go out. we don't know who you could meet every time you go out you risk.
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contact with an infected person so we basically spend our days said maybe watching a few movies social media talking to your family that will. do you know why your government has not evacuated you and others were. thinking mind the last week the president said he has believed cheney is a full control of the situation and they have no need to evacuate well our prime minister you can an ambassador to china said we are safer here because if we turn to uganda we pose a greater risk their country because they are in no capacity to contain the virus think if one of us is infected and and spread it in the country can you understand that argument is if it doesn't do you at least appreciate that or does that make not no sense at all so you know it doesn't make any sense at all.
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other countries that have been about getting their citizens have been following the protocols to a sure that effected people don't mix with the population by continuing the sit ins for about 14 days which is the estimated incubation period of the. corollary us so. when you do that you get isolate those were effected from those who are fine right thomas what do you want your governments to do. the only way they could intervene for us is by way of acuity or $7.00 to $1.00 ugandan stranded the one right now. as the situation will only get worse from here right now very quickly thomas as you hinted at this in one of your tweets what risks are you taking in talking to the media or laws as
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one about not looking anywhere interviews and the things they tweet so i risk being probably expelled or at its worst deportation but since we're on the look down i can't be deported so all right that's thomas kunz you know in one province in china thank you so what does the ugandan government have to say about why they've so far refused to elect their nationals in china to safety reporter julius malema has more from kampala. behind me is the office of the prime minister which is actually next to the ugandan parliament where lawmakers of hide the very emotional debate about the issue of evacuating ugandans from china due to the corona virus outbreak the lawmakers of test the government to explain and evacuated ugandans immediately in her response a minister assured loamy because that the government is equally concerned but it is
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not seated she says that evacuating ugandans is an option that the government is looking at but she called me to a cell phone but she sees that china should as well be given a chance to help ugandans without in this having to bring their buckets or no not all parents under lottie's are amazed that these irrelative i spoke to told me that bringing back her brother should be looked at as a priority to be for the government can consider anything goes but until the government makes a final decision the fate of the ugandans in china remains in balance ok now moving on tonics story swarms of billions of ravaging crops in east africa and the u.n. is warning bear is risk off catastrophe officials say immediate action is needed before more rainfall in the weeks ahead brings fresh vegetation to feed new generations of the pests efforts to contain the pest in windy in central kenya.
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experts say this is just a short window to prevent the worst. still on the ground there feeding and grouping together but it's only a matter of time before all that able to fly. it's time for the international community to understand. to be no otherwise we would. break there would be a level of acute food insecurity there would be 1000000 more people that if it were food assistance it would think it was yours to cawnpore disintegration once a swamp can fly it becomes difficult to control the insects desert locusts can cover distances of up to 200 kilometers a day the insects are constantly multiplying each female locusts can lay about 100 x. after 2 weeks millions of new help us to much and the cycle goes on and on and on
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and so just think of a swarm that covers manhattan from the south to the north and this is just a medium sized swarm and it's not really a big swarm for desert locust that swarm in one day. can eat the same amount of food as the entire population of kenya. unusual rainfalls at this time of the year the breeding conditions are extremely favorable for the locusts and extremely unfair verbal for farm us. we have really depend on this farming season we have to be even if the one beginning in april is short and not as productive we depend a lot on this one we worry that the locusts will destroy our harvest and we end up going hungry the rest of the year waiting for tobar when we have the next cropping season after devastating large areas in somalia ethiopia and kenya the swarms have now reached uganda and us frightening south sudan and tanzania. now
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a boxing champion in the democratic republic of congo has set up what he scored the friendship club to help former child soldiers and vulnerable young people by going to himself a former child soldier says he wants to help survivors come to terms with their past and show them there is an alternative to violence. needs but. also known as keyboard mundell a former child soldier and a boxing champion in goma in eastern democratic republic of congo he is where every morning is he walks or trains from his home to the work and stadium neighbors and strangers corner must. as he passes by he will mongol she has experience and skills with your teeth and things like child soldiers have started a project called the friendship boxing club club bellamy team. i want them to be off the street and to our mentality the muslims to take control of themselves and
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create their own jobs and we have to help them achieve this so they can help their communities this is why i am proud to train them. to grow much lies of the heart of a region reaching mineral resources it was also the site of one of the. deadliest conflict in recent history. chemo mungo now 41 was recruited by the regular army when he was a minor he was later recruited by a rebel group who wanted to overthrow dictator. he fought in the militia until he lost his left eye during and in every it was then that he decided to drop the gun and pick up the boxing gloves j.p. morgan won by a longtime member of the club was adopted by a cuban mongrel after his parents were murdered by the group but he said it's a peaceful. quibble i'm with you all morning club deleterious like a family to us the experiences that i had as a child soldier are like the experiences of being
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a criminal off killing people off ripping people those experiences that i can't really bring into my life but thanks to the must today i belong to the club he's like a father to me more. in a region where thousands of young people have been often skipper mungo has become a respected world war there for young people many of whom are dealing with serious traumas inherited from my life marked by violence. but boxing and training are for more physical and emotional therapy fixing cars provides another means of survival and income for people mungle and his army of young boxers. even i really like that work in space over there. most of these kids and car mechanics i teach them this job is to train them in boxing and have the practices come back to work on the books. but at the training side people
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mungo is preparing his people is for a regional autonomy and his protege j.p. morgan is fighting for a region or title the emphasis is not only. on physical training but also on your situation and me to him after all the club dilemma the team is on the boat transforming feelings over the reins and frustrations and replacing them with you i suppose we should. be fine in this day of the fight are right. after an inviting crotch. shot to make a j.p. weak. pizza with dissolve the treat and a fresh rebuild excitement for the club members bookkeeper mungo it's another she had meant it must be a small want to take to the difficulty journeys that many of the key 3 trains are on food vats the trio promise he's completes me to get me and survival and salves
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as inspiration to keep on fighting. and that's it for now from africa you can catch all our stories on our facebook page well leave the city with these pictures of the swarms of locusts playing in the horn of africa see an extra. is going to. change you know the banks. and so was the language of a bank. speaking the truth. matters.
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to crime fighters who are back africa's most successful radio drama series continues. this season the stories focus on. prevention sustainable charcoal production. all of this those are available online and of course you can share and discuss on africa's facebook page and other social media platforms. crime fighters tune in now. ok. this is british irish violinist daniel hope. playing a piece from his brand new album a park that was mauled by richard stiles daniel hope will be my guest in just
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a moment without welcome to the show. well he's one of those musicians who can literally do it all a virtuoso from early childhood daniel hope does about 130 concerts a year as a soloist and as a guest conductor he talks about music on his own radio show he writes about it he's deeply political and he even calls himself a musical activist i'm a learn a lot more about him right after this 'd. daniel hope one of his regular concerts in berlin playing an instrument that was made in 1742. for hope history comes alive through music. at a recent concert he spoke of his german jewish grandparents. you know my family came from berlin and they had to leave poland in 1038 so for me it's about going back into it's a history more than politics is about history i think in remembering history and of
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course there are parallels between you know then i'm now but i think it's also important not to forget.


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