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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  February 12, 2020 10:15pm-10:31pm CET

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18 to play a surprise get. royal treatment there you're watching the w. news. business news with kate ferguson stick around kate will be right back. johnny doesn't let his wheelchair keep him from pursuing surfing. dramas johnny cross it is not your average tricks to come every day he pushes himself to the limit fighting for his dream sports life follows johnny as he overcomes obstacles and breaks down barriers from wheelchair to athlete. sports life starts feb 15th on d w. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with the 1st
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word coach can make a. recoat is in germany to learn german why not come with him simple online on your mobile and free to set d w z e learning course nikos fake german made easy. for me. big tax versus big regulation google takes the european union to court to contest the billions of dollars in fines if have to pay for violations the case is being seen as a major test of the e.u. tough stance toward some of the industry's biggest names. is a big deal the european union signed the trade agreement with vietnam the largest ever pocked with an emerging economy but will it help counter china's dominance in the region. dishing up the dirt how farmers in germany are bracing the move towards
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organic products used by cultivating the perfect conditions for nutrient rich soil . and it is this the future of air travel air bus unveils a model of them operate a fuel efficient passenger jet the company says could bring aviation to a new level. this is d.w. business unquote ferguson welcome it's a battle that dates back a decade and could shape the european union of regulates big tech in the future google is taking the block to court to contest the billions of dollars it's been fined for anti trust violations the case is being seen as a major test of the e.u.'s tough stance towards big corporations. how about a trip to paris you might want to book a cheap hotel whenever you put your destination into google and look for hotels it's the search engines own choices that top the list including price comparisons
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further down you get offers from comparison sites like trip advisor or booking dot com they feel google is putting them at a disadvantage the e.u. commission sort the same way and in 201700 the online giant a 2400000000 euro fine. google has abused its market dominance as a search engine by giving illegal advantages to another google products its shopping comparison service because now the company is taking legal action at the e.u. 2nd highest court in luxembourg. google is appealing to further huge fines totaling 8200000000 euros those also came from the e.u. commission of the past 3 years google's c.e.o. say's the fines are excessive. sensible regulation must also take a proportionate approach balancing potential arms where social opportunities this
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is especially true in areas that are high risk and high value the hearing in luxembourg is said to last 3 days but the verdict could take several more months for more let's cross right over to me is financial correspondent dan squat on wall street yes hi yes there you are how are investors the ewing google chances in this case. well if you take wall street as an indication then the tech companies do not have to be concerned too much at this point all of the big u.s. tech names are trading basically at record highs this clearly is an important case because it could set the tone and pace for other cases against companies like facebook amazon or apple but verdict probably won't happen before early next year and then google even could go into another appeal so this decade long case is not
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over any time soon as it seems now against the european union has a reputation for being tough on big tech names like ogle the regulatory environment in the united states is very different though how do you explain this ideological divide well no offense but there are not really any super big european tech names so most companies we're talking about here are american called peroration so it's not a big surprise that the u.s. administration is less keen on going after their big tech companies having that said there is actually a certain political movement in the united states especially on the democratic side some of the presidential candidates who are actually looking to actually split some of those huge tech companies but having that said for now those companies
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are getting even bigger is to be learned here on wednesday facebook is what's actually for the 1st time so pas more than 2000000000 users worldwide and close on wall street thanks so much for your insights. now meanwhile the e.u. has signed off on its biggest ever trade agreement with an emerging economy the deal with the it now approved today in the european parliament will slash tariffs on goods and services and will further cement vietnam status as an upcoming economic player but there are concerns that sport should soon get cheaper for european buyers german sporting goods maker added us has been producing sneakers in hoochie minh city for years footwear is a big export for vietnam with 15 percent of all germans walking on shoes made their
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most goods leave the country via haiphong port the e.u. imports products worth around 38000000000 euros from vietnam not just jews there are a lot of electronics and agricultural products and european cuisine might be a bit less spicy without vietnam as it accounts for nearly half of pepper imports. the agreement now means the end of virtually all tariffs on bilateral trade the benefit of the reman so many prefer initial excess to a vibrant to come trying to be of almost 100000000 people removal of non-tariff barriers for exporters to courtly face for example on cars of wines and spirits the vietnamese side says it will comply with international labor and environmental standards this also includes the founding of independent trade unions so far impossible in the communist state. the world's biggest mobile island telecommunications trade so the mobile world congress has been counseled
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a growing number of exhibitors announced their withdrawals citing concerns about the coronavirus the cancellation is a major blow for the tech sector which will invent to launch new products it's also a blow to the tourist industry in the whole city of barcelona organizers are reportedly facing a $100000000.00 euro cancellation bill. now to some of the other stories making news around the world oil cartel opec is considering cutting i put you to the coronavirus the group believes demand for crude will be significantly lower this year than previously thought that is due in part to waning demand in china opec has yet to bring forward its early march meeting to discuss the company. british oil giant b.p. says it will make drastic cuts on carbon emissions by 2050 as part of the biggest overhaul in the company's history new teeth executive bernhard lu news says the company must change profoundly because the world is changing fast and so our
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society's expectations. now we all know that good things take time and that certainly true when it comes to food as farmers grapple with climate change and other environmental challenges the focus is shifting more towards sustainable organic yields and our next report will meet a farmer who spent 30 years cultivating the perfect blend of high quality nutrient rich soil. brussel sprouts one of the few vegetables harvested in the middle of winter in the german state of chalets because time near the danish border there's been a lot of rainfall and the plants did well. the organic brussels sprouts are top notch thanks to the high quality soil that we have a relatively long harvest especially for brussels sprouts we've picked up until march and that comes from taking good care of the soil just going to. the land
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belongs to the organic farmer had includes and he's been building up humus or the organic component of the soil for 30 years now he regularly has his soil tested today by agrarian engineer so your dream on the dock consistent color and the presence of worms in the soil are good signs. must not ask us all this stuff the 1st test you do is to just smell the soil to see if it has a nice sweet earthy aroma. good important global hot doesn't really just that's our goal so that we have great organic harvests but the decisive factor is the soils ability to supply the nutrients at the exact moment that the plant needs that you know d.m. billick then we can have high organic crop yields. good soil can produce conventional size harvests. convent and military grouping knutson tries out new methods 1st that is home and then he brings them out onto his 111 hectares of
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farmland. for example compost tea he mixes compost with water then lets the mixture sit for 24 hours after that he brings it out onto the field the mixture is simple to make and saves money just as the situation's always getting harder for farmers the climate extremes are getting worse more drought floods we need the humus to improve the soil so that the location remains productive standards. this time for just by leaving the soil alone humans can be created too but that can take decades and newton was able to increase his ground cover by 15 centimeters within a year that absorbs 50 more tons of c o 2 annually. airbus has unveiled a test model of what it believes could be the passenger jet of the future dubbed the maverick it features a revolutionary design that sought to be 20 percent more fuel efficient than the
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passenger jets being used today airbus claims it would give travelers a totally new experience one of the challenges was making sure that those on board wouldn't for when the aircraft moves. for me in the business team here in berlin you can get more on our website that's dot com slash business we're also on social media to drop us a line on facebook and twitter for me it's to buy and take care. when
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others give up. natalia keeps on fighting. many russian mothers are in similar situations. their sons have run afoul of the country's arbitrary justice but her only hope is protest. and she's not a law. abiding citizen of god in 60 minutes auntie dollars. will go
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took such action. planes and all channels available to inspire people to take action and more determined to build something here for the next generation globally as the environment series of global 3000 on t.w. and online. this is day that the news africa that's coming up in the next. 15 minutes africans trapped in the chinese province on fear the worst stares the coronavirus. few children. they say their governments have abandoned they. afraid for his life. and dealing with a violent past blow by blow will need.


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