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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 14, 2020 1:00pm-1:31pm CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin fear for families stuck in war torn syria. going to die and the planes are bombing us the army is very close. as the syrian fences against the province intensifies d.w. talks with the refugees here in germany who can't get his family out of harm's way . the war in syria is also set to dominate talks at this year's munich security conference kicking off today another top issue concern over the shrinking and fluids of the west in shaping global security even spawned
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a new term west it's. also coming up china's coronavirus epidemic sees yet another rise of new infections and the death of several health care workers exposes the risk to those on the front lines of the epidemic. talks happy birthday you tube we take a look at how far the massive video sharing site is com it all started with this and elephant video 15 years ago. i'm serious i was gonna thank you for joining us we start in syria where ongoing fighting in the rebel stronghold of it live has led to what the u.n. calls a humanitarian catastrophe or people are trying to get out of it they are heading for the nearby turkish border as you can see here and the u.n. says $140000.00 of fled their homes in just the last 3 days bringing the total
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there up to 800000 germany is already home to hundreds of thousands of syrians who have fled the conflict those with family members left behind feel powerless to protect their. checks the news from syria on social media all the time where did the latest bomb fall who or what was hit while he is in safety here in germany the rest of his family are in mortal danger in it. he is desperately worried. for. drink i think of my children do they have anything to eat do they have a warm blanket or. his sons mohammad and 9 and 10 years old he had to leave them with their grandparents and he thought it too dangerous to flee with them if the internet is working he calls them several times a day. what's going on.
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it's cold there bombing and the plane crashed we were where we were. very near our village get us out of here. come and get us. well i want to but i can't we need to get passports for you that and lots of other things i can bring you over here. we're going to die the planes are bombing us the army is very close. and the only adult member of the family lets us show his face. people are suffering especially the refugees it's chaos i don't know whether i'm coming or going. everybody is heading north camping in the olive groves sleeping in the open unprotected even though it's bitterly cold. the united nations estimates
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that more than $700000.00 people from it to profit fled their homes many are heading towards turkey but they're not being allowed in the refugee camps are overcrowded it's freezing and there's a lack of drinking water and food there is no boy for them because most of their towns and cities are being bombed out and they are facing is that humanitarian situation this is why an immediate ceasefire and it's why is the only solution going forward. but there's no sign of that and the fighting continuous. would do anything he could to rescue his children from danger but he can't all he can do is follow events from berlin. nobody notices people see me and think i'm doing fine but inside i die a 1000 deaths every day and my heart goes out to my children and to all the other children. well it's
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an incredibly emotional situation for those watching what's happening in italy some a foreign for those on the ground in the line of fire as well for more on the situation in on the ground let's speak to david swanson from the u.n. office for the quarter nation of humanitarian affairs for the syria crisis in gaza and have turkey david thank you for joining us we mentioned that the u.n. says more than 140000 syrians have been displaced in the last 3 days alone where are they flying to work and they have to. build a business majority of these people are fleeing northward as your as your earlier it was saying most of the communities and towns along the implied by way have since emptied and we are now seeing a continuous barrage of aerial strikes and bombings in the area of the employer highway as those bodies continue down those communities now and being out and
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moving northward. david the language being used to describe what's happening on the ground is incredibly dramatic this is being called one of the worst humanitarian crises of this 9 year war why and why is the situation so dire. but tragically i mean the number of people being displaced and the number of people on the move continues to rise not by the day but by the minute as you pointed out since december 1st tragically we've had more than 800000 people displaced from their homes and that's more than 140000 in just a 3 day period what's important for your viewers to understand is this camp pounds an already dire humanitarian situation on the ground inside it live the last opposition held area between the end of april and the end of august we had more than $400000.00 people displaced at that time many of them multiple times the vast majority of their women and children so obviously this is compound
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a crisis that was already there inside syria inside it live there are more than $3000000.00 civilians at risk now in it live in the surrounding areas and we must do everything as utterly international community to bring an end to this violence what about the people who have been unable to flee he said they're also facing a dire situation what are the conditions for people who aren't stuck and that. the biggest problem people face on a daily basis is not knowing where to go protection is our number one concern right now and as people fleeing northward or wake up in the morning they have to ask themselves which way is actually safe for them so as people move northward we now have people increasingly moving into a smaller area area of land which is now incredibly densely populated putting them at even greater risk of of big attacked by artillery shelling everything so the situation is just going from bad to worse and it is now spiraling out of control.
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all right david swanson from the u.n. office for the nation of humanitarian affairs thank you so much for joining us here on t.v. you. well the conflict in syria is also a topic for the munich security conference which kicks off just hours from now this year some $35.00 heads of government and state as well as top diplomats and business leaders are gathering in munich ahead of the start the conferences chairman. gave his a harsh feel on the world's response to the crisis in its lip. we have more crises on our hands more horrendous events than you can possibly imagine . i did. and that's our 1st think about the current failures in my opinion and forgivable to it is the international community with regard to syria especially an adlib. when i think about the resolutions of the berlin libya conference that were never acted upon it makes me
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sick. all right strong words there from the chairman of the munich security conference. and our political correspondent is with us to talk more about this story i am we've just been looking at the dire humanitarian situation in this crisis that is unfolding there how will this be addressed at the munich security conference well you know people participating to this conference simply cannot turn a blind eye on syria especially not after those comments we've just heard from. germany or so called for a safe zone in syria and the french president also say that it was that the failure to intervene in syria is the 1st stage of the collapse of the western bloc where you mention him on a local and it seems that a lot of people especially within europe are really looking to him to the french president to set the tone for the west i think is going to be one of the key
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players. come friends lost they already he had stirred things up with a. nato. brenne death comment every everyone was. then but he led to a rethinking of diplomacy and to a rethinking of the military strategic. nato members he also gave a very stern warning to the west and to the western world and in particular to europe he said if we can think of europe as a global power it with these appear because it will take a hard knock so he's pushing for europe to become more independent from the united states for example he's pushing for a nuclear deterrent which is also a new input he wants you have to work on. his and she wants simply say more assertiveness farm europe. well it's precisely that question what is the west's role on the international stage that is
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a question that's really underlining this year's munich security conference let's take a look at what is at stake here. the biggest deployment of u.s. military might to europe in a quarter century is heading this way for nato as defender 20 exercise 20000 american soldiers and 13000 pieces of equipment should give the enemies pause and allies confidence. showed both real reliable loyal portals within the nato framework but that reinforced military framework risks being undermined by weakness on the political side increasing apathy across the alliance regarding its most fundamental value collective defense what if nato has the weapons but it doesn't have the will a recent survey by the pew research center indicates that across 16 nato countries fewer than 40 percent of respondents would want their militaries used to defend the
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baltic states or poland in case of an attack by russia the munich security conference has coined a new term to describe this kind of ambivalence west listening for those wistful about west listening this geopolitics expert shot at islam has some advice move on the west has had its wonderful moment it can still matter i think europe still matters definitely but it will have to work in coalitions and and alliances with countries outside the comfort zone so we would have to work with the indias of this would with russia with china with us trade you would you pan and not just rely on this once very strong transatlantic alliance french president emanuel mccaughan has seized the stage to position himself as a disruptor france has a moment to lead. it can lead in rhetoric it can lead in ideas so it can lead to its actions and actually know yet which way it's going to go it is a nuclear country has its. in the security council they can do therefore what no
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one else can. and it can do that on behalf of europe. but while the west deals with its identity crisis kremlin tactics are working better than ever warns retired u.s. army general ben hodges causing people to lose confidence and trust in each other in their own institutions in the alliance that's that's where this competition is. i think that we have to compete hodges praises the massive defender 20 exercises for making sure the military side is ready for political cohesion to make it come back. all right so big question of how the west is going to cast a new direction for europe for example going forward what are the biggest issues global security issues that will be tackled here there will be many issues syria the us iran tensions china and cyber security libya there would be so many issues to discuss but the point is we probably won't find a solution within the we can within 2 days of talking and we have tensions we're
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probably not deescalate but what is at stake what's at stake there is that the actors would be talking together it would be an opportunity for all of the where leaders attending and leaders of organizations attending to actually talk together again maybe find a common ground and ultimately take the temperature of our political correspondent in many ways shows with us and we will of course be covering the munich security conference all weekend long here on thank you and i thank you. as we've been discussing a syria is on the agenda in munich and also among the other stories in the news a syria monitoring group says at least 7 people have died in an apparent israeli missile attack near damascus syrian state television say the rockets were launched from the israeli occupied golan heights israel does not normally comment on. attacks in syria. scientists in and arctic of reported that the temperature there
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is risen above 20 degrees celsius for the 1st time on record the researchers who recorded the heat wave in what's normally the coldest part of the world described as incredible and abnormal. u.s. attorney general william barr has said that president trump's tweets are making his job impossible on wednesday trump tweeted in praise of bar's handling of a case involving roger stone a former advisor to the president. and the entire leadership of the french film academy has quit over a controversy involving disgraced filmmaker roman polanski his newest film received several nominations for the academy's upcoming caesar awards the post director fled from the u.s. after pleading guilty to statutory rape of a teenager in 1977. in china 6 health care workers have died from the corona virus as the death toll climbs to nearly 1400 their deaths exposed the risk facing medical staff on the front line of
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fighting the outbreak and authorities have announced $5000.00 new infections another uptick attributed to new diagnosis standards but it's still renewing fears over china's ability to contain the virus. in the fight against the new coronavirus they are at the front line for china's health work as the battle is taking its toll more than 1700 medical staff there have been infected with the virus now named as covered 19 for an unlucky few of them the infection has proved fatal. chinese officials and hospitals have repeatedly spoken of a shortage of protective equipment including face masks the government now says it's working to improve conditions for health workers. which i was and sent home with. the national health commission is highly concerned about this issue and we have issued technical guidelines for the prevention and control of infection of the new coronavirus within the medical institutions under special notice on the virus
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infection control for key areas and the fever departments of key hospitals. through these documents we have imposed special requirements on enhanced sing the personal protection of the medical workers you really are going to form. the world health organization said a spike in china's reported cases this week was partly due to a new method of diagnosis and didn't indicate a wide epidemic but experts warn that the new infection figures show there's no sign the outbreak is nearing its peak critics say the now drastic measures were implemented too late. as china released a song designed to boost morale the nation is hoping to antiviral drugs its scientists are testing will prove promising but preliminary results won't be ready for a few weeks in which time many more lives could have been lost. you're
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watching news still to come on our show so much to lots of kids from around the world tell us what sells their hearts with happiness is found time. but 1st today marks 15 years since you tube was born the internet giant was set up by 3 former colleagues at pay pal to get people place to share clips on line a decade and a half later accounts over $1500000000.00 monthly users and netted $15000000000.00 in ad for a news last year alone here's a look at how it all began. here our. very 1st video could scarcely have been simpler during his trip to the zoo co-founder jahvid kareem had no idea what his primitive creation would become just
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a year later he and his friends chad hurley and steve chen would be striking the deal of a lifetime. we have. been acquired by bank but never less than $1650000000.00 since being bought by the world's most visited web site you tube itself has become the world's 2nd most visited web site. and it's not just jobs chad and steve who it's made rich and it's created a whole new brand of celebrity the most successful you tube has such as hyperactive sweet beauty probably make in excess of 10000000 dollars a year. over the past 15 years you tube has become more than just somewhere to share videos branching out into music and subscription services i did over 70 languages now you tube is contributing $15000000000.00 a year in ad revenue to google alphabet if you told them it was about to be the
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case back in the early days they might well have nothing to do. so you tube celebrating 15 years chiodos from d.w. business is with us to tell us more about this hi kiyo we should say you were really an early adopter you started your own you tube channel in 2007 what was your job like back then. it was a very quirky weird creative space it was full of teenagers like me basically just sitting down in front of a camera and talking about very mundane things but it was fun i really liked what kind of mundane things what were you telling the camera back well they decorated my room i didn't want to study you know just teenage things how would you say it's changed a lot probably if people just time travel to now they wouldn't really recognize the site because now it's a lot of commercial content so you see like late night music videos that comes from
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the big players and not as much anymore from user generated content as well a lot of that is for example product places a live product placement ads so much more commercial now yeah we said just last year you 2 netted $15000000000.00 in ad revenue and that's pretty remarkable it has really changed the way that we watch video i mean is it. changed television really in video forever i definitely think so i mean you tube was my t.v. i never watched t.v. growing up i just grew up on you tube and i think a lot of other people will have as well and people actually they are a lot of prognosis in how t.v. and the media lives they i mean escape will change and a lot of the people actually say that on them on video is going to be the thing that only you tube but netflix and amazon prime and t.v. basically will only be here for breaking news stories and sporting events so i don't know whether we will be sitting here in like 15 years 20 years we might be
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out of a job. we you know you tube isn't just cat videos and exercise videos there's also a lot of controversy about the algorithms used designed the way that we get our videos on you tube i mean tell us more about that the other side of this debate yes well the algorithm the recommendation i got rhythm is that the thing that's quite problematic thing is basically you tube video if you like if you watch it a lot they're going to show you a similar video that's long and then basically you go down the rabbit hole and that has been sharing the rabbit hole can lead to more and more extreme videos for example or if it's something about misinformation then it just goes down the more extreme rabbit hole and that is the big problem should you tube take sides should they remove content what is the extent of free speech where they have to stop it they have the same problems that facebook and twitter also have right now $1500000000.00 monthly users still have room to grow definitely it's growing like
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crazy right now basically every minute 500 hours of content this build on the page which is insane and it's still growing especially in markets like asia so yes potential definitely. from d.w. business thank you so much. and of course t w has its own you tube channel as well you can check us out for the latest reports of breaking stories and documentaries that's under g.w. news on you tube. now love is in the air in thailand where more than 20 couples tied the knot aboard hot air balloons on valentine's day hundreds of people turned out to watch the lovebirds receive their marriage certificates and take to the skies as newlyweds of the weddings who are part of the balloon love festival in chiang rai and for those wanting to start married life on the high organizers are hoping for more participants next year. but valentine's day isn't just for adults you decided to ask children around the world what fills their hearts and minds with
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happiness. and you know. what gave families the right make family had you know cowboy chill why are they mad watching what's. up brutal. guilt thing was your mood to be a. 100000 too much alive. on a lot of full monty when you shall manage it all to long for i'm useless all to get as. a kid i need a man i need. an emo mert i love my mom and dad must
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be good day to day bonnie i love my dad but then it's our need for his groceries made a lamb i was a labor member it's a summer but now when i got you from your father was a. certain her home my mother. you know him how the image of her made that they will answer. only in this module on an. amount. action and the good and all of it all going to kick up petal as a birthday just me and now consumed by a book can lead to bay and one that too may as reaction. to their literally be a squid feeds. me. a live man badly to have read to him there are no words i saw at the. you know i.
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would i thought all. right let's get a reminder now of our top story here on d.w.p. around $35.00 heads of state and world leaders are gathering for the munich security conference which kicks off today the meeting comes amid fears about the depths of nato's commitment to collective defense and worries over the coronavirus of help bring. don't forget you can always get good at the news on the go down letter out from google play from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for and the breaking news and if you're part of a news story you can also use these to send us your photos and videos of what is happening where you are. coming up next our health and well the show in good
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shape takes a look at logic and what it can reveal about our health for all of us here in berlin thank you for watching.
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to. be in good shape for instance just not lost like aspirin is for us today it was a cure for many things. and that still holds true today. whether for cancer diagnosis auto hema therapy or blood transfusions i'll read the lips of life has many uses. good. next on t.w. .
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they were forced into a nameless mass of their bodies a mere tools of. the history of the slave trade is of africa's history. describes how the greed for power and profit committed an entire continent into chaos and violence the slave system created the greatest planned accumulation of wealth the world had ever seen up to that moment in time. from its very beginnings until this very day she mn trafficking has shaped the. this is the journey back into the history of slavery i think will truly be making
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proud. when we all accept the history of slavery as all of our history. our documentary series slavery routes starts march 9th on d. w. . hello ed welcome to in good shape coming up. against blood therapy how does it work. liquid biopsy a new tool for cancer diagnosis. blood transfusions what are the risks.


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