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they're going to hurt themselves to kill me because i am a lady's gum fall. for. 60 minutes. that. is do world becoming less western does it mean for the world in the west to leave the stage to others. question of this year's munich security conference and join a strong coverage to be sure to come from the 2020 today on d w. this is state of the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the world's leading players in security policy are meeting in germany africa's to help region is high up on the agenda the growing conflict there is seen as a threat to global security. and the birth defects and serious illnesses that people in south sudan say of course by the country's dirty oil industry.
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and to meet the kenyan sculptor turning scrap metal into award winning oct. hello i'm christine want to welcome to deeds of the news africa it's good to have your company the growing armed conflicts in the south hell is high on the agenda of the munich security conference which opened here in germany today this conference is often described as the most important security for on the planet and this year's meeting brings together more than 500 decision makers and 35 heads of state including leaders from the south held region concern is growing over the increasing violence in the sahil states some of which is being filled by climate change but it's not the only issue affecting africa sits. we discussed of munich the main
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theme of the meeting is something they have decided to call west's listeners the idea that the west is in retreat. is egypt c'mon is in munich for the conference and she joins me now it is it's good to see you we'll talk about that strange to. listeners in a moment but 1st i want to ask you just how much importance to our leaders gathered in munich putting on the crisis in this hell. oh quite a significant amount actually and you can tell by the delegation that's here from this a whole region we have ministers drawn from chad and but also there mt of money that's been poured into this region the e.u. alone has put over 8000000000 euros in the cycle since 2014 and this is for peace and security concerns as well as sustainable development in that region whether or not this is going to amount to anything is what we're discussing here at the munich security conference and what more can be done to accelerate that process. it is as
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we as we mentioned the situation in the so how is also being sealed by climate change you moderated a panel on that very theme do you get the sense that western leaders are taking the responsibility that they have to take rein in for a tsunami in that we've seen africans bear the brunt of all. this certainly a lot of awareness and john kerry made a various stock statement yesterday saying that the u.s. possibly has the highest number of climate change deniers in the world this of course is an issue that is impeding the efforts to mitigate the impact of climate change and this is just one of the issues that came up the green deal which is being fronted by the e.u. for example to try and mitigate these effects also came up and yet germany who is a signatory of that deal is still producing more beef than it can consume so there's a lot of awareness but there's also a lot of action there's also action towards the wrong things there was concern that banks are still investing in fuel fossil fuel companies and yet on. they seem to be
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in agreement with the paris agreement. it is coming back to that the theme of this year's munich security conference where the idea that. the western world's dominance is receding how would that position the affect africa what is the feeling about how that would affect africa. well the most important thing that would happen is that africans would get an opportunity to front things that are important to them and important to africans the 2nd thing that might happen is it would create room for new collaboration's if the e.u. is perhaps not of the central then africans could get an opportunity to renegotiate some of the deals that they feel do not work for them in terms of climate change in terms of peace and security and like i said earlier take a from stand on those issues and push them forward you've also been interacting with some of the delegations that have come through from africa what are they telling you what are they expecting from this conference or perhaps what is their
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message to western leaders gathered in munich. well i spoke to the kenyan ambassador to germany earlier and the 1st thing that she expressed was really disappointment saying that while the munich security conference is important it can still do more to be diverse and this is something that was repeated in the opening remarks by the german president from fall to steinmeyer saying that we do need to be more inclusive as we look at security concerns because they are global and so this is what i've heard from the african leaders saying that more needs to be done on the continent but at the same time admitting that they have to take the mantle and leave that conversation right that's the money at the munich security conference for us thank you. reports from south sudan allege pollution from the oil industry is causing birth defects miscarriages and severe illnesses the documents obtained by the a.p. news agency show that the. the government and the 2 main chinese they had oil
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companies have been away at that for years rather than content nation from drilling could be causing serious health problems but little has been done to clean up the mess the government says there is no firm link between oil waste and any health problems 6 fingers on each hand a sworn kidney at the front foot and a missing limb baby pink my aquia was born like this. i was shocked the 1st time i saw the baby. when our company paid the transfer of the family from south sudan to a medical facility in kenya for diagnosis and treatment pink my aquia was born in moving state the most oil producing state of south sudan. the oil company told the family that the defective due to a genetic problem by the father doesn't believe this. i mean or.
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this is all happening to us because of the oil pollution. most effects around all she its improving state nearly tripled between 20152017 says environmentalists groups from the region. also from these pictures of chemical dumpsites invasive ponds indicating that environmentalists stand there and not met here to chinese let multinational oil consortium's drilling in the region. so these companies have this model for doing oil and gas development in these developing 3rd world nations and that is to go and buy the government or otherwise ally themselves with the government. no regulations on the very favorable tax royalty regimes and do whatever they want to make as much profit as they want quickly and then leave and that's kind of the model that they're imposing on south sudan and that's really
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a tragedy for the people there and for the environment the other companies did not respond to the news agencies requests for comment a south sudanese our minister seen here in the middle of a meeting with oil workers an august last year called links between cantone nation and birth defects premature speculations consultant rick stein i would it reports for the united nations on oil pollution is more outspoken if there is human exposure even a minute quantities like down to 10 parts per 1000000000 benzenes and ph and such in the poly nuclear hydrocarbons that can cause birth defects cancers cardiovascular disease respiratory ailments and such like that there is a well established linkage there. and the family is convinced that their experiences prove there is a link. problem because even the animals like goats and cows have been born like this the role of family like my boy almost all of it the mother is increasingly
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concerned about her baby she says he can't breastfeed and he cries all night. we're going to get you know i am worried about his future. and it is not only the future of baby pink myopia which is at stake but the future of a whole region. ok our next story is in kenya where one artist makes life sized sculptures using scrap metal. founded the art gallery in 1902 that has been at the forefront off conserving the environment through education recycling junk battle and promoting conservation and sustainability issues through ought to has worked with recycled metal for 30 years but he says rising concerns globally about pollution over consumption and time to change make his work more relevant now than ever. never running out of
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material for inspiration can you not just maty he also turns thousands of tons of waste from all over the world into sculpture he says the ongoing issues of consumption and climate change make his work more relevant today the 2nd you know it's become more than just the folds i mean we just need to be really seen from what is out there on this plastic in. the ocean and also the whole idea of people being this we we're on this evening and full of wonderful pollution the wildlife conservation is close to his heart to life size lions guard his workshop the main on this one constructed from an illegal hunting stance meticulous childhood memories about the growing conflict between animals and humans in his country inspired him to sculpt wildlife to grow up south of nairobi where would a base used to roam vast plains. i don't need it with the migration is coming
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to the world that is more gruesome than a place called. i just. bought from a greece and it does not exist anymore because if you study migration patterns there was a part of that is to go up north for design you know to not mind going to project parts into the model. but taking his call to international law buys that included former us president bill clinton the danish wrote family and their san diego zoo he's now i mean to inspire the next generation of recyclers starting a sculpture apprenticeship school for must teach the younger people. to understand the importance of the saved me because. the resources we have in danger from pollution. while his work fetches thousands in the galleries of thyroid begin beyond my ticket hopes it sees the message that can be recycled into the future of
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the. well you might be a way that today if they were 40 this valentine's day to mark the occasion it has been lost in children around the world who they love and why some of the responses we got from children in lagos and i wrote. i love my mommy daddy wants to go to the bunny i love my dad. and it's our need for schools for me to love. them better. than he they will see. only. in their cars so babble can lead to but i am glad that to my advantage true. to that literally p.s. could this. deadly cause they felt rates are killing. well that's a foot off indeed over his every day stories on our website and facebook page.
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leaving out the small beaches on what side of kenya reciting the to skillful we seek me till next time i bite. you forced into a mass. of. their body. the history of the slave trade is africa's history. hour in
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traffic plummeted an entire continent into chaos and violence. this is the journey back into the history of slavery. i think you will truly be making progress when we all accept the history of slavery as all of our history. our documentary series slavery routs starts march 9th on g.w. . greetings from berlin and a warm welcome to the show well it's a slow burning saga that keeps flaring up director roman polanski is at the center of another uproar in france and also coming up. much more than just news it is a brand new exhibition at the shown in frankfurt revisits the. a female
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artists to surrealism. and after a blustery start due to last week's storm goal way on the west coast of ireland begins its stint as a european capital of culture for 2020. there's been a dramatic new developments in the ongoing controversy about french film prize nominations for roman polanski's latest film an officer and a spy aboard of the sea that's the french equivalent of the oscars resigned all mass on thursday just 2 weeks ahead of its awards ceremony the academy had faced a wave of criticism after polanski's film top nominations despite new sexual assault allegations against him. in the roman polanski's film about alfred jury for a jewish french officer unfairly accused of spying for germany in the 8090s has
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been well received by critics it picked up the grand jury prize at last year's venice film festival and.


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