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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 15, 2020 4:00am-4:15am CET

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this is v.w. news live from berlin kos words from germany's president for the world superpower profile the style that accuses the u.s. russia and china are starting global mistrust of the narrow national interests of the international cooperation also coming up when warns of a humanitarian crisis since the fighting in northern syria intensifies the looks of families torn apart by the conflict. going to die in the planes a bombing on the army is very close we hear from one syrian refugee in germany
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whose desk didn't stand one to safety. and it was shocking john's matches the city of fine food the 1000000 euros and banned from europe's champions league for 2 seasons city who found guilty of breaching spending. american held working to the program a laundry list of conflicts and uncertainty of the west's role in the world i don't and i think the munich security conference some 3 dozen heads of state diplomats and security experts have gathered in southern germany the west wind link influence on global security has even spawned a new term west lists. oh who's who of international politics. with plenty to discuss. the german
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president frank steinmeyer spent much of his keynote speech deploring the decline of internationalism and of european unity he had harsh words for russia china and the us. and the been the to our closest ally the united states of america under the current administration rejects the idea of an international community. great again great again if necessary also at the expense of maybe. fittingly enough it was a former u.s. secretary of state from another era john kerry who made a plea for reviving international cooperation no country can solve the problems we face of climate change cyber warfare nuclear challenges extremism disease all of these things require cooperation if we didn't have the united nations would have to invent it so people need to stop playing with people's fears
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protesters gathered outside the hotel where the conference is being held they said social problems and climate change should also be considered major security issues this is kind of the. house kind of but i know you cannot exclude climate protection from the security issue because it's a huge issue. and war is definitely not climate neutral by. mistreatment i drive by the conference continues until sunday with debates over the role of nato and the conflict in syria likely to dominate. the german president's words fell on mostly receptive ears with numerous participants bemoaning the decline of cohesion within the transatlantic community a decline for which the organizers of the security conference even coined a new term west listener meaning the lack of will or ability on the part of north america and europe to promote complex multilateral solutions to difficult problems
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amongst those problems climate change and nuclear proliferation came in for the most frequent mention but few participants held out hope of a new initiative to revive cooperation on either ultimately it may be the bilateral meetings on the sidelines of this. since that deliver more in the way of results for example a reduction of violence agreement that was affirmed here today after a meeting between the u.s. secretary of state the u.s. secretary of defense and the president of afghanistan if the taliban can prove that they are able to reduce violence over seventy's time then the afghan government says it is willing to sit down for peace talks that could pave the way for a drawdown of u.s. troops that's it for day one of the munich security conference i'm willing to create. now to some of the other stories making news around the world the death
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toll from the corona virus in milan china has risen above 1500 a hospital specializing in traditional chinese medicine in brouhaha at the center of the outbreak has been ready to take hundreds of patients the virus is now also reached africa with egypt reporting its 1st case. in thailand more than 200 put this month sprite at a shopping mall to remember victims of a soldier who went on a shooting rampage the gunman killed 29 people before police shot he did a mass prayer was held before shops were you know. the u.s. is raising tariffs on aircraft imported from the european union increased from 10 to 15 percent as part of a long running does dispute involving america's boeing europe's airbus trade watchdogs have declared your pain subsidies to illegal allowing the u.s. to impose tariffs. the united nations is warning of
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a growing humanitarian crisis as the conflict in northern syria intensifies the syrian government has stepped up its offensive on the last rebel stronghold in province more than 140000 have fled their homes in brazen days most heading for the nearby turkish border thousands of syrians have left the region altogether and travel to germany. we met one man who arrived here 7 years ago hoping his family would soon follow still left behind. deep in text the news from syria on social media all the time where did the latest bomb fall who or what was hit while he is in safety here in germany the rest of his family are in mortal danger and. he is desperately worried. whenever he tore drink i think of my children do they have anything to eat do they
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have a warm blanket or are there. his sons mohammad and 9 and 10 years old he had to leave them with their grandparents and he thought it too dangerous to flee with them if the internet is working he calls them several times a day or a little hello how moody how are you what's going on. it's cold the bombing and the plane crashed we were where we were. very narrow village get us out of here. come and get us. well i want to but i can't we need to get passports for you and lots of other things that i can bring you over here. we're going to die the planes are bombing us the army is very close.
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and the only adult member of the family lets us show his face comes on how. people are suffering especially the refugees it's chaos i don't know whether i'm coming or going. everybody is heading north camping in the olive groves sleeping in the open i'm protected even though it's bitterly cold. the united nations estimates that more than $700000.00 people from into profits have fled their homes many are heading towards turkey but they're not being allowed in the refugee camps overcrowded it's freezing and there's a lack of drinking water and food there is no boy for them because most of their towns and cities are being bombed out and they are facing a syrian situation this is why an immediate cease fire that is the only solution going forward. but there's no sign of that and the fighting continuous. come would
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do anything he could to rescue his children from danger but he can't all he can do is follow events from berlin. nobody notices people see me and think i'm doing fine but inside i die a 1000 deaths every day and my heart goes out to my children and to all the other children. for the sport now in european football's governing body your wife has banned the english manchester city from champions league competition for the next 2 seasons in a statement released on friday wafer says it's because of serious financial fair play bridge citizens are the running premier league champions managed by spanish legend. and have now been found guilty of having falsely inflated their sponsorship revenue white for have also find man city 30000000 euros club says it will appeal
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against the decision. or joining in the studio. what is it now that manchester city are alleged to have done they fundamentally spent loads loads more money than they should have done it is complicated because there are rules these financial fair play rules that are supposed to limit how much of a loss each club is allowed to make but we have a specific situation with manchester city where the owner is shakman from the abu dhabi ruling family and he's just poor billions of pounds into this into manchester city and that has made the finances of the club very uneven he's put loads of money and bought expensive players paid them lots of money and didn't half it seems like didn't have enough of a sponsorship deal to offset the losses so the club made far too much of a large loss making the whole place really unstable so these us financial fair play
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rules is this not exactly what they introduced it is exactly why they were introduced they were used to control or to try to control is billionaire kind of you know play boys who buy themselves a football club for fun and want to go and win a big trophy and yet may not have the same kind of emotional attachment to these clubs that generations of fans might have and so my not wanting. she to think about long term investment rather than make it expire with loads of cash basically so if you're cynical football fan like me you might think this is going on all over the place why is it all blowing up now with mansions to see whether it's going on all over the place or not i'm not in a position. but emails were leaked last year basically there was a great big cash data dump of emails relating to football relating specifically also to manchester city and that showed that this offset of finances had been
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supposedly happening with it with a massive sponsorship deal by eddie had allied airline also an average of the company that was actually not to this massive amount of money i think 67000000 pounds a year supposedly and sponsorship wasn't coming from the airline but most of it was actually coming from shakman source family firm so looks like there was a bit of a dodgy dealing going on in terms of where the money was coming from in order to offset this massive influx of money from the shakes investments into the club those emails were leaked and there is a man currently in prison awaiting trial for alleged hacking of those emails so whether that will actually play into a warehouse or see these emails to take him is another question but manchester city has been breaking the rules from the get go i when these financial fair play rules for 2011 so they now the whole thing now goes to arbitration
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in. sport in switzerland manchester city say they're going to appeal we might have a ways to go and a clever thank you very much. well staying with football in the bundesliga is friday and not jan dortmund cruised to a dominating 4 nil victory against frankfurt moving up to 6 in place in the title in the process veteran defender luke is pissed chick got the party started with just a half an hour gone and it was jade sanchez the informed englishman adding another early in the 2nd half not to go to holland set the record. goal in his 1st 5 when this league games just a few minutes later and where they rounded out the school with a quarter of an hour left on the clock for nil to the hundreds so i don't mean with . a video of an astronaut bring in with a dog after spending nearly
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a year in space has gone viral causing damp allies around the world for staying the cost came home this week after $328.00 days on the international space station and her dog little brown dog known as l b d was very obviously a life had to see her again. not sure who was more excited glad she remembers me after you that's what course wrote when she posted the video on such well maybe we thank you for. what a way to go out coming up next kate ferguson will be here with business news don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's d.w. dot com for now but i'm anthony how it thanks for joining us.
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