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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 15, 2020 5:00pm-5:15pm CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin the united states tells its allies at the munich security conference that the west is winning bidder report that the death of the transatlantic alliance is grossly over exaggerated but this is while u.s. secretary of state might pay 0 tries to reassure the rest of nato french president emmanuel macklin tells the audience the west is weaker and europe must rely upon itself. and mark to zucker burke says he's proud of the progress facebook is making in election security but is still worried about the mystic information operations
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targeting november's elections in the united states. trends and is the 1st death in europe from the corona virus after the global death toll of the outbreak has now surpassed $1500.00 people but officials from china for the virus started insist it will soon be over. the next vice or welcome to the program world leaders meeting in southern germany have already laid out opposing views on the health of the western alliance earlier today u.s. secretary of state mike pompei it rejected claims that his country is backing away from its role as a global leader. day 2 of the munich conference one of the main speakers u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh he began by contradicting
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a thesis put forward the day before by german president func father steinmeyer what really winning that the united states rejects the international community and of quo. here this morning to tell you the facts i'm happy to report that the death of the transatlantic alliance is grossly over exaggerated that may be but the morning's other main speaker was not so sure french president emmanuel mccaw said europe must become more independent of the us soon they don't but if we have no freedom to act then we have no credibility in foreign policy and we can't be a junior partner to the united states of america mccord peo also disagreed over one of the main themes of this year's conference that the west is losing global influence. when i look at the world as it's being shaped and that's the theme of your conference this year there is indeed a weakening of the west that looks you know this idea of west was listed as the
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core theme for this year's conference and i'm sure to there many of you who would call yourself a realist. but we give you an idea of what's real the west is winning or posted it goes on 15 years ago we thought that our values were universal that we were going to dominate the world in the long term that we were dominant in terms of technology military and so on and then i look at the horizon of 10 to 15 years we are going to be increasingly pushed by other agendas another values is the myth of the free west has a far brighter future than illiberal alternatives or winning or doing it together. it was left to nato secretary general young starting back to try and smooth over the continuing transatlantic tensions europe and north america are indispensable partners to saw it's of the same korean so when we stand together we can compete with confidence protect our interests defend values thank you
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i and for more on this let's go straight to correspondent terry scholz who is in munich at the security conference terry you were moderating the panel with pompei 0 this morning so what was your biggest takeaway i think we heard there nic it was incredible to hear secretary of state pump aoe a man who has criticized the european union u.s. chastize european policies say that we are all moving forward together we're on the same side and this is all working if you listen to european union leaders of course they will point out that the u.s. has dumped some of the policies they would have liked to work on together like climate like iran nuclear control of the regime and they don't have the same view and also the most the most striking thing this morning in those 3 counties was
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secretary of state pompei o's fervent defense of transatlantic ties. that was due to abuse teri schultz in munich and just a few moments ago facebook's mark zuckerberg spoke at the conference he said he was proud of the progress facebook is making on election security but worried about what he called domestic information operations targeting elections and he wants more government regulation. what should be the balance between free expression and safety where what is after what is political discourse and what's the boundary between that and political interference what to what extent we want companies to be walking down data and to what extent do we want them to be encouraging them to make it more open to encourage more innovation and competition in academic research so i believe what our responsibility is is to build the operational muscle to build a proactively enforce whatever the policy is and regulations are to make sure that
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we can fight election interference take down content that's going to be dangerous have good auditing and controls on the data that we hold for people and businesses to make sure of that is that people can have confidence and not. but at some level i do think that we don't want private companies making so many decisions about how to balance social equities without a more democratic process and we welcome back to the studio do you use joel dollar for some analysis on what mark zuckerberg had to say there what was your big takeaway when he talked a lot about how the companies investing in trying to crack down on misinformation and fake accounts so he says they've got new artificial intelligence systems that can shut down a 1000000 fake accounts a day and that they're cracking down on terrorist propaganda and hate speech and that he also admitted that his company was slow to understand the scale of the misinformation that was spread during the 2016 u.s. presidential elections and the u.k.
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brigs that restaurant. and that they have been working very hard to make sure that elections can be better monitored and better control the information that gets shared but to me i found is a bit confusing because it's quite contradictory just facebook's own policies when it comes to political advertising because they're quite clear that they allow political campaigners to lie in their ads as long as their pain. zuckerberg has previously said that he doesn't think his plan should be deciding what's true and office and that people should be able to make up their own minds about what candidates and saying in their ads and we had an example last year where donald trump in the us put up an ad that contained a lie about one of his kid is rivals or biden yeah and when facebook was asked to take that ad down they refused to do so so they've got this one rule for misinformation being spread by fake accounts in other countries around the world and they have this other rule for candidates who are paying the money for political
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ads and double standard it would seem not an expert let me ask you this what is mark zuckerberg doing it's munich security conference which gathers generals foreign ministers presidents people who count nuclear warheads is a social media guy with wright and it does seem a bit odd because if it doesn't having to do with with defense the military but perhaps it does reflect that facebook doesn't have an increasing role these days in the information war between countries between candidates and of course we also heard we heard his company talking to possible how he their company believes it's where elections are won and lost today one of his own vice presidents at facebook said that he believes that the that facebook was responsible for getting donald trump elected not because of any dirty tricks but simply because donald trump spent the most money on political ads and ran one of the biggest digital campaigns ever so that's facebook's vision of democracy one where companies a web browser campaigners spend money on facebook for political ads and has it
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didn't make any concrete commitments that stood out to you now he talked about this idea of wanting more regulation but if you listen closely to what he said he wanted regulation around content privacy and dot of portability but to me in some ways he's kind of playing catch up there because particularly in the e.u. we've already had quite a big movement to introduce more regulation we had we've got a very big data protection policy became in place last year and so in some ways he's kind of just trying to. catch up a bit with what's already in place and what other countries are now also doing some countries are moderating content and forcing facebook to take content down and of course what zuckerberg wants is a unified approach that he can have more influence over rather than having lots of different countries and regions come up with these different rules that then he has to play catch up for ok here's joel dollar i thank you for breaking it all down after c.e.o. of facebook mark zuckerberg spoke at the munich security conference. the coronavirus at the demick is also focusing minds of the conference china is that
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the foreign minister expressed confidence at the meeting that the epidemic will soon be over in china itself a court has threatened to impose the death penalty on people who hide symptoms of the virus more than 1500 people have died in the epidemic so far including in france which has recorded the outbreak 1st fatality in europe and the virus is making life difficult for many others. for one man in china quarantine is a marathon a way to cope with the boredom. much of china is on lockdown in beijing or thirties older people returning from their chinese new year holidays to self quarantine or face punishment but the w.h.o. sounds got beat when you talk about the old norms and there are many is what do we know what should we do that we have to be doing and i think if you ask those questions they were getting a lot will. be 2 different tribes. china right now
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everything from traditional medicine all the way through to drugs but authorities across china are overwhelmed with the sheer number of patients especially inside who paid province in who had the capital of patients are admitted to a new hospital with thousands of chinese traditional medicine doctors. also in will hand doctors try everything they can to tackle the virus including shaving their heads in case pathogens in their hair spread the virus and outside china thousands are also in quarantine the united states announcing it will evacuate its citizens from the diamond princess currently docked in japan just one of many ships in asia that are on lockdown. the big question now is have infections of the fire speak no one can tell for sure. seem to be working but the world health organization is still focused on what the cooling the unknown's how the virus
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spreads and how it responds to different treatments. rival protests in the eastern city of dresden are underway now as the city marks the 75th anniversary of the world war 2 bombings far right demonstrators are holding a so-called humoral march and they're being challenged by a larger group of fascist counter protesters it follows the anniversary of the bombings that flattened the city and killed some 25000 civilians last year councilors in dresden declared what they called a nazi emergency. joining us from a trusted correspondent on how much time. the demonstration is taking place how big is the turnout. on exactly i'm standing just in front of the final stop of the neo nazi demonstration the so-called funeral monster. behind me and speak us addressing
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a crowd to the round people and judging from the different flags swedish maxim garion flags both gary and flags italian flags. german right protesters are joined by european rio nazis and 5 or 8 groups who have come from all over europe to join this monster and they are surrounded here at their final stop like they were all day by counter protesters who were shouting very loudly tell us a little bit more about the counter protesters if you would what kind of crowds have they generated. exactly the counterparts have been going on since 11 am this morning there were 2 big protest marches under the. nazis filled in disturbed nazis and they've gathered its tracks across up around 2000 people who are blocking off who were blocking off the streets and activists were shouting
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they were a couple of smaller groups but it also tracks it's a variety of civil society activists at different political process have called in their members to join the counter protesters as did the fridays for future for example so it was an alliance of different groups that called on their members to take to the streets here and what measures are the police taking to prevent any kind of clashes if the groups come together. well the police have to definitely taken the approach of keeping these 2 groups of protests separate asked they could. funeral mass was. almost 15 minutes late and taking on them and stasi in on them much through the city center because counter protesters were blocking them off and there was a lot of very heavy police presence trying to separate the 2 and they avoided major clashes there were some minor clashes between the 2 different groups but no major clashes so far all right deb is there any of on how much time in dresden thanks for
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that. is the news up next sports life we catch up with an athlete who despite being a lifelong wheelchair user swims searched and pushes himself to the limits every day to get all the news and website up to dot com and express or thanks for choice . they were forced into a nameless mass. their bodies your tools. the history of the slave trade is africa's history.


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