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this is the news line from berlin is the west winning or some weaker well depends on who you ask at the munich security conference happy to report that the death of the trends if i don't know why and there's grossly over exaggerated. when i look at the world as it's being shaped in maps the theme of your conference this year there is indeed a weakening of the west us secretary of state my palm pale and french president emmanuel mccall very different pictures of the western alliance boss france announces the 1st death in europe from the coronavirus epidemic
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a chinese tourists passes away in a french hospital as the global death toll of the outbreak surpasses 1500 people but officials from china where the virus started insisting outbreak will soon be over. i'm called aspen thanks for joining me on day 2 of the munich security conference world leaders have laid out opposing views on the health of the western alliance earlier today u.s. secretary of state mike pompei old rejected claims that his country is a backing away from his role as a global leader. day 2 of the munich conference one of the main speakers u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh he began by contradicting a thesis put forward the day before by german president func father steinmeyer lee
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winning that the united states rejects the international community and quote. here this morning to tell you the facts i'm happy to report that the death of the transatlantic alliance is grossly over exaggerated that may be but the morning's other main speaker was not so sure french president emmanuel mccall said europe must become more independent of the us soon they don't but if we have no freedom to act then we have no credibility in foreign policy and we can't be a junior partner to the united states of america mccourt i'm prone peo also disagreed over one of the main themes of this year's conference that the west is losing global influence. when i look at the world as it's being shaped and that's the theme of your conference this year there is indeed a weakening of the west looks you don't this idea of what's in the system as the core theme for this year's conference and i'm sure to there many of you who would
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call yourself a realist. but let me give you an idea of what's real the west is winning or both so you're 15 years ago we thought that our values were universal that we were going to dominate the world in the long term that we were dominant in terms of technology military and so on and then i look at the horizon of 10 to 15 years we are going to be increasingly pushed by other agendas another values it is a myth of the free west has a far brighter future than illiberal alternatives or winning or doing it together. it was left to nato secretary general young starting back to try and smooth over the continuing transatlantic tensions europe and north america are indispensable partners to saw it's of the same korean so when we stand together we can compete with confidence protect our interests and values thanks i. wanted teri schultz is covering the conference for us
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from munich she joins us now for more in fact are you doing more than just covering the conference or actually moderating one of the panels this morning the pond pale panel you were moderating that discussion what was your biggest takeaway. karl i think the thing that struck me the most was how different this pompei a speech was from those we've seen in brussels or the comments that president trump makes about the european union you know normally they're all about america 1st america leading and in this case as you heard secretary pump aoe said we're a team and we are winning we're doing it together we're winning collectively and this is something i haven't heard from secretary of pompei opel for so it was very interesting to get the sense that he in a way is trying to talk the europeans back into wanting to be transatlantic partners after the administration has done so much to turn them away. on the other hand many european leaders have
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a completely different message saying the west is weakening french president emanuel was one of those today he says he wants europe to do more without the united states in fact we asked germany's foreign minister heikal moss for his thoughts on the matter. as of it we would see the invitation to the strategic dialogue now we believe that we 1st need to decide within europe how to meet the increased demands in the future we will have to do more for our security but i think it would be a mistake to pit europe against the us. as it were in that security alliance that works nato but it needs reform and we're discussing that now we want to bolster the european side of nato and to do that we 1st need to reach consensus in europe that dialogue that the manuel mccrone has proposed complaisant in effect a role in this that's why we will take part in that assault on them so terry looks like mosse not ready to give up on the united states yet or even on nato even
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though there have been these increased tensions with europe. that's right every european leader acknowledges that there is no replacement for nato as the security guarantor for europe even those europeans and there are very few i would have to say who talk about an e.u. army always say that nato will remain the chief source of security for all european countries so it's not surprising to hear that from european leaders what's more interesting is that europeans are finally picking up the message that the u.s. has pushed on them for so long that they need to be more self-sufficient and so president mccrone sees an opening for himself now especially with the departure of britain from the european union and he is definitely trying to position himself as both a disruptor to try to get europeans to to do more to defend themselves and to position himself as the head of that movement so it's going to be very interesting to watch the french leaders moves as he tries to establish himself in this position here
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that's a message we've been hearing from for some time to teri schultz thank you so much reporting for us from you well france has announced the 1st fatality from the corona virus in europe an 80 year old chinese tourist asked away in a hospital in paris bringing the death toll outside mainland china to 4 now the impact of the virus is still strongest within china where around 1500 people have now died and authorities there are taking drastic steps to combat the outbreak with a court threatening to impose the death penalty on people who hide symptoms of the virus. for one man in china quarantine is a marathon a way to cope with the boredom. much of china is on lockdown in beijing or thirties or the people returning from their chinese new year holidays to self quarantine or face punishment china says it works. are great efforts
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have been paying off. today new infections and also. have been falling for tough days running. but authorities across china are overwhelmed with the sheer number of patients especially inside who pay province in who had the capital of patients are admitted to a new hospital with thousands of chinese traditional medicine doctors. also in hand doctors try everything they can to tackle the virus including shaving their heads in case pathogens in their hair spread the virus and outside china thousands are also in quarantine the united states announcing it will effect to its citizens from the diamond princess currently docked in japan just one of many ships in asia that are on lockdown the big question now is have infections of the fire a speak to no one can tell for sure quarantines seem to be working but the world
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health organization is still focused on what they're calling the unknowns how the virus spreads and how it responds to different treatments. well those questions are echoing at the munich security conference as well that's where chief political correspondent melinda crane is for us she spoke to mike ryan the executive director of the w h o's health emergencies program and she asked about international cooperation to combat the corona virus outbreak. china has been much in focus here at the munich security conference but actually generally as a rival and a threat is it possible that that view of china could or is impeding humanitarian cooperation no i wouldn't i wouldn't say so i think what we need if we're going to beat this wire is we beat it together and that's what we've been saying just a consistent message we're in this together and the virus is the common enemy and what we want to see and this great to see the international team arriving now in
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china and it's a multinational team and it contains experts from all over the world including the united states so i think we're moving forward in a very positive way you had some pretty positive things to say about china's own efforts this morning when you spoke can you tell us why you take such a positive view view because in fact there's been a good deal of criticism as well yeah and in all crisis management ers criticism for mistakes there are all kinds of things we do in a crisis we are we're acting on limited information all the time in a crisis you never have the information you need to make the perfect decision which must act and what we've seen a strong action in the face of with developing crisis so we praise that we praise cambodia for having the ship we praise all the countries in africa a week ago only 2 countries in africa have the capacity to diagnose with 19 as i speak today almost all of them have that everyone is acting and we praise all
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actions that are aimed at containing this disease but we also need to communicate with our populations in an effective way so we don't scare people. we've now seen the 1st fatality from 19 here in europe have we already lost the battle to contain and exterminate coronavirus is it now here to stay in. new viruses emerge we don't know the future. behavior of the virus. what we do know is that the grip of the virus has been outside china now for a number of weeks and we still of want to got 500 just over 500 cases in 24 countries and those countries are significantly containing the virus china significantly slow slowing it down we may not be able to slow it down entirely and we may have to wait for the development of vaccines to finally. stop the disease but what we can to save a lot of lives will be trying to do is take care of one of those populations and
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get them to treat instead he should know it's not the white flags this is the time for action. thank you very much. in this league action hertz of berlin capped off a tumultuous week with a win over last place potter born earlier head coach jurgen klinsmann shockingly quit the club over differences with management but i think we should go a long way to cleanse the palate of fans and supporters after such unsavory news off the field. just a week ago hair to assistant alexander nori couldn't have expected to make his return to head coaching but then you're going pins mom shocked the club by resigning nor his side looked determined to shake off the negative headlines in their relegation battle with powder born. with just 10 minutes played santiago out to sea by a cross from deep and belgian bomber detrick rose above the rest to head home one nil heritable. the visitors looked to have doubled their lead just 8 minutes later
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but heritage debutant materia schooners goal was chopped off to the start young tech was real tough handled the ball in the run up to the play i'm. despite the setback nori squad headed into the half time break with a comfortable one male lead but speaking out with the one no win would simply be too easy for hair to give in this week's events keep if you know you just try and deflected dennis or bennie's tight angle shot into his own net. 11. but klinsmann is quitting also overshadowed positive news at heritage a number of big january signings including who wasn't dissuaded when his 1st goal was ruled off his 67th minute back you'll counted giving the visitors a lead in his 1st ever appearance for berlin. it ended 21 delivering alexander nor his 1st win in 21 games as head coach and his return to the dugout and starting the
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post klinsmann era on a high. now their bonus legal action on saturday afternoon rb leipzig had their way with bremen posting a 3 nil win and reclaiming 1st place in the standings he free kick in the 18th minute found its way to lucas close to a man who had an easy chap in there to open the scoring then down the elmo corner into the box patrick schick waiting for that one he made it to nil just 20 minutes later and after a minute after the restart. firing into. silda leipzig victory the french been making some nifty moves there he beat his marker and he gave roman or so he took that one against. the bonus league's early saturday game is now history let's take a look at all the results so far on match day 22 hertz of berlin beat potter born just days after you're going to cleanse klinsmann quit as coach rb leipzig battering bremen leverkusen snuck past lin wolfsburg beat hoffenheim out book and
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freiburg shared the spoils and as we saw dortmund down frankfurt now kicking off soon we will see dusseldorf against gladbach and on sunday cologne take on byron munich well minds meet shaka watching news up next our documentary film the dresden legend i'll be back at the top of the hour with words. it's all happening good job today coming. to are linked to news from africa and the world your links to exceptionally stories and discussions can you and will come to the debut suffocating program tonight from for a new journey from the news of easy to our website down to the codes next africa join us on facebook and d.-w. africa.


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