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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 15, 2020 9:00pm-9:16pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin is the west winning goal or is it a week or well depends on who you ask at the munich security conference happy to report that the death of the transatlantic alliance is grossly over exaggerated and the moment when i look at the world as it's being shaped and that's the theme of your conferences here there is indeed a weakening of the west u.s. secretary of state my colleague pale and french president emanuel most called painting very different pictures of the western ally and a passing conference mark zuckerberg says he's proud of facebook's progress on the
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election security but he's still worried about misinformation targeting november's u.s. elections and he says he supports more government regulation. and in football here it's over land we're back in action this time with a new coach on center nori stepping in to take the reins against potter born after going klinsmann's shocking departure. i'm calling aspen thanks for joining me on the 2nd day of the munich security conference world leaders have laid out opposing views on the health of the western alliance earlier today u.s. secretary of state my palm pale rejected claims that his country is backing away from its role as a global leader. day 2 of the munich conference one of the main speakers u.s.
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secretary of state mike pompei oh he began by contradicting the thesis put forward the day before by german president flying father steinmeyer winning that the united states rejects the international community and of quo. here this morning to tell you the facts i'm happy to report that the death of the transatlantic alliance is grossly over exaggerated that may be but the morning's other main speaker was not so sure french president emmanuel mccaw said europe must become more independent of the us soon they don't but if we have no freedom to act then we have no credibility in foreign policy and we can't be a junior partner to the united states of america mccourt i'm prone peo also disagreed over one of the main themes of this year's conference but the west is losing global influence. when i look at the world as it's being shaped and that's the theme of your conference this year there is indeed
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a weakening of the west looks you don't this idea of what's in the system as the core theme for this year's conference and i'm sure to there many of you who would call yourself a realist. but let me give you an idea of what's real the west is waiting. opposed to your guns own 15 years ago we thought that our values were universal that we were going to dominate the world in the long term that we were dominant in terms of technology military and so on and then i look at the horizon of 10 to 15 years we are going to be increasingly pushed by other agendas another values it is a myth of the free west has a far brighter future than illiberal alternatives or winning or doing it together. it was left to nato secretary general young starting back to try and smooth over the continuing transatlantic tensions europe and north america are indispensable partners 2 sides of the same korean so when we stand together we can
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compete with confidence protect our interests defend values thank you i think every correspondent teri schultz is covering the conference for us from munich she joins us now for more in fact are you doing more than just covering the conference or actually moderating one of the panels this morning the pale panel you were moderating that discussion what was your biggest takeaway. karl i think the thing that struck me the most was how different this pompei of speech was from those we've seen in brussels or the comments that president trump makes about the european union you know normally they're all about america 1st america leading and in this case as you heard secretary pump aoe said we're a team and we are winning we're doing it together we're winning collectively and this is something i haven't heard from secretary pump aopa for so it was very interesting to get the sense that he in a way is trying to talk the europeans back into wanting to be transatlantic
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partners after the administration has done so much to turn them away on the other hand many european leaders have a completely different message saying the west is weakening french president a man. was one of those today he says he wants europe to do more without the united states fact we asked germany's foreign minister for his thoughts on the matter. as a vivid we would separate the invitation to this strategic dialogue we believe that we 1st need to decide within europe how to meet the increased demands in the future we will have to do more for our security but i think it would be a mistake to pick europe against the us. as it were in that security alliance that works nato but it needs reform and we're discussing that now we want to bolster the european side of nato and to do that we 1st need to reach consensus in europe that dialogue that emanuel mccrone has proposed can play a significant role in this and that's why we will take part in the us will find
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them so terry looks like mosse not ready to give up on the united states yet or even on nato even though there have been these increased tensions with your. that's right every european leader acknowledges that there is no replacement for nato as the security guarantor for europe even those europeans and there are very few i would have to say who talk about an e.u. army always say that nato will remain the chief source of security for all european countries so it's not surprising to hear that from european leaders what's more interesting is that europeans are finally picking up the message that the u.s. has pushed on them for so long that they need to be more self-sufficient and so president mccrone sees an opening for himself now especially with the departure of britain from the european union and he is definitely trying to position himself as both a disruptor to try to get europeans to to do more to defend themselves and to position himself as the head of that movement so it's going to be very interesting to watch
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the french leaders moves as he tries to establish himself in this position you know that's a message we've been hearing from for some time now terry schultz thank you so much reporting for us from you. well he's not a head of state sees not a diplomat he's not a general but facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg is still one of the most powerful people to take the stage in munich just a few hours ago he faced questions on election security saying he was proud of the progress that facebook has made since the elections in 2016 and he repeated his previous calls for more government regulation. i think that there needs to be regulation and at least 4 areas touching our company and they are elections and political discourse around content more broadly content moderation. privacy and data portability i believe what our responsibility is is to build the operational
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muscle to build to proactively enforce whatever the policy is and regulations are to make sure that we can fight election interference take down content that's going to be dangerous have good auditing and controls on the data that we hold for people and businesses to make sure of that is that people can have confidence or not. but at some level i do think that we don't want private companies making so many decisions about how to balance social equity is without a more democratic process do you have your border joel dole roy watch that speech live in joins me now in studio for some more analysis here now joel of course 2016 we know russian government agents they used facebook they interfered in the u.s. election zuckerberg has been facing questions about that ever since 2016 what do you have to say today about election security a big topic today at the security conference he talked a lot about how facebook is investing in making sure that there is there's a crackdown on the spread of misinformation during sensitive times like elections
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he talked about how they have now have ai to be able to shut down a 1000000 fake accounts a day some of those accounts within minutes of them starting up here mr his company was slow to understand the scale of the misinformation that was being spread during the u.s. 2016 election and during the brig's a referendum in the united kingdom but now he says that they're employing more than 35000 people spending more on security today than the company actually i don't entirely a few years ago ok so there were there were there is proactive instead of reactive and of course a big election coming up this year in the united states so more eyes will be on the bergen facebook they're now. the other topic that came up was regulation right in the u.s. we've been hearing calls for more regulation of tech companies what did zuckerberg have to say of course he's speaking in europe where there is some regulation of facebook right areas he spoke about regulation one is that he said that facebook should be regulated as a new top of entity something between a newspaper which is it responsible for its own content added telecoms network
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which is not responsible for what people do want to he wants some kind of new category created he called for regulation in 3 areas but if you listen closely he didn't say he wants total regulation just in terms of elections content moderation privacy and data portability well as you mentioned in europe we already have quite strong in on a lot of those areas last year we introduced the general datta protection rule in europe and some states in the u.s. also trying to copy some of those regulations other countries are bringing in their own rules forcing facebook to take down content if they don't like it so really trying to get ahead of the game here trying to play catch up where in a lot of areas there already is stronger give asian and he wants his company to be involved in a conversation rather than just responding to it you know why not take the lead and suggest a regulation he wouldn't mind seeing right as the c.e.o. of facebook. thank you very much for analysis. or here's a check now of some of the other stories making headlines at this hour an 80 year old chinese tourists has died from the corona virus in
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a hospital in france it's the 1st in europe and just the 4th outside of mainland china where around 1500 people have died officials they are taking drastic steps now to combat the outbreak with a court threatening the death penalty for people who hi cindy. several 100 far rights demonstrators have rallied in the german city of dresden to mark the 75th anniversary of the world war 2. they were challenged by a larger group of anti-fascist counter protesters right wing extremists have traditionally co-opted the remembrance day to push a. agenda. hundreds of protesters have gathered in moscow to express their opposition to russian president vladimir putin's proposed changes to the constitution they would grant extra powers to parliament and are widely seen as an attempt by putin to extend his power yawned the end of his presidential term in 2024. sports
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now in. berlin capped off a tumultuous week with a win over last place potter born earlier head coach you're going klinsmann shockingly quick the club over differences with management but that victory should go a long way in cleansing the palettes of fans and supporters after the unsavory news off the field just a week ago heritage alexander nori couldn't have expected to make his return to head coaching but then you can klinsmann shock the club by resigning. determined to shake off the negative headlines in their relegation battle with powder book. with just 10 minutes played something i go out to see bar across from t.v. and belgian bomber detrich boy rose above the rest to head home. one nil hair to. the visitors look to have doubled their lead just 8 minutes later but heritage debutant materials to news go with chalked up to the start young tech was real to
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handle the ball in the run up to the play i'm. despite the setback nori squad headed into the half time break with a comfortable one nil leaving but speaking out with the one no win would simply be too easy for hair to give in this week's events people who know you just try and deflect the dentists' or bennie's tight angle shot into his own net. 11. but klinsmann is quitting also overshadowed positive news at heritage a number of big january signings including cumia who wasn't dissuaded when his 1st goal was ruled off his 67th minute back you'll counted giving the visitors a lead in his 1st ever appearance for berlin. it ended 21 delivering alexander nor his 1st win in 21 games as head coach and his return to the dugout and starting the post klinsmann era on a high. in other bundestag action on saturday afternoon rb leipzig had their way
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with bremen posting a 3 yell win and reclaiming 1st place in the standings a free kick in the 18th minutes found its way to lucas close to man who had an easy tap in there to open up scoring and daniel ball sent a corner into the box a trick schick winning an aerial battle there to make it sunil 20 minutes later and just a minute after the restart nobody caley firing into seal wipes the victory of the french for making some nifty nifty moves there to beat the pram and keep an. eye reminder now the top story that we're tracking for you at busy hour at the munich security conference facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has. told delegates that his company takes down more than a 1000000 of fake accounts each day he also said he was proud of the progress that facebook was making on election security. watching news from berlin up next world stories the beacon reports this time around you look at
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germany 75 years up to the world war 2 the bombing of dresden in the meantime all the latest news information level around the clock on our website just dot com or follow us on twitter at d w news i'm calm asked the. morning in tokyo. how to. have fun in pyongyang. the capital city of north korea is reinventing itself. but only a few can enjoy the benefits for those the regime alone. kim jong un has introduced an insidious reward system to coerce allegiance to the regime. those who don't make it into the fun metropolis are.


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