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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 16, 2020 12:00am-12:15am CET

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well you. this is the deputy news live from berlin is the west winning or is it we can. ask if the munich security conference. be to report that the death of the transatlantic alliance is grossly over exaggerated. when i look at the world as it's being shaped and that's the theme of your conference and see here there is indeed a weakening of the west looks you know us 6 pre-state on peo and french president and i'm on the cross very different pitches of the western alliance but also coming up. france announced as the 1st death in europe from the coronavirus epidemic
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chinese tourists dies in a french hospital as the global death tolls of pasta 1600 officials from china insist the outbreak will soon be of. and in football head the building was back in action this time with a new coach alexander nearing stepping up to take the reins against head of one to getting things shocked to touch. a math anyhow thanks for joining me on the 2nd day of the munich security conference world leaders have laid out opposing views on the health of the western alliance earlier today u.s. secretary of state my pompei are projected claims that his country is backing away from its role as a global leader. day 2 of the munich conference one of the main speakers u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o he began by. contradicting
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a thesis put forward the day before by german president flying father steinmeyer winning that the united states rejects the international community and a quote. here this morning to tell you the facts i'm happy to report that the death of the transatlantic alliance is grossly over exaggerated that may be but the morning's other main speaker was not so sure french president emmanuel mccaw said europe must become more independent of the us soon but if we have no freedom to act then we have no credibility in foreign policy and we can't be a junior partner to the united states of america. macor also disagreed over one of the main themes of this year's conference that the west is losing global influence . when i look at the world as it's being shaped and that's the theme of your conference this year there is indeed a weakening of the west looks you don't this idea of west was listed as the core
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theme for this year's conference and i'm sure to there are many of you who would call yourself a realist but let me give you an idea of what's real the west is winning a policy that goes on 15 years ago we thought that our values were universal that we were going to dominate the world in the long term that we were dominant in terms of technology military and so on and then i look at the horizon of 10 to 15 years we are going to be increasingly pushed by other agendas another values it is a myth of the free west has a far brighter future than illiberal alternatives or winning or doing it together. it was left to nato secretary-general un starting back to try and smooth over the continuing transatlantic tensions europe and north america are indispensable partners to sawicki of the same korean so when we stand together we can compete with confidence protect our interests the friend values thank you
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if. teri schultz has been covering the conference force in munich well as to how she viewed pompei as comments on the state of the transatlantic alliance think the thing that struck me the most was how different this pompei of speech was from those we've seen in brussels or the comments the president makes about the european union you know normally they're all about america 1st america leaving and in this case as you heard secretary pump a.o. said we're a team and we are winning we're doing it together we're winning collectively and this is something i haven't heard from secretary pump aoe before so it was very interesting to get the sense that he in a way is trying to talk the europeans back into wanting to be transatlantic partners after the administration has done so much to turn them away. and as well as terry should stay doubly also caught up with german foreign minister in munich
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he said the crimes comments could prompt europe to take a critical look at its role within the transatlantic alliance as a vivid and we would step the invitation to this strategic dialogue we believe that we 1st need to decide within europe how to meet the increased demands in the future we will have to do more for our security but i think it would be a mistake to put europe against the us. as it were in its security alliance that works nato but it needs reform and we're discussing that now we want to bolster the european side of nato and to do that we 1st need to reach consensus in europe but dialogue that the manuel mccrone has proposed can play a significant role in this that's why we will take part. in the. u.s. defense. has said that a truce agreement between the us and the taliban looks promising but is not without risks he also said it could lead to a reduction of u.s.
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troops in afghanistan meanwhile afghan president as for afghani weighing in from unique says the taliban's acceptance of elections would be critical taste washington has been negotiating a week long partial ceasefire across afghanistan which it hopes will lead to direct talks between the taliban and the government in. france has announced the 1st fatality from the corona virus in europe and i see your old chinese tourist passed away in a hospital in paris bringing the death toll outside my main china to for the viruses claimed of a 1600 lives so far. no panic in paris despite the news of europe's 1st death from covert 19 the official name for the corona virus the french health minister announced that an 80 year old had succumbed to a lung infection and a hospital intensive care unit circus the patient was a chinese tourists from who by a province he was admitted to the shah hospital in paris on the 25th of january and
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treated in complete isolation from his condition deteriorated rapidly when they got there the health minister said 10 other people with the virus were doing well for a said to be cured at the munich security conference global measures to contain the corona virus were discussed and most of all we are concerned about the potential have this virus could break in countries with weaker systems. on friday egypt reported its 1st case the 1st appearance of corona virus in africa but the overseas visitor has so far displayed no symptoms will fall on it was up to house models of the health ministry and w.h.o. coordinated to implement all measures of the young patient was taken to a specialist quarantine hospital in an ambulance which was disinfected as.
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egypt says it's fully prepared should there be more cases but some health officials expressed concerns that the virus could easily spread in the country's crowded cities. well to police chief political correspondent melinda crannies at the munich security conference she spoke to mark ryan the executive director of the dublin by charles health emergencies program and asked him about international cooperation to combat the corona virus outbreak china has been much in focus here at the munich security conference but actually generally as a rival and a threat is it possible that that view of china could or is impeding humanitarian cooperation no i wouldn't i wouldn't say so i think what we need if we're going to beat this wire is we beat it together and that's what we've been saying just a consistent message we're in this together and the virus is the common enemy and what we want to see and it's great to see the international team arriving now in
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china and it's a multinational team and it contains experts from all over the world including the united states so i think we're moving forward in a very positive way you had some pretty positive things to say about china's own efforts this morning when you spoke can you tell us why you take such a positive view view because in fact there's been a good deal of criticism as well yeah and in all crisis management or as criticism for mistakes there are all kinds of things we do in a crisis we are we're acting on limited information all the time in a crisis you never have the information you need to make the perfect decision which must act and what we've seen a strong action in the face of a developing crisis so we praise that we praise cambodia for having the ship we praise all the countries in africa a week ago only 2 countries in africa have the capacity to diagnose with 19 as i speak today almost all of them have that everyone is acting and we praise all
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actions that are aimed at containing this disease but we also need to communicate with our populations in an effective way so we don't scare people. we've now seen the 1st fatality from 19 here in europe have we already lost the battle to contain and exterminate coronavirus is it now here to stay. no not just. new viruses emerge we don't know the future. behavior of the virus what we do know is that a critic of the virus has been outside china now for a number of weeks and we still have want to got 500 just over 500 cases in $24.00 countries and those countries are significantly containing the virus and china's significantly slow slowing it down we may not be able to slow down entirely and we may have to wait for the development of vaccines to finally. stop the disease but what we can to save a lot of lives what we can do is take care of wonderful populations and get them
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the treatments they need so no it's not no time for white flags this time for action. thank you very much. the football now and in the light bundesliga game on saturday gladbach were looking to stay in touch with the top 3 by beijing relegation threatened dusseldorf a side that hadn't lost since welcoming and the man at the helm as approved as it turned out rather the visit has proved too good for the hosts. but if there was unbeaten in 2 outings since becoming just laid off coach but it was visitors the lot buck who struck 1st the onus off man opening the scoring in the 20 seconds minutes i'm some fancy footwork from young frenchman marcus showed up and hoffman pivoted to finish the job for tonight didn't take long to respond though eric trami bagging the equaliser 7 minutes later. a long ball a little push off and the winger sliding shot hit the charge and the home fans
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celebrated like it was still valentine's day 10 at half time o'clock by the mouth pierce in the 2nd half large tindall making it to one. selflessly forgoing his own chance to lay it on for his team mate. and captain jindal was at it again in the 77th minute have this time denis sack audio was the one serving it up to him to make it 31 for blood. and florian neuer house completed the route by minutes later i and what a way he did it was dashing past defenders and pouncing the ball over the keeper. for one the final score but it was less suffered his 1st defeat as just pulled off coach while blood bucked stay firmly in the mix at the top of the bundesliga table . had a belly and have grabbed headlines for all the wrong reasons this way thanks to had
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klinsmann's shock resignation but their 21 victory on the pad a bomb could help turn and new leaf. then grabbed an early lead thanks to a 10th minute hit it. did rick they got. their advantage would be cut short when in a shortened show was knocked into health as net but. really just on back at the did not to stream a 67 minute back. one the capital city club's 1st match coach examiner e 21 the final school. in the other bundesliga action on saturday afternoon abi logic had their way with braman posting a 3 nil win and reclaiming 1st place in the standings for now a free kick in the 18th minute found its way to lucas cluster who had an easy tactic to open the scoring. to any omo sent a corner into the box where it was patrick shit eating an area battle to make it to nil 20 minutes later and just
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a minute after the race stuff in order to have fired into silver lots of victory the frenchman making some nifty moves to babies maka. through the legs. the brave and. so with that said the sega games are all in the book so let's take a look at the results on mat stay 22 and as he saw glob dusted distilled off with ease as we thought they'd had a days off to get a glimpse been quick as coach abby logic batted braman that it isn't is not possible in your own building and in games cologne take on by munich and by and months rather beat shaka. this is news up next against all odds a quadriplegic quadriplegic battles he's on body to become an athlete that's next on sports life enough to get you can get all the leds news around the clock on our web site that's. now i'm anthony how are things which.
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is a master of the art of confrontation this is wrong. but here in the firm combat doesn't mean you're going to be on the fly the undisputed champion of tough political talk softly trying to frighten you know there's a fact everybody understands that you enter the conflict zone and join tim sebastian.


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