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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 16, 2020 7:00am-7:15am CET

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our documentary series slavery routes starts march 9th on d w. this is news live from berlin is the west winning or is it weaker well it depends on who you ask at the munich security conference. not to be to report that the death of the transatlantic alliance is grossly over exaggerated. when i look at the world as it's being shaped and that's the theme of your conferences here there is indeed a weakening of the west. u.s.
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secretary of state might pump a 0 and french president emanuel mask fault thank you very different pictures of the western why we have the late. france announces the 1st death in europe from the coronavirus epidemic a chinese tourist gys in a french hospital as the global death toll suppressed surpasses 1600. and in football shirts and berlin were back in action in the bundesliga this time with a new coach. alexander nuri stepping up to take the reins against kind of born after european claims munster shock departure. i'm michael oku thanks for joining me on the 2nd day of the munich security conference world leaders have laid out opposing views on the health of the western
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alliance earlier on saturday u.s. secretary of state mike pompei rejected claims that his country is backing away from its role as a global leader. day 2 of the munich conference one of the main speakers u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh he began by contradicting a thesis put forward the day before by german president fine father steinmeyer what really winning that the united states rejects the international community and quote . here this morning to tell you the facts i'm happy to report that the death of the transatlantic alliance is grossly over exaggerated that may be but the morning's other main speaker was not so sure french president emmanuel mccaw said europe must become more independent of the us soon they don't but if we have no freedom to act then we have no credibility in foreign policy and we can't be a junior partner to the united states of america mccourt i'm prone peo also disagreed
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over one of the main themes of this year's conference but the west is losing global influence. when i look at the world as it's being shaped and that's the theme of your conference this year there is indeed a weakening of the west that looks you know this idea of what's necessary as the core theme for this year's conference and i'm sure to there many of you who would call yourself a realist. but let me give you an idea of what's real the west is winning. a policy that goes on 15 years ago we thought that our values were universal that we were going to dominate the world in the long term that we were dominant in terms of technology military and so on and then i look at the horizon of 10 to 15 years we are going to be increasingly pushed by other agendas another values as it moves the free west has a far brighter future than illiberal alternatives or winning or doing it together.
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it was left to nato secretary general young starting back to try and smooth over the continuing transatlantic tensions europe and north america are indispensable partners to sawicki of the same korean so when we stand together we can compete with confidence protect our interests defend values thank you if w.'s teri schultz has been covering the conference in munich her take on those comments on the state of the transatlantic alliance think the thing that struck me the most was how different this pompei of speech was from those we've seen in brussels or the comments that president trump makes about the european union you know normally they're all about america 1st america leading and in this case as you heard secretary pump aoe said we're a team and we are winning we're doing it together we're winning collectively and
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this is something i haven't heard from secretary pompei oh before so it was very interesting to get the sense that he in a way is trying to talk the europeans back into wanting to be transatlantic partners after the administration has done so much to turn them away. you also caught up with the german foreign minister in munich he said mcclellan's comments could prompt europe to take a critical look at its role within the transatlantic alliance as a vivid. the invitation to the strategic dialogue we believe that we 1st need to decide within europe how to meet the increased demands in the future we will have to do more for our security but i think it would be a mistake to put europe against the u.s. . as it were in a security alliance that works nato but it needs reform and we're discussing that now we want to bolster the european side of nato and to do that we 1st need to reach consensus in europe that dialogue that the manuel mccrone has proposed can
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play a significant role in this that's why we will take part. germany's foreign minister is also working to secure a lasting cease fire in libya a fresh peacemaking process was initiated in berlin last month a follow up meeting is set to take place on the sidelines of the munich security conference today hoping to build on the momentum towards peace for libya it's. education is just one of the casualties of war. but with the french and cease fire in place schools in libya's capital tripoli are beginning to reopen their doors for now at least. this man though general halley for hafter has been fighting hard to take this city. with the help of his cell starved militia he already controls most of this oil rich
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nation a nation that's been in chaos since the 2011 nato backed up prizing the toppled colonel more i'm a gadhafi it's partly because of oil that russia and turkey have waited in on either side of this conflict with turkey behind fire as a un backed government and russia supporting have to moscow has denied past reports that it sent to mercenaries to reinforce the general's fight is but last month turkey confirmed it had deployed troops to help alsa rise in tripoli despite a un arms embargo. in a bid to break the deadlock germany hosted an international peace summit in berlin but the cease fire and arms embargo that followed that january meeting have continued to be violated. please reserve is. a wednesday
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the un security council passed a resolution calling for a lasting cease fire in libya with the adoption of this resolution the security council sent an important signal for peace in libya reaffirming the concrete commitments of all participants of the conference. it is crucial for libya to send this signal of unity but with russia abstaining this was hardly a show of unity for these students in tripoli though anything that stops the fighting is worth it. now to other stories making news around the world more than 30 civilians have been killed in saudi led airstrikes in yemen the attacks appear to be retaliation for the downing of one of riyadh warplanes the rebels said they brought down the tornado aircraft the incidents comes amid intensifying fighting between the rebels and forces of the saudi backed government
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. hundreds of protesters have gathered in moscow to express their opposition to russian president vladimir putin's proposed changes to the constitution those changes would grant extra powers to paula and are widely seen as an attempt by putin to extend his power beyond the end of his presidential term in 2024 you. know china is reporting a drop in new coronavirus cases for the 3rd straight day beijing says the decline shows that country's efforts to control the spread of the disease are working this comes after france announced the 1st fatality from the corona virus in europe bringing the death toll outside mainland china to 4 the virus has claimed over 1600 lives so far. no panic in paris despite the news of europe's 1st death from covert 19 the official name for the corona virus the french health minister
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announced that an 80 year old had succumbed to a lung infection in a hospital intensive care unit surface the patient was a chinese tourists from who by province he was admitted to be shot hospital in paris on the 25th of january and treated in complete isolation from his condition deteriorated rapidly when he got there the health minister said 10 other people with the virus were doing well for a said to be cured at the munich security conference global measures to contain the corona virus were discussed and most of all we are concerned about the potential have all this virus could rake in countries with weaker systems. on friday egypt reported its 1st case the 1st appearance of corona virus in africa but the overseas visitor has so far displayed no symptoms or followed on it was up to house them almost all to the health ministry and w.h.o.
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coordinated to implement all measures of the young patient was taken to a specialist quarantine hospital in an ambulance which was disinfected as little as . egypt says it's fully prepared should there be more cases but some health officials expressed concerns that the virus could easily spread in the country's crowded cities. football now and in the late been is the game on saturday we're looking to stay in touch with the top 3 by beating relegation threatened dusseldorf a side that hadn't lost since welcoming a new man at the helm as it turned out the visitors proved way too good for the hosts. over their slow it was unbeaten in 2 outings since becoming just laid off coach but it was visitors who struck 1st the onus off mon opening the scoring in the 22nd minutes of my some fancy footwork from young frenchman marcus.
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and hoffman pivoted to finish the job fortunate didn't take long to respond though eric tommy bagging the equaliser 7 minutes later i have a long ball a little push off and the winger sliding shot at the charge and the home fans celebrated like it was still valentine's day one all at half time but gladbach came out fierce in the 2nd half was gentle making it to one. selflessly forgoing his own chance to lay it on for his team mate was banned captain jindal was at it again in the 77th minute by this time denis sack audio was the one serving it up to him to make it 31 for blood by the time florian neuer house completed the route by minutes later by and what a way he did it dashing past defenders and pouncing the ball over the keeper.
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for one the final score of others less suffered his 1st defeat as joseph your coach while blood stay firmly in the mix at the top of the bundesliga table. earlier on saturday heard sutherland capped off a tumultuous week with a win over last place had a born it was just days ago head coach you're going klinsmann unexpectedly quit the club over differences with management but the victory should go a long way to cleansing the palettes of fans and supporters desperate for change in fortune. just a week ago heritage system alexander nori couldn't have expected to make his return to head coaching but then you're getting things month shock the club by resigning. determined to shake off the negative headlines in their relegation battle with powder book. with just 10 minutes played santiago out to sea bar across from deep and belgian bomber detrick rose above the rest to head home. one male hair to.
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the visitors look to have doubled their lead just 8 minutes later but heritage debutant materia schooners goal was chalked up to the stop young was real to handle the ball and the run up to the play i'm. despite the setback nori squad headed into the half time break with a comfortable one nil lead but speaking out with the one no win would simply be too easy for heritage given this week's events people who know yosh time deflected dennis or bennie's title shot into his own net. 11. 0 am but klinsmann is quitting also overshadowed positive news at heritage a number of big january signings including who wasn't dissuaded when his 1st goal was ruled off his 67th minute back you'll counted giving the visitors the lead in his 1st ever appearance for berlin. it ended 21 delivering alexander nor his 1st
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win in 21 games as head coach and his return to the dugout and starting the post klinsmann era on a high. this is news up next efforts to promote integration in eastern germany i don't think you can get all the news around the clock on our website dot com i'm michael okwu thanks for joining us war news and. peace leave. carefully and don't move to soon be sure. to get.


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