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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 16, 2020 1:00pm-1:16pm CET

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our documentary series slavery routes starts march 9th on d w go. this is deja vu news live from berlin dealing with the world's top conflicts world leaders have wrapped up the munich security conference with a new vow to crack down on anyone providing weapons to support the war in libya. china is reporting a new drop in coronavirus cases for the 3rd straight day this comes after france announced the 1st fatality in europe. and sound of controversy in
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brazil the reigning 7 champions are stirring up a debate show asked people whether jesus could have been someone other than a white man and not everyone stands. oh and welcome on next vice or foreign ministers from major world powers met in munich to push for peace in libya germany in the united nations want to end foreign military support for libya's warring parties an agreement struck last month in berlin has been repeatedly violated with multiple breaches of an arms embargo and increased fighting now representatives of the meeting are pushing for a permanent cease fire. german foreign minister laid out a key next step following the meeting. what's important now is to establish
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transparency and ensure that anyone who intends to violate the arms embargo knows they won't escape on noticed. it should be clear to all breaking this embargo means violating a un resolution which will not be without consequences for groups by comfort and let's bring in chief political correspondent melinda crane in munich. the meeting in libya is over now. what's the big takeaway for you. well 2 main points that indicate steps toward real follow up to that berlin summit in january the 1st one is that the members of this meeting today here in munich decided that a follow up committee will be established at senior official level it will have a rotating chairmanship it will be essential hosted under the un auspices and it
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will seek to ensure that there is a real follow up both to the berlin agreement and also to the un resolution that was agreed upon just this past week 2nd aspect and this is very important as you mentioned the weapons embargo that was agreed on in berlin with the aim of drying up the supply of support to the warring parties in libya and believe me they are receiving a lot of support from various actors international actors that embargo was violated almost as soon as the participants left berlin now this meet this declaration put out today very clearly deplores those breaches and says that all parties are committed to taking effective steps toward a monitoring how that embargo can be enforced and that is significant because it plays into the next meeting which will be
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a. european union foreign ministers tomorrow looking at how the empire go could truly be made in forcible for example through a naval mission in the mediterranean checking shipments and internet dating weapons deliveries not an easy thing to do very controversial it would essentially be the revitalization of a former european naval mission that was aimed at preventing human smuggling in the mediterranean now weapons perhaps even a bit more challenging but there is clearly some real momentum here on how to move toward true enforcement of the aims of ending this conflict in libya on europe's southern perimeter. and that was due to abuse chief political correspondent linda crane reporting world leaders gathered in munich not only to discuss the crisis in libya but also to address other conflicts during 3 days of meetings some big splits were on display over the current state of leadership in
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the western world and the transatlantic relationship let's take a closer look. from the opening moments of this year's conference the tensions between europe and the us were front and center. length of abundant to our closest ally the united states of america under the current administration rejects the idea of an international community and. great again great again if necessary also at the expense of neighbors and. that was a preview of starkly different visions of the european u.s. alliance depending on who you ask it's either on life support or in good health. happy to report that the death of the transatlantic alliance is grossly over exaggerated french president emmanuel mccraw insisted that europe must become more independent of the us. soon that will but if we have no freedom to act then we have
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no credibility in foreign policy and we can't be a junior partner to the united states of america. german foreign minister heiko tried to reconcile the 2 sides. we ended a future we will have to do more for our security but i think it would be a mistake to pit europe against the us. we're in a security alliance together that works nato but it needs reform and we're discussing that now while westerners argued over whether their influence is on the decline russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov had a different concern. this is true before our eyes the system of agreements in the field of strategic stability and nonproliferation is being destroyed the threshold for using nuclear weapons is being lowered to regional crises are multiplying. outside the venue thousands of protesters were a steady presence many of them environmental activists who said the conference
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downplays climate change as a security issue. back inside the big speeches overshadowed multiple meetings on the sidelines all addressing major challenges that aren't going away anytime soon. so now take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. more than 30 civilians have been killed in saudi led airstrikes in yemen it's hard to peer to be retaliation for the downing of one of riyadh's warplanes the rebels said they brought down the tornado aircraft incidents come amid intensifying fighting between the rebels and forces of the saudi government. the 2nd storm in a week britain on saturday storm a dennis is battering the u.k. with hurricane force winds torrential rain and flooding severe weather could last until monday the storm has been blamed for at least 2 deaths that has disrupted travel across the u.k. . more than 100 people evacuated from china to germany are set to be
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released after 2 weeks in coron team 2 members of the group tested positive for the corona virus but now doctors have given the group the all clear meanwhile chinese authorities report a drop in new coronavirus cases for the 3rd straight day this comes after france announced the 1st fatality from the corona virus in europe the onus has now claimed the lives of over 1600 people. no panic in paris despite the news of europe's 1st death from coated 19 the official name for the corona virus the french health minister announced that an 80 wrote had succumbed to a lung infection and a hospital intensive care unit surface the patient was a chinese tourists from who by proven says he was admitted to be shot hospital in paris on the 25th of january and treated in complete isolation from his condition deteriorated rapidly monday go. to health minister has said 10 other people with
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the virus were doing well for a said to be cured at the munich security conference global measures to contain the corona virus were discussed. and most of all we're concerned about the potential have all this virus could break in countries with weaker systems. on friday egypt reported its 1st case the 1st appearance of corona virus in africa . which will fall on it was of the house going to them almost all to health ministry and w.h.o. coordinated to implement all measures of the young patient was taken to a specialist quarantine hospital in an ambulance which was disinfected as dumb as not. egypt says it's fully prepared should there be more cases but some health officials expressed concerns that the virus could easily spread in the country's crowded cities.
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her to berlin have grabbed the headlines for all the wrong reasons this week thanks to coach. resignation but their 21 victory over power born could help turn a new leaf berlin grabbed an early lead thanks to a 10 minute 10 minute header from dedrick boy the advantage was cut short when dennis had the shot was knocked into heard as net by keeper. but then her debutante . 67 minute back heel won the capital city club's 1st match under coach alexander durie 21 the final score. another bonus league action on saturday afternoon but. had their way with braman posting a 3 nil when and reclaiming 1st place in the standings a free kick in the 18th minute found its way to the man who had an easy tap into
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open the scoring then almost sent a corner into the box where patrick she won the aerial battle to make it 2 nil 20 minutes later and just a minute after the restart nor d. k. lee fired it in to see if. the frenchman making some nifty moves to the marker. and so with that saturday's bonus the games are all in the books let's take a look at the results so far and match day glad back to do with ease as we saw her to berlin beat powder born days after your can cleanse men's quick as coach rb lives it battered braman later cues and snuck past will spur beat hoffenheim out spring and freiburg share the spoils dortmund down frankfurt on friday night 2 games to come on sunday cologne take on buyer nick and mines meet shaka. now
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the world famous carnival festivities are only a week away in rio the highlight is the spectacular sound parade when the city's many debt schools compete for the title of carnival champion but this year the big preparations are overshadowed by a fierce dispute is partly religious and partly about identity. it's a dress rehearsal for dube or a flag bearer of the monk year a samba school. one week before she and her troops arrive for the title at the rio carnival. era as brazil's most famous somebody school and the defending champion but a bitter clash over monk heiress theme this year is overshadowing preparations for the world famous parade. it centers around jesus christ a deliberate provocation by monks arrows members. it's
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a very emotional topic because we're going to show different versions of jesus as weiss implacably as a man and a woman an indigenous. this is the neighborhood of monk a gang infested slum on a hill in rio at its foot the renowned somebody's school. how might the story of jesus have gone had he grown up here perhaps as a black woman or someone else that's the explosive question the mungo school will put on display during carnival. while the dance troupe prepares in this complex out on the beach evangelical christians gather for a religious ceremony. many feel outraged by the somebody schools plan for them jesus is white and untouchable. jesus saved me he saved my life he means everything to me. conservative pastors have launched a petition against my gear as plan they want to prevent the sight of
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a black jesus in the parade. we could out in the holy bible does not say that jesus grew up in a slum like man guera these people are degrading our bible anyway the carnival is the ruin of many people exposing them to drugs sex and murder good team in december a brazilian t.v. comedy portraying jesus as a gay man sparked a violent backlash by suspected religious fundamentalists through mala tough cocktails into the producer's offices to bore a maid and her mom get a colleague's call the criticism absurd. it's only on since the critics haven't even read our program. just ahead of their big performance among heroes are undaunted. and this is news of course up next as dr phil where you look at legal deforestation and the
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exploitation of jungle ecosystems don't forget you can get all the latest news around the clock at our website you dot com next vice or thanks for joining us. it's all happening good job of offending. your link to news from africa the world your link to it simpson the stories and discussions continue and welcome to their views of becoming program tonight from fun to meet from the news of easy to our website the devil to come smash africa join us on facebook at t.w. africa.


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