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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 16, 2020 2:00pm-2:16pm CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin dealing with the world's top conflicts world leaders for having wrapped up the munich security conference with a new vow to crack down on anyone providing weapons to the warring parties in libya . storm dennis washes across parts of britain $47.00 issued flood warnings throughout the u.k. and are warning residents to take measures to protect their families. and in football terms of birdland were back in action in the going to sleep this time with a new coach. alexander noori stepping up to take the reins against potter born
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after you're going to klinsmann shocked departure. hello and welcome to the program on next vice foreign ministers from major world powers met in munich to push for peace in libya germany in the united nations want to end foreign military support for libya's warring parties an agreement struck last month in berlin has been repeatedly violated with multiple breaches of an arms embargo and increased fighting now representatives at the meeting are pushing for a permanent ceasefire german foreign minister heiko abbas laid out a key next step following the meeting. what's important now is to establish transparency and ensure that anyone who intends to violate the arms embargo knows they won't escape unnoticed and the fun of. it should be clear to
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all breaking this embargo means violating a un resolution which will not be without consequences the. country and let's bring indeed a new political correspondent and simon young in munich simon. the german foreign minister was talking about consequences should anyone break this embargo what does he mean by that. well i think he primarily means that there is going to be more focus on this from the international community this meeting today of foreign ministers from the region has produced a pretty blandly worded statement i would say in which they describe the situation on the ground in libya is deeply troubling and deplored the violations of the arms embargo but what's been announced essentially that e.u. foreign ministers will meet to discuss libya as a top priority tomorrow monday and they'll be more talks under the
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umbrella of the un in geneva probably featuring representatives of both the warring factions in libya within the next 10 days or so so it's more talks about talks really in terms of what consequences could be achieved well the e.u. wants to get together and do more monitoring of the arms embargo and of course they might even get to the situation of reinstating the maritime controls in the mediterranean which at the moment are not really happening. sam you talk about talks about talks and i think i can answer this question how significant were the discussions on libya today did they amount to much. yeah i mean as i say i think it's it's important that when you've got these are top level officials here in munich for the security conference they come together and take the opportunity to
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issue some kind of statement show that the international community ease on this but in terms of a breakthrough i don't think we've seen that the u.n. deputy envoy on libya said that the troops in libya he's hanging by a thread in the embargoes are jokes and he's words were much more strong than those that were in this statement agreed by the foreign ministers. ok libya of course is not the reason why all the ministers came to attend the munich security conference in that meeting some big splits were on display over the leadership of the western world and the transatlantic relationship let's take a closer look. if you can from the opening moments of this year's conference the tensions between europe and the us were front and center. doing stuff of been the to our closest ally the united states of america under the current administration rejects the idea of an international community and ups. great again
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great again if necessary also at the expense of neighbors and. that was a preview of starkly different visions of the european u.s. alliance depending on who you ask it's either on life support or in good health. and happy to report that the death of the transatlantic alliance is grossly over exaggerated french president emmanuel mccraw insisted that europe must become more independent of the us. soon there will but if we have no freedom to act then we have no credibility in foreign policy and we can't be a junior partner to the united states of america. german foreign minister heiko tried to reconcile the 2 sides. we ended a future we will have to do more for our security but i think it would be a mistake to pit europe against the us. we're in a security alliance together that works nato but it needs reform and we're
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discussing that now while westerners argued over whether their influence is on the decline russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov had a different concern. this is through before our eyes the system of agreements in the field of strategic stability and nonproliferation is being destroyed the threshold for using nuclear weapons is being lowered to regional crises are multiplying. outside the venue thousands of protesters were a steady presence many of them environmental activists who said the conference downplays climate change as a security issue. back inside the big speeches overshadowed multiple meetings on the sidelines all addressing major challenges that aren't going away anytime soon. and i think you could hear that you've covered a few of these conferences quite a few what do you think people will remember this one for. well i think you saw it there is this battle really between in particular the united states and the
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european representatives over what the west is all about what it really means what state it seen and we heard the german president frank morris saying of the world we're moving further a further away from peace every year and he's very worried about the future of the west the americans in the form of might pompei or the secretary of state coming back saying no the west is winning. pushing his ideas for a more independent europe and we heard this morning again from your sit by the e.u. high representative on foreign policy saying europe has to learn to speak the language of power but the question is what will be backing up that power is there really any military base behind those words they've got pass go is a lot of cooperation mechanism but it really remains to be seen whether
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europe wants to go forward and become an independent force in terms of defense and strategic policy given all the threats china russia and and many others have been mentioned here the other thing i think important agreement on the sidelines of this conference. on afghan peace and a movement towards peace the peace deal the americans have got an agreement of sorts anyway with the taliban and the afghan government in the form of the afghan president ghani. giving modish star support i should say to that and says that he'll be pushing that in the coming weeks so there have actually been some some significant developments here in munich this year. thanks for that. time now to take a look at some of the other stories around the world. more than 30 civilians have been killed in saudi led airstrikes in the yemen it's talks of fear to be retaliation for the downing of one of riyadh's warplanes who the rebels said they
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brought down the tornado aircraft incidents come amid intensifying fighting between the rebels and forces of the saudi government and. an 18 year old chinese tourists has died from the corona virus in a hospital in france is the 1st fatality in europe and just the 4th outside mainland china where around 1500 people have died officials there are taking drastic steps to combat the outbreak with record threatening the death penalty for people who hide symptoms dramatic video of lava flow and an ash called billowing into the night sky of mexico's petal volcano the 5th largest mountain in north america erupted again on saturday for the 2nd consecutive day living up to its reputation as one of mexico's most active volcanoes. and say was nature one of the most
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powerful non tropical storms on record has slammed into britain storm dennis is battering the u.k. with torrential rain and hurricane force winds and forecasters say the severe weather could last until monday the storm has been blamed for at least 2 deaths so far and has also disrupted travel across the u.k. . person braced once more for a 2nd weekend of severe weather this time storm dennis unleashed high winds and torrential rain in many parts of the country the army has been drafted in and made numerous flood warnings with particular concerns for parts of both north and southern england. so they just support an environment agency including flood defenses so i've got guys behind you i'm filling sandbags and doing i'm just putting out some flood defenses the u.k. met office is warning the worst hit areas could see up to
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a month's worth of rain and strong gusts of up to 80 miles per hour several english counties have suffered record levels of flooding in recent months with people fleeing their homes in rural areas and local businesses shut down. dennis follows hot on the heels of storm kira belly a week ago kira caused major disruption to transport and left thousands without power. thanks. i'm for sports now and herds of berlin kept offer to mulch us week with a win over last place potter board it was just days ago head coach your contentment unexpectedly quit the club over differences with management but the victory should go a long way to closing the pallets of fans and supporters def desperate for a change in fortunes just a week ago heritage system alexander nori couldn't have expected to make his return to head coaching but then you can prince mum shocked the club by resigning norreys
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side looked determined to shake off the negative headlines in their relegation battle with potter book. with just 10 minutes played something i go out to see bar across from deep and belgian bomber dedrick boy rose above the rest to head home. one nil hair to. the visitors look to have doubled their lead just 8 minutes later but heritage debutant material is still with chalked up to be struck down to israel to handle the ball in the run up to the play i'm. despite the setback nori squad headed into the half time break with a comfortable one nil leave but staking out with the one nil win would simply be too he easy for hair to give in this week's events people who know us time deflected dennis or bennie's tight angle shot into his own net. 11. but klinsmann's quitting also overshadowed positive news that hair a number of big january signings including who wasn't just the way he did when this
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1st was ruled off his 67th minute back you'll counted giving the visitors the lead in his 1st ever appearance for berlin. it ended 21 delivering alexander nor his 1st win in 21 games as head coach and his return to the dugout and starting the post klinsmann era on a high. and another bonus they got action on saturday afternoon rb leipzig had their way with bremen posting a 3 mail when and reclaiming 1st place in the standings a free kick in the 18th minute found its way to lucas klosterman who had an easy tap in to open the scoring then danny almost sent a corner into the box where patrick schick won the aerial battle to make it to no 20 minutes later. and just a minute after the restart norty nikki haley fired in to seal the leipzig victory frenchman making some nifty moves to beat his marker. to go through the legs of
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brendan king. and so with that bundle saturday's minus the games are all in the books let's take a look at the results so far on match day 22. glad back dusted decile dorf with ease as we saw her to berlin beat powder born days after you're going to cleanse mn quit as coach rb leipzig battered braman they were accused that's not passed on young barry lynn well spurred beat hoffenheim oxburgh and freiburg share this boils dortmund down frankfurt on friday night 2 games to come on sunday cologne take on byron munich and minds neat shock in australia tens of thousands of people have turned out to support a bushfire benefit benefit concert in sydney. that musicians from around the world took to the stage with
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a 10 hour charity show organizers say the funds raised will go to emergency services in communities affected by the blazes country has battled hundreds of bushfire since september which claimed the lives of 33 people and thousands of homes and estimated 1000000000 native animals have also died. this is to get good news on the spicer thanks for watching. have fun in pyongyang. the capital city of north korea is reinventing itself. but only a few can enjoy the benefits of those the regime a lot of. kim jong un has introduced an insidious.


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