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our documentary series slavery routes starts march 9th on d w. this is really to use life for burleigh no laughing matter a u.n. top official calls a libya arms embargo a joke as the security conference in munich wraps up germany holds in libya meeting on the sidelines to revive a truce in libya that is a ceasefire in name only leaders were new vows to crack down on anyone providing weapons to the warring parties also coming up as china continues to battle the
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outbreak of the deadly coronavirus north korea is taking controversial cautions to prevent its citizens from becoming infected the isolated country implementing draconian measures shutting its border with china and placing north koreans were turning from that country on a month long quarantine. thank you so much for your company everyone while on the final day of the security conference in munich a top u.n. official told leaders that the libya arms embargo is a joke on the sidelines of the international meeting officials met to discuss efforts to stem the violence that has plagued this north african country in a civil war with no end libya's right across the mediterranean from europe and 18
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staging area for refugees trying to reach the european union delegates at the conference said a cease fire an arms embargo on libya's warring parties agreed in berlin last. this is being violated on a daily basis. the aftermath of another shelling attack in the libyan capital tripoli the country is a war zone at europe's doorstep awash in foreign arms and rival militias. stopping the fighting in the north african country was a focus at this year's munich security conference participants lamented the failure of efforts to cut the flow of weapons to libya. or the arms embargo has become a joke and so you know we all need to step up here and. it is complicated because there are violations that are you know happening on land sea and air force but germany's foreign minister added that there was one thing that
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those involved could agree on. the path that we have taken of separating the conflict parties from their backers remains the only promising path to end the civil war in libya. so looking ahead but europe's leaders are not speaking with one voice different e.u. governments even back opposing sides in the conflict it's threatening to become a show of european weakness that lack of common purpose was another of the conferences focal points. but after it was over the conference chairman told d.w. that europe was slowly making progress is what i thought was new and important here this year is that the european union is beginning to be bait. to how and how europe can really learn the language of power the u. foreign ministers meet to discuss the arms embargo on monday. you know as
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a security conference in munich wraps up let's take stock with his follicle correspondent and rush as am i so good to have you here with us now live you took center stage today in munich and as we heard stephanie williams senior u.n. official characterizing the truce or the arms embargo as a joke a very stinging but a very true assessment is it a sign that germany's efforts and they put a lot of weight on that a conference that took place and not so long ago just went unheeded and basically toothless well those efforts have clearly not paid off so far indeed the agreement that was reached in bed in the last month has been repeatedly violated we're hearing that the truce has been violating more than a 150 times and breaking this embargo that means that that means of violating a u.n. resolution and that should lead to economy functions to
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a diplomatic sanctions so there was no breakthrough on. the munich security conference the positive aspect that we can see here is that the top officials keep talking about the issue was one and all that that sends a clear message to international community and very much wants to remain hands on the lead in a peace process and you foreign minister. divided want to me to impress on monday they will also be a follow up meeting in geneva on tuesday and what's perhaps more significant that you started to leave then rivals are scheduled to meet up so. tight a veto of the national army and the us are actually supported by the international community will meet up and up the mom's power now this year's munich conference took place in the backdrop of an existential crisis and they gave it a name west listeners i gather the concept of western countries losing their
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western values creeping ellipse. transatlantic relations under strain of what is the state of the west at the end of this security conference well i guess what really came out quite strongly of this conference was how diverging opinions were within the western bloc after this conference there was that battle of words between the u.s. and e.u. representatives over what the west is about what the west has achieved a way to whereas the west we had secretary of state might compare from the us saying the west is collectively winning. the german president. was warning that we're moving away from peace a big more each year the european union is divided on whether or not it should come closer or be more independent from the u.s. so really what became quite clear is that of course people were here top officials were here to take the temperature of the western blog but it's a very diverging opinions within that block and very briefly if you can mr michael
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president michael she really emerged as europe's front man he emerged as the strong man of europe at a time where germany is a leadership is put into question and not least because a defining men date of angle america as a chancellor is quite turbulent but warned that a europe was at the very defining moment i did our earth choose and that it needed to become an independent force was more cooperation in terms of defense has political correspondent. thank you. fair we're going to turn our attention now to the coronavirus evacuations of u.s. passengers stuck on a cruise ship in japan have now begun after a 14 day quarantine period while today authorities were ported another 70 in sections of the coroner virus on board the diamond princess bringing that over $350.00 on the early $400.00 americans boarded buses to be taken to charter flights
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leaving for the united states in north korea meanwhile there are no official reports of cases but verify able information from the isolated country is very difficult to take it has recently announced a raft of new measures designed to stop the coronavirus north korea is keen to demonstrate that it is doing all it can to protect its people from the coronavirus despite officially denying any confirmed cases. these researches have allegedly developed a substance that can prevent the spread of covert 19 instead of a mass parade to mark the birth of the late leader kim jong il. paid tribute to his father with an unusually low key visit to a national muslim state media has announced that anyone who's visited china must now remain in quarantine for 30 days all flights and trains there have also been
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suspended north korea has closed its borders to foreign tourists to. the lobby to through the spray that we manufacture here can stop the coronavirus authorities say public buildings will be disinfected 1st and they say thousands of medical staff have been deployed to monitor the population for symptoms hundreds of additional bicycles have been provided to enable house to house checks in remote regions or i want to tell you about some of the other stories making news around the world. the 2nd storm in a week hit britain all over this weekend while storm dennis is battering the u.k. with hurricane force winds to rancho rain and flooding as severe weather could last until monday the storm has been blamed for at least 2 deaths and has to slow up to travel across the united kingdom. dramatic video of a lava flow and an ash column billowing into the night sky above mexico's
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public a temple volcano the a 5th largest mountain in north america erupted again on saturday for the 2nd consecutive day living up to its reputation as one of mexico's most active volcanoes. back here in germany now and more details have emerged about an alleged far right terrorist group arrested in raids prosecutors said the group wanted to attack politicians asylum seekers and muslims the top suspects charged are in custody where they've been held since being detained on friday they are all german nationals between the ages of 31 and that to 61 of the alleged members is a former police officer german media is reporting the suspects had connections to international far right terrorist groups let's get you more on this developing story i'm now joined here on the set but today we are porter joel dollar joe what
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more do we know about this particular group some more details have been emerging in german media we know that the group called itself the hasa karen or hardcore there was stockpiling weapons including homemade guns and grenades their goal according to federal prosecutors was to create disturbance and create a civil war like atmosphere to disrupt the german state so according to dish beagle one of the leaders was on a watch list of over 50 people deemed to be dangerous far right extremists and developed on song tog is reporting that the members had links to a group called the soldiers of odin now that is a paramilitary group based in finland to carry out training exercises and i understand that one of the people that is now also in custody is a former police officer a former police officer yes not an active police officer they've been moved from active duty to administrative duties for health reasons it's being reported
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unfortunately not the 1st time we've seen links between police and security offices and far out extremism there's a report that came out in the last month that found that over $500.00 soldiers within the german military are under investigation for suspected links to far. we've seen this before i mean you just outlined. some of the as it is a right wing group with international links what more can you tell us about some of the incidents from the past you know brings to mind the n.s.u. the neo nazi group that operated in the early part of the 2000 who carried out over 10 murders on people mostly migrants and they went undetected for over a decade because a serious failings within the intelligence services and some people accuse the intelligence services of being a too sympathetic towards the far right of having informants in the far right who knew what was going on but didn't do anything about it and of course we've also seen a series of recent attacks last year attack on a synagogue in harlow that left 2 people dead and also the murder of a politician
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a regional politician volatile luca outside his home by a fire an extremist he was angry at the politicians probably migrant sympathies but hopefully this sign these raids are a sign that the authorities are actually starting to do something about it and take far extremism a bit more seriously very worrying development reporter joel it's all over thank you. in the late going to sleep in match on saturday glovebox where they're way past a soldier for running out to for one victors on the road to join us a possum in the open to score for glove buff in the 22nd minute but eric tommy back the equaliser for distilled or 7 minutes later gladbach looked here's the 2nd half though lars. making it to one of the captains to increase their lead in the 77th minutes before slowing down nordhaus hit the targets to complete the route for
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a british side bursting with confidence. now another one to sleep action on saturday rb leipzig had their way would bring when posting a 3 no win a free kick in the 18th minute found its way to lucas to close their mind who had an easy tap in to open the scoring and then danny almost sent a corner into the box where patrick one the aerial battle to make it 2 nil 20 minutes later and just a minutes after the restart. the fired into seal the leipzig victory while the french were making some nifty moves to beat his marker and they go through the legs to go through the legs of breaking 2 for. our let's take a look now at the results so far on match day 22 by munich soft cologne with ease as we dusted darth. berlin beats
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a power born days after you're going klinsmann quit coaching rb likes it battered braman leverkusen snuck past own your own berlin the bulls were beat hoffenheim augsburg and freiburg share the spoils dortmund down to frankfurt and as we speak minds are battling shoulda. this is it everyone knows up next the world stories we go to hong kong work people are making a political statement by eating out also going to the top of the hour. market. morning work. in
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your business magazine in germany on d w.


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