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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 16, 2020 10:00pm-10:15pm CET

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this is you know we do use live for berlin safe passage back called hundreds of americans are evacuated from a cruise ship in japan after a nerve wracking 2 week or into period they're being flown back to the u.s. on charter flights also on the show no laughing matter a u.n. top official called the libya arms embargo. after germany holds a meeting on the sidelines of the security conference in munich to revive a truce in libya that is a ceasefire in name only and that the sometimes strife in personal the reigning
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soul but champions are stirring up controversy their performance at the world famous quote a vote for equal to treat jesus the someone other than a white man that everyone is dancing with joy. my lock is free to have you along everyone us passengers stuck on a cruise ship in japan are being evacuated after an anxious 14 day quarantine period while today authorities reported another 70 infections of the corona virus on board the diamond princess bringing the total to over $350.00 at least $400.00 americans boarded buses to take them to charter flights leaving for the u.s. many will leave to go home after what was supposed to be a trip of a lifetime. it's likely they'll have to spend another 2 weeks in quarantine after
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arriving in the us. well meanwhile in north korea there are no official reports of cases verifiable information from this isolated country is notoriously difficult to obtain. recently announced a raft of new measures designed to stop the coronavirus. north korea is keen to demonstrate that it is doing all it can to protect its people from the corona virus despite officially denying any confirmed cases these researches have allegedly developed a substance that can prevent the spread of 19 instead of a massive parade to mark the birth of the late leader kim jong il kim jong un tried to beat to his father with an unusually low key visit to a national muscly him. state media has announced that anyone who has visited china must now remain in quarantine for 30 days all flights and trains have also
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been suspended north korea has also closed its borders to foreign tourists. to the spray that we manufacture here can stop the coronavirus authorities say public buildings will be disinfected 1st and they say thousands of medical stuff have been deployed to monitor the population for symptoms hundreds of additional basa calls have been provided to enable house to house chicks in remote regions. when i bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. a german court has ordered u.s. electric vehicle maker tesla to stop cleaner and forced land near berlin to build its 1st european factory on the ruling comes after these states the environmental office gave the green light to clear 92 hectares of forest for the plant. a 2nd storm in a week in britain this weekend storm dennis is battering the u.k.
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with hurricane force winds to wrenshaw rain and flooding the severe weather could last until monday a storm has been blamed for at least 3 deaths and has disrupted travel across the u.k. . syrian state media say government forces have made advances against a rebel held on cleaves in the province of aleppo the region has been held by opposition forces since 2012 event says have upset a fragile cooperation between moscow which back opposing factions in the conflict. on the final day of the security conference in munich a top u.n. official told leaders that the libya arms embargo is a joke officials met on the sidelines to discuss efforts to stem the violence that has plagued this north african country in spur track to its civil war while libya is right across the mediterranean from europe and the country is also one from
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which refugees embark on a perilous journey trying to reach the shores of the e.u. libya is still a wash with arms and fighting is still raging despite the cease fire agreed in germany last month a top u.n. official at the munich security conference said the truce had been violated 150 times since then and she said efforts to cut the flow of weapons had been equally unsuccessful. the arms embargo has become a joke and so it you know we are presently to step up here and. it is complicated because there are violations that are you know happening on land sea and air and that on the city monitors. in libya fighters loyal to the internationally recognized government control only a small area around the capital tripoli most of the rest of the country is in the
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hands of the rebels a month after germany hosted the libya conference in berlin its participants gathered around the table again this weekend in munich 30 nations including the united states russia and turkey germany's foreign minister condemned the fact that some of these states as well as others not present continue to supply weapons to the north african country. it is important that we create transparency and ensure that those who intend to continue breaking this weapons and bargo must expect to be identified. but europe's leaders are not speaking with one voice different e.u. governments even back opposing sides in the conflict that lack of common purpose was another of the conference's focal points but after it was over the conference chairman told d.w. that europe was slowly making progress what i thought was new and important here
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this year is that the european union is beginning to debate. to the how and and how europe can really learn the language of power e.u. foreign ministers will be meeting in brussels to discuss efforts to improve the policing of the libya arms embargo. you know as a security conference in munich wraps up let's take stock with political correspondent and rush as am i so good to have you here with us now live you took center stage today in munich and as we heard stephanie williams senior u.n. official characterizing the truce or the arms embargo as a joke a very stinging but a very true assessment is it a sign that germany's efforts and they put a lot of weight on that conference that took place and not so long ago just went unheeded and basically toothless well those efforts have clearly not paid off so
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far indeed the agreement that was a reach to embed in the last month has been repeatedly violated we're hearing that the truce has been violating more than a 150 times and breaking this embargo that means bread that that means of violating a u.n. resolution and that should lead to economy functions to diplomatic sanctions so there was no breakthrough on. the munich security conference the positive aspect that we can see is that the top officials keep talking about the issue was one and all that that sends a clear message to international community and very much wants to remain hands on the lead in a peace process and e.u. foreign minister vita divided want to me to impress on monday they would also be a follow up meeting in geneva on tuesday and what's perhaps more significant that you started to leave then rivals are scheduled to meet up so have tied
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a veto of the national army and the us are actually supported by the international community will be tough and of the moms all right now this year's munich conference took place in the backdrop of an existential crisis and they gave it a name west listeners i gather the concept of western countries losing their western values creeping illiberal. transatlantic relations under strain of what is the state of the west at the end of this. well i guess what really came out quite strongly of this conference was how diverging opinions were within the western bloc after this conference there was that battle of words between the u.s. and e.u. representatives over what the west is about what the west has achieved a way to whereas the west is that we had a secretary of state might compare from the us saying the west is collectively winning i mean why did german president time idea was warning that we're moving
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away from peace a big more each year the european union is divided on whether or not it should come closer or be more independent from the u.s. so really what became quite clear is that of course people were here top officials were here to take the temperature of the western blog but it's a very diverging opinions within that block and very briefly if you can mr michael president mark or she really emerged as europe's front man she emerged as the strong man of europe at a time where germany is a leadership is put into question and not least because a defined men date of angle america as a chancellor is quite terrible and. warned that a europe was at the very defining moment i did see hour of truth and that it needed to become an independent force was more cooperation in terms of defense has political correspondent. thank you. as a football news now for you in the late business leader match on saturday glovebox
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power at their weight has distilled or for running out for one victors on the road when jonas salk hofmann opened the scoring for club in the 22nd minute but eric khatami backed the equaliser for distal door for 7 minutes later look fierce in the 2nd half though lars still making it to one and then captain still increased their lead in the 77th minute before florrie on the neuer house hit the target to complete their route through a poor suicide bursting with. all right let's take a look now at the results so far on match day 22. minds versus shark ended goal aspiring munich soft cologne with these gloves dusted off and here to berlin beat part of born days after you can klinsmann quit as coach are being battered braman leyva couzin snuck past berlin and those will be the hoffenheim
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mobs we're going freiburg share at the spoils endorsement downed frankfurt now the world famous carnival festivities are only a week away in rio the highlight is the spectacular sound of parade when the city's main dance schools compete for the title of carnival champion but this year but ratios are being overshadowed by a fierce dispute that's partially religious and partially about identity. it's dress rehearsal for de boer a flag bearer of the monk year a somber school. one week before she and her troop by for the title at the rio carnival. here as brazil's most famous somebody school and the defending champion but a bitter clash over monk era's theme this year is overshadowing preparations for the world famous parade. it centers around jesus christ
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a deliberate provocation by monk erez members. it's a very emotional topic because we're going to show different versions of jesus as whites and blacks as a man and a woman and indigenous. this is the neighborhood of monk a gang infested slum on a hill in rio at its foot the renowned somebody school. how might the story of jesus have gone had he grown up here perhaps as a black woman or someone else that's the explosive question the mungo school will put on display during carnival while the dance troupe prepares in this complex out on the beach evangelical christians gather for a religious ceremony. many feel outraged by the somebody schools plan for them jesus is white and untouchable. jesus saved me he saved my
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life he means everything to me. conservative pastors have launched a petition against my garrus plan they want to prevent the sight of a black jesus in the parade. which we could out of the holy bible does not say that jesus grew up in a slum like man guera these people are degrading our bible anyway the carnival is the ruin of many people exposing them to drugs sex and murder goody. in december a brazilian t.v. comedy portraying jesus as a gay man sparked a violent backlash suspected religious fundamentalists through mala tough cocktails into the producer's offices to bore a maid and her monkey or a colleague's call the criticism absurd. its own nonsense the critics haven't even read our program. just ahead of their big
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performance the monkey arrows are undaunted. all right this is it everyone here is up next reporter with a look at the integration of migrants in eastern germany a city of little rock n roll and on behalf of all of us here thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us i'll see you again tomorrow starting 1600 c.e. . climate change. sustainability. environmental. globalization the face biodiversity species conservation exploitation equality. human rights displacement. the glue.


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