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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  February 16, 2020 11:02pm-11:31pm CET

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it is winter in germany that brings cool often rainy weather and grey skies a good time to be somewhere bright and cheerful cologne might be just the ticket. it's north rhine-westphalia oldest and biggest city and the hub of the arts. the rhine is the lifeline of the city. only from the east side of the rhine do you get a clear view of the city's landmark. the cologne cathedral. anyone planning a sightseeing tour in cologne should pace themselves very well in addition to the
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cathedral there are 12 romanesque churches about 70 theatres many musical venues over 40 breweries in all pariah 9 city museums and of course carnival so i would say winter blues don't stand a chance in cologne. instagram museum guarantees a good time with a focus on the visitors themselves. a visit to cologne on the ground is a journey into the distant past. and if your blood sugar is running low these local sweets ought to pick you up. cologne cathedral. honestly. i feel
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a small as an answer when i look up at this building it's 157 meters high. construction began and 1248 almost 800 years ago all of europe at that time was building churches. every self respecting bishop wanted to own gothic cathedral. but in cologne there was another reason. this golden shrine. with. the bones of the 3 major are kept here and 1164 colognes archbishop i know from buses brought the precious really exceed your from milan because seadrill was built to present the bones in the best way.
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and it took believe it or not 600 years for his dream to come true the cathedral was only inaugurated in $1800.00. and it is still a construction site something has always been repaired and refurbished. and sometimes something new is at it like the windows in the south transept which the world famous painter had leaked that the zine. colonus not only impressive above ground but also underground i'm currently standing on over 2000 years of city history on the remains of many evil roman and jewish culture and in some places you can still see that past. excavations have been underway in front of cologne city hall since 2007. the
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archaeological finds the group here may 1 day join the collection in a new museum with 8500 square meters of exhibition space both above under the ground. thurman's of the magnificent roman buildings lie beneath foundations left from the frankest period. the city's jewish roots can also be traced here a synagogue stood on the spot over 1000 years ago. turds of the excavation sites are offered regularly the museum is set to open in 2021 will be the only one of its kind in europe. my 2nd tip the basilica of st 7 in southern cologne. it has a double floor. beneath the impressive interior is an intriguing crypt. almost 2000 years ago the local roman elite the dead of the site. visible are stocks of
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coffins car from stone many perfectly preserved. somewhat morbidly the churches builders use the coffins as blocks for the foundation. but that does not detract from its beauty. our final glimpse of underground cologne takes a strong stomach and knows. welcome to the sewers. the construction in 1900 marks a breakthrough in the design of modern sewage systems. the people of cologne were so proud they invited the emperor and hung up this chandelier for the occasion. but they were disappointed the emperor never showed up. today other celebrations are often held here in. the position of course there are other cities offering underground or such as hamburg and berlin but not only do we offer tours
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to show people these places we added something more we put on concerts once a year. sooners with sound something you can probably only find in cologne or. whether you're interested in going underground see churches contemplating art or savoring good food there is a tool for everyone in cologne i'm interested in the bar house culture and the cult of colognes coach we're. very it's time i. had my amateur here good to have you here but i bet we'll be going to the flea one of the largest breweries here and by the way the 2nd biggest gastronomical stablish went in germany. buffed up. she says number one any idea i have to me. right the whole firehouse in munich very good in 2nd place is of course the
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food here in cologne how many seats would you guess we have here 1200 guns not good estimate 1500 perfect. clothes because it's half their very own rules and we need a crash course. the most important rule for the boat house you always set your own table everyone take a close to a very important place and all right now right off you'll see that the kurdish appears by itself. and i say you know this is the qubits the most important man in the place how old ok and always clink you cursed glass at the bottom wife if you just take a look at the club you'll be able to figure it out for yourself.
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is the safety of the glass is narrow where at the top and at the bottom of the mountain part after you have downed a few coals and give the glass a proper thing the glass will break. so you should always test classes at the bottom remember that for every it's very important. that decade of year that the gear coast itself has an extremely important function that of course it goes under the kurdish answers as our tab they make marks on it is also very important here in cologne when you get to where you don't want any more code you have to put the coaster on top of the glass then you won't get anywhere. we leave the food and head for the prophecy bungholes number 2. here of the year and here you see a very very typical component of the cologne of our hearts that this is the confessional its practitioners now you may wonder why it's called that. it's because it resembles a real confessional. you see that it's decked out
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a bit like in a church thing here's a list of the that's like the boss's office. boss means boss he says it's there because that's where he's got the whole establishment under control. but nothing to do with the church and the basically it has nothing to do with the church. next stop the good with its story vault it was discovered just a few years ago during construction work it's pretty gloomy down here. isn't it incoherent alone not only do we have the beer unique to the region but our own but i'll host food it's quite different from what you find in the various power houses we have out in speciality for instance we have chicken hops does anyone know what that is well half a chicken need to know that's exactly what it isn't just. so
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now you're wondering it's not a chicken at all she's along in some bread and now it's rice it's a roll of rye bread with a slice of mature some onions and must it by sometimes it till pickle comes with it that's a half are used to in cologne because. delicious . cologne spouses are really a world of their own you just have to know a few of the quirks. from a brewery to a bakery well we want to show you some specialties that sweeten the winter here in cologne. and other goodies they are very popular here during the carnival season. when revelers are celebrating carnival by the thousands it's time for cologne's
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bakeries to get down to work. full needs sweet stuff most of all they like months and months on a rainy streets and as much a part of cannibal as the cathedral is of. it has to be crispy on the outside and not too soft on the inside because it has to absorb a lot of carnival you drink turf so you've got to have a much the mantel in your back that's a pastry that's ideal for carnival that's pure cologne carnival and doesn't go down about 4. and this is how they're made for the deluge of meat flour. ground all mince and melted butter. does to mix the massive pan with the sugar and eggs. then a shot of rum goes into the mix. the thick almond paste has to stand overnight
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before it's ready to be cast out. on i demoed some random got their name because they look like all men's and contain lots of almonds actually for the most part they consist of almonds shells monder. they dip in the hot oil mix the nice and crispy. golden brown calorie bombs with $600.00 kilo calories per 100 grams. plus the same goes for other staple combo treats all faster the better that's intended and prescribed by centuries of church tradition. kind of the said carnival is the time before lent this everywhere in the world where carnival is celebrated it's a time before you're not supposed to eat certain things and above all things high in fact you just got to fatigue is that. nothing to ash wednesday when lent begins
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the revelers in cologne can each with no guilty feelings and the most in london in particular are a sweets from the close and all to themselves. time for some exercise i got to burn off some calories. in the lead pocket skaters make their rounds on an elevated ice track it is 260 meters long and runs completely around the building and the low meet is the ice rink where the professionals train . plane and next to it a swimming pool play a cool combination of heavy energy balance is right the indoor pool is heated with the warmth that is generated to cool the ice arena this is unique in europe play. so you can really let off steam here
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with a clear conscience. play ok i ready for a trip to south america our of europe. was on vacation in argentina and he sent us a video and he wrote to us the world has to see this wonderful nature ok we agree here's our weekly be my. life. i. am. play play play play play play play play play play play. play play play
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play play play play play. play play play play play play play play. play. colonus well known for its incredibly diverse museum landscape. from roman history through the middle ages to classic and warner an art.
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the father of the shots museum for example displays european art from the middle ages to impressionism. there is sacred modern art in the. the museum itself is an eye catcher. built on the foundations of the old same colomba church. even chocolate has a museum right on the rock and you can try it here. museum loot vision is one of the top art museums in europe. it shows art from the 20th and 21st century and has one of the largest picasso collections worldwide. it may not be a coincidence that germany's 1st instagram museum is here in cologne it's the hot spot for influencers bloggers and anyone who just wants to have fun.
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let me take a selfie after is it to this museum can be a bit like a child's past a party it's the super candy pop pop museum in cologne and it offers 2000 square metres of ideal backdrops to pose in front off. and there's no. shortage of visitors wanting to make use of them 2 hours in the pulpit and a confetti cannon go for $29.00 europe's museum goers like melanie are willing to pay the price she's looking forward to taking some cool photos at and there's a ball pit all in pink very interactive i think it's really cool not like other museums where you just look from a distance and here you can join in and do something about gun mom kind of the concept for the instagram museum originated in the united states pop art museums have long been a trend there 10 are open in new york city alone years ago the conventional museums
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realize that interactive exhibitions had more appeal than traditional ones the visitor has to be the exhibit. they thought ok they will simply turn it around and build something around the visitors or and it fascinated me that it was accepted as quickly as it was the norm or that's what we did this year. the super candy pop up museum is a good place to go this winter in cologne it'll only be open for 6 months. think think of this one this is a totally different kind of museum it's something to lift your spirits something to touch which is much better than just standing in front of these pictures it was my mother's a really good selfie maker she hasn't quite figured out how to use the front camera but it works. almost without noticing the visitors themselves become the
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exhibition 1st selfie generation on display. at. a pop art museum is designed to disappear someday but maybe it'll reappear in a year or so. the indications are good. and another place with instagram a book possibilities the viewing platform of the t.r. a high rise building on the right side of the rock with a 360 degree panoramic view over cologne it is easy to see how the rhine divides the city into 2 worlds the left side with the cathedral is the cultural center of cologne we ever lived on the other side was unlucky. none of the bridges that you can see from here were built until the end of the 19th century. before that you
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could only cross over by boat and ferry. but. no trip is too far for all meet the locals thought regularly local so was their hometowns somewhere in the world well and this time we're with the mom and she takes around her own town bloomin oh in brazil. one via the requirement oh well welcome to the window my name is liz it's. my grandparents came here from germany almost a 100 years ago and i'd like to show you one of the most german cities in southern brazil coming on intimate.
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you know i will start on a main street here it used to be called the 1st because it's long and curved here because here you see lots of half timbered houses. but they're not as old as the ones in germany. that's is the business the best known building in our city the movement cancel. a replica of the town hall in. mischa's stout in southern germany it's. hard to live with today over 350000 people live in bloom and many of them live from tourism and the german flair about town draws many visitors . after another german pharmacists luminaire founded the city in 850 here and they got his name all this region in the state of santa catarina became a prime distin nation for german immigrants sideband there. and
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when. the 1st few months landed about 25 kilometers from the center of blooming now is below it to parma it still looks much the same as when the 1st colonists settled here. is this i believe it's a popular spot for outings and even has a trail that hikers can use to explore the whole area into. the fire every year will celebrate oct 5th with almost 600000 visitors it's the 2nd largest folk festival in brazil after the carnival in rio de janeiro is an area. that's 1st the festival grounds are made to resemble a german village it's opened year round we have restaurants traditional clothing shops souvenirs and they saw as a lot happening here it's. been
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a common interest any show up in traditional costumes it's a tradition for the bloomin hours and fun for the visitors also the signs people who show up in costume get in for free on session days. oh yes now i'll take my leave i have united come back sometime and visit us a lot. there is no walked over fist in cologne but there is carnival. anyone who thinks that the only celebrate on shrove monday is wrong. the carnival season begins on the embry 11 and ends on ash wednesday and that means
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party night every night. i'm at the stone sits on a carnival celebration that enjoys school stephens. peace through i told her son justin was i think 3 hours of sketches and music 2000 merrymakers celebrating thanks. a concentrated sample of cologne lifestyle you have to experience. i think carnival is a great way to round off my sightseeing tour of cologne i hope i have inspired you a little bit well bye bye and because i think i have to join those merrymakers again the next time.
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i. believe i. love. life. thanks. c a.
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