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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 17, 2020 12:00am-12:15am CET

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this is the deputy news live from berlin safe passage back calling hundreds of americans are evacuated from a cruise ship in japan after a nerve wracking 2 weeks one seen period being flown back to the u.s. and shot it's. no laughing matter if you win top official calls the libya. a joke after germany holds a meeting on the sidelines of the security conference in munich to revive a truce in libya that is a cease fire in 2008. and somebody strife in brazil the running some but champions of stirring up controversy for their performance at the world famous conical parade
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with a tray jesus is someone other than a white man not everyone is dancing with joy. i'm anthony howard thanks for the company u.s. passengers stuck on a cruise ship in japan of being evacuated after an anxious 14 day quarantine period on sunday all thora teams reported another 70 infections of the corona virus on board the dawn princess bringing the total to over $359.00 the $400.00 americans boarded buses to take them to cha to flights leaving for the u.s. many relief to go home off the what was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime but it's likely they'll have to spend another 2 weeks in quarantine after arriving in the whist. meanwhile in north korea there are no official word
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ports of cases verifiable information from the us led country is very difficult to obtain pyongyang recently announced a raft of new measures designed to stop the corona virus known as coded 19. north korea is keen to demonstrate that it is doing all it can to protect its people from the corona virus despite officially denying any confirmed cases these researches have allegedly developed a substance that can prevent the spread of 19 instead of a mass parade to mark the birth of the late leader kim jong il kim jong un pride tribute to his father with an unusually low key visit to a national moratorium. state media has announced that anyone who has visited china must now remain in quarantine for 30 days all flights and trains have also been suspended north korea has also closed its borders to foreign tourists. the spirit that we manufacture here can stop the coronavirus authorities say public
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buildings will be disinfected 1st and they say thousands of medical staff have been deployed to monitor the population for symptoms. hundreds of additional bicycles have been provided to enable house to house checks in remote regions. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. a german court has ordered u.s. electric vehicle micah tesla to stop clearing forest land near berlin to build its 1st european factory the ruling comes after the state environmental office gave the green light to clear 9000 to him his 1st for the gigantic plant. a 2nd storm in a wake has hit britain this weekend storm dennis is battering the u.k. with hurricane force winds to rachel rain and flooding the severe weather could last until monday the storm has been blamed for at least 3 deaths and has disrupted travel across the u.k. . syrian state media say government forces have made advances against rebel held on
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clive's in the province of aleppo the region has been held by opposition forces since 2012 the advances have upset a fragile cooperation between ankara and moscow which back opposing factions in the conflicts on the final day of the security conference in munich a top u.n. official told leaders that the libya. is a joke officials met on the sidelines to discuss efforts to stem the violence that has plagued the north african country in a protected civil war libya is right across the mediterranean from europe and the country from which the refugees in bach on a perilous journey trying to reach the e.u. libya is still a wash with alms and fighting is still raging despite the ceasefire agreed in germany last month. a top u.n. official at the munich security conference said the truce had been violated $150.00
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times since then and she said efforts to cut the flow of weapons have been equally unsuccessful the arms embargo has become a joke and so it you know we are presently to step up here and. it is complicated because there are violations that are you know happening on land sea and air and that all needs to be monitored in libya fighters loyal to the internationally recognized government control only a small area around the capital tripoli most of the rest of the country is in the hands of the rebels a month after germany hosted the libya conference in berlin its participants gathered around the table again this weekend in munich 30 nations including the united states russia and turkey germany's foreign minister condemned the fact that some of these states as well as others not present continue to supply weapons to
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the north african country. it is important that we create transparency and ensure that those who intend to continue breaking this weapons and bargo must expect to be identified. but europe's leaders are not speaking with one voice different e.u. governments even back opposing sides in the conflict that lack of common purpose was another of the conference's focal points but after it was over the conference chairman told d.w. that europe was slowly making progress what i thought was new and important here this year is that the european union is beginning to debate. how and and how europe can really learn the language of power e.u. foreign ministers will be meeting in brussels to discuss efforts to improve the policing
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of the libyan arms embargo. doubling the political correspondent emanuel shah's told us earlier that despite the failure of international efforts to end the fighting in libya the process is not. the agreement that was a result in back in the last month has been repeatedly violated we are hearing that the truce has been violating more than a 150 times and breaking this embargo that means bridge that means of violating a un resolution and that should lead to economy sanctions to a diplomatic sanctions so there was no breakthrough on. the munich security conference a positive aspect that we can see here is that the top officials keep talking about the issue with one another is that sends a clear message to international community very much wants to remain hands on on davidian a peace process or do you foreign minister. divided want to me to impress on monday
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they will also be a follow up meeting in geneva on tuesday and what's perhaps more significant is that the 2 leave given rivals are scheduled to meet up so. national army and us are actually supported by the international community when the top end of the moms that was day doubly a political correspondent and many were shot speaking to us earlier now to bangladesh where a long standing to boo has been broken for the 1st time a former sex worker has been laid to rest in a formal islamic ceremony the burial is being held as a landmark for the muslim majority nation even though it's one of the few such countries where the sex trade is legal. this is done a deal at the world's biggest brothel around $1200.00 women work in these tightly packed quarters prostitution is legal in bangladesh but still a sin for devout muslims until now islamic leaders have refused to spiritual burial
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for anyone in the sex trade. since my childhood i've seen bodies of sex workers being thrown into the river. we never had funerals here if we tried the villagers would often chase us away we're going to end up in. front of it all that changed this month when the 1st official funeral was held for one of the women here a coalition of sex workers managed to persuade the local police to push for a proper funeral. go by go to the local council and around 250 people gathered for the funeral. but the mom refused to come. in he said he didn't want to leave prayers for a sex worker. so i went to him and asked him why. when someone has died who are we to judge their sins or good deeds. that's up to the
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almighty but when we took we're going to have. the funeral breaks a to boo for sex workers long stigmatized and shunned by mainstream muslim society . my muslims here i am again we have finally received our rights as humans were citizens of this country and part of society we finally received our long awaited freedom after all these years we've only been exposed to oppression nothing else and. a small step towards dignity in death for everyone in bangladesh. in the bundesliga by munich travelled to cologne on sunday hoping to break line. spot from last week the host form has plummeted since the winter break and i suffered a 41 hiding here almost inevitably bonds robert live and open the scoring as he does the 1st of 3 goals in just 12 minutes for the visit is. credible finish on the
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left edge gnabry made it for. the german international with the pick of the dice go it's. a lovely kill the clones managed to conservation go but couldn't stop the champions from going top once again. and light on sunday monson shell could come away with a point a in a lackluster encounter where but side's weiss did their chances in one of the best opportunities of the match mine says robin flies on so his shot from close range denied by the crust light in the 2nd half full so a touch from the cape of a and in injury time shelf has us our international western mckenney head of the corner agonizingly wide of the net inside the game in the golds. wolfram is kind of festivities are on the awake a-y. in rio the highlight is a spectacular parade where the city's many dance schools compete for the title of
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kind of all champion but this year the preparations are being overshadowed by a fierce dispute that's partly village just and partly about identity. it's a dress rehearsal for deborra a flag bearer of the monkey era somebody school. one week before she and her troops arrive for the title at the rio carnival. is brazil's most famous somebody's school and the defending champion but a bitter clash over monk era's theme this year is overshadowing preparations for the world famous parade. it centers around jesus christ a deliberate. of acacia and by monkey arrows members. it's a very emotional topic because we're going to show different versions of jesus as white and black as a man and a woman and indigenous. this is the neighborhood of monk
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a gang infested slum on a hill in rio at its foot the renowned somebody's school. how might the story of jesus have gone had he grown up here perhaps as a black woman or someone else that's the explosive question the monkey or school will put on display during carnival. while the dance troupe prepares in this complex out on the beach evangelical christians gather for a religious ceremony. many feel outraged by the somebody schools plan for them jesus is white and untouchable. jesus saved me he saved my life he means everything to me. conservative pastors have launched a petition against my garrus plan they want to prevent the sight of a black jesus in the parade. we could out in the middle holy bible does not say that jesus grew up in a slum like man guera these people are degrading our bible anyway the carnival is
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the ruin of many people exposing them to drugs sex and murder cream in december a brazilian t.v. comedy portraying jesus as a gay man sparked a violent backlash suspected religious fundamentalists through mala tough cocktails into the producer's offices to bore a maid and her monkey era colleagues call the criticism absurd. its own nonsense the critics haven't even read our program. just ahead of their big performance the monkey arrows are undaunted. and i forget you can always get thinkable in news on the go just download from google play or from the app store that to give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications the breaking news if you're part of
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a news story can also use the d. w. app to send us photos and videos of what's happening. more news coming up at the top of the alpha nalang anthony help that's watching. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with the 1st word published in the book. rico is in germany to learn german why not learn with them simple online on your mobile and free to settle d w z e learning course nikos fake german matings.


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