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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 17, 2020 6:00am-6:16am CET

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this is the deadly news live from building site passage back on hundreds of americans are evacuated from a cruise ship in japan after nearly 2 week coronavirus quarantine being flown back to the u.s. on charter flights also coming up no laughing matter a top u.n. official calls the libya a joke that's off to germany hold a meeting on the sidelines of the security conference in munich to revive a truce in libya and its cease fire in name only. plus vaguely still didn't as bad as britain extreme where the claims at least 3 lives and leaves thousands of homes
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on the border already sold wanting more life threatening flooding and days of disruption via. a math and how to welcome to the program hundreds of americans have been flown back to the u.s. after spending over a week in quarantine aboard a cruise ship in japan it comes off the japanese health officials announced 70 new corona virus infections on sunday bringing the number of cases aboard the diamond princess to 355 of the 3000 people remain on board officials say passengers who test negative for to the virus and showed no symptoms will be allowed to leave on wednesday. the diamond princess fenced off at the dock site in yokohama but for some at least a way out after more than
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a week of uncertainty. buses pull up next to the ship ready to pick up some 300 americans who have chosen to squat quarantine here for quarantine back home. carry this is there are about to step into the big wide world so i have my mask on and i . can't go on. cheryl mull skin the husband paula from syracuse in new york state after being cooped up on the ship for 12 days they've agreed to be flown back to the u.s. where they'll spend another 14 days in isolation shot this cell phone video of their own evacuation in this case at least a good natured event. thank you. and then you're depressed for. some time there on the road leaving behind them at least 40 americans who have contracted the virus those patients will
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remain in japan for treatment. on the last leg of the evacuation government chartered jumbo jets ready to fly to california and texas. an eventful holiday is drawing to a close. there were downstairs. in the pouring air and then to get people to be pretty miserable were these men grow. bigger he had to go to the bathroom on the bus if you're going you're going to be 5 or 5 hours on her way to get off for us there are. one evacuation completed canada hong kong and italy say they also plan to evacuate their citizens from the cruise ship. on the final day of the security conference in munich a top u.n. official has told leaders that the libya arms embargo is a joke officials met on the sidelines to discuss the efforts to stem the violence that has plagued the north african country in a protected civil war libya is just over the mediterranean from europe and the
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country from which refugees embark on a perilous journey trying to reach the e.u. . libya is still awash with all and fighting is still raging despite the ceasefire agreed in germany last month a top u.n. official at the munich security conference said the truce had been violated $150.00 times since then and she said efforts to cut the flow of weapons had been equally unsuccessful the arms embargo has become a joke and so it you know we all recently need to step up here and. it is complicated because there are violations that are you know happening on land sea and air and that all needs to be monitored. in libya fighters loyal to the internationally recognized government control only a small area around the capital tripoli most of the rest of the country is in the
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hands of the rebels a month after germany hosted the libya conference in berlin its participants gathered around the table again this weekend in munich 30 nations including the united states russia and turkey germany's foreign minister condemned the fact that some of these states as well as others not present continue to supply weapons to the north african country. it is important that we create transparency and ensure that those who intend to continue breaking this weapons and bargo must expect to be identified. but europe's leaders are not speaking with one voice different e.u. governments even back opposing sides in the conflict that lack of common purpose was another of the conference's focal points but after it was over the conference chairman told d.w. that europe was slowly making progress what i thought was new and important here
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this year is that the european union is beginning to debate. how and and how europe can really learn the language of power e.u. foreign ministers will be meeting in brussels to discuss efforts to improve the policing of the libya arms embargo. political correspondent and then he was shot as told us earlier that despite the failure of international if it's to end the fighting in libya the process is not yet fully agree even though it was a reach to embed in the last month has been repeatedly violated we're hearing that the truce has been violating more than a $150.00 times and breaking this embargo that means bridge that's a means of violating a u.n. resolution and that should lead to economy sanctions to a diplomatic sanctions so there was no a breakthrough on. the munich security conference to positive aspect that we can
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see here is that the top officials keep talking about the issue with one another and that sends a clear message to international community a very much wants to remain hands on on the region a peace process do you foreign minister. divided want to meet in brussels on monday they will also be a follow up meeting in geneva on tuesday and what's perhaps more significant that you started to leave given rivals are scheduled to meet up so. did the national army and i as i was actually supported by the international community when the top end of the moms. political correspondent emanuel shot speaking to us now to some of the other stories making news around the world. u.n. secretary general antonio good tennis has praise pakistan hosting millions of afghan refugees. is on a 4 day visit to islamabad to address
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a conference on refugees and peacekeeping this week marks 40 years since afghan refugees 1st settled pakistan. syrian state media say government forces have might advance as against the rebel held on clive's in the province of aleppo the region has been held by opposition forces since 2012 events as have upset a fragile cooperation between ankara and moscow which back opposing factions in the conflicts. the german court has ordered us electric vehicle might get tesla to stop clearing forest lands need to build its 1st european factory the ruling comes off the state environmental office gave the green light to clean and to haiti's forest for the gigantic plants. one of the most powerful known tropical storms on break or has slammed into britain storm dennis has been battering the u.k. with torrential rain and gale force winds and focused as site the severe weather
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could last through monday the storm is being blamed for at least 3 deaths and it's also disrupt travel across the. a close call for passengers touching down in haiti through our night is he got it is going to go is going to go around. hundreds of flights have been cancelled due to the strong winds with widespread travel disruptions felt across the u.k. . the persistent rain has left this town in wales unrecognizable after its river burst its banks. strong current slapped it harms and swallowed the countryside communities had little time to prepare. or try to keep a level had steak a professor came back you know you can only do what you can do at the end of the day nature will just do what it's going to do so on there's not more she can to
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just talk. the flooding is expected to be worse this time around following storm sierra with rain falling on already saturated ground. conditions are expected to ease in the coming days as communities begin to assess the damage. now the bangladesh where a long standing to boot has been broken for the 1st time i form a sex worker has been laid to rest in a formal islamic ceremony the burial is being hailed as a landmark for the muslim majority nation even though it's one of the few such countries where the sex trade is legal. this is the world's biggest brothel around 1200 women work in these tightly packed quarters prostitution is legal in bangladesh but still a sin for devout muslims until now islamic leaders have refused a spiritual burial for anyone in the sex trade.
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since my childhood i've seen bodies of sex workers being thrown into the river. we never had funerals here if we tried. the villagers would often chases away we're going to turn up and not. the fun of it all that changed this month when the 1st official funeral was held for one of the women here a coalition of sex workers managed to persuade the local police to push for a proper funeral. and to put that out of what they've been brought down to have a look i'm told the local council and around 250 people gathered for the funeral. but the mom refused to come even. he said he didn't want to lead prayers for a sex worker that way. so i went to him and asked him why and he. will love someone has died. who are we to judge their sins or good deeds that's up to the almighty but when we tell going to have. the funeral breaks
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a taboo for sex workers long stigmatized and shunned by mainstream muslim society. the model is how much we have finally received our rights as humans were citizens of this country and part of society we finally received our long awaited freedom after all these years we've only been exposed to oppression nothing else is that. a small step towards dignity in death for everyone in bangladesh. the football now and by munich travelled to cologne on sunday hoping to break claim top spot from lot of hosts form has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous since the winter break the question being which cologne would turn up when the bavarians come to town for the. cologne followed their $51.00 capitulation to daughter and with a 4 nil thrashing of freiburg win or lose they guaranteed goals and that was the case again against byron. unfortunately the ball went the way of the visitors in
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the 1st half robert levin dubs people can distorting with his 23rd of the season one mil to the champions to just 3 minutes i 2 minutes later it was 2 no 3 kingsley c'mon. i was a bit dusty with me turn to mush miller with the lay off the smart finish things were getting embarrassing for cologne and more ways than one. there were just 12 minutes on the clock when byron put themselves out of sight. i said not me 3 no i it was more of the same after the break as cannot break up his 2nd 66 minutes because it's a day for 22 germans and national people for milk i. see how to dortmund colognes much touted a consolation strike for the hosts to read off the scoring after 17 minutes i for
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one finished another high scoring for. featured in cologne will coach mark is good still probably wouldn't mind a boring mill mill some time soon. brian go back on top with 16 goals in 5 games since the winter break there once again an omen is for is the title running loose. so now let's take a look at all of the results from that stay 2002 as you'll see months ended goalless by munich sort of cologne as we saw they do so golf on the new management had to build in big had a born a lot levick use and will spend over one outspoken freiburg share the spoils and back on friday and down the front more news coming up at the top of the hour with brian thomas stuff to get the web site is there for all the lives news around the clock at the w dot com for now but i'm anthony how i'm half of all the team here in berlin
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thanks for watching. that. for every. running. good. made for mines.


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