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this is the news live from berlin china reports another increase in the number of people infected with the coronavirus the figures have gone up after 2 days of fewer cases being registered nearly 90 percent of the new infections are in the city of 200 more than 70000 people now have the virus world one also coming up it's been called a joke by the united nations we reported on why efforts to enforce the libyan arms embargo and end of the country's civil war appear to be a plus in the bundesliga by iron go back to the top of the table after
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a crushing cologne they're back in the groove that's not good news for the rest of the german topflight. i'm corn aspen thanks for joining me the chinese military is sending more medical workers and more supplies to the city of han as the corona virus spreads beijing is reporting an increase in the number of new cases across the country despite declines in the last 2 days government also reported more than 100 new deaths from the disease bringing the total number of dead to some 1800 sorties are now also tightening restrictions on people in the city of shell gun residents there have been ordered to stay at home and to not use their private vehicles
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to get the latest now from beijing correspondent mightiest bullinger has been reporting on the virus there now show gone this is a city of millions of people is essentially on lockdown now i mean how do authorities there plan to keep residents inside. china is a surveillance state so they are lots of cameras to surveil the buildings and everybody is most people in china are living in compounds in fenced off compounds that have a gate and there is somebody sitting at the gate usually these people sitting at the gate don't do anything people can just walk in and walk out but it's very easy to activate these people to stop people from passing through actually shall go on is now one of 2 cities that have. issued this total lockdown note where people can't even leave their building to buy groceries other cities restricts households to letting people in out just once every 2 days to buy groceries and here in
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beijing everybody is handed a pos we can we walk in and out freely but we can for example not bring strangers into our compounds so china has these these social control mechanisms that are. much older than technical surveillance that is also in place now and they're using it now and it is i want to ask you because china's president delivered a speech and this was behind closed doors we're just hearing reports about it now the speech was about the severity of the coronavirus but it was about 2 weeks before the spoken about publicly can you tell us a bit more about the fallout now from those revelations. yeah this speech that we're talking about is a speech that he held on the 3rd of february that is 2 weeks ago it was published in chill sure that's the party's theoretical magazine that
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a party that spreads party ideology the interesting thing most of it is about combating a war against the virus and his leadership but the interesting thing is that he said in that speech that he had been cheering. that battle against the virus from january the 7th now that was the time when authorities still denied that they were ayers was dangerous and this period of denial is seen as one of the main courses for the spread of the virus so he is now basically opening the failures from the beginning and that's quite remarkable that he has said this openly and this could be published in the party magazine it's might be that they're confident to win the battle and that the initial failures will stand back behind these massive efforts that they're bringing on now to combat the virus it might be that he couldn't evade any more. this acknowledgement because the fact that he has not been seen during
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this period is also has also drawn a lot of criticism we don't know really the motives behind it but we know that we are in a period now when it's when when this battle against the virus is something that dominates the whole country today just we have seen news that most probably the 2 sessions the annual session of the parliament will be postponed this is a major step in this political system that does not like surprises to there the schedule absolutely amity has building a reporting for us in beijing thanks very much. hundreds of corn 1000 american passengers have been evacuated from a cruise ship in the japanese ports of yokohama the ship has been in or teen for nearly 2 weeks since a man who disembarked in hong kong tested positive for the corona virus. the diamond princess fenced off at the dockside in yokohama but for some at least
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a way out after more than a week of uncertainty. poses pull up next to the ship ready to pick up some 300 americans who have chosen to squat quarantine here for quarantine back home. carry this is there are about to step into the big wide world so i have my mask on and i can't go on. cheryl mull skin the husband paula from syracuse in new york state after being cooped up on the ship for 12 days they've agreed to be flown back to the u.s. where they'll spend another 14 days in isolation to shop this cell phone video of their own evacuation in this case at least a good natured event. thank you. and then you present. that they're on the road leaving behind them at least 40 americans who have contracted the virus those patients will
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remain in japan for treatment. on the last leg of the evacuation government chartered jumbo jets ready to fly to california and texas. an eventful holiday is drawing to a close. if you were exhausted or on the boring. and that's a good week you're being pretty miserable were these massive crowds. of the 30 had to go to the bathroom on the buses if you're going to you're going to be a 5 hour wait to get off for. one evacuation completed canada hong kong initially say they also plan to evacuate their citizens from the cruise ship. are here's a check now of some of the other stories making news around the world a court in south africa has postponed a decision on whether some 600 migrants must move out of a cape town church in which they've sought refuge if i would say they're threatened
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by anti foreigner hostility in south africa judges called on the city to review the case i united nations says armed men have killed at least 20 civilians in an english speaking region in northwest cameroon among the dead where more than a dozen children the massacre followed clashes between government troops and separatists fighting for an independent angle of phone state an opposition party blamed the army for the attack the government denies involvement. an australian court has ruled that a search warrant authorizing police to raid the australian broadcasting corporation last year was legal police were searching for material related to reporting on australian military operations in afghanistan a.b.c. has called the court ruling a blow to democracy. u.n. secretary general antonio terrorises plate praise pakistan for hosting millions of afghan refugees is on a 4 day visit to islam a bod to address the conference on refugees and peacekeeping this week marks 40
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years since afghan refugees 1st settled in pakistan. well the european union's foreign policy chief says the block is divided on whether to resume a naval mission to stop arms smuggling to libya italy and austria have raised concerns of the ships could encourage migrants to attempt the voyage across the mediterranean e.u. foreign ministers are meeting in brussels today to discuss the issue and other talks come a day after u.n. officials said attempts to stop the fighting in libya and an arms embargo to the country were failing. europe's inability to provide effective leadership in ending that libyan conflict was a key topic at the munich security conference that wrapped up on sunday libya is still awash with arms and fighting is still raging despite a previous agreement reached in germany last month a top u.n. official at the munich security conference said the truce had been violated $150.00
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times since then and she said efforts to cut the flow of weapons had been equally unsuccessful arms embargo has become a joke and so you know we all really need to step up here and. it is complicated because there are violations that are you know happening on land sea and air and that all needs to be monitored. in libya fighters loyal to the internationally recognized government control only a small area around the capital tripoli most of the rest of the country is in the hands of the rebels a month after germany hosted the libya conference and by len its participants gathered around the table again this weekend in munich 30 nations including the united states russia and turkey germany's foreign minister condemned the fact that some of these states as well as others not present continue to supply weapons to
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the north african country. it is important that we create transparency and ensure that those who intend to continue breaking this weapons and bargo must expect to be identified. head but europe's leaders are not speaking with one voice different governments even back opposing sides in the conflict that lack of common purpose was another of the conference's focal points. are let's get more now we go to our correspondent teri schultz she's in brussels for us she's been following that story terry 1st of all as we heard in reports a senior u.n. official is calling this arms embargo a joke i mean is anyone respecting the rules when it comes to libya well she didn't really call the arms embargo a joke she said that the parties were treating it as one and that is in fact true although i would say that's a pretty unfortunate choice of words when you're talking about such a desperate desperate mission of some of these people who are fleeing libya you've
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got islamic state regrouping on the ground that said none of the parties are respecting the arms embargo despite this meeting a month ago in berlin in which everyone agreed to put more effort into that you've still got turkey arming the government you've got russia arming the warlord who's trying to take over the capital by force and so there's nothing that can be done when you've got. heavy arms embargoes such heavy arms shipments going into the country and despite a very fragile truce we hear that there are there are still skirmishes every day in libya terry you mentioned that libya peace conference that took place in berlin about a month ago now officials meeting on the sidelines at the munich security conference what's on the agenda today the leaders coming back together what will they be discussing and has there been any progress to report the e.u. decided that it could play a constructive role by revamping
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a naval mission called operation sophia now this was originally set up to do 2 things to save some of the migrants who were drowning trying to escape libya for europe and also to enforce this u.n. arms embargo it ended up being very much the former picking up people out of the mediterranean and so it ran into that very very dark spiral of e.u. migration politics italy decided it didn't want to support this mission and so it's been suspended now if you decide it is ok let's revamp the mission let's really focus on the arms embargo but it's still being held up by countries who fear it would once again turn into a rescue mission and without an agreement in the wider european union to take care of these people if they're picked up in the mediterranean they're not willing to risk mission creep so is there any hope i mean for some sort of a broader resolution you mention neither country the countries can can't agree on the mission naval mission not only that but we heard reported mean e.u. countries are even taking different sides in the conflict. yes it is incredible to
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think that you literally have italy supporting one side and france supporting the other and that this is a warlord who's who's marching to tripoli with an army it doesn't make sense and it's definitely not constructive so joseph burrell the e.u. foreign policy chief is clearly getting very frustrated he says that he even wants to change the way that decisions are being made in foreign policy he doesn't think a country like austria which he points out doesn't even have a ship should be able to hold up the naval mission so there are discussions going on that will have broader implications for the european union but it's very frustrating to those countries that want to do something to try to help the situation and the luxemburg foreign minister on his way into the meeting said he doesn't see why entire progress should be held up by countries afraid to pick up a few people who are drowning in the mediterranean so we'll see how this goes but it's an interesting conversation they're having now that will result in a broader decision about whether the e.u.
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foreign policy should be able to held up by one or 2 countries. correspondent teri schultz following that complicated conflict in libya for us thank you very much rio's world famous carnival festivities are only a week away with preparations now reaching fever pitch for the spectacular samba parade each year scores of the city's dance schools compete to be carnival champion but this year the parade is at the center of a bitter debate. it's dress rehearsal for de boer a flag bearer of the monkey era samba school. one week before she and her troupe by for the title at the rio carnival. here are as brazil's most famous somebody school and the defending champion but a bitter clash over monk era's theme this year is overshadowing preparations for the world famous parade. it centers around jesus christ
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a deliberate provocation by monk here as members. it's a very emotional topic because we're going to show different versions of jesus as whites in black as a man and a woman and indigenous. this is the neighborhood of monk a gang infested slum on a hill in rio at its foot the renowned somebody's school. how might the story of jesus have gone had he grown up here perhaps as a black woman or someone else that's the explosive question the mungo school will put on display during carnival. while the dance troupe prepares in this complex. out on the beach even jellicoe christians gather for a religious ceremony. many feel outraged by the somebody schools plan for them jesus is white and untouchable. because jesus saved me he saved my
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life he means everything to me and conservative pastors have launched a petition against mongerer his plan they want to prevent the sight of a black jesus in the parade. which we could out of the holy bible does not say that jesus grew up in a slum like man guera these people are degrading our bible anyway the carnival is the ruin of many people exposing them to drugs sex and murder. in december of brazilian t.v. comedy portraying jesus as a gay man sparked a violent backlash suspected religious fundamentalists through mala tough cocktails into the producer's offices to bora and her monkey a colleague's called the criticism absurd. its own nonsense the critics haven't even read our program. just ahead of their big performance the monkey arrows are undaunted. by the
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check now of some of the other stories making headlines at this hour syrian state media say government troops have made advances against rebel held on claves in the province of aleppo the region has been held by opposition forces since 2012 the latest successes are threatening the fragile cooperation between turkey and russia which back opposing sides in the conflict storm dennis has been battering the u.k. with hurricane force winds torrential rain and flooding the severe weather could last throughout monday morning the storm has been blamed for at least 3 deaths and it's disrupted travel across the u.k. . german courts has ordered us electric vehicle maker tesla to stop clearing forest land near berlin to build its 1st european factory the ruling comes after the state environmental office in gave the green light to clear some 92 hectares of forest for the large plant.
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or the bonus the title race is tight but champions by munich put on a show of force at the weekend mark meadows from t w sports is here for more on that i mean 1st of all for cologne i mean this wasn't really a fair fight wasn't it no it wasn't i mean it's carnival time in cologne there is acted there started it they were they were wearing special shirts for the occasion but by and rather ruined the party somewhat and in some style i mean they needed to because i'll be like to go back top of the table on saturday with their win reasserted they're off already and the goals come quite thick and fast in this one so keep your eyes failed the cologne followed their 51 capitulation to dortmund with a 4 nil thrashing of freiburg win or lose the guarantee goals and that was the case again against bio and. unfortunately the ball went the way of the visitors in the 1st half robot live adult speak opened the scoring with his 23rd of the season one
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mil to the champions up to just 3 minutes i 2 minutes later it was 2 no 3 kingsley c'mon. i don't speak with me turn to miss miller with the layoff smile finish things were getting embarrassing for cologne and more ways than one. there were just 12 minutes on the clock when by and put themselves out of sight. i could not be 3 no i it was more of the same after the break as could not break up his 2nd set. 6 minutes because if you do you switch between jobs and national media for milk i. see how the dortmund colognes mart target a consolation strike for the whole story she rode off the story after 17 minutes i for one finished another high scoring thriller featuring cologne coach mark is
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probably wouldn't mind a boring mill mill sometime soon. byron go back on top with 16 goals in 5 games since the winter break there once again an omen is for as the title running looms. over the us out there in 16 goals in 5 games this victory over cologne wasn't aberrational byron is back yes indeed i mean i think what's behind this in form is continuity there's not been a lot of chopping and changing in the lineup and that was proven by the fact they scored 3 goals in the 1st 12 minutes that's the 1st time by and ever done that in a bonus league or away ok and yeah i mean the players just know everybody's roles that you know if you if you bring in a whole new set of play is every of the game then you take some half again to get used to each of her again so i think that is really key to what's happened i mean philip continue their big new signing of the season the 2nd of age you can't get a game you know it's called the little magician but they don't it is magic because everything's working out just fine without him so i think that really underlines
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how strong byron are at the moment an embarrassment of riches they're up and also a new head coach paying off yeah i mean hands you flake i mean since his appointment in november when they sat niko but he's barely put a foot wrong to be honest i mean it's been plain sailing most of the way he actually had a bad cold yesterday and couldn't actually go to the post match press conference but i was he was fine with this team talk because it wonders what he's not done yet we have to say that i mean his 12 games to go right actually have a look at the table and see how tight it is at the top of the boom as they go and buy in are actually only ahead of leipzig by a point and then crucially you've got dortmund and glad by. 3 points for the back now buy in of got to go to dortmund in april they could easily lose that and crucially also glad back half a game in hand so it's very rare that it's so tight in the top 4 in the boot as they go but i am a betting man and i will say unfortunately byron of probably going to do it and the schedule favors byron as well yes i mean next week they're playing
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a ball on friday at home so that should be an easy one but then they got the champions league the week afterwards against chelsea and that could mess with their minds a little bit had a bad experience in the champions league last season so there's still all to play for all right mark meadows sports it is shaping up to be a fun end of the boom as the season thanks so much. right now to something totally different a report about an exhibition that may not be everyone's taste singaporean artist limit she on as made a name for herself carving miniature sculptures of baby heads and other body parts she says her aim is to provoke a reaction but she's had many negative responses on instagram where she has more than 100000 followers but limit is also much praise. you'd think it's canned food but look closer and you'll change your mind tiny baby hearts tiny baby parts clee creations that are anything but cute.
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i think it has always been about their combination of things that people find soft traditionally and typically cute but then having a. twist at the fair and good. lynne calls herself an accidental sculptor. she has no studio and big her pieces in the family event. she's gained quite a following on instagram. some with strong emotional reactions to her work. there was a girl that wrote on social media saying that my actually helped because she recently went through an abortion issue is going through a very difficult time. and in japan where creepy cute is trending in pop culture fans flocked to limbs recent tokyo exhibition called modern panic the they
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need to do. this work is free from stereotypes. they're good to go it gives us a new perspective. which is different from what we see usually. i thought this work conveys a message that you can express something freely. for art fans sick of the saccharin and sweet limb offers up a serving of the confronting and grotesque. this is news and these are our top stories chinese officials say the number of people infected with the coronavirus in china alone has passed the 70000 mark most of those are in the city of han in central china who by province. almost 1800 people have now died of the illness since the outbreak started. a court in south africa has postponed a decision on whether some 600 migrants must move out of a cape town church where they've sought refuge the migrants say they're threatened
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by anti foreigner hostility in south africa judges called on the city to review the case. e.u. foreign ministers are meeting in brussels to iron out differences on how to handle the conflict in libya their split on whether to resume a naval mission to enforce an arms embargo to the country. a court in germany has ordered u.s. electric vehicle maker tesla to stop clearing forest near berlin to build its 1st european factory the ruling comes after the state environmental office gave the green light to clear $92.00 actors of forest for the plant. this is the news from berlin for more follow us on twitter at news or check out our website that's. you're watching the news still to come a coronavirus catch $22.00 for carmakers chinese customers are not buying and are workers they are building and i could be bad news for some of germany's biggest
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companies. that's the latest this hour on news up next in business christophe coble were there with all the business highlights last month let's watch a. clip. from.
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beethoven is for us. beethoven is for every one. of beethoven 2020 but 250th anniversary here on d w. the factory doors remain told fox wagon extends its production halt in china the ongoing spread of the corona virus has carmakers fearing for their already pampered business we'll give you the latest also on the show how a network of activists is trying to improve conditions for workers at online retailer. i'm chris colfer welcome to the program it is not back to normal yet fox wagon is keeping its china production facilities shot.


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