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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  February 17, 2020 11:30am-11:46am CET

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that is for. beethoven is for us. is for. beethoven 202250th anniversary year on. the factory doors remain told fox wagon extends its production halt in china the ongoing spread of the corona virus has carmakers fearing for their already pampered business we'll give you the latest also on the show how a network of activists is trying to improve conditions for workers at online retailer. i'm chris colfer welcome to the program it is not back to normal yet
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fox wagon is keeping its china production facilities shot over persisting fears of the new coronavirus initially v.w. and others planned to resume production today the move comes as analysts try to gauge how hard the virus is hitting carmakers business the impact could be particularly severe for german brands which make between 30 and 40 percent of their global sales in china alone. car sales in china are falling rapidly in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak the bank u.b.s. expects february total sales to tumble by half a clear threat to popular german brands like b.m.w. and mercedes because if that weren't bad enough extended factory shutdowns and supply chain disruptions the set to lead to a massive drop in production china has so far been a success story for german carmakers the overall market is in recession but the german brands are still growing. folks bargain
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notched up sales of nearly 4200000 passenger cars in china in 2018 the biggest single country for v.w. by far dima lead to soar success it's must say it is ben's brands delivered over $670000.00 cars in the same year a new record for the company's chinese operations. kamarck it analysts say it's possible that coronaviruses just prompting chinese customers to postpone their purchases and that the threat is manageable and buyers of german imports tend to be more affluent and have greater resilience to the economic effects of the coronavirus but if the crisis goes on much longer the effect on car makers profits could be more than just a blip there's more of being in my colleague shitters panday who has been following the story for swag and yet again postponing production in it said china facility is give us the latest. well yes chris the production has imposed upon at the plants
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which it runs in the joint venture with chang i noticed some of the plants that it runs as a genie with the f.a.a. or f a w group have production at these plants have started but still not to full capacity a spokesman for folks who are going told me this morning that it's the delay is largely owing to supply chain issues and logistical problems and also because of the travel difficulties that it employs the production plants are facing now if you look at this issues that carmakers are facing and it's the sirkar on a virus crisis what are the most difficult ones for them i mean there's just so many late at this point of time the german company you just heard in that report that they depend for like 30 to 40 percent of the sales on china and so the clothes sure rooms and even the shows which are open is proving to be really a major problem for the german carmakers lucky for them they don't have many
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facilities or in fact any facility in the worst affected areas but then it's actually a supply chain related issue so if the coroner wires outbreak persist longer then the fact is is going to start pinching them sooner or later and why is this crisis hitting german carmakers at a particularly difficult time. it can even get worse than this at this point of time did just when they were getting some positive news out of the u.s. china trade tensions and here it is corona wires in the biggest market the market where they were largely resilient they've been only facing the pollution concerns in europe made worse by these. scandal and there is also a costly transition to electric vehicles at this point and where they are largely playing of catch again with the likes of tesla there is this threat of us targets hanging on them so they have just clearly so many problems and this virus outbreak
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could not have come at a worse time now we heard in the report that customers of b.m.w. in dire could be more resilient when it comes to spending power how much can carmakers rely on that. that's difficult to say of but one thing that would be a dispersed i'm doing is to keep the fingers crossed because if this why outbreak last longer then board most analysts expect even goes on for months or even spreads further then no matter how resilient the customers are they are not coming down to the sure rooms let alone the online insurance that they are actually starting to open at this point i'm a customers can buy cars online you know who do spend many thousands or tens of thousands on buying a car online to w.'s found and gone thank you. friend train manufacturer all storm has confirmed it is in talks to buy the rail equipment division of canadian company bombard game wall street journal reports that also has
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reached a preliminary deal to buy the train business for more than $7000000000.00 he is heavily in debt and is seeking to sell of various divisions alstom is seeking to expand its business after a proposed merger with siemens rail division was blocked by the european union. for more let's bring in our financial correspondent conor bosun and frankfurt conrad how likely is it that the e.u. competition watchdogs will allow this merger to go through. well a few conditions are likely to be imposed on such a merger or a takeover but it's very unlikely that the competition watchdog will completely block it's with siemens you know the producer of the german high speed train the ice train or i.c.e. train alstom trains and trains would have a huge competitor in the market and you know itself is not producing hyper speed
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trains it's only a supplier in this business which means the situation of a merger of us on trains and bombard the trains is very. different compared to what would have happened if siemens trains and i'll some trains would have been allowed to merge putting 2 similar businesses together usually includes job cuts what can we expect here. well job cuts especially in burlington where. transportation has it's international had headquarters and germany has its german headquarters so of course there are synergies there on the level of you know the headquarters in terms of the production lines it has to be said well barges factories here in germany have seen an enormous amount of job cuts in recent years already experts are very hesitant to predict that more job cuts in germany would
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really make sense and easy but this is really difficult to evaluate because the train business speak comes a little bit more like the aircraft business buyers of trains often governments not only want to buy trains very often they also want to see the jobs in their countries so this is something that of course all the train makers have to deal with contribution in frankfurt thank you. and now to some of the other business stories making headlines around the world a jury in the united states has ordered germany's buyer and b a s f to pay peach grower 265000000 dollars he said the weed killer d. campbell which they make seriously damage described by or says it will appeal to japan's economy has suffered its worst quarterly decline in more than 5 years the 4th quarter g.d.p. shrank to 1.6 percent a tax hike and a deadly typhoon have been taking
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a toll on the world's 3rd largest economy on drawbars stole hundreds of toilet roll string an early morning delivery at a hong kong supermarket the new coronavirus has led to shortages of every day essential in the territory panic buying has made toilet paper scarce. now having a global business juggernaut in your neighborhood can have benefits amazon for example might offer a lot of jobs but under conditions that many call arming a group of activists has made it their mission to improve them. armed with just a phone into laptop down your agenda wants to force change at one of the world's biggest companies led by one of the world's richest men jeff bezos he likes to present himself as a progressive but his approach to business has angered communities and many of amazon 750000 workers. we are oriented around having as many people
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in as many states around this country participate in our activities to make it known what the cost of hosting amazon in a community is and to demand better of our public officials iran's mitigating back costs. rejoinder a coordinate smaller than 60 groups of activists she calls her organization athena after the greek goddess of war one of the group's goals is to improve working conditions and force amazon to pay higher wages at the company's gigantic warehouses just outside the city their algorithms determine work speeds and cameras monitor staff around the clock a former employee complains that missing targets 3 times could cost you your job and that causes stress of a different sort. because of their read system. a new were able to basically news about them throughout the day otherwise you could be in jeopardy of. not meeting your goal the only time you really could go to the
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bathroom was starting to break amazon allowed us to shoot at the warehouses a manager there disputes ilyas claims he says toilets are no more than 90 seconds away from workplaces and workers can use them as needed. to have lunch break 30 minutes and days and actually 45 minutes with state laws for that and we also get to the 15 minute piece breaks the starting wage for an unskilled worker here is $17.00 an hour that might sound decent but it's not enough to live from in new york or california critics have done the math. of a very profitable employer providing wages that are so low that people can't afford housing and food that's not right what we saw was that for every dollar in the waitress they pay the public $0.24 in subsidies for health care and food stamps and also for cash welfare. there are hundreds of
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thousands of people involved in the network down your agenda says they don't want amazon to go broke they just want to break the power it has over the people who work there. and finally storm dennis has been causing havoc in britain with the gale force winds and heavy rains this airbus a 380 with hundreds of people on board was coming in to land at london's heathrow airport as the storm hit you see it right there powerful cross winds made this a challenging landing as the plane harvard over the runway but the 500 ton super jumbo finally touched down safely. certainly a testament to the pilot's skill and that's thanks for watching.
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my 1st boss like most sewing machine. where i come from women are almost by this ocean full of it something as simple as learning how to write a by psychos isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have a bicycle off my home and it took me estimates but. finally the game often mentioned buying young by psychos country turns because sewing machine sewing i
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suppose was more appropriate for goes than writing a bottle as now i want to reach out to those women back home full of bones by their duties and social goals and inform them about dead basic rights my name is the amount of people homes and i work into. this week on little stories. we get a taste of politics you know i'm gone. and hear about a controversial ban in lego's but we begin in germany 75 years ago allied planes carried out devastating air raids on dresden the historic city center was reduced
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to rubble and gosh tens of thousands were killed we speak to a survivor. when aaron steers comes to the new marked public square and sees the restored. he is reminded of the dresden bombings 75 years ago. here. and everything was destroyed and this was when most of the people were killed in the fire storm then on the next day the taste and falling kisha collapsed yes the square was reduced to rubble. on the evening of february 13th 1945 over the span of just 15 minutes the allied forces dropped bombs containing 900 tons of explosives on dressed and during the next 2 days 3 more attack waves followed after that the baroque old town lay in ruins at the time
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aaron's tears was 9 years old when the bombs were dropped on dresden he and his parents he had in a bomb shelter in the cellar of their house.


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