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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  February 18, 2020 7:15pm-7:30pm CET

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story there we're tracking for you this hour a turkish court has acquitted 9 activists charged with trying to overthrow the government in the d.c. park protests in istanbul 7 years ago the ruling came as a surprise in a case that was seen as a key test for justice in turkey. you're watching here we do is coming up next in business africa we're going to zoom in on a lot rock'n'roll and thank you so much for spending part of your day with me. i'm not laughing at the germans because sometimes i am but nice and laughing with the evil germans this deep into german culture. you don't seem to take this ground on you because it's all about. no time right show join me for me to get the bungee jumping poles. europe. look at united's. look to find things. looking funny looks
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a little. what binds the continent together. answers and stories aplenty the. spotlight on people. focusing on dirt on g.w. . it's a bad day all global financial markets the impact of the corona virus is becoming clear one of the world's most valuable company example warns profits will fall short of full cause global trade faces headwinds watch out africa. by poverty how to get god made in business is up and running when the funding is out of breach for so many. and stop chopping down trees environmentalist so i brought a clean hole to test those plans to build clean cars in germany as it means clear enough. forest for the factory. is over the place of business i know it's just
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a virus no worse than the flu but covert 19 has spread around the globe at lightning speed infecting operations at all sorts of companies in this new connected world africa is not being spared the confidence had its 1st confirmed case of the disease huge joint african chinese infrastructure projects face disruptions many airlines have cut flights to and from china and now the international monetary fund is cutting its growth forecast for one of africa's top economies nigeria from 2 and a half to just 2 percent for the reason plunging oil prices stemming from the outbreak it highlights the challenges the biggest african crew producer has in diversifying its economy and a wide reaching effects a little buyers can have. on top of the 1st growth cuts corporations are issuing profit warnings there are supply shortages a new type of virus has hit the world's 2nd biggest economy and gone global
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networks take behemoths apple is one of the 1st firms to clarify the extent of the carnage shopping malls and stores closed across the country city streets empty as millions remain confined to their homes. factories shows are reopening at a snail's pace none of this is good news for apple the world's most valuable tech company makes i phones of various sites across china and also sells millions of them at stores around the country the profit warning underlines just how serious the corona virus outbreak is for a business like apple which is heavily reliant on its supply chains in china as well as its strong customer base there apple had already been facing challenges in china before the outbreak in 2019 the company made sales of $44000000000.00 in the country a fall of 12 percent from 2018. and the relative value of the chinese market for
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apple has been declining in recent years in 2015 the country accounted for 25 percent of apple's total revenue that has fallen steadily last year's figure accounted for just 17 percent if it is not contained the coronavirus outbreak could dramatically increase apple's difficulties the company has already said that worldwide i phone supply will be temporarily constrained due to their brick for business owners and would be entrepreneurs in ghana have completely different worries better access to funding to get operations rolling in the 1st place but it's a catch 22 when you don't have any spare cash or collateral especially in a country where the poverty rate of 50 percent. cuff we are as an entrepreneur who runs her own chain of restaurants and. her livelihood depends on how much food she sells but she has
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a major problem she doesn't have enough customers. they're hard to come by. your pin your shop and you're hoping to have so a number of people coming to buy from you and that of the day you have just like a book 20 person bank from you then the rest goes to a look at me i'm in the food industry so what happens is the ways to trade away without a steady stream of customers be able to grow her business she hasn't been able to take out business loans either not that she really wants to the interest rates they're so high that even when you take the funds you won't be able to pay in taxes if they give it to you if you meet and they give that to you but i can bet you to take a loan. in this country it's more like real. poverty levels remain high and karna shop owners like clement boa tearing struggle to stay
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afloat because customers simply can't afford their products. by the way because. you call him the price he would like to buy by the purchasing power is more. than 2015 gonna turn to the i.m.f. for a bailout but its currency the city continues to lose value inflation however it did fall to 7.9 percent at the end of last year still analysts say a lack of liquidity in the economy means ordinary citizens aren't really feeling the benefit for an economy to be viable to create liquidity you know is true that the banks let's activate our fantasies to seize you know make sure that the they have does the quiddity that it need we don't wait for. entrepreneurs want the economy to start bringing in trade sooner rather than later. as
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a committee joins us now from accra. is there will do you sense any sort of change is there more of a willingness for banks to lend to people with ideas to set up businesses. for now it doesn't look like a change in modalities because that really. to businesses that have the capacity to pay back loans we have seen some restructuring. since last year by this current government which means that you have to be very careful who. credits to so for now it's. small businesses to access and i don't think anything will change. anytime soon and if god doesn't build up its small businesses i mean we heard earlier from the i.m.f. that nigeria needs to diversify to depend less on oil is ghana in the same position . yes. yes the
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oil production is taking place that's not much benefit for the ordinary. for the economy even though it's part of a significant portion of the country's g.d.p. but the country needs to divest if i. show that the environment for business is that's the best. it's like nigeria to diversify so that everyone can benefit not to depend solely on. the forests in a crowd thank you very much. well energy costs are a $1.00 of the highest in the whole region but now n.g.o.s showing young entrepreneurs how to turn solar power idea is in business is to make them less reliant on the dominant power companies. in accra many enterprises like these often experience power outages from the sometimes.
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you see you see what i've told you all for a good. whole. this really really really. reduced most people just after just a lot of people work. with it's more than $2000000.00 inhabitants the government capital demands a huge amount of electricity for the last a kid on a has been experiencing and they think is it a crisis that has damaged the country's economy a major contributing factor has been the army and overloaded probably a problem it was a rapidly growing population. ana is an important hardly miss affy call for international investors including germany so it's not surprising that a nearby energy experts flock to the west african clean energy and environmental
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feel. this is the special ops they offer technical training in various aspects of solar energy to participants who walk in the sectors such as 28 year old engine the robot. it's. been walking for 3 years for adoption cool a farm from the netherlands it's mainly build solar panel systems for large companies in guyana. designing a system for. an office complex a massive. and it's a great time system so i'm preparing and you know it's. going to be a roof mounted system or i don't. it's boss is enthusiastic of both the top potentially in the country private individuals often can't afford to buy so no policy stands more and more businesses want them to make the a production less dependent on the unstable paul agreed we almost we feel we are just at the beginning of the renewable energy markets in west africa and we are
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currently preparing ourselves our employees and our methodology for the. fact in about 23 years time. and he's cool off as a city known to his toning down his company has trouble finding skilled stuff in robot hopes that more young people. and seek walk. in the renewable energy sector he sees it as a job would be much. jemma bureaucracy is legendary the job is very thorough but that's not the only hurdle for teslas ambitious plans to frantically build its 1st european factory near in the next year and a half environmental activists are out in force at a dog mosque wants to do something good for the planet by constructing electric cars it means chopping down trees. the german press has started calling it the tesla forest and the machines felling trees here have stopped
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a court order has brought them grinding to a halt the environmental organization. says the company shouldn't be allowed to continue clear cutting before it has all the appropriate permits to jesus he said just starting activities right now sets a precedent these are things that cannot be reversed after all you can't just put the trees back in the ground after you cut them down that's a dense fog cutting has to be suspended during the bird nesting season which begins in march if tesla hasn't cleared the site by then it could delay the opening of the factory slated for next year. if it doesn't work out with tesla and i hope it does . sent a fatal signal to german companies but also to international investors did say that when it comes to global competition many has grown on able to assert itself as the right place to do business. on social media users in other parts of the world are scratching their heads at the german delay to a major investment that would bring $3000.00 jobs tesla has already cleared 60 of
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the 90 head tears planned for the site the carmaker has promised to replant 3 times as many trees nearby the dispute has some people worried that tesla could withdraw from the deal the matter is being taken up by a state administrative court it'll decide on wednesday where the cutting can continue. on that story and all the other business news from around the world i'm. with the.
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top. 4 teams are still meeting the pack a big win for dork. empire makes life so you can glide got the job done. and will things come down no one to berlin they won their 1st game after coach klinsmann when. it comes. to 60 minutes on t w. and on demand.
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