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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  February 18, 2020 9:30pm-10:01pm CET

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the journey back into the history of slavery. i think will truly be making progress when we all accept the history of slavery as all of our history. our documentary series slavery routes starts march 9th on t.w. . he is the late arrival among democrats in the race for the white house the former new york city mayor and billionaire mike bloomberg his numbers are rising we cannot say the same for the prospects of an american institution today the boy scouts of america filed for bankruptcy has a dark past finally comes to what tonight the search for justice and the quest for political power 2 american stories $2000000000.00 american stores i'm bored golf in berlin this is the day.
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60000000000 dollars can buy you a lot of after trust but you can't record there's a lot to talk about michael bloomberg just a couple of berg was certainly not going to win when you have a new york city that included racist policy like stuff but 1st he needs to go unchallenged like this which he has said that he just can't hide behind the airway he has to answer questions i'm a leader who can be honest about my mistakes and i believe when you make a mistake you just learn from it. next time you write is a lightweight you going to find that he's also one of the worst debaters i've ever seen. his presence is 0. also coming up rule number one of the boy scouts of america always be prepare a motto for more than a century but not for the events of right now the national organization of the boy
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scouts of america has filed for a chapter 11 financial restructuring you might be wondering what this means for scouting and why the b.s.a. is taking this step and. the short answer is that scouting continues. well to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day. with tesla boss musk here in berlin trying to clear the trees despite the forced tomorrow a german court will hand down a decision that could be make or break for germany's most promising high tech project in years before that project even begins tesla plans to construct a gig a factory near berlin to manufacture electric cars a big boost for jobs and you could say green jobs and yet environmentalist say that the trees being cleared for that new factory well those trees should be left standing tonight
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a story of green washing but by whom. the german press has started calling it the tesla forest and the machines felling trees here have stopped a court order has brought them grinding to a halt the environmental organization. says the company shouldn't be allowed to continue clear cutting before it has all the appropriate permits to jesus he had just starting activities right now sets a precedent these are things that cannot be reversed after all you can't just put the trees back in the ground after you cut them down as i smile because at the. cutting has to be suspended during the bird nesting season which begins in march if tesla hasn't cleared the site by then it could delay the opening of the factory slated for next year. if it doesn't work out with tesla and i hope it does it will send a fatal signal to german companies but also to international investors it say that when it comes to global competition germany has grown unable to assert itself as
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the right place to do business but on social media users in other parts of the world are scratching their heads at the german delay to a major investment that would bring $3000.00 jobs tesla has already cleared 60 of the 90 head tears planned for this site the carmaker has promised to replant 3 times as many trees nearby the dispute has some people worried that tesla could withdraw from the deal the matter. being taken out by a state administrative court it'll just i don't one stay with that the cutting can continue. of the forest in the trees in the electric cars to talk about all of that i'm joined now here the big table by rob watts from our business desk good to see you again rob so i mean we're we're seeing that the judge is going to hit on this decision tomorrow what happens if the judge says that the tree clearing has to wait at least for now or even forever well i doubt that will be a problem to test so they've got this target of having this completed by july of next
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year is ambitious to begin with is ambitious because you can bear in mind that it was coming off the back of having built its last kick a factory in shanghai and china in a very different climate to what they've experienced here in germany and perhaps a level that they may have underestimated this famous jim and bureaucracy that we like to joke about but occasionally does rare its head like this and so. they did allow themselves an extra 6 months compared to shanghai to build this but it looks possible that if they can get this decision soon they need it by march when the nesting season begins because they can it's money which is yeah it's soon right with investing in the season comes that they can't sell these trees so that will be a you know a tangible delay that they have to deal. with the problems here in germany doing business investors were surprised when they decided to build that gigafactory here
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in germany this is not a cheap place to do business labor here is not cheap and germany is known for being a jungle of rid tape is that being confirmed by what we're seeing right now. well to some extent it is i knew you could say that people were always going to jump on the 1st delay to sort of reinforce that idea particularly when you bear in mind that this gigafactory is being built on the doorstep of what's considered a. shame which is the bill in brandenburg airport that is 9 years behind shuttle and counting not all of that due to what you would call bureaucracy but certainly some of it down to what you could to bureaucracy which planning delays we're talking about health and safety issues now health and safety in particular you can criticize us as bureaucracy but maybe that's the sort of bureaucracy that some people might be glad to know is that we're talking about the airport were you
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talking about the trees mean what about what the environmentalists are saying do they have a point are they right to be worried about these trees being cleared where they're where they're being cut down i mean is there an environmental catastrophe waiting to happen there well i think it's a bad sign if you're an environmental group like this one to have the green party of germany speaking out against you not being on your side on this issue so what they're complaining about is 90 heck tez of trees being felt it's not the sort of thing you might expect an environmental group to have a problem with but well that has not taking into account is that the these 90. of plantation it's. been it's been planted deliberately to be eventually cut down or what's happening here is that's happening sooner and tesla has promised that it will build in the stead of these $93.00 times as many more
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trees and they will be a more diverse crop of trees that in turn will be better in terms of the wildlife that they can attract because you know a pine plantation is not actually that good for wild. life so in that respect that i necessarily have a point that's also just the general irony of an environmental group getting in the way of the building of a massive electric car factory there's going to be pumping out hundreds of thousands of cars over the coming is mentally ready of according to footprint for everybody they haven't heard anything you know directly from tussle about what could happen to more we haven't heard from them we haven't heard from mr musk on this there's perhaps some soul searching going on back in the united states where they're thinking hold on did we underestimate a few things here did we underestimate what we might come up against this isn't the 1st issue they've had for example they've already had to organize the the moving of
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certain communities of animals we've seen bats had to be moved we've seen birds have to be moved or seen ants have to be moved i'm not quite sure how the logistics work on that that is true and another thing that is unique to this part of your supposed is the fact that they've also had to deal with the defusing a 2nd world war bowman's things that you might not have thought of and certainly they would have had to have dealt with in shanghai you know that's true and we heard anything from the german government i can imagine that in the government you know they are pulling their hair out with the prospect of this gigafactory being killed yeah i mean the concern over this has gone right to the very top there was great excitement about this gigafactory coming to germany creating thousands of jobs and hopefully kick starting the ema billet he said sure here which has been a bit just slow to get over yeah exactly so we have from the economist minister out he said that there should be no delays to this construction to this to this project
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he says the it's a great crossover between it being good economically and also being good ecologically you know it's going to be good for the environment and he stressed that this must not be held up where we will see what happens. if indeed that decision comes down tomorrow or right rob what's think you know. so that. those billionaire. who was spending hundreds of millions of dollars to support candidates who represent the rich and the powerful today we. are bloomberg we. see not an oligarchy you are knocked up by. well that was democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders they are firing one of what will most likely be many shots aimed at the late arrival among democratic or white house hopefuls mike bloomberg bloomberg
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did not even run in the iowa caucus and the new hampshire primary tomorrow bloomberg will appear for the 1st time on stage and on live television to debate the issues with the other democratic candidates and believe it or not his poll numbers are surging the talk about them toward the big table tonight by line she is vice chair of democrats abroad berlin it's good to see you again and savvy what do you make of how do you explain mike bloomberg to our international viewers here you've got a late comer to the race you've got a billionaire and suddenly he's in the running. i think you have a lot of people that whether you can believe it or not are tuning in now. this has been going on for a very long time but most people have not been paying attention which i don't blame them for an out of the primaries have started they're all really focusing in trying to really figure out what their options are so in many people's minds it might not be that late after all you know i mean you know a lot of people around the world when they watch our coverage they hear about
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what's being talked about in the campaign in the united states they think you know why even tune in because the campaign is so long is now the time to start turning to media i mean if you haven't eaten before i definitely think now is the time this is when you so have as many people left in the field as there is going to be if anything i doubt it's going to grow it's going to get smaller so it's good to tune in now to figure out who your options are to go to your primary participate democrats abroad as having their own primary coming up on super tuesday i mean now's the time to figure out how concerned are you about the image of a new york billionaire you're buying his way into the campaign i mean what signal does this send a thank you specially to the left wing of the party i think that as a democratic party and also as a democratic system we can't just stop people from entering areas that they want to enter the race if that is all you want to spend his money he i believe is welcome to you we will welcome people to come to the primaries to come participate and to
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make that decision they still have the voice and the option to decide who is the actual candidate at the end of the day bloomberg has been criticized for being out of touch somewhat i want you to take a listen to what he said just a couple of days ago and he says i'll be there has farmers in the united states open arms take a listen. and we could teach processes i could teach anybody even people in this room so no offense intended to be a farmer it's a process you dig a hole you put a seed in you put dirt on top add water up comes the corn then we had 300 you could look all right so that's how you become a farmer in the world of bloomberg well there was reaction double drunk donald trump jr tweeting this bloomberg wouldn't last 3 seconds as a farmer but like his comments on minorities you can tell he really hates regular hardworking americans he will never fight for them because he couldn't care less about them. all right trouble of course you know farmers are upset with him in his
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china policy that is a different story but. when you look at this. what do you see do you see bloomberg as the calls for yet another french or another splintering in within this democratic party right now this field of candidates no i don't think so i think it's still early we still have a long way to go we'll see what happens like i said people can go and choose and i think at the end of the day we all know that it's important we come together we work together as a party to make sure that donald trump is elected out of office and any of our candidates are going to be a better option at the end of the day what about him turn out to you know what you and i spoke before the caucus in the primary season that was had started and then we've gone to iowa behind his new hampshire behind as the turnout in both of those was low lower than expected are you worried about what that maybe is foreshadowing in terms of what we're going to see on election day in november i think that i was this particular case it's a caucus it's
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a very different set up than most regular elections or regular primaries new hampshire was actually up and i do think especially with democrats abroad we're expecting for our primary to have a very high turnout and i think most people are and as this process continues i think people will show up and they will want to make sure that their voices are heard i mean we have 15 people on super 15 states. included about the brown on super tuesday they'll be casting votes and i think that will be a big determining factor to see how many people show up for those what would you say is the level of interest right now you know we're not in the united states so we are expense looking at this race what's the level of interest among ex-pats if you're in berlin they're very interested there we have a lot of people coming to have and definitely tell beginning in january our numbers were up a lot of people joining becoming members they're requesting their ballots people are asking us how they can do it so i think people are tuning in and they really want to make sure that we do what we can even abroad to make sure something to inches all right in the minds vice chair of democrats abroad is going to see you
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again and i'm sure we'll be talking again in a couple weeks they'll avoid. it could be one of the most complex bit we're up sees in u.s. history and it strikes at a giant organization that is as american b. could say is apple pie the boy scouts of america today the boy scouts with assets of almost $1500000000.00 filed for bankruptcy the organization faces at least $300.00 lawsuits from men who say that they were sexually abused as scales it has been 3 decades since the public 1st learned of far reaching allegations of sex abuse within the boy scouts of america i should say it has been several years 2012 when those revelations came out later it was also revealed that the scouts kept records on volunteers who had been accused of sex crimes records going back to 944 known as the perversion files of those files remain sealed at least for now here is
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how the boy scouts are informing parents and the world about today's bankruptcy filing the national organization of the boy scouts of america has filed for a chapter 11 financial restructuring you might be wondering what this means for scouting and why the b.s.a. is taking this to. the short answer is that scouting continues meetings and activities district in council events and other scouting adventures and countless service projects will take place as usual. well since the announcement dropped opinions have been flying on social media about this both condemning and praising the boy scouts of america one former scout tweeting this of the program saved my life he said it instilled in him a love for the outdoors and environment mentalism another wrote i'm conflicted i cherish the experience but i despise the organization for its misconduct and backwards leanings he added perhaps it's time for it to end others voiced
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stronger feelings one former scout called his experience is overwhelmingly negative he said that he was completely unsurprised by the revelations stressing that his former scout leaders had less cognitive and emotional capacity than the boys that they were meant to mentor and a parent of a former scout chimed in with this the boy scouts of america provided my son and myself countless adventures and great memories but the commenter had harsh words for his more hands off counterparts he writes i was not a parent that dumped my kid off and did not take an active role in the leadership when these gatherings survivors of sexual abuse are organized their movement is known as abused in scouting and one of the attorneys leading that movement is andrew van arsdale he joins me tonight from san diego california and it was good to
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have you on the show i'm glad we got that skype up and working i want to ask you what does filing bankruptcy what does it mean or what does it represent for your clients. well it's it's a day of reckoning and they give for having me on the show it's been an important day for abuse survivors across our country and honestly around the world you know it was a very long ago a few years and that many men were afraid of coming for their friends or in these stories are afraid of how our society would view them that this happened to them you see when this happens to a 91011 year old boy and they harbor these secrets deep inside of them as they grow up in their adolescence and young adulthood and many times until to 506070 years old before they ever revealed this to happen in through you know the me too lou have been through are changed people have the courage to come for the falsity
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ready to listen to them and so they started to do it in a certain comfort and grows and today kind of represents a victory for them that the boy scouts of america have have declared themselves guilty in the court of public opinion they acknowledge that this abuse was systematic that if traded far reaches of their organization in that they allowed it to happen so it's validating for these courageous men to been willing to come forward over the past year enter the explain if you could for our international audience in chapter 11 under u.s. bankruptcy law it could have set a deadline for survivors to make a claim. oh it absolutely will so so 2 points on the 1st voice gets america are doing the right thing they're coming for this is a listen we've got a huge problem we'd knowledge we have a huge problem we need to find a way out and the chapter 11 bankruptcy code allows them not way out but make no
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mistake this is about self preservation the boy scouts of america face almost unlimited liability due to the number of abuse victims that are out there i mean we represent over $1800.00 individual abuse survivors at the hands of the boy scouts there's tens of thousands around the world that suffer this fate the only way the boy scouts can get through this and continue on is to get through one of these chapter 11 bankruptcy because the bankruptcy court was set up a finite amount of time called 6 months that says hey we have a debtor called the boy scouts of america if you're a creditor if this debtor owes you any money you need to come forward and submit a claim through this process we'll give you 6 months to do that so anybody to the boy scouts owes money to any $1.00 that suffered abuse at the hands of boys come forward now and you have the 6 month time period to do it after which we're closing the books but that's a very gracious done we're going to let go of the assets they have to pay out holding debts yeah let me just interject here i mean so if they were obscene
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reorganisation is as you're describing you wouldn't be doing more than to protect the boy scouts than to redress past crimes i mean what about if you have a boy you is being abused now and you only can really talk about it 10 years from now that window has closed and there's no legal recourse for him. well that's correct i mean though the way bankruptcy court works that work is ation as it existed months or through this process is no longer all of the lawsuits we get pending against the boy scouts of america are now dead in the water because we don't have a viable defendant or they surrendered their us assets the bankruptcy court they get through this process they create a new organization and they continue their mission of the boy scouts but this new organization is no longer liable to everybody that they may have harmed in the past so it's important if this happens you didn't come forward because you don't have a finite amount of time to do this and you know even around the world we represent
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people who are views on underage military army air force bases in japan and germany . all around the world to know that this affects everyone the myth book on your website you say it's in our best interest to hear out the boy scouts of america and not let them waste their resources on defense more years so in your opinion is a bankruptcy settlement would that promise more compensation for your clients then going to court and suing the boy scouts and hoping in of to get obviously you would probably win in court but do you think you're actually going to get more money more compensation in this bankruptcy settlement but we certainly won't get more money in the bankruptcy because we're not allowed to allow each of our clients their day in court right to a jury of our peers that hears the facts the boy scouts america knew that was going
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this was going to continue to allow to happen and you hear just these horrific. yeah horrific stories of abuse you know but by these kids i mean of course it's going to generate a very large number when it comes so a verdict in a boy scout is going to be more streamlined but they have a lot of assets i mean it's you said at the start to lease $1500000000.00 that's a lot of money to try to do a lot of good for the lives they ruined and yeah oftentimes in a bankruptcy seti you may get $0.50 on a dollar robe and you get $0.10 on the dollar for every one of our clients you have you spoken with the survivors manager and after hearing their accounts do you think the boy scouts of america do you think it should have a future and let me just ask you you know if you if you have a little boy today would you want your little boy to become a scout well so 2 questions to answer is we've always said to demands you know we've been out this for about 15 months now we thought of the boy scouts of america but want you to make our clients whole there's no amount of money
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you could ever give them that they would take to have to continue down that course and so for the abuse at the hands of a scout master but do everything in your power to try and do that and to really continue as an organization actually take the time and put the energy into making the same with abusing children within your organization you know in those those for our demands as far as i've seen they haven't taken it seriously enough to make those crutch and yeah i'm hopeful that they will not and i do have young children and they saw everything i've seen there's no way i would trust them in in a boy scout troop without me if they're by their side every minute of every day well that's in a vest a clear message a very direct message that many parents we talked to have said was lacking when it should have been there andrew van arsdale one of the attorneys in the movement no one has abused in scouting and your we appreciate your time tonight thank you very
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much thank you so much great night. well the days almost done the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either edgy w. news you can follow me or bring golf t.v. to for you to use as tag the date and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you that are about.
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this is g.w. news live from berlin tonight justice in turkey you surprise and just believe has a court acquits 9 anti-government activists in the landmark kings from 2013 but tonight one of them could soon face new charges in connection with the coup attempt in turkey in 26 teams also coming up rescuing migrants in the mediterranean despite the perils many desperate people are still trying to get to europe will have an exclusive report from a rescue ship plus to some he's a hero of free speech to all the.


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