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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 19, 2020 8:00am-8:31am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin hundreds of passengers leave a cruise ship hit by the corona virus. after 2 weeks in quarantine in japan it is time for some to finally go home but was the decision to detain the passengers in the 1st place a mistake also coming up rescuing margarines from the mediterranean despite the dangers many people are still trying to get to europe we report from a rescue ship plus. 16 how much is it
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$500.00 times i know a place within walking distance it's safe i always go there. w. goes undercover to find out why so many children are working as prostitutes in the colombian city of kharkiv. also on the show but dortmund's teen sensation early in holland just cannot stop scoring 19 year old wonders stang's kyra's songs remain in his champions league debut. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us today the death toll from the corona virus has now passed 2000 the virus has spread to many countries around the world on 5 continents more than 74000 people have been affected the vast. majority of
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them of course are in mainland china over 1000 cases have been confirmed outside of china now the biggest cluster of cases has been here aboard the cruise ship the diamond princess has been corteen in the japanese port of yokohama for 2 weeks during that time the virus spread among the passengers now hundreds who have tested negative for the virus have started leaving that ship and are returning to their home countries. what went wrong on board the diamond princess passengers who tested negative for the corona virus are finally being allowed to leave now questions are being asked about how the floating quarantine facility became an incubator for disease. but obviously the situation on the ground clearly there's been more transmission than expected on the ship and i think the authorities in japan are adjusting to that reality now when the cruise ship 1st
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arrived in yokohama 10 passengers tested positive for the virus 2 weeks later more than 500 had been infected it'll be very important to study this particular event and see what the issues have been that have led to transmission to to the to the people who've been on that ship other health experts say the ship has been a failed experiment in containment and want the air filtration and waste disposal systems tested as possible modes of transmission some on board described it as a floating prison one british couple shared their experiences through online videos . that were doing ok we conditioning is still getting us down we've turned off the humidifier leaving the door open but we've closed that now it's so damn cold outside. shortly after they announced they tested positive for
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corona virus and would be moved to a hospital. thousands still remain on the diamond princess those being evacuated now face up to 2 weeks more quarantine in their home countries. and turkey the celebrations over the unexpected release of anti-government protesters have been dampened by the really arrest of one prominent activist 9 protesters charged over the 2013 anti-government easy part demonstrations were freed from jail but the outspoken philanthropist qabala was immediately ordered back into detention a new charges. reporters waited for hours for the release of all. the philanthropists and activists was jailed in late 2017 accused of organizing protests and attempting to overthrow the government on tuesday calvillo was unexpectedly cleared and released but only for minutes he was returned to custody
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a new accusations of participating in a coup against president. in july 2016. it's not the 1st time such a thing has happened in other cases last year immediate detention under new claims that a bazaar now they allege he took part in the 2016 coup attempt it's quite clear that there has been political influence in the judicial process. may 2030 the start of the gates of park protest thousands of people demonstrated 1st against a plan to vellum and then again stared one government the movement quickly spread nationwide. but it ended after a violent crackdown 16 protesters were arrested including human rights activist academics and lawyers among them. the former entrepreneur nonprofit organization founder had worked with several german foundations prosecutors call for a life sentence on tuesday came his surprise release then read attention the trial
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is being closely monitored by international media diplomats and n.g.o.s some of criticise a process as politically motivated. for more did have used dorian jones joins us now from istanbul good day dorian why is colace case so important for so many people in turkey. well in many ways is a giant of turkish civil society his philanthropy and the organizations he said helped to create the foundations of modern turkey civil society built after the 1980 military coup and the work of his organizations have helped to challenge the major problems facing turkish society the divide between the rich the religious and least secular between turks and kurds and the fact that kabul has been jailed now for nearly 2 years facing the serious charges has sent a chilling message to the wider turkish civil society that basically no one is safe
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in the present environment and the government is now tying cava law to the failed true and 2016 when tens of thousands of people were arrested or lost their jobs as a result what has become of all those people. well it's a very very difficult situation they're facing thousands tens of thousands are still in jail many are already facing lengthy prison sentences many of the cases that human rights organizations have said are deeply flawed many are now turning to the european court of human rights to resolve their situation hundreds of thousands of people that have lost say jobs are now living in poverty they have been many cases have been unable to find jobs they often come in turkish society and even cases of receiving pensions and social benefits have been they've been excluded from so that there is a deep concern that these people now have become prize of turks society and are literally struggling to survive many cases of suicide. like and they
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were expecting a more from the court what can we expect there. well. sure human rights organizations civil society and now bracing themselves for the expected to the conclusion of another key human rights case 11 human rights defenders leading members of human rights organizations in turkey including the former head of the turkish branch of amnesty international are expected now to find out the verdict of these tariffs charges they are facing they are accused of being part of this conspiracy to overthrow the government in the 2016 failed coup the prosecutors said that they met. just outside. where they said these people conspired to overthrow the government if found guilty they also facing up to 15 years in jail this is not a key landmark case is widespread international attention european union is closely
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monitoring this case because it is seen as a novel are the watershed moment in turkey sure. turkish society over the future of this country where is it going are we going to see more leading members of civil society being jailed and facing lengthy prison sentences or is it the hope that the judiciary will heed these concerns and. acquit these people during jones thanks so much for that from istanbul today let's get you brief down some of the other stories making in the news ukraine and russian backed separatists have blamed each other for a flare up in the violence in your train's rebel held a fighting broke out on tuesday puts pressure on the country's 2015 cease fire agreement. jury in the trial of disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein has finished the 1st day of deliberations without a verdict this follows motional testimony from women accusing him of rape and
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sexual assault weinstein denies the charges saying any sexual conduct was consensual. the u.n. supported government in libya has suspended its participation in talks in geneva aimed at salvaging a fragile ceasefire there the announcement came after forces of the rebel commander khalifa haftar are stepped up attacks on the libyan capital tripoli hitting its strategic port rebel groups now control most of that country. well an ngo ship the ocean biking has rescued 182 people off the coast of libya they're among thousands of migrants still trying to reach europe by making the dangerous journey across the mediterranean in often overcrowded and small vessels the ocean viking is operated by doctors without borders and another in geo they say the migrants are lucky to be alive as mere drug search as this.
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from the deck of the rescue ship ocean fighting nicholas romaniuk is scanning the sea for a boat with migrants on board. the ocean viking is about 130 kilometers off the libyan coast that means it's in international waters. we have a look for a possible one a boat with no eyes or acts of war. if you have a visual border control pilots are in radio contact. that while the border patrol is searching the area with small aircraft to helicopters they say they think the spotted the migrant boat going to people on a 3. hour. walk brought. into. the migrants boat is now clearly visible.
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for the. rescue didn't use are ready to be deployed tom he is one of the most experienced tough when it comes to see rescues even though he tells his colleagues what he knows about the refugees so far. from the mission begins. can you put the electric could mean the work. to rescue doing is set off for the migrants go along with the ship in some ports and it's not to rush this. the operation to take time to assess the situation. of the wooden migrant boat is overloaded with $84.00 passengers all young men. will go into that they might stand up and become agitated and tip over the boat is a big concern. that's why the 1st thing they are getting a life most. of
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the way it will take 3 trips back and forth to get all the migrants on board the ocean floor and keep. most of them are from bangladesh morocco and somalia where the few from algeria and the gambia 21 are under 18 years old they came along without parents or relatives. and. what are. the migrants also addressed in arabic and other languages every single person will be examined by the doctors on. it with a dangerously i've got it. with the like you know where there is a common want to let others live they can feel a lot of business if you. that that they thought might and so often that might be in my month about the same back. in my.
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week but now say the happy to be alive. our correspondent here drug is on board the ocean viking which is off the libyan coast right now good day to you mary drug can you tell us what happens next for the migrants we we just saw in that report now aboard the ocean viking in the past countries like italy and malta have refused to allow the ocean vikings passengers on board to land in their ports. well right now it's a little bit too early to speculate about it too early and. mentioned i think we continue to look out for more boats in distress last flight it was quite new although distress calls what happens next was appends on the weather if the weather did the aids people cannot launch their boats from the coast of libya because the
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wind comes from north then we may send a request for safe port in italy on multiple somewhere else the doc but i think this is really to early to speculate right now i don't have a crystal ball here the situation can change very fast at c s s we have seen your survey when we had to rescue operations i have spoken to nicholas from many tommy who is in charge of the boss the search and rescue operation on board and he told me that the ocean viking will continue to patrol the course in international waters off the coast of libya so we have to be ready to see more rescue operations in the hours to come ok now there's been an increase in the fighting in libya the situation there becoming increasingly unstable one of the people aboard the ocean viking been saying to you are are they expecting more refugees from libya what do they think is going to be happening in the months ahead in terms of the flow of
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people leaving libya shores. why is it they expect more people to come especially because as you said the station in libya is not getting better but in the end what the engine not out here is talk about politics it's about saving lives you will find all kinds of people here are on board among the assessment on the doctors without borders in the conservative people liberals people are interested in politics of this they don't really care the only reason why they are here is to save lives i was 3 times on the small rescue boat yesterday there was a 6 year old boy among the survivors i saw his ses he was afraid then he smiled at me when he got on the rescue boat and you gave me a thumbs up you must really have a heart of stone to not tell these people it gets pretty emotional out here as soon as some of the refugees. on our boat the on the rescue boat they go down on their
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knees and they start to pray you know they've lost all hope they thought that they might die that they will die in the house to come and then those viking came out of nowhere so someone told me there is a god again it's it's not about politics we don't talk about the political situation in libya and a lot n.g.o.s cannot save problems created by politicians. thanks very much for that. ocean viking today thanks very much. it's to colombia no where many in the popular tourist city of carter are growing concerned about the number of children being forced into prostitution the problem has been deepening as cardenas sunny beaches and laid back lifestyle attracts ever more international tourists but a group of local residents is making their message clear that the city's children are not for sale as they join forces to break up under-age prostitution rings.
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during the day of the heinous stuns with its vivid colors and vibrant caribbean charm a picture perfect holiday destination for tourists from all over the world but when the sun goes down things change. as night falls sex workers flood the squares popular with foreigners many of them far too young to be doing this as a d.w.i. undercover reporter finds out after just a couple of minutes on the central plus side and. how old are you 16 how much is it tight 100 i know a place within walking distance it's safe i always go there the city's booming tourism sector has helped many families secure their livelihood but the wish to escape poverty has created a blind spot when it comes to protecting the most vulnerable. for nando who wishes to remain anonymous was 13 when strangers 1st offered him money for sex.
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when i saw the money i obviously gave him i didn't anticipate the harm it would do to me. but once you enter this vicious cycle which it undoubtedly is you can't escape on your own you need tools and people who can get you back on the right track. with a look at what will. be. in colombia prostitution is illegal before the age of 18 the fight against sexual exploitation of children is regulated by law but legislation wasn't able to protect for 9. and thousands of others from becoming victims. to shield young people from those who want to take advantage of them a local foundation has launched a campaign yes i am the wall. so you know is a defense strategy for all boys and girls in the tourism sector environments there are protocols and codes of conduct we ask of service providers especially hotels to
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implement in coordination with the authorities that's the reaction part of the wall also doesn't put in prevention work and it tends minors whose rights have already been violated and. since its launch hundreds of hotels taxi drivers and street vendors have joined the initiative one of them is victor he runs a beach tend rental and feels like much more than just another brick in the wall. of beaches who knew about this problem. if we see something we make sure to tell people hey listen what you're doing is wrong we need to protect our children and we can't put them in the hands of criminals that dating when i do this from my heart nobody is forcing me this is community water when i want for my community i fight with my heart my hands my feet my teeth that was all i have. are but not everybody is as dedicated as victor our undercover reporter was offered
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sex with a minor just metres away from 2 patrolling policeman proving once again that it takes a village to protect a vulnerable child but only one person to let it fall through the cracks. in the austrian capital vienna same sex couple is about to waltz into that country's history books the prestigious opera baldwins back to the 1900 sentry and in the opening ceremony on thursday for the 1st time 2 women will take to the dance floor. and i still feel proud and iris clubs are preparing to take to the floor as 2 of the debutantes at this year's pro ball on thursday they will dance their way into history as the 1st same sex couple to whirl their way through the event's opening ceremony trying to use this up so now to just say about it doesn't matter what you have gotten so what you
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were born with you can do it you can dance whatever party you want to and everybody can plan to meet everything. the couple insist this isn't about ideology they just want to dance together. and everybody that isn't down sir on that house down soon get their ass like a ballroom or latin couple or even like a padded do and they will know that there is so many men that consing it all and so many women that can lead very well so yeah it doesn't really matter paul are going to marry a girl's power has welcomed the couple adding that in 2020 a same sex pairing should not be a big issue. i have always firmly believe the tradition is important to us and that within traditions to must be for the development and progress one cannot hold on rigidly one must also be open to move forward with the existing tradition. in order to tradition with new overtones.
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well the champions league round of 16 off to a thrilling start spanish side let it go madrid stunning champions liverpool one nil the 1st lie closer home dortmund defeating carson jermaine johnson crane from or forced us is here for more good morning jonathan an important win for for dortmund how do they do it well 2 things i think are for a start they're normally warbly the friend held up in the face of a para says around. name and pay and then they had new stuff. not just living up to the hype is really exceeding it brian it was quite a cagey type fest off but then the game really sprang to life in the final 20 minutes because that was when adding a wall and pokes them into the lead reacted fastest to a rebound that lead to the last 86 minutes because name equalise for the visit is
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after a cross from bad pay and then 2 minutes later hall and smashed in an absolute screaming from outside the penalty area to give don't win the victory very well deserved given how they approach the day and obviously this one is far from over yet they've got to get to paris and defend what is going to marry the lead car sentimental recently with the away you go but based on the performance last night they'll be very pleased with how they did it early and hauling was looking like he was having a great time out on the pitch he's the new hero just how good is both i think with frost running out supposed to describe him and he's only 19 years of age. it was a big coup for dortmund's for actually signing the bits of competition from manchester united and eventis and at the same time he felt quite a lot of pressure on this young guy so does a lot of hype as we mentioned but he he showed these no real thing under that pressure. last night when you had all the story lines like thomas tickell returning to dortmund off to his acrimonious departure as coach neymar back from injury it
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was holding the stole the headlines and it really showed the complete package 2 very different goals for us on a real typical poaches strikers go and that 2nd one the touch in the finish was just absolutely incredible now we're going to hear from him for a shortly i will say he's a man of very few thankfully we've got a team x. over it so as well he throws in some of that so let's take a listen. you know i'm very happy. because sometimes you know when we can. you know you just make a lot more when he's just you can't you double is really strong. he's told but he's . good speed. enjoying every 2nd and. my life is good. ok we're hoping for a lot more from a little bit he let me just reported it's all there in the days ahead and the game's going up let's talk about liverpool losing to let it go madrid what happened
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. in madrid especially when you consider that form because that's a guy i've been struggling lately that anyone one game in 6 little league game or the season but it was at that scary 11 day with the only goal of the game off 4 minutes now it was a typically solid that's come a great defensive performance so it'll be slightly concerned or say they have got former timing deficits remember last season in the semifinals against buffalo now they have attended a st 0 deficit and managed to get through to the final and then win it i think out to their madrid will be a slightly tougher nut to crack because we now have as i said how strong they are in defense but i think we can safely say we've got 2 really intriguing 2nd acts coming up in 3 weeks time ok looking forward to them johnson's ever great to see you thank you. ok we have more news coming up at the top of the hour up next close up about thousands of orphans in the iraqi city of mosul who are living
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in refugee camps right now i'm brian thomas for the entire team here blind thanks so much for joining us and don't forget as always our web site doc up.
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deprived of their childhood and their future. tens of songs of children go by spiders were orphaned in the iraqis. to become darius. just the fall of mosul they've been refused papers. and the chance of going to school. what will become. close up. next on g.w. . eco india. how can
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a country's economy grow harmony with its people violent when there are doers and look at the bigger picture india a country that faces many challenges and whose people are striving to create a sustainable future clever projects from europe and india eco. in 60 minutes on d w. t 2 you know that 77 percent. are younger than 65. that's me and me and. you know what it's time. to 77 percent talk about the issue. from politics to classes
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from housing boom boom town this is where. welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend r t w. the tigris river provides the residents of mosul with a welcome relief from the oppressive summer heat perhaps for a few moments these youngsters can forget the war that robbed them of their childhood. the black flags of the islamic state no longer fly over iraq's 2nd largest city.


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