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i own. my own. this is did have you do is live from berlin hundreds of passengers leave a cruise ship hit by the corona virus in japan but was the decision to detain passengers in the 1st place by mistake. also coming up lucky to be alive despite the dangers many people are still trying to reach europe in overcrowded boats we have a special report from a rescue ship that's trying to say. that
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only. i'm serious i was gonna thank you for joining us the death toll from the corona virus has now surpassed 2000 and the virus has spread to more than 20 countries around the world on 5 continents now more than 74000 people have been infected the vast majority of them in mainland china and outside of china more than 1000 cases have been confirmed now the biggest cluster of cases has been aboard the cruise ship the diamond princess it has been quarantined here in the japanese port of yokohama for 2 weeks now hundreds of passengers who have tested negative for the virus have started leaving the ship they are returning to their home countries. passengers have tested negative for the corona virus a finally allowed to leave. the diamond princess questions are now being asked
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about how the floating quarantine facility became an incubator for disease. an expert on infectious disease control was invited on board to inspect the ship's response to the outbreak with completely cerdic and some clues had a fever then went to the medical center while wearing it and 95 mask but he didn't have any protection between his room and the medical room he says he was worried about catching the virus while on board the vessel and say stuff it failed to take adequate measures to halt its spread. inside princess di and went out with scared i was so scared of getting caught between 90 because there was no way to tell where the pharisees no green zone no red zone everywhere could have virus and everybody was not careful about it when the ship 1st arrived in new
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york a hama 10 passengers tested positive for the virus 2 weeks later more than 500 have now been infected japan has defended its response. with the urgency of the current situation japan has taken full measures to ensure prevention of the spread of infection taking into consideration human rights and humanitarian needs cooperating with the relevant nations and taking appropriate measures with new play with new commodity. someone boy would have described it as a floating prison one british couple shared their experience via social media. we're doing ok we really are conditioning you're still getting us down we've turned off the humidifier and we're leaving the door open but we've closed that now it's so damn cold outside. shortly after they announced that tested positive to corona virus and would be moved to a hospital shortly. thousands still remain on the diamond princess for those
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evacuated the jennys far from ivan they still face up to 2 weeks quarantine in their home countries. and for more on this story we can speak to simon dan your he is the washington post bureau chief in tokyo hi simon thank you for joining us here on t.w. we saw there that the ship is being called a floating prison a floating petri dish what is behind the health officials a decision here to keep people on board despite the risks well you know japan at the time the decision was was taken japan didn't have many cases of the virus it wants its to keep the people who had the virus off the japanese mainland and it felt that coren seeing was the right strategy as it turned out they haven't done it well i think the u.s. u.s. officials are now openly saying that currin seen fails and actually as we look and
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as we know more about the way the quarantine was applied we're beginning to find out they're actually it really wasn't done in a medically sound way and that the conditions on board the ship were not we're not suitable. to to to keep this many people on board the ship and in particular the japanese doctor who went on board yesterday has released absolutely damning video of the conditions on board the ship which he says are chaotic i'm scary and he is not surprised that very many people have fallen sick yes i mean we have been hearing many reports of utter chaos on board and there are still hundreds of people on the spot what is happening to them. well that they're being released as as you said the people who the foreigners are being taken back to places like the united states and canada being given another 14 days koren see because those governments don't believe that the corn seen on board the ship works the japanese patients who
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test negative for the virus are being allowed to leave their being and they're being allowed to board public transport with something new and go home so japan doesn't really want to admit that quarantine failed even when other governments basically have. made that decision that the quarantine was not effective and people were still being affected on infected on board the ship it was a difficult decision but you panned because they didn't have the cities for 3600 people on day one but as time went by it became increasingly clear as the number of people rose to the core i'm seeing wasn't the right strategy and i think many people felt japan was very slow to react to the changing reality yes i know what does it tell us about the japanese authorities in their ability to deal with this type of crisis do they not have the capacity to deal with an outbreak of this size . well look you know the doctor's testimony he said that there was no
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experts in infectious diseases running the show on board the ship it was entirely bureaucrats running the show there were no procedures he's covered he's he's treated people in eveleigh in africa in some ways in china in cholera he knows how to protect people and protect himself he's never been scared before he said he was head of the conditions on board the ship and he's put himself in 14 days koren see as a result of being on board that ship escaping away from the families keep him away from his patients so he was absolutely shocked so yes bureaucrats in control scientists being sidelined it is a little bit a case where i think the politics of the situation took precedence over the signs and simon just quickly how is this all of this going down in japan what do people there make of how the government is that what this well that that doctors video last time i checked it really seems 750000 times yesterday opinion polls came out
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showing prime minister of ace popularity falling quite significantly by 5 percentage points and more and more people questioning his handling of the crisis so yes there is a real political cost to the government in wanting to avoid bad news ahead of the olympics but now it has got bad news and big questions about its handling of it has to deal with them all right simon dan you're the washington post euro chief in tokyo thank you so much for speaking to us. in turkey celebrations over the release of anti-government protesters are being dampened by the real rest of one prominent activist 9 protesters trying to cover the 2013 anti-government gazey park demonstrations were freed from jail but outspoken philanthropist also meant i was immediately ordered back into detention on new charges. reporters waited for hours for the release of all. the philanthropists and activists was
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jailed in late 2017 accused of organizing protests and attempting to overthrow the government on tuesday calvillo was unexpectedly cleared and released but only for minutes he was returned to custody a new accusations of participating in a coup against president. in july 26 team. it's not the 1st time such a thing has happened in all the cases last year immediate detention under new claims that a bazaar now they allege she took part in the 2016 coup attempt it's quite clear that there has been political influence in the judicial process. may 2030 the start of the gates of park protest sounds of people who demonstrated 1st against a plant development then again stared one government the movement quickly spread nationwide. but it ended after a violent crackdown 16 protesters were arrested including human rights activist
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academics and lawyers among them. the former entrepreneur a nonprofit organization founder had worked with several german foundations prosecutors to call for a life sentence on tuesday came as a surprise release then read attention the tros being closer monitored by international media diplomats and n.g.o.s some of criticize a process as politically motivated let's go right to. jones is covering the story for us there. these charges against they're linked to the $2600.00 failed coup attempt what exactly is doing. his lawyers don't appear to know they believe here the moment he appears as a person of interest he's been interrogated under this attention all day in relation to the events of the failed coup in 2016 remains unclear whether he's going to be formally charged we do know is
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a prosecutors have said that they are going to appeal his acquittal yesterday and are expected to press for his continued detention. during this is also significant because really tens of thousands of people were rounded up arrested in relation to that 2600 failed coup attempt they lost their jobs what has happened to all of those people. well there fight there facing a very difficult life thousands of of those people that have been convicted in relation to the failed coup and the alleged conspiracy around it are still languishing in jail many facing many many years in jail many of them life sentences while those tens of thousands of people who'd be removed from their jobs they are facing a life of be pariahs in turkish society funny to extremely difficult to get the employment anywhere in the country on top of that they are being in cases of them being excluded from social benefits unemployment benefits even cases of receiving
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health treatment under the country's social security system so fact they are becoming pariahs in the country they've had cases of suicide many of them are in deep depression at the point of absolute despair because not only their mothers affected in many cases their families and their children too are facing a very very difficult life and at the moment appears to be no end in sight to the predicament they're facing and there and we understand that there are a number of verdicts expected there in istanbul today why are these cases important precedent to. what i think that they are seen internationally as i chemo meting the turkish judiciary especially after what happened yesterday with the cavallaro case these people are standing trial among them are a leading members of turkey's human rights movements. the former head of amnesty in turkey is on trial facing up to 15 years in jail again accused along with their other defendants have been involved in
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a conspiracy in relation to the failed coup also there are 2 foreign nationals including the german national peter they are being tried in absentia here they are also accused of being part of this why conspiracy the prosecutors claimed curd where these this meeting outside istanbul was laying the groundwork for this failed coup the defense lawyers and international observers have said that the prosecutors have failed to. provide any real evidence to support my claims and the 5 prosecutors speaking today have said that they are calling for the equivocal acquittal of 5 of the defendants say there is insufficient evidence or most of the saying that isn't enough international community are pressing for the full of all of these and they claim that this trial should never have taken place in the 1st place during jones for us in istanbul thank you very much or not to some other stories making headlines around the world in mexico thousands of people have attended the funeral of a 7 year old girl whose brutal murder has sparked outrage across the country the
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girls believed to have been abducted as she left school last week amid the public outcry lawmakers have approved an increase in prison sentences for femicide and abuse of minors. ukraine and russian backed separatists have blamed each other for a flare up in violence in ukraine's rebel held east the fighting broke out on tuesday and puts pressure on the country's 2015 ceasefire agreement. and the u.n. supported government in libya has suspended its participation in talks in geneva that are that were aimed at the salvaging the fragile cease fire the announcement came after forces of rebel commander how lethal huffed are stepped up attacks on the libyan capital tripoli hitting its strategic port rebel groups now control most of the country. well off the coast of libya an ngo ship the ocean viking has rescued nearly 200 people there among thousands of migrants still trying to reach europe by making the dangerous journey across the mediterranean and overcrowded small boats of the ocean viking is operated by doctors without borders
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and another angio they say the migrants are lucky to be alive did have these new drugs or it's has this report. from the deck of the rescue ship ocean fighting nicholas romani ok scanning the sea for a boat with migrants on board. the ocean viking is about 130 kilometers off the libyan coast that means it's in international waters. we have a look for they also were both with knives are part of war already if you have a visual border control pilots are in radio contact proper on. the border patrol is searching the area with small aircraft to helicopters they say they think the spotted the migrants boat going to people on board towards that leaves 3 or. 4 . i repeat. for. the
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tour. the migrants boat is now clearly visible. thought about. 33. rescue doing these are ready to be deployed told me he is one of the most experienced stuff when it comes to see rescues even though he tells his colleagues what he knows about the refugees so fun right. from the mission begins. with the electric grid. to rescue doing is settle for the migrants go along with the ship did some portions not to rush this part of the operation to take time to assess the situation. of the wooden migrant boat is overloaded with $84.00 passengers all young men. go into that they might
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stand up and become agitated and tip over the boat is a big concern. that's why the 1st thing they're getting on life vests. for the way it will take 3 trips back and forth to get all the migrants on board the ocean floor and keep. most of them are from bangladesh morocco and somalia with a few from algeria and the gambia 21 are under 18 years old they came along without parents or relatives. and find out. what are you know that. the migrants are also addressed in arabic and other languages every single person will be examined by the doctors on board. with the dangerously i've brought it up with the like you know where there is common the what's left of the life that can feel
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like a business if you are not really happy about that that they thought but exhausted some of them found that quite difficult in my month about how many times in biking but otherwise i played in much the arguments. there are so weak but now say the happy to be alive. there on me for more on the story we can speak to michael fark in tripoli he is head of mission of doctors without borders responsible for the ocean viking michael thank you for joining us here on day w. at the moment it is still unclear whether the ocean viking can dock can you tell us what conditions are like on board at the moment for your team that's so working their. well this iteration on board after a rescue is always a bit busy so we try to settle everybody in make sure that their immediate health needs are met and then we provide them with water food etc and then we try to explain them a little bit of the process on the steps that might come next for them. at this
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moment in time we're actually engaged in another rescue so as we speak the ocean biking is in its 3rd rescue in the last 24 hours so what we do during that period is we do try to keep the people that we've already rescued on board call and stable well we bring the next set of survivors on board michael the reality is thousands of people are trying to cross the mediterranean in overcrowded boats as we've seen how many people are you on able to reach or you are unable to reach out to. well so is it all depends on whose numbers you trust so. at this point in time more people are intercepted and returned to libya and then make the journey successfully that certainly was the experience in 2019 i mean i'm here in tripoli now just in the last 24 hours about 400 people have been intercepted by the libyan coast guard and returned into the detention facilities here in libya so. the numbers are boat a 5050 chance whether or not you make a rescue or
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a successful journey or whether you were intercepted and brought back or whether unfortunately there was a shipwreck mike i want to ask you about something we saw the european union announced this week which is that it will deploy naval assets to monitor the arms embargo in libya where you are right now because there is fighting between rival forces there but they're not sending those assets to save lives because they don't want to create a pull factor as they've put it what do you think of that. so there have been a number of recent studies that have looked at this question of whether or not there's a pull factor and a recent studies have indicated that there is no correlation at least between the n.g.o.'s vessels being in the area and the number of departures and i think that the discussion misses the point the what we should be talking about is the push factor what is driving people to make this decision in the 1st place to choose this dangerous journey as their best choice of bad options both the conditions in libya and their conditions in their their countries of origin so as long as the conditions in libya and the conditions of the country or country of origin are what
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they are people are going to choose to make this journey regardless of whether or not there are either unable ships from the states or n.g.o.s boats in the region let's talk about the conditions in libya michael there are around 2000 people migrants in cancer at the moment believe hundreds of thousands of migrants are living in libya what are the conditions that they're facing there. the conditions in libya obviously are very difficult for everybody including the libyans themselves the conflict has intensified in the last couple of months and that trend looks like it's set to continue. within libya which is always a country of migration and an end destination for many migrants there are many hundreds of thousands of my clients who are employed here and integrated into the fabric of the local communities but for those who are caught up in the cycle of detention and exploitation and trafficking petitions are very very difficult so the conditions in the detention centers are overcrowded and resources to support people
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there are scarce so food penetration hygiene all these things are quite difficult and then people face a great deal of uncertainty they're concerned about the conflict the conflict is quite proximate to a number of the detention facilities the people are concerned about being caught in the crossfire or being somehow otherwise negatively impacted by the conflict. all right michael stark a head of mission of doctors without borders responsible for the ocean viking vessel thank you so much for joining us here and. thank you. still to come on our show teenage singer songwriter sensation billie eilish is one of the winners at the otherwise male dominated brit awards in london. but 1st a wheelchair user here in germany has launched a campaign to help others get around more easily about a year ago retire able breaded newspaper article about another town that used lego bricks to create wheelchair ramps and she decided to do the same in her community
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near frankfurt take a look. getting around is often a challenge for those who depend on the wheelchairs one woman in the german town of hono is on a mission to change that. will be hello i'm richard abel and i build lego ramps for wiltshire uses to make my town hall will chair friendly. nicknamed lego grandma read it depends on donated lego bricks to make more accessible to everyone with word about the initiative spreading across germany many groups including daycare centers have organized lego collection drives so read and never runs out of bricks her efforts also help raise awareness among people with disabilities. in this kidney month nobody just walks past the lego ramp without taking a look whether it's children who are trying to get the breaks out to adults who take out their mobile phones to take pictures. and that's exactly it is simply
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to just try and raise people's awareness a bit to make them think if i were in a wheelchair or needed a walker i would start having problems getting into certain places close in my personal reasons and motivation to quit tongue in the. local businesses have welcomed the initiative because last year everyone that comes best is happy about the ramps you can see them from far away and can enter here without any problem it's great you know it makes everyone happy bri and. the will to ramps are also proving popular beyond germany retail has received inquiries from spain and switzerland and even the united states now she's helping others create their own ram building groups to improve mobility for as many wilcher users as possible. now scottish singer louise capelli and london rapper dave are the big winners at
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the u.k. brit awards last night he took home the gong for best new artist and song of the year album of the year went today it was the 40th year of british pops biggest awards show. singer songwriter billy eilish captivated the audience at the awards ceremony with her debut like performance of the new james bond song no time to die. she was later names best international female artist and delivered an emotional acceptance speech and felt very heated recently. when i was on the stage and i saw you guys all smiling thank you oh thank god tish singer and indy newcomer louis capacity topped the winners of the night giving up awards for best new artist and song of the year for someone you love.
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to be sued. rappers they also won big with his album psychodrama taking home album of the year to london rapper to philip vantage of the spotlight making a political statement that accused british prime minister forrest johnson of being a racist is racist were born north rules research which result prime ministers who drew brees you see you should be greeted with. a they it was a successful night for rap music as graham artist storms he was named best british male solo artist his performance was accompanied by a gospel choir dancers a fireworks display and indoor rain. well let's get a recap of our top story here on d w hundreds of passengers have begun disembarking from
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a cruise ship in japan after the end of a much criticised 2 week quarantine it failed to stop the spread of the corona virus which infected more than $540.00 people on board the ship the most infections outside of china. coming up next our show made in germany with more than half of the global population living in urban areas we look at the consequences of living and megacities that in a few minutes. mega
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city these. concrete jungles are often bursting up to see. their economic powerhouse and get leave people with little to live. half of the us population
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already lives in urban centers leaving planners with a huge challenge how can these monstrous cities be telling me. next on d w. wellington biden is a savior of the forest. he calls 210 acres of land in central gonna his own he's recall debating and conserving wood and teaching how to practice sustainable forestry it's all about training our young people most of their do it themselves to sell things got to have their babies come fall and cook for. him 60 minutes on d w. in
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the un climate change. comes from the surface. it seems to people. what ideas do they have of their future. g.w. dot com traffic america's cities the melting to give. clear cut or. the few ever feel like the walls are closing in if you live in the city they literally might be around the globe more people than ever before are flocking to urban centers where.


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