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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 19, 2020 2:30pm-2:45pm CET

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your story you are trying always to understand this new culture. told you are nothing new to another guest you want to become a citizen. migrants your platform reliable information. you're watching news asia coming up a contested election in afghanistan what will it mean for the country and what will it mean for any political settlement with the taliban. and we ask a leading activist and government critic in pakistan a group of karri why she's being threatened with terrorism charges. plus north korea's top defector wants to run for office what are his plans as a south korean lawmaker.
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i'm melissa chan welcome to news asia thank you for joining us afghan president wins a 2nd term by just a hair with 50.6 percent of the vote his opponent up to a lot of do a lot won at 39.5 percent the results come at a critical time just a few days ago the united states and the taleban got back on track with a truce and the promise it would pave the way for the afghan government and the taliban to hold talks and reach some kind of political settlement honey pledged he would deliver. this is a victory for the will of the afghan people. or we want to lost in previous wars that's what this country demands and out seem god willing we bring that peace to afghanistan. the
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election was held back in september 2019 it has taken months to vote count giving the president's challenger abdullah abdullah the chance to call the whole theme a sham. caravan the result announced today was one of election robbery or a coup against democracy on up a trial of the people and we consider it to be illegal as the shower was you know if you generate a problem is there any. that's probably a little part of these fraudsters will be remembered with shame in the history of afghanistan. war and we have announced our inclusive government of afghanistan. part of. joining us is journalist ali latif in kabul. says that he is the one who has won what is the
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national mood in response to those comments. the national mood overall is that you know people are very frustrated with the election they're very tired of it you know they've dealt with it for 5 months and they're ready for it to be over they're ready for people to move on for a new government to come into power and for things to really start you know working again. as for you know after last pacific response i think a lot of people have just question of well what can he do if he doesn't accept it you know he says he wants to create a new inclusive government but how would you go about doing such a thing and how would you prove that you ended up winning and so it sounds like what you're saying is that abdulla doesn't have the support it needed in order to really cause political problems can be afghan government sort of ignore him and just go on with business as usual. i mean so far it seems like that's exactly what
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the government is doing is exactly that is ignoring him and you know just letting him speak but it's not even so much about that he doesn't have the local support because he definitely has local support but the bigger issue in afghanistan is the international support you know no one has stood up from the international community now saying they haven't graduated the president but they also haven't come out and said that they support dr of the law and his claims either and what we have to remember is that the entire of government is almost completely funded by foreign money and foreign forces in terms of the military and foreign support for paying that one military so it's very difficult to do you know to really take on this this government without the support of foreign countries when you talk about the international role so the big question is does this political many crisis that the u.s. taleban choose back in any way. i don't think it will set it back i think if
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anything it gives the taliban more leeway it gives them more ammunition because they'll be like look you held an election it took 5 months to come to a resolution and now you have one government being declared in the presidential palace and you have one government being declared in the other part of the city and you know the 2 main parties in this election couldn't get along with each other i think it actually pays very plays very well into the taliban hands at this point. ali the t.v. thank you. one of pakistan's most prominent government critics is being threatened with trumped up charges of terrorism. speaks truth to power against the country's military and has gone after the prime minister imran khan and his relationship with the generals she's in self-imposed exile and she joins us now from the u.k. school does this threat from pakistan's federal investigation agency surprise you
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and how serious is this. yes it was not a surprise and it was actually very shocking but the news from breaking news and back is that they have summoned me and will charge me with terrorism and or you know she's my properties and extradite me and this is all extremely shocking and a few days after that they also wrote to the u.k. got managed to downing street and home office and put in office and it's a 4 page error not on 4 pages long letter which asks the u.k. government to slap me with his speech his endeavors and charges according to the news reports. because possibly they fear that they may not be able to expedite me so they're instigating my government here to bring these charges against me and it also being sniffing at the i.s.i. actually has been sniffing around of my residential address here in the u.k.
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if been detained before in pakistan what do you think would happen if you did go back. let's cornered by i mean i was abducted i was not to taint this was not nothing illegal. and of course if i go back my night will be under serious threat which it is even here because they're pursuing the even in the u.k. that put your situation in context you for example been tweeting about new government rules on social media tell us about that. that's hilarious actually you know what's new media whose specific you mention bieber by the sonny and engine residing abroad quite restraint it that we have to reach and for that they want to force i don't know how they think they can do that force international internet and social media companies to design to open and register offices and be
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physically present and then describe. the same penalty as huge spending say 500000000 rupees if if those companies then i dare do not. block out going down and our accounts. this is a this is part of an ongoing crackdown which started at least 34 years of all they have to. go mainstream digital media in control they have the print media oh yeah what does this all say about iran hans government it it's about it and in issues we found it that it was only to many extreme that is going this because it used to do this during other governments as well but we knew that the syrian government's launching flipper do it on the side to be good but now it is getting more than what it evident that the iranian government is actively siding
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with the military because the prism now is hurting the iran time government just that the economy is in a downward spiral he is being criticized for that and simply like the things the human rights violations and so on and so forth and he's gone back on everything he ever say so now he's actively colluding with the military in and denting to silence any and all of dissent cool cari thank you. defectors in north korea now getting involved in politics in their new south korean home they've formed a new party accusing president ins government for failing to protect refugees from the north correspondent thanks nic as more. or so therians head to the polls in april to elect a new 300 member legislature among the candidates will be
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a high level defector from north korea recruited by south korea's new conservative blog to young hoa's visited this venue the seoul foreign correspondents club before following his defection the former north korean deputy ambassador to the united kingdom denounced the north korean leadership and kim jong un and suggested the current liberal south korean government was wasting its time in its peacemaking efforts today said he was inspired to run because he wants to protect the human rights of north koreans after 2 recent defectors suspected murderers were repatriated by the south korean government i'm absolutely sure that one be. drawing kids and if we are united again who will go 1st to north korea it's also said he would work for north koreans in the south to give them better educational opportunities to lead a unified korea if someone is solid team in the rebbe saves me to the peeper
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all to the past by as. you know you can see these people will not be judged by the he's screaming on the wall he's screaming no you don't give up you'll see a thing afterwards and let them die in the rebirth no. has said he believes that kim jong un regimes days are numbered and favors denuclearization before engagement with pyongyang. remember if i do get elected i believe that there needs to be a very clear clause in south korean law that declares how cooperation between the north and south can be resumed with denuclearization so that north korean policy does not go back and forth according to politics. some longstanding lawmakers of the liberal democratic party question the motivations behind today's candidacy who . likes to show off in public. and so he
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decided to run for congress with the conservatives and they entice mr same to increase right wing power in south korea and create an end to north korea peace atmosphere on the korean peninsula. has spoken little of south korean issues and his newly formed united future party still hasn't announced for which district he plans to run. that's it for now head over to our web site b w dot com for slash asia to view this show online and for other stories from the region and tell us what you think over social media what more you'd like to see we leave you with preparations for the hindu festival the hot shit a rock tree in nepal it marks the victory of knowledge over darkness and ignorance thank you for watching and we'll see you next time.
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projects around the world to use the protect the climate boost green energy solutions and reforestation. interactive content to inspire people to take action google audience and series of global 3000 on t.w. and on mine. hughes chamber of commerce in china wants businesses to get ready for much more disruption to the coronavirus but. hopes of limited impact also on the show i'm. not far from berlin where time or you just don't fell into trees in order to make way for the tree court will decide whether or not work can teach a new. to fight climate change
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it aims to phase out petrol and diesel vehicles by 24. let's do business china's central bank is trying to calm markets insisting the economic impact of the coronavirus will be limited and exchanges have rebounded today the spread of the virus is slowing and there could be more stimulus on its way from beijing sylvie hughes chamber of commerce in china warns of more disruption ahead the coburg 19 outbreak has forced a lot of companies in china to throw production completely and that's having massive international knock on effects transports operators are also affecting supply chains. our correspondent in taipei told describe the situation in china for us workforce because according to the ministry of transport.


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