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c.b.s. records are stored to coerce allegiance to the. those who don't make it into the former travelers. in pyongyang starts feb 28th w. . you're watching t.w. news coming up after 40 years of afghan refugees in pakistan have peace talks now raised their hopes of returning home. and how global warming and a glacier in pakistan threatens communities in the mountainous regions. plus the minnow of moms sick and tired of drug war killings now taking back the streets.
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i'm melissa chant welcome to news asia thank you for joining us more than half of the 2700000 afghan refugees in the world live in pakistan they're spread across the country in hundreds of camps and neighborhoods with most of them concentrated close to the border of their homeland some refugees have been there for decades since the earlier conflicts before 911 and the american arrival and with the imminent if ever delayed political agreement between the united states the taliban the afghan government and other stakeholders on track this could mean that refugees might finally be able to go home but the story is as always more complicated than that. doing what it takes to survive in pakistan i've been lucky man fled afghanistan decades ago and is now making clay pots in her report to support his family it's
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made him financially independent but he says it hasn't made him welcome as a refugee. i've been living here for 40 years the police have come here many times but they can't do anything because i support myself. brockman is just one of one half 1000000 afghans currently living in pakistan the make up one of the largest refugee populations in the world. their future was in focus at a u.n. summit in islam about this week to mark 40 years of afghanis fleeing their war torn country. the talks came as the u.s. and taliban appeared close to a deal to end decades of conflict stirring fresh hopes that the refugees could soon return home reducing violence is critical to build confidence and support for the peace process that leads to a loss the political settlement and the permanent cease fire. such transition to enabling the peaceful return of these post persons and refugees to their homes.
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many afghans are eager to leave behind a life in pakistan without basic rights education and opportunity. but they're also wary of the country they'd return to if the taliban gets a say in afghanistan's future. or be brockman says if it means living under taliban rule once again he'd rather stay put here in pakistan. we have to. see me for more was like even if a political deal is brokered and there is so-called peace is in afghanistan a country with limited resources to deal with an influx of returning refugees. indeed melissa i have been astonished currently not capable of welcoming a large number of refugees back to their homeland there have been small incentives the government has tried to build housing and creating infrastructure for tens of thousands of refugees but these projects are in no way sufficient to deal with the around 2500000 refugees living in pakistan and then there is of course another
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1000000 in iran refugees who have returned in the past years lured by promises of help by the international community and the afghan government have been left disappointed with no food or shelter and return back to their host countries or of course tried to make their way to europe we should also not forget that last year alone more than 400000 afghans were displaced inside the country as well due to conflict drugs and other natural hazards the government cannot provide for the internally displaced people who are forced to live in tents under extreme weather conditions with insufficient care and no education for their children now some of these refugees have been away from home for decades they might long for their country but the reality is for their children home has become a foreign place that will be a challenge won't it. that's true so for the children of in 2nd or 3rd generation of afghan refugees many have only heard about afghanistan in stories or they hear
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about it on the news having lived on foreign land all their lives a large number of if it is would also not consider themselves afghan anymore but they're also not seen as pakistani or iranian in their host countries either so and pakistan refugees do not have the option of becoming citizens their only document is their proof of registration card or are card which is called like that no these cards provide them legal stay but every few months the pakistani government decides on their validity around $1000000.00 do not even put says any legal documents so there is a lack of sense of security for these refugees children are restricted from going to government funded schools if they want to receive an education they have to pay for private schools which are expensive of course if it's going to work for their government and of course without proper education they're limited to lower income work they have no right to own a pakistani driver license was especially it's it creates a problem for texas drivers so only recently they were allowed to open bank accounts you can just imagine what this means for afghan refugees living in
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pakistan. so it's very tough for afghan refugees in pakistan and yet do some of these refugees also worry about returning to a place where the taliban has power no melissa most refugees are worried about basic necessities such as security and land and shelter of security of land is provided to them a large number of messages would be happy to return at least that is the impression we got from speaking to afghan refugees living in pakistan this time around however they won't return by receiving promises only. hazarat seamy thank you. the hindu kush himalayan region has the highest concentration of snow and glaciers after the arctic and antarctica its melt water feeds asia's river systems but the same fresh water can also in danger of people as in this case in pakistan.
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it's a documented fact that the world's glaciers are shrinking but in the curriculum mountain range a number of them up bucking that trend for now this is just the glacier in northern pakistan it's increasing in length and width and it's moving downhill carrying with it hundreds of tons of ice and debris that are pushing down into the valley. the one year the glacier move forward 8 to 10 kilometers. then look at moving smoothly until there were 4 months when it was really surging forward at about 5 to 7 meters a day people were the. scientists don't agree on what exactly is causing some glaciers in the karakoram to surge and they call it a material logical anomaly but what's clear is that shift is advancing at 10 times
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the normal rate and it's threatening the safety of people living in the valley. not just because of its advancing ice sheet and the threat of rock fall. is also creating glacial lakes lakes which can burst these images show the village of her son about after it was hit by flooding in july. when a glacier lake bursts. there is an enormous amount of not only eyes and rocks and what and debris. that falls through mud and so on and this has the best thinking effects basically destroy everything that comes in its way. they cannot have nations estimates that there are 33 glacial lakes that pose an imminent threat of floods in the region potentially impacting up to 7000000 people. do you think you have
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a bunch whole area will be devastated people's land homes trees and the whole community if this play surely bursts the whole population and people's properties will be swept away into the river and the. authorities are setting up early warning systems to alert communities of any impending flood but that's only one fight in a much bigger battle. scientists expect that climate change will melt a 3rd of the glaciers in the karakoram by 2100 endangering the lives of hundreds of millions. since coming to power in 2016 philippines president rod rico do territory has unleashed a controversial war on drugs it has included extra judicial killings while police say some $5000.00 people have died in what it calls legitimate operations rights groups call it murder and put the death toll closer 220000 the streets have become dangerous so in one manila suburb the moms are pushing back.
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it took these moms to stop the murders. they walk the streets where death squads once roamed but not since these women began their nightly patrols. we started patrolling our community got reenergized and the fear disappeared people used to be afraid to go out past 7 pm till morning. but when they saw how effective we were because of how we really are right in the community people regain their confidence in me i mean. fear once paralyzed the people of patel rose. in 2016 president but we go to terror take declared a war on drugs shadowy attackers terrorized streets across manila gunning down drug
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suspects at the height of the crackdown there were as many as 4 murders a day in the philippines linked to the drug trade rights groups say these were extra judicial killings sanctioned by the state police deny any involvement. but grief drove these women to step in and keep the peace. and then either they had the women's patrol started in 2016 when there were 2 people killed in our community we feared more violence so we came up with the idea of patrolling the streets. the moms never found out who the killers were but now side by side with the police they're keeping a close eye on things and patel rose as the new face of law and order.
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without. compensation. mind the people. who want to have. an order. so the message to rule breakers from these rule makers the moms are here to stay so that after so much death patel rose can get back to normal life. that's it for now head over to our website d.w. dot com forward slash asia to view this show online and for other stories from the region we leave you with some snapshots of life for afghan refugees living in pakistan some local has never known their homeland thank you for watching and we'll see you next time.
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play . this is you know you news live from berlin hate crime in hung out a far right extremists killed 10 people in germany the gunman walked into 2 bars in the city of hono near frankfurt and killed his victims execution style prosecutors are treating it as an act of domestic terrorism turns on america has expressed her deep condolences to the victims' families. too because they are with people across the whole of germany i'm sure the detainee felt today by the people of hannah.


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