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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 21, 2020 12:00am-12:15am CET

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this is the w. news live from berlin germany is in mourning after a far right extremists killed 10 people with immigrant backgrounds the gunman walked into 2 bars in the city of tire now an air france 1st and shot his victims prosecutors are treating it as an act of terrorism chancellor angela merkel expressed her condolences. to the cousin with people across the whole of germany i'm sure to detain felt today by the people of china over the brutal deaths of so many of her fellow citizens. the german president front world her stand my joined
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other political leaders to lay wreaths at the crime scenes he said he stood with all those who were threatened by racist hatred and added you are not alone. i'm told me a lot of well welcome to the program germany is reeling following the deaths of 10 people in a terror attack a suspected far right extremist with a gun walked into to shisha bars in the western city of han out near frankfurt he targeted people of color and opened fire the suspect was a 43 year old german identified by police as toby s r he later reportedly killed his mother before taking his own life in their apartment. fear and disbelief in how now people gathered in the
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evening to stand up to hate and seen a phobia one of the mourners germany's president. we see on this argument i'm standing with people who are threatened by hate and violence and fear together we stand side by side nightgowns i against violence and language that degrades and excludes people. all too often paves the way for violent acts. in big. the night before and how now a 43 year old german national killed 9 people on a shooting rampage most of them of turkish and kurdish descent the suspect was later found dead in his home his mother also shot dead he was a member of a gun club and was thought on authorities radar as a threat germany's attorney general has taken over the investigation he said the suspect wanted to send a provocative message oh. home page this more suspects web page contained
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a video message. the kind of manifesto i'm not money fist i know it you need full of confused thoughts and conspiracy theories almost healed me in all sorts profoundly racist minds that it should be seen on our fleiss and in berlin chancellor angela merkel condemned the violence. that's this was racism is a poison hate is a point isn't it and this points in exists in our society and it's responsible for far too many crimes few and far but i can we don't distinguish citizens according to their background or religion. we stand with all our strength and determination against all those who try to divide germany and last night and. berliners gathered at the brandenburg gate to show solidarity. the victims. this is a kind of i'm here because i don't want murderers in my country. grief fear rage
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everything you would feel on a day like this. dov i'm here because i think we have to show our faces to show that the majority of people in this country are different. many questions remain one of the biggest is why right wing terror has been able to grow into such a phenomenon in recent years. reporter kate brady has been following the developments in honolulu and she sent us this assessment of the mood among the city's residents hundreds of candles and flowers have been laid here in just meters away from the scene of the 1st in the double shooting on wednesday evening the city today was one left in shock but also one with a sense of frustration frustration that many members of the community here particularly those of turkish descent still feel like they're treated as outsiders
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but also a sense of anger that germany's 3rd fall right extremist terrorist attack was able to happen here just 4 months after an anti-semitic attack in eastern germany now the city and the rest of germany alike a looking to politicians for answers. as germany the victims of the attack near frankfurt world leaders have been expressing this sympathy. the gunman's rampage has reverberated far beyond germany many of his victims were of turkish descent president russia offered a message of support. on my own. express my condolences to our expert trades who lost their lives in the german city of hono last night. i was patients for their families and friends. i believe that the german authorities will make every effort to shed light on all
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angles of this attack. european leaders gathered in brussels for a budget summit also offered sympathy and denounced the attacks you can see it on we say very clearly that xenophobia and racism have no place in europe and that this despicable and cowardly act is against everything we stand for and. to put their mind i want to express france's support and solidarity and i wish to stand by their sides in this sad time of grief also in the fight against hatred and racism that is being strongly led by the chancellor and also by most of the german political establishment considerable support each. has its uses and up to it was a horrible right wing radical terrorist attack that took place in germany which must be condemned in the strongest possible terms and it also shows us that it is important that we continue to fight against all forms of radical thought in europe
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woods on kids. this comes as far right parties are surging in many european countries while germany mourns the latest victims of extremist attacks. that's not take a look at some of the stories making news around the world. a boat carrying over 90 migrants has apparently gone missing in the mediterranean according to the un refugee agency the inflatable boat carrying mainly african migrants set out from. about 50 kilometers east of the libyan capital tripoli there's been no communication with any of the migrants since the boat set out. roger stone a longtime adviser an ally of u.s. president donald trump has been sentenced to 40 months in prison for 7 counts of lying to congress obstruction and witness tampering the charges stem from an investigation into alleged collusion between russia and the tram campaign during
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the 2016 election. campaigning has ended in iran ahead of a party parliamentary election on friday it will be the 1st such poll since the un with us withdrew from the international nuclear deal and really imposed sanctions on the country many iranians have endured severe economic hardship as a result opposition figures are calling for a boycott of the election saying it does not give people a real choice u.w. stories of proper reports from teheran. business is slow and life has become more difficult even here. in an old district with many wealthy residents few people here think much will change after friday's elections. people want lots of different changes but nothing ever happens this is a mass conceived ground and start caring about the people. only by doing this
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will be able to survive for another 40 years. do you want to take your tears you can use an eggplant now cost 10000 to mon voting really make a difference. i don't expect anything nothing from the parliament and nothing from the president if they really represented the people they would have long since done something but all they do is talk names and. skepticism is a problem for the reformist candidates close to president rouhani their promise of increased prosperity by working with the west is one they haven't been able to keep many have been disqualified by the guardian council from even running and those who have know their chances. with the mood in the opposing campaign office couldn't be more different hardliners like say it mohammad husseini feels their time has come and they want to win back parliament in taliban to give. it time to end the
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cooperation with the west to stop trusting western countries. people are turning towards candidates who support the values of islam and revolution all year hardworking people who believe our region must show resistance its own initiative live in matters. of. resistance to the west the islamic republic sounding noticed seems to be enjoying a comeback at the moment but analysts say that recent tensions with the us archenemy 6. when you have so much pressure from abroad people tend to be more conservative so you have what happened to a major general officially it was announced that he was assassinated supreme which tend to feel that this is a major security issue for iran and right now we have to be tough to keep the integrity of the country. that voter apathy is strong even in the traditionally conservative stronghold of iran. rather cut off my arms and legs
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then go out and vote there are no real elections here in iran just appointments the guardian council in other words come in i makes all the decisions these candidates are stooge. they won't achieve anything. victorious in this election with the patient could be interpreted as a vote of no confidence. the berlin film festival is now underway it's the festival 70th year and the opening film is my salinger yeah starring sigourney weaver was best known for her role in alien but this flick is anything but science fiction take a look. i mean i can give you plenty of the idiotic examples but. a friend takes up his typewriter and writes to his idol the novelist j.d. salinger who was a one hit wonder with his book the catcher in the rocket. a new face at the
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publishing agency joanna takes care of salinger's fan mail. fan this is margaret played by sigourney weaver she salinger's agent come bodyguard her job to protect her star from everything and everyone 40 years after the famous book 1st hit the bestseller lists she's a direct kind of person. rewind and i think those truths that whole time where writing was so respected in a such a profound difference to people where they were the writer is king or queen i think she feels in a way like the high priestess to put her her arms around that world and keep it safe journey cause you just say yes terry but salinger is just a ghost haunting the film influencing 2 women the younger of which is still finding her way. the film was not about salinger but about the effect of
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a writer. on a young woman and her journey to become a writer is that on my salinger year is perhaps a low key start to the bell in our way but it's a soulful declaration of love for the literature business in 1990 s. new york in the office on a trial. to football now in the europa league the round of 16 the 3 german teams taking part on thursday night played at home and gave their fans something to smile about i'm drug frankfurt flew past salzburg frankfurt's dikika mother netted a hat trick in the 41 victory by a live accuse and defeated porto by 2 goals to one and it was also 21 as both byrd beat. paris and germany chairman leahy has been charged by swiss brook prosecutors in connection with a corruption case i'll kill 80 is who is also the head of kotite channel b.
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in sports is accused of inciting form of faith a member of fifa number 2 sharon valcke to commit criminal mismanagement the case relates to the awarding of lucrative t.v. rights for 20 men such as the world cup has been charged with accepting bribes. to some tennis news and roger federer will be out of action for several months after undergoing knee surgery federal has been struggling with his right knee since last month's australian open the operation means federal will again miss the clay court season including the french open but 20 time grand slam champion said it his doctors were confident it make a full recovery. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you germany is in mourning after a far right extremist killed 10 people the gunman walked into to basel the city near front but and shot his victims most of them came from an immigrant background
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the suspect later killed his mother and himself prosecutors to treating the attacks as terrorism. you're watching news up next is d.w. news africa of course there's more news on our web site e.w. dot com i'm totally illogical thanks watched. what secrets lie behind small. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. do w. world heritage 360 getting out now.


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