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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  February 21, 2020 2:45pm-3:01pm CET

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and it was all in let's do business and let's start with some of the numbers that are rocking exchanges today 92 percent that's how much car sales have plunged in china thanks to the spread of the coronavirus when you compare the 1st 2 weeks of february with the year earlier that's according to a report from the china passenger car association of china economy has ground to a whole since officials imposed strict quarantines in january trying to get assembly lines back up and running but this is from apple to have shot in stores and closed factories to help contain the outbreak. a major indexes japanese manufacturing has gone through its biggest contraction in 7 years this month economists say the downturn off is the clearest evidence yet of the damage the coronavirus has done to global growth and business the whole lot but even to the world's 3rd largest economy in the recession the findings are likely to ramp up pressure on japanese policymakers to step up stimulus. the price of gold has hit
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a 7 year high as investors flock to safe haven assets to the buyers go price increased by 19 percent and has continued to surge these 1st few months of the year not least because of anxiety over the operating asian stocks fell sharply today with the japanese yen hitting a 10 month low. at over to the frankfurt so he's changed the conrad blues and again we're seeing some very bad numbers we're going to see an amazing recovery of sorts sometimes. while at least the traders here are confident that as soon as the coronavirus can be contained there is reason to be upbeat today economic data from germany was updated the purchasing managers for index for the manufacturing sector managed to rise you know many analysts have predicted another slump of this index so i think it's fair to say without the coronavirus the german economy would continue on its path upwards. what about the g 20 finance ministers
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they're meeting this weekend is there anything they can do to ensure things are kept under control and that we do see some sort of recovery. yes of course they could in the islands of bold step to give the world economy to spot the chief of the japanese central bank today said in parliament that this was not the time to discuss whether additional monetary easing was needed this was a meeting for the exchange of information on opinion so i think we shouldn't expect too much from this meeting we should probably just be happy that it's happening at all current bills and thank you very much. but as the man for goods and services plunges in china one of the many industries affected are the airlines who've been forced to cancel so many flights the international air transport association says carry is in the asia pacific could lose $27800000000.00 because the outbreak has hit most the chinese airlines globally that figure could rise to almost
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$30000000000.00 and counting the association points out if it spreads more widely to asia pacific markets then impacts on airlines from other regions would be larger the likes of point to have suspended flights to china as has air force k. lamb which warns losses from the virus up until april could be as high as 200000000 euros and the impact isn't just being felt in the air it's a problem on the ground with so many border disruptions hundreds of trucks wait patiently to enter china in the northern vietnamese province of long saum fuel storage easier to just reopen one of the main border crossings. the green light for hundreds of tons of goods that was stuck here for weeks. the outbreak has affected us badly since the lunar new year most drivers have stayed at home. some of the trucks have been held up here for more than
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a month so the goods have gone bad or spoiled overall it's hit us hard. close the checks on the trucks and drivers by customs are aimed at preventing the covert 19 virus from spreading any further the trucks are also sprayed with disinfectant and even though beijing says the rate of infection is going down in china the world health organization hasn't given any hint of an all clear. that. new to show a decline in confirmed cases once again we are encouraged by this but this is no time for complacency despite all the extra measures the vietnamese can only hope that none of the trucks inadvertently smuggles the virus back across the border when they return from china you virus cases are soaring in south korea 2 more people have died in iran the world health organization wants countries could face a serious problem if they fail to hit back hard now some asian nations have banned
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the export of protective masts they're in high demand even though they can't stop you from getting a virus. has this report checked company respite on in part a no make surgical masks it supplies companies across the e.u. and even in north and south america restaurants corridors are now piled high with boxes since the covert 1000 outbreak business is booming demand has increased more than 10 fold but the company normally supplies china with the role materials for its masks. so-called nano fiber membranes made in the czech republic there then assembled a chinese sites. however china has now banned the export of surgical masks to europe the supply chain is broken down. chief executive roman sima sees a bottleneck developing rapidly. and because we have.
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china right now so. are using. these. or actually. all the pharmacies we checked up on while making this report said they'd already sold out of masks that want to. draw stocks university hospital surgical masks are a way of life but it's generally accepted here that no mask offers 100 percent protection against the new coronavirus even if they can be helpful shortages a developing here as well. smaller hospitals in the area that we assist signaled last week that they can't get protective masks and face huge problems the university hospital specialized supply guaranteed that we'd have no problems for the next half year how they'll manage that i don't know. if
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they see it differently but across germany people are already wondering how to deal with the scarcity. when an emergency or mask may even have to be used twice and in the czech republic rest belong is working on getting a new type of mask to market in the near future. for that rome at sema plans to relocate production and bring it back home there are some actually 3 big production facilities in europe or france most about from greece strategic point of view it's not enough that's why our company actually looks right now a new line of oh and if you want to start or actually the production will start and the end of mag. to make it 70 percent of the world's masks are made in china there is now a very real danger to europe could run right out of surgical masks for several
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months. e.u. leaders are meeting in brussels to discuss the block's budgets for the next 7 years on the agenda how to plug the 75000000000 euro funding hole created by breaks it is disagreement over plans to slash rebates countries receive when they include budget contributions. to political and business leaders in germany welcome a court ruling that allowed american electric car make a tesla to keep clearing forest for a massive new factory environmentalist to block the works in court saying the public had not been probably consulted the science just outside of there will be test as 1st european facility production is the begin next year starting with 150000 vehicles here they. eventually test the ones to china half a 1000000 vehicles here joining chemicals giant b a s f is jumping on the bandwagon recently announcing the construction of a factory for key components in electric car batteries not far away startups in the region also hoping to cash in on whether circus reports. just
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a few more batteries to build and then that's it for the next few days there's a dip in production at tess fulton brandenburg a supplier can't keep up deliveries of the required tack the company is feeling the downside of the immobility boom empty shelves in the warehouse where crates would usually be piled up high the boss of the battery producer says such a production bottleneck is nothing new the industry is booming that's why founders the manchanda has doubled his staff each year he's even considering building more space no problem as the land prices in the east of germany are so low. here's a stop up just not really where a start up so of course costs play a huge role we also have a location here with 4000 square meters of pure production and warehouse space that's a key reason why we set up shop here record 4 wheels off because it is
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a single square metre of building plot costs around $70.00 euro's and brandenburg in the south of germany companies can expect to pay $420.00 euros or more since tesla announced its gigafactory the area is beginning to look like a key location for europe's immobility revolution but who's profiting from who is listening to big this hasn't all popped up because of tesla but rather tesla came to brandenberg next to berlin because all these startups are in the area there are people who can be trained there that would be of mutual advantage each side benefiting from the other that would be a positive. if the tech startup m.b.e. energy could get inspiration from its new neighbor tesla here in the production hole ideas a forged into prototypes after many hours of design work by engineers at charging station that makes elektra city out of biofuel the bosses are already looking forward to the top dog moving in next door. it's amazing it's given the area
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a huge uplift. value notice and vandenberg things are moving forwards here the uplift in eastern germany is finally taking place but. the engineers want to bring their 1st charging stations into production in 2021 now that tesla has the go ahead to clear space for its gigafactory the route is clear for the 2 neighbors to launch production at around the same time nice doing business with it.
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. this is the only news life for berlin a very high threat chilling words from germany's interior minister after the racist killing of 10 people in their. expert evenings far right extremists and announces new measures in a bid to reassure people who come their anger after the terror attacks but will it be enough also coming up iranians are voting for a new parliament still explain why the opposition is urging people to boycott the polls and why that worries the hard lined leaders and it is day 2 of.


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