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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 22, 2020 8:00am-8:15am CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin germany raises the security alert after wednesday night's deadly extremist attack as communities mourn the 10 victims the government steps up police presence across the country interior minister describes our right terrorism as a very serious threat also on the program. to italy announces its 1st death from the corona virus as the number of cases in the country songs of the world health organization world governments must act quickly to get the virus under control. and
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vote counting is underway in iran's parliament reelection about turnout has been a lot of following an opposition call to boycott the fall. i'm rebecca riches welcome to the program germany's interior minister c. hall c. hoffa has promised as strong a police presence across the country to counter what he describes as a very high security threat from the far right the pledge follows wednesday night's terror attack in a city near frankfurt and which 10 people many of them immigrants were shot dead by a suspected right wing extremist date i spoke with a relative of one of the victims. the kurdish cultural center in hono has become a place of grief and suffering many who knew the victims of the far right terrorism here have come to pay their respects to fear hot
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a 23 year old heating technician who was gunned down as he tried to buy cigarettes . that's the worst of it fair hunt wanted to do something good for the people of. his grandfather was a guest worker who helped pave the streets of hanoi. for i had wanted to give people a warm place to call home noise that's no longer possible i didn't you can barely sleep he's a relative a fair hans who he says was a person who loved life. he wants politicians and civil society to do more to combat racism. it's an slow doesn't mean game people know it's getting real people died young people like you and me lost their lives you know it's time to do something and it's high time it's as theist. now there is also the question of more protection for immigrants and their descendants. most if not by rome has lived in germany since 1988 but the shop owner does not want to be ruled by fear when people
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just really don't have to protect my store why should they stand around for 12 hours just waiting for if you live in fear then you will just stay home and never quite. 18 you months to once to feel free and not lose the courage to face life in memory of the victims of terrorism. this is the time given to all these people and we won't be intimidated i don't want to have police protection wherever i go no i want to be able to walk freely into the market and smoke. and to not let all the happiness be taken from life but 1st the pain must be put behind them. well for more on this i'm joined by political correspondent. thanks for coming in now we've just heard from one of the victims what what what can you tell us about some of the other well the police released quite recently more details about the victims 3 of them were germans 2 of them were turkish one was from romania one from
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bulgaria one from bosnia one had both german and afghan national or 3 so we can see that this was a very diverse group of people all of them did have some sort of immigrant background but some in some cases this goes back 2 or 3 generations some of these people have been here in germany for 4 generations were born here grew up in holland all some of them came very recently especially the person from bulgaria and romania they are obviously e.u. citizens and were able to come to germany freely yes a very diverse group of people that were victims of us to talk tell us also already have announced that they've got protectionist measures as a likely to reassure those minority communities i think that's a 1st step towards reassurance a police presence a visible police presence that shows. people that might feel threatened by this atmosphere of racism that has. that is existing in germany i think one has to say
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that there are groups in germany at the moment that racism is becoming a lot more acceptable in a sense a visible police presence will be a 1st step towards reassuring people but i think the basis of all of this this kind of. poison of racism that i'm going to medical the chancellor was talking about fighting that is really the basis of improving the situation and that is obviously a long term project now this shooting has not had the discussion about weapons. couldn't more restrictive laws have prevented this attack but we have to say 1st of all that gun laws in germany are very restrictive at the moment already you can't simply go and get yourself a gun because you feel threatened you have to have a particular reason the reason why this gunman this attack had guns is that he was a member of a shooting club and as a result he had permission to have 2 guns. the point is that even though you had he
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had a license if you have a license in germany you get checked every few years by the authorities and he was checked by the authorities fairly recently and nobody seems to notice that he did have psychological problems he seems to have had. no schizophrenia or something similar so there are questions about how these checks are done and they also calls that the done those should be even more restrictive so for instance some people are saying you should not be able to keep i mean that should be kept at the place where you do your shooting in a shooting club for instance thanks very much up to date. italy has announced its 1st death from the corona virus as the number of cases in the country more than quadruples the world health organization has warned that the window of opportunity to contain a wider international spread of the epidemic is closing and urged governments around the globe to act quickly many countries are already stepping up
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precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus. this plane bought taiwanese evacuees from a quarantined cruise ship in japan hit by the coronavirus while their plane and all luggage gets a thorough disinfection the evacuees will be isolated for another 2 weeks. these precautions are the new normal in the fight to contain the corona virus. in italy top officials meat of to the virus claimed its 1st victim in the country an elderly man in northern italy died after being hospitalized the number of cases spiked to 17 in just one day in ca don't you a town southeast of milan official shut down schools businesses that it so that can't get out of michigan official order to close down all the shops and we're following the order so we're closing there's a lot of alarm and that's also worries me that you probably know that the
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scientists will probably contact but oh no if you're going we are old and very concerned i am 76 years old i live on my own i really don't know what to do with the voting. public events of band and that includes church services the 1st patient to contract the virus here had met a friend who had recently traveled to china but the world health organization is worried about another trend they have spotted in the latest infections although the total number of cases outside china remains relatively small we are concerned about the number of cases with no clear if you demurely you can link such as travel history to china or contact with a confirmed case. in ukraine local residents blocked buses with passengers evacuated from china these scenes prompted president selenski to give
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his fellow citizens a dressing down on television said the lush these are all ukrainians they're not sick with plague they don't have homes and. they are ordinary normal people. he promised that the organizers of the blockade would bring prosecuted authorities are working to contain the. fear of the virus as well as it spread. turning now to some of the other stories making news around the world a weeklong partial truce has started in afghanistan president ashraf ghani announced that the deal negotiated between the u.s. and the taliban came into effect at midnight and the agreement to reduce violence holds it could pave the way to a peace deal between the islamists and the us. the trial of former hollywood mogul harvey weinstein is in deadlock the jury is reportedly split on the most serious criminal charges which include 1st degree rape it's already agreed on
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a verdict on some of the list serious counts deliberations set to resume on monday . your vote counting is underway in iran after the country aleck's elected a new parliament and made an economic and financial crisis many voters chose to boycott the election after the country's guardian council large numbers of moderate and reformist candidates from running the vote is likely to see conservatives tighten their grip on parliament official results are expected on saturday. and joining us now from tehran is due to be reported to raise a trying to raise a start is has been boasting high turnout but that's not what people on the ground have been saying what can you tell us. i visited several polling stations yesterday here into iran and all of them were fairly empty at least if you compare it to the last election where people work hearing outside the polling stations to cast their vote so i expect the turnout at least in tehran to be fairly low and it's the
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turnout that really matters here in the islamic republic with many iranians boycotting this election the turnout was so how many of them have at least some trust left into the parliament of the islamic republic and those are of course still being counted but is there any word yet about who could be in the late. well for now no final results have been announced yet but we get a few reports about prince of list candidates winning some seats in different cities in the country and that does not come as a surprise since many of the so-called reformists got back from running at all by the guardian council the country's electoral watchdog so hardline as well without any real contenders in many parts of iran so they're very likely to regain control over the parliament this time around and the reason this is the 1st test of leadership since unrest with the u.s. started at the beginning of the year could we still see a surprise result in these elections. that's not very likely because even
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for the candidates of the so-called reforms that are allowed to run people don't see any real reasons to vote for them because they made many promises during the last election and they could not deliver they promised better economy and they promise more personal freedoms and fight against corruption and they couldn't do all of that so many of their voters were disappointed this time and didn't even turn up in the only voters that actually cast their vote this time we're the ones that wonder more hardline approach and more resistance against the west so that's why we are expecting a win for the reform for the prince of lists and the hardliners this time. to raise a trapper in tehran thanks very much. like 18 films are vying for the top prize the golden bear at this year's film festival on day 2 of the festival director natalia mehta presented her latest movie the intruder the hard to classify thriller has lots of horror humor and 6 and is among the films in the main
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competition. nightmares and panic attacks enos lives her life like a woman possessed she goes on vacation with her new boyfriend and he ends up face down in a pool. with this inexplicable event the drama begins a journey through one woman's subconscious world. argentinian director natalia mehta has chosen fear as the theme for her 2nd feature film it's based on a horror novel but only loosely. that's a best thing you could say to me that day i think it's a fit in the distance you're going to classify and i hope. people. enjoy this. difficulty. yet ambiguity can sometimes feel like indecision although it feels like a horror film there's no need for viewers to cover their eyes the so-called intruder of the title simply isn't scary still the work of cinematographer barr but
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i'll vote as lens the film an air of suspense the film is not about mystery about the mystery of the cia or about the mystery of a woman's desire me. and i think what about a quote it gave to this film is the mystery of how our. photographer an older woman seems to know exactly what eunice needs or rather what she needs to lose. the film even has its funny moments. that it could reverse play xena's a woman on the edge of a nervous breakdown with expertise her performance is the best reason to see the film. a concoction of suspense drama horror and even a bit of comedy director natalia may to has produced a film that cannot easily be assigned to any one genre per production is rife with
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references to celebrated films such as roman polanski's $965.00 classic repulsion but whether it can rise to that status remains to be seen. you know watching t.v. news next out davies arts and culture news and i forget you can stay up to date on our website that stayed up on the dot com i'm rebecca written in the end thanks very much for watching. i'm not laughing at the germans because sometimes i am place and nothing with the can be better i don't think deep into the german culture of. nudity ridiculous grammar they are unique because it's all that who they know i'm rachel join me i need to get them to come.


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