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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  February 22, 2020 8:15am-8:30am CET

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her production is rife with references to celebrated films such as roman polanski's $965.00 classic repulsion but whether it can rise to that status remains to be seen . you know watching t.v. news next out davies out some culture news and i forget you can stay up to date on our website at that stage up on the dot com i'm rebecca written in the end thanks very much for watching. i'm not laughing at the germans because sometimes i am but i said nothing with that even to have been thinking deep into the german culture of. nudity ridiculous grandma day oh. it's all that they know i'm right so join me to meet the definition of host. i was huge when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room. it was hard i was sure that. i even got white hair is the.
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language not all of this gets me they go but you need to interrupt it's the same thing you want to do their story. ends her fighting and reliable information for margaret. a very warm welcome to news from the world of arts and culture let's have a look at what's coming up today. a brazilian drug free who suffered homophobia in brazil but found a new home in germany. and the biggest ever exhibition in germany of impressionist paintings by claude monet of the barbary museum in pulp stone. botts we begin the film festival which is said
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to be the largest public film festival in the world with over $400.00 movies to choose from this year today we're going to have a look at new films which feature of this great city as a backdrop nearly 30 years after reunification then is still undergoing great change this of course fascinates filmmakers because the city has so many different sides to it. dark. colorful. minimalist disreputable. lin's many facets make it an exciting place for directors to shoot and set their films. one of the most famous squares in what was once east berlin has lent its name for this title by lynn alexander claims in this film the undocumented refugee francis stretched into the drug dealing scene at the city's house in hyde park which served as a shooting location. going. to hunker bonnie's modern
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adaptation of if they do cleans classic novel shows the dark underbelly of determine capital. noir. about posting on twitter it's. easy to die during. the film cooney takes place in the multicultural neighborhood of course found it's a coming of age story screening in the belly knowledge generation 14 plus section and it makes the city's colorful beating heart come alive. blogger meets a tortoise. try to be here that switzerland is no place for the cancer stricken actor so that he and his sister are drawn back to it used to be west berlin to the legendary shall do nothing to lead roles are played by nina hoss and last idea whose careers are closely intertwined with berlin stages that makes my little sister a kind of homecoming for these german actors. and their families wednesdays. isn't
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koat so i should intervene. with a bank that's held a love affair between industrial diver customs and city historian and it starts. and maybe it's misty. and i'm just going to see it. and it's. urban history of both and underwater not many people know that swamps were drained so berlin could be built. for his film about a life or death love director custom petzold shows a city that is constantly reinventing itself and erasing the traces of its past in the process. these films offer a journey through berlin and its many aspects with old and new legends.
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it's kind of funny to recognize all those places in the films there as i'm sure. david live it does as well david no doubt living if you've seen the film crews wondering about tom what do you think makes this city attractive for filmmakers. well robin i think on the one hand berlin is an exciting place to set a film because what city in the world has seen as much change in as much history in the past 100 years from the roaring twenty's when berlin was the wildest place in europe to the nazi era when it was hitler's capital to the cold war with the berlin wall and then after the fall of the wall to become a creative hub for artists from around the world the best nightlife in the world so i think there's a lot to play with there for directors and in terms of making a movie here you've got bob is big studios the oldest film studio of its size in
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the world the biggest in europe it's been around since 1912 and germany is also a country that puts hundreds of millions of euros of public funding into films every year so that obviously also makes it an attractive place for filmmakers to come from germany and around the world. that so films i know you've seen it tell us about pro fool go the end screwed up which looks pretty intense. right intense is the word of very much an art house movie from argentina the story is about a voiceover actor named him as who at the very beginning of the movie experiences a trauma except that we're not really sure if she really does experience that trauma because from there on out it's really unclear if she's dreaming having nightmares if she's awake and the whole movie according to the director natalia
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made is about undoing all that border and really questioning what's more important being awake or dreams and that's have a look at the short clip. while i'm none the wiser but we always like to see the styles of the bed and the david coats jordi debts in town promoting his new film where he's playing a book alcoholic. not just any burnt out yes that's true he's playing w. eugene smith who was
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a real life war photographer life magazine photographer basically the inventor of the editorial photo spread and this is a true life story of how smith went to japan to the town of minamata to document the ravaging effects of mercury poisoning it's a true story of course. journalists at the press conference with johnny depp were trying to draw parallels between the troubled life of smith and johnny depp's own troubles in the past years accusations against him by his ex-wife amber heard that he beat her that he used drugs and alcohol johnny depp didn't go for any of any of those parallels he just stuck to the script very very quickly just on a movie about the the naive august 20th century ounces and way. hidden away as it seems like it sort of falls for the main. right elio germano is not
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a household name in the rest of the world but in italy he is a huge star he's one can at venice best actor the biggest the biggest awards in italy and this is a very psychological portrait about an artist that the director says was an outcast in the that fed into his mental illness but at the same time drove him in his artistic pursuits and it's meant to be a movie about diversity and expect and accepting people who are different ok david as always great to talk to cosimo films. it's carnival tog here in germany i'm actually a brazil 2 and someone who's appeared in both carnivals is the brazilian drag artist cut green left me born and brought up as he suffered from racism and homophobia in his own country and found a 2nd and happier here in germany she talked to us about the difficulties she has faced in life. the legendary carnival in rio here the team likely to be right
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on the float of the legendary man give us sam a school the 1st drag queen to be given that honor it was nothing short of a sensation. but for drag queens dressing up and wearing make up isn't just for carnival for kathleen who goes by the name andre went out of drag it's part of the job when she learns it takes under a 45 minutes to transform into the alter ego of kathleen that gaining the necessary self-confidence was a long and difficult path katleen leclair he recalls her childhood in brazil. i was a young man who was black and this came and i really had to fight to be able to continue. was the hook that you really have to have the balls and be a real man to keep going like that it really wasn't easy and it's still not easy to this day. it's hard. but andre found understanding and
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support with his grandmother who partially raised him in 1905 he visited germany the weekend make up in his suitcase and ended up state after being offered a job as a performer. kathleen now works as a hostess at a restaurant in cologne taking reservations and showing guests to their tables. but. the reactions she gets vary from enthusiastic to be will there's 2 insulting to drag queen says she enjoys shocking people in a positive way. the same things as they became the children of the person in the common or when they come they say mama is not a match for a woman and the mother tries to shush them but then i say no on something that children deserve. so she tells children that she's kind of like
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a circus clown but with a whip instead of a red nose. kathleen sees herself as an artist and she wants to be an ambassador for tolerance and love. in common no i have just one word for society because the respect that's all i want what. i'm like that's colorful multifaceted and diverse and not just during carnival but every day that's country in the clear these greatest wish. the bahraini museum in pots. in 3 years ago and is one of the most stunning additions to the cultural landscape in the 21st century believe me it's wonderful america's hosting the largest ever exhibition here in germany of paintings by the great impressionist claude monet. what is the bridge in the london fog. the dozers palace in venice seen through the mist this monday exhibition is also
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about the places that the painter visited and was inspired by and then of course there are the landscapes. my kind in you can accompany him on a very special journey lets you see how in the age of photography when everything could be documented he presented us with his image of nature i'm not sure it's a realistic image but one that's also very abstract of the abstract one room of the exhibition is devoted to money's water lilies he created some 250 paintings with this motif in the late 19th century he had a water garden installed at his house in geneva me to rada got to him the garden was the fulfilment of his work with mani dreamed of being able to combine outdoor painting with the comforts of a studio and he created his own paradise in which he painted every day live the exhibition comprises 110 works by many starting with his 1st he was 16 years
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old when he created it and still influenced by real ism the retrospective covers his artistic development ending with his last known painting the show runs until june 1st at parts times museum barberini. just call whites say that i do love the impressionist painting that sold from now thanks ever so much for watching. a winter sports paradise even without water. yes you can do sports in the syringe in forest even without snow. i also take a look at mining in a city known for its at least the history. book or shake it takes us to want to be eastern germany's most beautiful vacation area checking in. next on d. w. . take it personally. with all the
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wonderful people in stories that make the game so special. for all true fans. pick up more than football on line. trees and mountains as far as the eye can see. i am in the.


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