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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 22, 2020 10:00am-10:16am CET

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this is data really news live from their communities in the lockdown over the corona virus this time in italy the country to announce as the 1st death to me epidemic as the number of cases they saw the world health organization looms governments must act quickly to get the virus under control also coming out to. vote counting is underway in iran's parliamentary elections but turnout has been low following an opposition hold by a boy called paul. and germany raises its security alert after wednesday's deadly
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extremist attack as communities mourn the 10 victims the government steps up police presence nationwide to counter will be interior minister described as a very serious threat from the far right. i'm rebecca ritter's welcome to the program italy has announced its 1st deaths from the corona virus as the number of cases in the country more than quadruples the world health organization has worn out the window of opportunity to contain a wider international spread of the epidemic is closing and the search governments around the globe to act quickly many countries are already stepping up precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus. this plane bought taiwanese evacuees home from
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a quarantined cruise ship in japan hit by the corona virus. while their plane and all luggage gets authority disinfection the evacuees will be isolated for another 2 weeks. these precautions are the new normal in the fight to contain the corona virus. in italy top officials meat of the virus claimed its 1st victim in the country an elderly man in northern italy died after being hospitalized the number of cases spiked to 17 in just one day in kodo new a town southeast of milan official shut down schools and businesses that you don't see that camp at all of a huge an official order to close down all the shops and we're following the order so we're closing there's a lot of alarm and that also worries me that you probably know that the scientists we're probably down south but oh no she don't we are old and very concerned i am 76 years old i live on my own i really don't know what to do all the voting.
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public events of band and that includes church services the 1st patient to contract the virus here had met a friend who had recently traveled to china but the world health organization is worried about another trend they have spotted in the latest infections although the total number of cases outside china remains relatively small we are concerned about the number of cases with nor clear. link such as travel history to china or contact with a confirmed case. in ukraine local residents blocked buses with passengers evacuated from china the scenes prompted president selenski to give his fellow citizens a dressing down on television said the lush these are ukrainians they're not sick with plague they don't have homes and lives they are ordinary normal
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people. why would. he promise that the organizers of the blockade would bring prosecuted authorities are working to contain the fear of the virus as well as its spread. turning out some of the other stories making news around the world democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders has warned russia to stay out of the us election he said u.s. officials told him last month that russia was trying to help his campaign asco denies any interference sanders is currently the front runner to take on president donald trump in november. the trial of former hollywood mogul harvey weinstein is in a deadlock the jury says it's split on the most serious criminal charges which include 1st degree rape has already agreed on a verdict on some of the less serious counts liberations a set to resume on monday. second. a week long partial truth has started in
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afghanistan president ashraf ghani announced that the deal negotiated between the u.s. and the taliban came into effect at midnight if the agreement to reduce phone it's holds it could pave the way to a peace deal between the islamists and the us. france has begun to shut down its oldest nuclear power plant in a process to be completed by june the closure is part of a program to reduce nuclear energy dependence 14 of france's $58.00 reactors is slated to be taken offline 2035. and counting is underway in iran parliamentary election it's a vote widely expected to see conservatives tighten their hold on the parliament the fox news agency says candidates affiliated with iran's hard line revolutionary guards leading in the capital tehran many voters chose to boycott the election after the council's guardian countries county and guardian council rubber large
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numbers of moderate and reformist candidates from running official results are expected later today. and joining us now from tehran is reported to raise a trump to raise all floridians have posed a high voter turnout but that's not what people on the ground have been saying what can you tell us. well i spent the day yesterday in several polling stations all across to iran and they were all not very busy at least if you compare it to the previous election where many iranians were still queuing outside the polling stations to cast their vote even late at night but many iranians told me they feel it doesn't make a difference whether they participate or not in this election because none of the candidates offer any credible solutions to the country hands and election officials have now said they will not publish grade for every single region of the country but rather just a general turnout rate for the entire country and that's likely to avoid having to publish embarrassing results from tehran for example where we're expecting the
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lowest turnout rate in years and the turnout is very important in the islamic republic because it's the number that shows how many iranians still have at least some level of trust in the parliament of the islamic republic and it's looking like the hardliners are ahead in tehran perhaps unsurprisingly what about the rest of the country. well as you said we don't have an official result yet but we're also hearing from other cities that hard line in principle is candidates in the lead and that doesn't come as a surprise at all since many so-called reformist candidates were blocked from running by the guardian council the country's electoral watchdog leaving many prints of lists and hardline candidates without any real contenders in many areas of the country so we're definitely expecting to see a win by the hardline side and they're going to take power in the parliament again this is the 1st leadership test since unrest with the u.s. started at the beginning of last year is there any chance we could still see
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a surprise result. that's not very likely because even the reformist candidates that are allowed to run many people say there's no reason to vote for them because they made a lot of promises during the last election saying they would improve the economy they would fight corruption and they would also give people more personal freedoms but all that didn't happen so they. voters are disappointed no and the only people that went to the polls yesterday to cast their vote for the ones that want a more hardline approach and more resistance against the west. to raise a trial reporting for us from tehran thank you. germany's interior minister horst c. hoffa has promised to bolster security across the country after wednesday's terrorist attack in hono has also announced a review of gun laws with the possible introduction of psychiatric evaluations for all lessons to applicants the government is trying to restore the sense of security
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in the country after a suspected right wing extremist killed 10 people many of them immigrants spoke with a relative of one of the victims the kurdish cultural center and how now has become a place of grief and suffering many who knew the victims of the far right terrorism here have come to pay their respects to fear hot a 23 year old heating technician who was gunned down as he tried to buy cigarettes just screams of us that's the worst of it for hunt wanted to do something good for the people of homs. his grandfather was a guest worker who helped pave the streets of han i. wanted to give people a warm place to call home noise that's no longer possible i knew this can barely sleep he's a relative a fair hans who he says was a person who loved life. he wants politicians and civil society to do more to combat racism. it's with a load of those and many people know it's getting real people died young people
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like you and me lost their lives you know it's time to do something and it's high time just as theist. now there is also the question of more protection for immigrants and their descendants. most of our biome has lived in germany since 1988 but the shop owner does not want to be ruled by fear. people just really don't have to protect my store why should they start their own for 12 hours just waiting for you live in fear then you will just stay home and never go out. 18 months to once to feel free and not lose the courage to face life in memory of the victims of terrorism. this is the time given to all these people and we won't be intimidated as i don't want to have protection wherever i go no i want to be able to walk freely to the market and smoke my shisha. and to not let all the happiness be taken from life but 1st the pain must be put behind it.
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and joining me now from home now is database political correspondent kate brady in that piece we just we heard from one of the victims what more can you tell us about the other. well we know now rebecca that 9 of the victims were indeed of foreign descent and all of them were either foreign or german nationals all aged between just 21 and 44 years old and of course also the mother of the suspects a 72 year old woman and we know now also you that there were 5 turkish people among them one from bosnia-herzegovina wimble garion and one romanian and it seems from the people that i've spoken to here in hand over the last couple of days that a lot of people that i've spoken to i knew one of the victims either directly or should we say 3 or 3 degrees of separation and it really seems to have shaken the community here the fact that they knew these people so closely who lost their lives
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of wednesday this indeed in north already has have announced beefing up protection measures as having spoken to many members of the community what's your impression do you think that minority communities and how will be reassured by these new measures. well there really seems to have been a mixed reaction while many people all welcoming those new measures grateful that there is some action being taken by the interior ministry others have said as we heard from one man in the report that they don't want to feel like they need to be protected and instead they would rather see a winds of more fundamental rethinking both in german politics and society about how immigration migration and integration here in germany is really handled at the same time though with origins have also said that they're currently preparing for any possible reprisal attacks there on any specific attack so a specific threat should i say at the moment but they are preparing for the
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possibility of a reprisal attack both from the far left or even possibly from germany's radical islamists see. there have been a string of vigils and memorial events in the last 2 days for this more planned for this weekend tell us about. exactly so laces it's a round 2000 people are expected to descend on the center of the now and they're going to march very slowly with the sites of both of the shootings to both of those where the shootings took place on wednesday evening and they want to send out a signal of unity against hate the organizers say and then 2 more or 2 they'll be a 2nd march west similar numbers are expected in the thousands where there will be another macia game from between both sites of the shootings and that will really be a memorial to the victims. ok brady in the german city of hanna now thanks very much. and some sports now and bundesliga latest bind munich had
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a tough time getting past bottom of the league side part of born on friday night the defending champions left it late to win 32 with the score tied one a lock to the break by and took the lead for a 2nd time through robin roberts leavened off part of born made it through also after when manual noir carried the ball to the fate of spin me show but by am came through with 2 minutes to go and surged gnabry found leavened off screen for the game and his 25th goal of the season. for formula one teams have been testing their new engines ahead of the start of the 2020 season next month things didn't go according to plan for our in german drivers sebastian fettle in barcelona settle of 4 time champions suffered engine trouble is ferrari just stopped on the truck leaving the crew rather confused federal even climbed out
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at one point to take a look but to no avail ferrari haven't won a championship since 2008 and say well investigate the failure. of more sports coming up next so stay tuned for sports live don't forget you can always stay up to date on our web site that's d.w. dot com i'm rebecca riches in the thanks for watching. my 1st by state motor sewing machine. where i come from women are bones by this ocean for women something as simple as learning how to write them by say those isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have them by say the loss of my home but it took me mr going to space. finally they gave up and went on buying young by say this but returned because sort of machines soil i suppose was more apropos read for girls than writing about.


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