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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 24, 2020 4:00pm-4:28pm CET

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smarter. are new to. this is the w.'s live from the annual meeting of china's national people's congress postcode for the 1st time in decades because of coronavirus this as italian authorities imposed tough measures 7 deaths from their dramatic rise in factories make it bureaucracy from flying in the battle against a visit. on the program to india's prime minister narendra modi welcomes president trump clothes they're dressing huge traveling the state of the visit is an
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opportunity to different devices despite a lingering trying to speak. on the 17th international film festival is in full swing. the homefront is on the red carpet. i'll have a look at french films any history which will make you want to delete all of your online accounts and talking about e-mail is a big name in town. visits the international film festival i have more coming up on the break. i'm still going to welcome to the program we will go to those stories in just a moment but we're going to begin with some breaking news a police here in germany savage who has been driven into a crowd of rev of those celebrating connell the incident happened in the town of fox mohsen in the state of several people have been injured hassel was the scene of
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a major terror attack last week in which 9 people were killed in a mass shooting. mr d. don't be correspondent kate brady welcome kate what more can you tell us well so far phil we know already that a silver mercedes reportedly plowed into a crowd at the carnival celebrations in folk miles an hour around half past 2 local time earlier this afternoon and so far police have said that at least 10 people have been injured among them children as well and of course a carnival celebrations here in germany up a ticket only famous especially in western parts of germany so many many people will have been out on the streets today even in such a small town like folk mas and which is home to only around $6000.00 people so far we do also know that the driver of that car which plowed into the crowd has now
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been arrested but police say they are yet to determine exactly what happened and whether it was an accident or whether the driver intentionally drove into the crowd of people but this is the stage i mentioned at the top of program this is the stage in which that these shootings happened last week was that had there been any particular sort of security put in place as a result of last week's shootings. well certainly we heard from the german interior ministry last week as well that they would be increasing police presence around germany at the same time german authours were preparing for possible reprisal attacks now this is not to say that the accident in monson was indeed an attack at this point police are still trying to find out exactly what happened and whether the drive intentionally drove into that crowd but of course police
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presence is always increased a little bit around convolve quite a large crowds on the streets but usually this of course is a time of celebration which many germans particularly in western parts of the country will be out enjoying today and of course that's very much not the case right now in folk miles and kate brady thank you. just on the corona virus the outbreak and it has prompted china's national people's congress to postpone its annual 10 day meeting for the 1st time in decades this comes after chinese authorities reported 150 coded 19 deaths in a single day pushing the total number of fatalities in the country to almost $2600.00 south korea has raised its infectious disease alert to its highest level after more than $160.00 new cases were reported. iran's confirmed death toll now stands at 12 the highest number of fatalities of any country outside
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china our next report comes from italy where authorities are reporting a 7th death from the virus making it to europe's worst affected country. midnight on the italian austrian border police and the army are deployed to guard a train with a potentially deadly cargo operators stop the service amid fears that 2 of its passengers were carrying the corona virus only once tests came back negative where services resumed its early is battling to control a sudden eruption of the virus this entire town was summoned to be tested in makeshift 1st aid centers nervous wait a call me no activity yet and you know yesterday it was my birthday and now i've been told happy birthday after the swab we shall see we wait they told us that if we are positive the alert us immediately. and the neighboring lombardy region more
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than 10 tons have been quarantined. police set up roadblocks around the area a so-called red zone in an effort to stem the rapid rise of infections. to sort out. the by inviting people to stay it in addition to closing places where crowds congregate. trying to ensure containment of this phenomenon. milan 2 is winding down from the opera house to the cathedral cultural hubs have closed their doors. fashion week true also fell victim armani closed its runway show to the crowd leaving georgia staring at empty seat meanwhile the european union has pledged 230000000 euros to fight the global outbreak he stressed that. for the moment. w.h.r.
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has not advised changing imposing restrictions on either travel or trade. there was some rest bite for residents of could on you that dubbed at least. authorities open one supermarket after a weekend in lockdown. though going by the queues at me be sold out pretty fast or could earn your is in the italian region of lombardy 10050000 people under quarantine and long but it. is dawn you're welcome bad or good just outside beg your pardon let's start with news of good news news of a breakthrough or thought it is believed there found italy's patient 0 the person at the center of this particular outbreak and they found him or her in could do a new. yeah this is the last checkpoint before you
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enter could only and down this road there is the hospital of could tell neo where the patient 0 was treated last week it is a 38 year old man who was admitted to hospital. he's now severely ill also his pregnant wife is ill and the authorities believe that he was the epicenter of the surprisingly outbreak $170.00 or $150.00 cases can be traced back to this man out of 220 now in the whole of italy but the problem is they the authorities still don't know how this patient 0 was infected he was never in china he had some friends who were in china before but they have a tested negative they had no symptoms and this patients here also went recruited to a bar in co don't you better get infected more people than they are spread all over a long body in these 12 villages that are now under lockdown but still it is a mystery how this man got the coronavirus i was saying that pictures of people and
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queues outside simple markets bad time tell us more about the situation and inside the lockdown zone. but inside the locked on the few supermarkets open only until midday they also pharmacies and doctors open but it is difficult to get out of the zone and to get into the zone it's not a complete lockdown people can get in if they have a mission if they have a good reason they can go in and also out you see the cars behind me they are leaving this is so on right now so it's not a complete guaranteed which would not be possible because 50000 people you cannot control and also of pedestrians and bicycle buses who can just leave so it's it's a kind of an italian style lockdown and the people generally doing as that told bad can they seen the danger of a listing to the authorities. well they see that all the
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schools have been closed and all the public events have been canceled this is certain. to fia also but people don't. only a few of them actually are concerned because they say 150 cases of 20 cases out of a 60000000 people that's still a very small chance that you can acquire these this coronavirus but on the other hand cities like milan and videos which are 300 kilometers of a media people. and canceling carnival so this occurred this is certain things i-t. and people try to wait and see what happens next because nobody knows how long this takes place and regrets and could don't you know southeast of milan thank you. take a look at how some of the other stories making news around the world here in germany
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chancellor i'm going to machall sensor might see the party will choose a new leader in april outgoing chief on the great calm kadam about resigned this month over a scandal involving the party's apparent cold peroration on the far right after a disastrous that regional election results over the weekend have added to the crisis within the party. fresh clashes the broken i mean to captain dally over controversial citizenship introduced in december india has seen weeks of often violent protests or the new law which critics say discriminates against muslims. well not on rasta came as u.s. president donald trump began a 2 day visit to india proceedings began with a massive rally at the newly built metairie cricket stadium he was welcomed by indian prime minister narendra modi in mad about the biggest city in modi's home state but leaders hope to strengthen the ties between 2 of the world's largest democracies. handshakes swapped for hugs as india turned on the collar for
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donald trump's 1st visit to the country. the world when 1st day had a lively trio of photo opportunities for a u.s. president in a reelection year 1st to a residence where mahatma gandhi used to live trying to use the guestbook to call modi his great friend. the motorcade then waved through streets packed with enthusiastic supporters straining to get a glimpse at the 2 leaders of the world to biggest cricket stadium then played host for a massive rally titled at nama state trump in front of a 100000 people. in india we're clearly agents of the item pneumonia at. just under 5 don't see. it dear me your pont of good data flowed out of their lives and. it could be the biggest rally of the us president's korea and he had a little trouble with some of the names as the great religious teachers swami
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vivere come or no one said the 6 but he says recent trade disputes could be coming to an end we are in the early stages of discussion for an incredible trade agreement to reduce barriers of investment between the united states and india and i am optimistic that working together the prime minister and i could reach a fantastic deal despite that optimism any breakthroughs on trade talks will be unlikely as bud sites have ramped up tariffs in the last year but leaving the stadium to finish the day at one of the wonders of the world the taj mahal. on tuesday the leaders will sharpen their focus beginning renew trade talks in delhi. let's go straight to sonia folly in delhi who's been following president trump's 1st day in india welcome sonia so india pulled out all the stops today why.
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that's right the indian government really put up this lavish spectacle of grand reception for donald trump and this event is really being compared to a similar event called how the mood which was held for prime the some of the lost in houston texas in some ways this is seen as the rest procol gesture but i think this goes beyond that we have to remember the trump president trump is an election year and this is a good start is also partly an effort to kind of would the indian american vote a good drive has a big diaspora in the u.s. they tend to be a wealthy influential business community and they tend to be quite pro probably don't many of them made large donations and supported them in this last presidential campaign so i think in some ways this is also an effort by trying to galvanize support among among this base and i think the optics of this spectacle today are also important for prime minister moody that a welcome diversion for him from kind of domestic problems at home where he's
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facing large scale protests often violent protests as well as international condemnation over a very controversial citizenship law which many say discriminates against muslims and threatens to undermine the country's 2nd the traditions ok so. presidents are trying to get action perhaps i have to say that president tom does enjoy fairly high popularity rating surveys show that you know he's he has high approval ratings here people think he's a strong leader he's tough on terrorism since pro-business is a friend of movies but when it comes to ordinary people on the ground it depends on who you speak to and i think look at the city of about with that massive rally was held we have to remember that song supporters protested outside the courtroom about tonight is convicted prosecutors would find it easier to target journalists when you sources inside the u.s. government. daily is an independent socialist irish member of the european parliament she's met julia so much and his campaign against is absolution
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a well to be doubly doesn't serve justice for julian assange has to face is accusing court. well absolutely not i mean it's been widely believed that this hearing should now. go ahead and all we have here is very much how this prosecution extradition proceedings are very much it's never meant to be for issues like in essence his extradition is to the u.s. in order to answer cherishes very cost point information which wants to monstrously in the public insurance information and bad joke war crimes states government in afghanistan and in iraq actually in syria that was also published by. arrogant and the new york times so these are normal journalistic practices for someone to face an extradition and answer charges on the espionage act which has
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never been used before really has. chilling effect our journalists everywhere if you know since get away with it it's not to my intelligence that the person and patients aren't. was just sort of clear is it your contention that julia assad should face no punishment or just that he should not be actually died to the united states. well the so-called crimes are he is alleged to be responsible for our public services as far as i'm concerned because it's being charged in essence is the material that was published in the dealings that we do need some students on chapman chelsea manager and we saw in the case today the prosecution and glowing to its concerns now the prosecution doesn't have to prove and they just have to make assertions and what we've heard this morning from their side was very much all of the allegations which are heard in the case against chancing money
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including many claims which were really no team to be held in her case and they were a piece of unsporting to the makes against all free spirits charges so no of course it's not much stuff many have already been disproved so i didn't quite get a yes or no answer so my question about whether or not he should face punishment that is that but should someone who should people who have some government computers and steal data be punished. well julian assange students do that as far as julian assange was more quite a whistleblower in the u.s. to forces in this case chancery mountain and then polish that information which was subsequently. the courage of the new york times and so it information which was demonstrably in the public insurance. us interference in other government countries in the torture in afghanistan and iraq the guantanamo bay detainees who know how to
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try it i don't consider not to be a criminal offense not hold it services journalism so it's never miss my face that potential. time in jail for not would be reprehensible i thank you for joining us claire de mint m.e.p.a. thank. a 75000000000 international film festival is in full swing one film not competing for the golden bet is hillary a us documentary about the life of the former 1st lady take a look at a clip from super tuesday 2060 when hillary clinton was on a roll back. there.
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and i know. well they don't do is have a humphrey on scott's a rock for i have been to see that documentary welcome chops how does hillary come out of this. yeah. it's interesting because of course hillary clinton is one of the most divisive political figures in the united states there's a lot of people who love our and there's also a lot of people who really hater and both of these groups will find a lot. a lot of ammunition in this documentary series i mean we see hillary as credibly intelligent and incredibly inspirational in a lot of the rallies a particular about period in 2016 when she succeeded in becoming the 1st u.s. president a female president but there's also plenty of scenes that show her. quite arrogant maybe out of touch with certain voters and so i think anyone who goes into this expecting to have their mind changed about hillary clinton probably won't get
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anything out of this documentary series but it definitely is a really in-depth look at one of the most fascinating political figures of our time male or female i think it's fair to say that she probably doesn't hate it because we do know that she's coming to the bat in international film festival for the screening shows in every speech often it's in a press conference as well tamara now harry clinton once famously said that she wanted the epitaph of had to be that she wasn't or is bad as people said so perhaps this documentary series is a bit of a reputation representation of that sentiment ok so the bowling alley of course is a competition so let's talk about a couple of the competition films that are today. all right well we've just had the print yeah all of the french film if i say eco delete history you know this is a piece of social commentary it's a comedy about the risks of social media to some very funny effect it's about 3 friends living in the prevent chill french suburbs they get in all sorts of trouble
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with that online lives now they met as yet to best protest on a roundabout and in that kind of spirit of protest and revolution i think then decide to take on the big data companies it set me a very funny film as much as it's a piece of social commentary but another film today i mean is it a film with dramatic one from from from from from french comedy to german drama. there's a film called little sister which stars 2 of germany's biggest theater and film stars lives i think her and nina hoss and in this film they play brother and sister both in the theater world as the actors are in real life and lives on the earth the brother is sick with cancer and his sister gives up her writing career to essentially take care of him this could be very interesting film because these are 2 amazing actors and we rarely see them together in such an intimate type of movie
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but it is also very much set in the german theatrical world if you know anything about german theater you know it's a very choir taste so very interested to see how the audience reacts to this one so what what else are people talking about so that about it only. well. always likes to have very political themes within its composition lineup and one of the film that couldn't be more topical is the assistant which is a film based entire very specifically on me to move in and on the weinstein case and given that harvey weinstein is at the moment facing a jury in new york that will decide the next couple of days probably whether or not to send to jail i think a film like this will really have a huge resonance here at the belin. arthur scott ross for helena humphrey down there thank you this is d.w. news these are our top stories police in germany cervical has been driven into a crowd of revelers celebrating carnival in the central town of false mass and at
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least 10 people are injured including children the driver has been arrested it comes less than a week after a mass shooting in the same region killed 9 people. the corona virus outbreak has prompted china to perspire the annual meeting of the national people's congress for the 1st time in decades it comes after chinese authorities reported $150.00 deaths from corona virus in a single day with one of those is in italy say 7 people have now died from the virus there. u.s. president donald trump is in india for a 2 day visit he and prime minister and the manager of monday addressed a rally in modi's home state of gujarat the visit is an opportunity to deepen relations and overcome disagreements in the lingering a trade disappears. and supporters of julian assange gathered outside a court in london today where a hearing has begun into whether the wiki leaks founder should be extradited to the u.s.
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to face spying charges supporters for user journalist exposing government misdeeds . this is d.w. news from burlington for more followers on twitter or visit our web site d w dot com. so his magazine out tomorrow today is that next unfold more news deflation around the clock as well as the website of course t w dot com i'll be back at the top. of the.
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well she get the job and the computer will decide based on her voice. artificial intelligence can hear a lot about our state of mind or even a free deal. and then the alleyway at the data. ai technology raises
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a lot of serious ethical concerns. to morrow to do. next w. . ho. it is a master of the art of confrontation this is nurofen a pleasure in the verbal combat mean you are going to see ya it's like the undisputed champion of toast political talk they'll be trying to frighten you know crucified everybody understand that they set you enter the conflict zone and join jim sebastian as he holds the powerful to account this is a fix for you which ever way you like to spin conflicts g.w. . closely. listen carefully. don't know how soon again you need to do
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