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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  February 24, 2020 6:15pm-6:31pm CET

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the whole world lives on the top of the up a good. deal . or. i'm secure in the they work hard and in the end there's a me you are not a lot of the year and more he wasn't of that. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers were alliance of the what's your story ready.
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i knew when i was a women especially are victims of violence and. take part and send us your story we are trying in all ways to understand this new culture. for you are not of a little another you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. home alabama. global markets take a hammering the virus has south korean officials along. europe and investors flee. but the economy is addicted to oil. and west africa's biggest.
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is the nation's electricity capacity. and. as the corona virus spreads well beyond asia the global economic warnings are growing louder officials in europe and the middle east scrambling to limit the outbreak and south korea has opened up as a key front in the battle over an 800 people there have now caught the disease the most in any country outside of china. the cube far as the eye can see south koreans have been waiting patiently in their hundreds outside of supermarkets like this one to get their hands on protective masks it's particularly important here in the city of take you where the vast majority of south korea's instances of corona virus have been detected. elsewhere public places like this market in seoul are being disinfected a spike in cases over the past week has driven many people to stay indoors
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a problem for traders here. i think about 40 to 50 percent of elderly people stop coming to the market or. i'm worried about the fact that they're disinfecting the place. in the beginning i thought everything would be ok now i'm very worried. and it's not just south korea's traditional markets that are suffering financial markets have also been shaken by the weekend's rapid rise in cases souls main costly index fell almost 4 percent on monday the south korean government has responded to the health threat by declaring its highest alert level serious it's also planning drastic measures to cope with the financial impact. for one in addition to swiftly deploying the emergency fund set aside the governor will consider the drafting of a supplementary budget have to coordinating with parliament. the discovery of
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a case of coronaviruses samsung smartphone factory in the city of gumi forced the electronics major to announce the closure of the facility some of its employees have placed themselves under voluntary quarantine. meanwhile many south koreans have been using online coronavirus trackers to work out where safe if they do go out. with cases rising and markets panicking it's no surprise that south koreans a lining up to protect themselves. will coronaviruses constant dunk shadow of a stock exchanges everywhere investors in europe are now looking for the right policy response frankfurt correspondent chelsea delineate gives us her read on an uncivil deal among. european markets have been in freefall today as the spread of cases of coronavirus and only have really forced investors to reassess their expectation that the spread of coronavirus was under control now investors are
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worried about a global pandemic that could really rail the global economy here in frankfurt the docks fell about 4 per cent and milan stocks were down more than 4 percent for their worst stay since 2016 investors are worried that this is going to lead to the same sort of business closures production shutdowns quarantines that have really rattled the chinese economy over the past several weeks here in europe as well now investors are really focusing in on what the response will be from global policy makers many investors here in europe are now raising expectations that the e.c.b. will be forced to cut interest rates further into negative territory top counter at the slowdown. of the coronavirus impact but they're also expecting similar policy adjustments from the u.s. federal reserve as well the many investors are concerned that even that won't be
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enough to contain the economic fallout. and didn't even leave those stocks falling because of a so jean case is there some of the other corona related stories making headlines fashion retailer prime mock is warning of shortages in some clothing lines like to be huge huge huge chinese factories being closed because of the corona bars the british company sources more than 40 percent. if it's product from china from out says it's in talks with supplies in bangladesh cambodia vietnam and turkey to fill the potential gap. with klein is teaming up with china clover by pharmaceuticals to find a way to treat the coronavirus they're working on a protein based vaccine however research is one that they still have a long way to go. the international monetary fund is warning the epidemic could put a fragile global economic recovery at risk speaking at a g. 20 gathering in riyadh finance ministers said they're ready to implement pro growth
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policies meaning more government spending and aid for ailing businesses affected by the outbreak. and oil prices are down 4 percent concerns are growing that the outbreak will hit demand hard it's already affected the manufacturing logistics and travel sectors safe havens like gold and treasuries have been surging along with us and the dollar that's not typical it shows investors could be preparing portfolios for a virus led global slowdown. could africa's biggest economy be about to boom again official statistics show output in nigeria rose to an annual rate of just over 2 and a half percent in the 4th quarter that propelled overall growth above 2 and a quarter percent for the year that's the highest level the country has seen since the recession in what he 16 back then a big drop in the oil price led to a massive slump but nigeria's economic output has been growing in tandem with the oil price 70 percent of nigeria's revenue comes from oil in the 4th quarter the
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country produced $2000000.00 barrels a day more than in 3 years let's go over to. surely a nation with one of the world's biggest youth populations that once a culturally diverse would have more than just to offer. yes. nigeria has more than a 5 i did leave because it has passed a group called chill it has mineral resources and is even making insight into the information technology which the government is trying to get something out to see that the economy is getting better is to get eyes to rely on oil heavy changes may take a long time to come into reality even with the device in the kitchen of deny generous accounting it will. export and that's not sustainable the world bank one's oil
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price volatility continues to influence such areas growth and the cost of crude is on a slippery slope right now with the coronavirus hitting global demand. it is very dangerous for nigeria to continue to rely on oil and it's not sustainable so many economies has already called on the government to see how it can diversify because real a one o.e.m. would have global oil on some 10 t. of the prices even do a budget that nigeria prepared for the 20 point to visit on how much oil is going to be sold is not sustainable but the government can't say india diversify and get trained to see how the economy improved agriculture which they have start to see in licht an impact because of the job in that year is badass nigerians now not only feed themselves but i'm trying to see how the economy exports what the up to sing within the county. tell me what sort of impact is the outbreak of the corner buyers
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having a business nigeria has become one of china's most important trading partners. that is correct in part a lot of negative impact number one corona virus has limited movement between nigeria and china now you don't have direct flights coming from china to nigeria is that country. and even importation has reduced because most nigerians now import on products from china because of the corona virus that has reduced to minimum effect in almost every. recently response sign that nigeria might face shortage of drugs because of the corona virus because nobody can go to china and in part only continue to see this because. $100300000.00 chinese that are said to be living in nigeria the feeling i would
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come back says the beginning of that if you didn't always interesting you very much for joining us. settles windswept coast is the country's 1st industrial scale wind farm the biggest in west africa it'll increase the nation's electricity capacity by 50 percent but not everyone is happy about it. at 117 meetest told the uniform steel last a visible from 20 kilometers away time india in senegal has been put family on the map thanks to the 46 when ted binds erected in its mangas fields today maintenance is underway in the giant propeller is all right to stand still but when speaking that time indeed i reach up to 10 meters per 2nd according to the plant manager ideal for energy production if we have spoken about the start capacity ducts will benefit to 15 percent of the population of god for us book in terms of energy
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sometimes we even turkey tree persons of the energy of our created insights and is coming from day one day with only the 1st phase of an operation. today just 1610 points are in operation but by june 20 2046 will be generating wind power and pumping up to 150 megawatts back into the national grid. farmers all plots of the land based on the local price per square meter to the developer who needed space to install the giant structure is that some residents claim they weren't paid enough if. i'm impacted i have a field over there what they gave us isn't enough to live off for even 15 days. but this is like also been impacted in 3 fields full of mango trees i lost hundreds more than 100 mango trees i've lost. the project's head of environmental and social impact the wind farm achieved its objectives in
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a responsible manner and invested in the community. for the financial compensation for these people that we went above the rate that was determined by the departmental commune in charge of expenses here and we also took a lot of measures which were established with a view to improving the means of subsistence for the population located in this industrial zone and. around 18000000 euros will be injected into the community over the next 20 years to improve everyday life like at the local school which benefited from a new computer for its 1500 students with already 4 solar power plants and now with the region's largest wind farms while making up 30 percent of the country's renewable energy mix the nickel has succeeded in positioning itself as a green energy help in west africa. us doing business with it.
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would be our fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers every one of them has a plan of the initial for yourselves. nothing is kiss on the children who have already been the boy and those that will follow are part of a new princess that. they could be the future of.
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granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made for mines. this as did every news africa coming up on the program sex for nothing in zimbabwe taking bribes with sexual favors is on the rocks we hear one woman's story also coming out. a mother election when the photo was 1st of his victory expense this family's grip on the country.


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