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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  February 25, 2020 12:45am-1:01am CET

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the need to movements against sexual abuse and sexual harassment and so the global spotlight welcome to arts and culture i'm joined by our film reporter scott roxboro scott what exactly does this verdict mean for the film industry. well i think this is a real reckoning for the film industry a lot of people within hollywood who are hoping for a more serious convictions against a y.c. might be disappointed by the outcome of this trial but i think the fact that a man who was once so powerful as harvey weinstein was within the film industry i mean this is a man who who had around 81 oscars to his name through through the various productions that he did the fact that a man like that could have been brought down all brought down in this way and will serve jail time for the crimes that he committed suggests that no one is too powerful to to not face justice and i think that's a major shift from just a couple of years ago where the kind of activities that harvey weinstein has been
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found guilty of were almost accepted as part of the way of doing business in hollywood i think that is over and that powerful men across hollywood will be will be quite quite scared after this verdict as well they should be i think this there's no going back after this absolutely scott now right now you are down at the 70th berlin international film festival and i want to take a look at one of the films that's playing down there because this movie could not be any more topical it's about bullying abuse of power and sexual misconduct by a movie executive all seen through the eyes of his young female employee and the parallels to harvey weinstein are unmistakable here's a clip of the assistant director kidd agreeing. with some he's got. some homework. this is turkey.
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number for a few times. what is the right season for me to say he's in the screening. when you. are overreacting it was not my place to question your decision i will not let you down. now it's got how much of this new fictional movie is actually based on harvey weinstein well almost all of it i mean this isn't a documentary and it's not based directly on actual things that are the ones he did but the script is very very closely inspired by the activities of the weinstein and it's almost scary how close some of the actions we see in the film. directly mirror what we heard in testimony in his trial the actions of inviting young actresses up to his is room so that he could assault them the nondisclosure agreements that he made them sign so that he would be protected legally which i find fascinating about
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this film is that it gives a very subtle depiction of not really the weinstein type figure because we never see him in the film but the sort of culture that allows it that sort of a navels men like this and had enabled men like this and men like harvey weinstein to carry out these actions for so long it's really a damn damning film of this that whole culture and i'm only with that hopefully with this verdict today is a thing of the past now director kitty greene actually said that she interviewed some women who had worked at weinstein's company let's hear what she had to say at the movie's press conference this film has has a different effect on different people yet a lot of women who see themselves in the character and relate to the character and it's a lot of men who come out feeling very uncomfortable which i think is a good thing i think a little bit of discomfit is what we need right now if they want things to change we need people to interrogate their behavior isn't the way things that we're able to go on for so long it's sort of bigger than harvey weinstein it's not just about replacing him with someone else it's about highlighting the entire system that's
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got to think that movies like the assistant can help change things in hollywood or is a film like this too little too late as some critics have suggested. well i'm not sure if a film like this will change things but i don't really know if that's the job of a film like this or a job of any film i think if things are going to change in the film industry in hollywood they have to be changed by the people within the industry what i think a film like this can do is really hold a mirror up to the people in history and also to people outside to show how systems like this work i mean it really is an incredibly detailed subtle we flexion of how . people who don't seem to be doing anything at all or think they're just doing their jobs are actually enabling incredibly serious crimes to be committed so i think this is a phenomenal film i don't think its job is to change the industry but maybe it can help get the conversation to continue the conversation in the end it's going to be
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the people within it who can change the structures that they helped create now it's got i know we're not going to be talking about need to movies for a long time to come i want to shift gears a little bit now in our coverage of the berlin international film festival it seems it's also a big year for german movies and actually i want to just dive in to one of the biggest stars that we see every year at the berlin international film festival here is one of germany's most respected actors he's starring this year in 2 movies including one called the persian lessons this is. in persian lessons last i digger is an s.s. officer whose plan is to open a restaurant in iran after the 2nd world war 2 more your my jewish man who has posed as a persian in order to escape execution in a concentration camp offers to teach him farsi the s.s. man is jup into the owning a fantasy language that doesn't exist yet. we don't know.
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what's going on 40 just have to stand. on top. and you do that with a jew in a room with a fascist or national socialistic and they communicate in an invented language i think that's the greatest example of what culture is perhaps the greatest ever bob . the berlin hour is a home game for local born los idea the 44 year old actor has received international acclaim for roles in the oscar nominated never look away and the t.v. series of babylon berlin lost is one of the most sought after german actors and not just in movies whether it's in the videos of electro punk band to die skinned as an eccentric d.j. or on the theater stage always gives it his all.
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he makes despicable murderous like richard the 3rd look almost too human and last i think it does not shy away from the big political issues racism and online hates are topics that touch him personally. in the results of. the imus and for gifted i find society so with height and resentment. i sometimes have the feeling that this is a little bit of the reason for me to fight against it. and that it's even more tragic if you try to bring love into the world. and then get hang out and. give it supply of your house. but i think has also wreaked much love and praise for his contribution to the
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competition film my little sister a contender for the golden bear. plays a famous actor coming to terms with the can't so diagnosis and saying a painful furrow well to the stage. it. looks like a very moving from scott we're about halfway through the berlin international film festival it's maybe too early to tell but just quickly do you think that it's going to be a lot i mean a film that's going to win the golden bear what's your top bet. well there's a number of great films here the little sister the ones in competition i don't
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think that's really going to win it's maybe a bit too depressing even for a berlin jury i think berlin might even go for something surprising this year maybe delete history a french film that we just saw today which is a bit of a social commentary on social media with 3 young teenagers in the suburbs of paris but it's a very very funny movie and i think will be a great symbolic message this year to give it to a movie that actually makes you laugh scott humor required we're going to have to leave it there scott thanks so very much for coming on the show. and moving now to the world of design and some furniture you're about as likely to see it in a museum as in someone's living room the london based design duo raw edges. of their movable colorful and remarkable creations of london design duo raw edges yeah they're shy alkali have just received a w. designer of the year award for their playful approach to materials and function.
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originally from israel shine i can i. met while studying the couple founded raw edges in 2009 among their products are a folding chair and a folding lamb for louis tome decor for. and the stack to our system for established and so it's. very strong interest in 3 dimensional unfolding. shies a very particular interest in. very strong interest in us so it's a very it's very very the boundaries but it's. an idea and. their individual approach involves sketching out patterns much like. for clothes a couple tried to design furniture that it happens to the body shape to tailored wood bench for. capitally label is an example what's unique about it is that it
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consists of an oak linear skin filled with expanding foam. colors and materials play equally important roles for raw edges the designers experiment with various techniques such as boiling wood that gets di all through the grain and makes the color more durable and longer lasting. shy alkali likes to work with would have different colors that's cut across instead of with the grain as usual geometric patterns are formed as here in the english stately home chatsworth house in 2015. to get angry but then we develop this system that we call in the studio burger and sausages and wasting bag we mean that we take their friends of words we love we made them together we remain here for near in between and then we heard them once this is new and we slice it through different thicknesses and then
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we can do it again and once again doing the 2nd stage that's what we call this sausage the step-daughter system and the tailored would bands have already been added to the collection of new york's museum of modern art new projects are in development so raw edges won't be disappearing anytime soon. thanks for watching this edition of arts and culture for more stories be sure to check out our website at g.w. dot com slash culture thanks for watching and see you're going to expect. because
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human trafficking shaped the world. this is the journey back into the history of slavery i think will truly be making progress when we all accept the used to use leverage as all of our history. our documentary series slavery routes starts march 9th on g.w. . this is news and these our top story german police say at least 30 people have been injured after a car plowed into a crowd celebrating konovalov the apparent attack happened in the town of folk wasn't in the state of tessa some of the injuries a serious the driver was arrested at the scene and is facing a charge of attempted homicide. how do you work for just
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a how the weinstein has been found guilty on 2 sex crimes charges the courts in new york acquitted him of the.


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